15 Mistresses Of The Rich And Famous: Where Are They Now?

Mistress (noun)

A woman in a position of authority or control; or 2: A woman having an extramarital s*xual relationship

There are 2 definitions for the word mistress in the Oxford dictionary. Here, we are going to be talking about #2: “A woman having an extramarital sexual relationship.”

President John F. Kennedy had the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. England’s King Henry VIII had multiple mistresses including Anne Boleyn.

While we know the tragic fate of JFK’s mistress, Marilyn Monroe, and the not-so-happy ever after of King Henry VIII’s mistress, Anne Boleyn, what happened to the woman who brought down America’s most powerful leading military general or the Grammy award-wining songstress who broke up not one but two marriages? How about the woman who had the presidential candidate’s secret child? The woman who lied under oath to protect the man she thought was going to make a future with? The actress who stole a man from another actress—a 7-month pregnant actress?!

One might think mistresses would share some commonalities. But other than no sense of right and wrong, they really don’t! Some mistresses are highly educated, with degrees from Harvard! There are others that are ‘happily’ married wives and mothers. Low self-esteem? Poor body image? Possibly. But if they do, then they are doing an Oscar-worthy job hiding it!

We searched the world twice over, leaving no stone unturned, to find out where 15 of the world’s most infamous mistresses of the rich and famous ended up. Did karma bite them in the a*s or did the karma gods give them a temporary pass for their wrongdoings and let them go on to lead relatively normal happy lives? There’s only one way to find out. We’ll help you with it.


15 LeAnn Rimes

“How Do I Live Without You?” is something actor Eddie Cibrian must have been asking himself while thinking of his co-star, LeAnn Rimes, in the 2009 Lifetime movie Northern Lights. Yes, the country music superstar.

Eddie and LeAnn were falling head over heels for each other on the set of their film but unfortunately, they were also both other people. Eddie was married to model wife Brandi Glanville for 9 years. LeAnn Rimes had been married to Dean Sheremet for 8 years.

Dean and Brandi weren’t blind to the magnetic attraction between LeAnn and Eddie. The two had their cover blown when paparazzi caught them together making out over dinner. Shortly thereafter, they divorced their spouses and married each other.

These days, Eddie’s career is pretty stale and LeAnn is battling eating disorder rumors for years. They enjoy flaunting their bodies and give the paparazzi plenty of PDA to run with. Posing on the beach in their bathing suits is pretty much the only thing both have going for them. Bad attention, good attention, it’s all the same when you’re yesterday’s news, right? Brandi has been on reality television shows and even appeared with LeAnn’s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, on a cooking show.

14 Jaimee Grubbs


Rawr! Tiger Woods went from the sports world’s golden child to an arrogant cheating rat almost overnight. Tiger and his stunning model wife, Elin Nordegren, were married when the National Enquirer published a story about Tiger and a woman from New York having an affair. That was shocking in and of itself. However, more and more women came forward alleging affairs with the PGA superstar.

Shortly after the National Enquirer published its story on Tiger, he was involved in a car accident near his home. Police arrived on the scene to find Elin with a golf club and the back window of his vehicle smashed out. At the time, Elin claimed she did so due to him being stuck in the vehicle. However, after the revelations came out, it seems unlikely that it was the case. It seems more likely that she was beating the crap out of him for being a serial cheater!

One of these women Tiger slept with included Jaimee Grubbs. You might remember her from being on the reality television series Tool Academy. She was with the guy nicknamed “Southern.” Jaimee and Tiger were hot for each other for over 2 years. She was his ever-faithful mistress even while she dated Southern. Tiger would moan about how his life was so exhausting and how unhappy he was. Jaimee would be there to comfort him, not knowing she was just one of over a dozen different women comforting him.

Jaimee thoroughly enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame. She appeared in several men’s magazines and did hundreds of interviews. She has been in trouble with the law on and off. But hopefully, she’ll figure out her path in life and find herself a good unmarried man.

13 Traci Lynn Johnson

NFL New York Giants Tiki Barber had an affair with Traci Lynn Johnson while his wife was pregnant! Then, he left his wife to marry Traci. Traci, otherwise known as the glorified homewrecker, capitalized on her sudden fame by posing for men’s magazines and took more risque modeling gigs. She is definitely not shy about showing off her ample assets.

Tiki met Traci when he was working as a correspondent on NBC’s Today Show. Traci was an attractive blonde 23-year-old intern. Tiki and his wife, Cha, were going on 11 years of marriage, and she just so happened to be 7 months pregnant. When Tiki publicly announced he was leaving his wife, he received a lot of backlash. In the same year that he divorced Cha, he married Traci!

Just like the great Justin Timberlake said, “What goes around comes around...” Watch out Traci, or you just might end up in the same position you put Cha in!

12 Christine Beatty


Disgraced former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick hired Christine Beatty as his Chief-of-Staff in 2002. She resigned from her position in 2008 when her affair with Kilpatrick was revealed.

Beatty and Kilpatrick were embroiled in a major scandal that rocked the city of Detroit. Their text messages back and forth were published, revealing they had conspired to get certain people fired and used city funds to pay for romantic getaways.

Beatty’s marriage to her husband, Lou Beatty, disintegrated after the affair was revealed. She was charged and sentenced to jail. In 2013, Christine filed for bankruptcy but was told that that didn’t dismiss her $100,000 balance she owed the state of Michigan for her criminal offenses. In 2013. Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison for charges ranging from racketeering to mail fraud. As of 2017, he is still legally married to his wife, Carlita.

11 Deanna Merryman

From 2001 to 2003, Nascar driver Jeff Gordon had a long-running affair with former lingerie model, Deanna Merryman. He met Deanna at a department store beauty counter, where she worked as a sales clerk.

They went out on dates and took lavish vacations together. This would have all been fine if Mr. Gordon wasn’t already married. Jeff Gordon and former model, Brooke Sealy, had married in 1994. When Brooke found out about the affair, she immediately filed for divorce. After a heated courtroom battle, Brooke walked away with a remarkable sum—$15.3 million dollars.

In 2006, Jeff went on to marry model Ingrid Vandebosch, with whom he now has 2 children. Brooke went on to have a child with another man but controversially wanted the child’s last name to be Gordon, even though there was no relation to her ex-husband. Deanna has starred in numerous raunchy adult films and has appeared nude in numerous men’s magazines including “Playboy.”

10 Ashley Dupre


Ashley Youmans, better known as Ashley Dupre or Kristen, was thrust in the media spotlight when her relationship with married former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Ashley went by the name Kristen when she worked as an escort for the escort agency Emperors Club VIP. Due to an explosive FBI wire-tapping investigation, her identity as well as one of her most famous clients, Governor Spitzer, were released to the public. She was offered numerous opportunities to pose nude for magazines and appear on reality television shows. In the end, Ashley did pose for “Playboy” and did a handful of interviews including a 2010 interview on “The Howard Stern Show.”

In 2013, Ashley married Thomas “TJ” Earle. They have one child together. Governor Eliot Spitzer and his wife, Silda, were unable to get their marriage back on track after the public humiliation they both endured due to Eliot’s affair. They ended things in 2013. In 2016, Eliot was in the news again as a victim of extortion. A Russian prostitute blackmailed him into giving her many thousands of dollars to keep his s*xcapade secrets safe. She was caught and charged.

9 Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter is a producer and actress. However, she is not known for either of those things. She is best remembered as the woman who had an affair with a presidential candidate, John Edwards.

John Edwards hired Rielle Hunter to produce some marketing material for his failed presidential bid. John and Rielle started seeing each other and Rielle fell pregnant with her married lover’s child. John begged a friend of his to publicly claim the child was his so that it wouldn’t tarnish his image. John’s friend, married Andrew Young, took the blame. The ruse seemed to work for a time. But then, a tabloid discovered the truth. Initially, John denied he was the father of Rielle’s child. But eventually, he was forced to admit the truth. To compound matters, John’s faithful wife of 20+ years found out she was dying of cancer. Mrs. Edwards was devastated and separated from her husband right before she died.

John is out of the political arena and currently practices law. John and Rielle ended their relationship in 2015.


8 Camilla Parker-Bowles


Camilla Parker-Bowles had to live as ‘the other woman’ in Prince Charles’ life for years before finally marrying him in 2005.

Prince Charles was in love with Camilla long before he met his late ex-wife, Princess Diana of Wales. He was discouraged from being in a relationship with Camilla and encouraged to marry the innocent young school teacher, Diana Spencer. The Royal Family wanted someone without baggage, beautiful, and with a great likelihood to produce an heir.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles went on to have 2 sons—William and Henry. Princess Diana suffered tremendously from depression and bulimia. She did an explosive interview in 1995 that infuriated the Royal Family. She told about her struggles, especially with Charles and his infatuation with Camilla. Charles and Di had one of the ugliest divorces in history. There was sophisticated phone tapping involved and it became known as “The War of the Wales.”

The Royal Family basically forced Princess Diana into exile and took away her title. Tragically, in 1997, Princess Diana was killed in a car accident. There are many conspiracy theorists that say the Royal Family was somehow behind her untimely demise. In 2005, Prince Charles and his long-time mistress were married. Camilla Parker-Bowles became the Duchess of Cornwall. It’s probably safe to say she will always be remembered as the ‘other woman’.

7 Michelle McGee

America’s sweetheart, actress Sandra Bullock, raised some eyebrows when she married the twice divorced mechanic from the television series Monster Garage, Jesse James.

In 2005, Sandra married Jesse and things actually seemed to be going well despite media skepticism. Unfortunately, shortly after the Oscars in 2010, Sandra filed for divorce from Jesse citing “personality conflicts.” What led to this drastic turn of events was a series of revelations from strippers including Michelle “Bombshell” McGee that they had been sleeping with Jesse. Jesse issued a public apology to Sandra but that fell on deaf ears.

Michelle and Jesse’s affair fizzled and Jesse went on to date tattoo artist Kat Von D. Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock has been casually dating. She has two adopted children.

6 Alina Kabaeva


President Vladimir Putin and his alleged mistress, Alina Kabaeva, have taken considerable efforts to keep their relationship under wraps. Alina was a world champion Russian gymnast who captivated the President with her mesmerizing performances.

President Putin was married from 1983 to 2014. However, for nearly a decade of that time, he was in an extremely secretive relationship with the young gymnast. In 2013, it was alleged that Alina had fallen pregnant. She was huddled off to Switzerland where she gave birth. Nothing in the news has been revealed about the baby nor Alina. It’s likely that the Russian media would be destroyed by the President if they dared to print or say anything about his personal affair.

5 Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel is quite the femme fatale. She has been the mistress of not one but two famous married men—actor David Boreanaz and golfer Tiger Woods.

Rachel first made headlines as being the fiancee of a gentleman who died in the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. She was pictured holding her late fiance’s picture. In 2004, she married, but the marriage lasted for only 4 months. Then, she had an affair with Tiger Woods. She was given a cash settlement to keep her mouth shut about it.

Rachel was definitely not shy about her new-found fame. Shortly after her affair with Tiger, she had an affair with another married man, actor David Boreanaz. David claimed she was trying to extort him and had to go public with the affair. He also went on to say that the affair was actually good for his marriage to his wife of 10 years and that it was a ‘bonding experience’. It’s doubtful that his wife, who was pregnant with their 2nd child at the time of the affair, would agree. But they are still together.

Rachel married for the 2nd time and had a child, but then got divorced a few months later. It’s said that some people are just not the commitment type and it seems Rachel is definitely one of those people. Rachel has been quoted as jokingly saying that she is the ‘most famous mistress in the world’.

4 Monica Lewinsky


You can’t help but feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky. She was only in her early 20’s when she and former President Bill Clinton began having a s*xual relationship. Most girls her age were just getting their life started—full of optimism and hope for their future. But Ms. Lewinsky was giving fellatio in the oval office to the President of the United States of America! Not only a President, he was also married to First Lady Hillary Clinton!

Monica became the butt of jokes due to her explicit testimony regarding her affair as well as the infamous ‘blue dress’. The ‘blue dress’ that Monica wore when giving fellatio to President Clinton had his semen stain on it, which she provided as evidence of their relationship.

President Clinton was ultimately impeached for lying under oath. Hillary forgave him and all was and still seems well in Clintonville. Sadly, Monica’s life has not been easy due to a mistake she made at such a young age.

Monica’s notoriety has prevented her from gaining steady employment as well as dates. She has tried being a reality television show host, handbag designer, marketing executive, and weight loss supplement spokesperson. Nothing has really panned out for her.

3 Erin Barry

Erin Berry was married to NBA player, Brent Barry, who played for the San Antonio Spurs. Brent’s teammate of the Spurs was Tony Parker. Tony was married to actress Eva Longoria.

Despite Brent and Tony being good friends and teammates, Tony still went ahead and had a s*xual relationship with Erin. When Eva found out, she filed for divorce. Brent and Erin’s relationship didn’t fare much better as they also divorced.

Eva is now happily married to her husband no. 3. Tony is still single and playing for the San Antonio Spurs. Erin has stayed under the radar for the most part the last few years. Brent was her high school sweetheart and they have 2 children together, sharing joint custody in Texas.

2 Paula Broadwell


Paula Broadwell was the epitome of beauty and brains. Sadly, all of her accomplishments and professional achievements have been, for the most part, forgotten. This West Point and Harvard graduate, who was rapidly rising in the ranks, took down one of the most important government figures in the world, CIA-director General David Petraeus.

Mrs. Broadwell met General Petraeus at an event he was speaking at. She then contacted him to conduct research, interviewing him for a book she was writing. It began with professional emails back and forth and then got a little more personal before exploding into a full-blown affair.

Somewhere in their relationship, things turned a bit dark and the facts are a little murky. But what is known is that Paula turned into a bat-sh*t crazy stalker. She hacked into the General’s email account and started sending out very unsettling emails to his colleagues and other higher-ups in the government. Several generals and admirals, colleagues of Gen. Petraeus, decided enough was enough after being the target of unsettling emails. They kicked off an investigation into the email hacking and thus, Paula Broadwell’s affair with the General was publicly revealed.

Paula disappeared from the public eye for quite some time, hiding out at her brother’s in New York. She eventually returned to her husband and children. They have been able to work through their issues and are still together. Paula’s career went down the drain as her integrity was seriously compromised.

General Petraeus and his wife, Holly, are still together. The General resigned as CIA-director. He narrowly avoided prison and a demotion.

1 Claire Danes

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

Actress Claire Danes burst into the spotlight as Juliet in the 1995 smash hit Romeo and Juliet. Unfortunately, Claire must have had a difficult time finding her own Romeo, because she stole actress Mary Louise Parker’s partner, Billy Crudup, right out from under her pregnant feet.

Mary Louise Parker was pregnant when Billy left her for Claire. Claire and Billy had met on the set of Princess Mononoke, and they also starred together in Stage Beauty. Claire and Billy’s relationship was not meant to be. Claire left Billy for another co-star, Hugh Dancy. Claire and Hugh are still married with one child and are living in New York.

Meanwhile, Mary Louise Parker has two children, single, and happily involved in various charitable organizations.

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