15 Military Babes Who Are Hot In And Out Of Uniform

Memorial Day 2017 is just around the corner. It's a special day dating all the way back to the Civil War. This time of year leaves people thinking about the family members and friends they have currently serving in the military. This time of year also brings back old memories where we recall the people we lost too soon. Memorial Day is defined, for the most part, as a federal holiday designated for the remembrance of the brave people who lost their life while serving the United States of America.

The commitment our military members and their families make are huge. Active duty soldiers and their families both serve our country in an inexplicable amount of ways. The sacrifices each family makes for the betterment of America are boundless; their dedication is incomprehensible. In many respects, it's the ultimate sacrifice a person can make. There isn't anything more honorable than selfless devotion.

To put a smile on the collective faces of our active duty personnel, and you readers, we decided to put together an article of amazingly attractive women that serve our country. What's unique about this article is these sexy patriots look as hot in their uniforms as they do on the street. Numerous women feel like a man in uniform is extremely attractive, and they're not wrong. Believe it or not, most of us men feel the same way about women in uniform. Today, in recognition of our service members let's flip the script for a minute and shine a bright light on the stunning ladies of our military.

15 That's A Good Looking Photo

She's a good looking woman, isn't she? Are blondes more fun? Well, in this instance they're definitely more bad ass. Women that serve in our armed forces total more than 200,000 spread across the Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy. That's nearly 15% of combined members across the board, and we thank every last one of you for your service. Most of the girls you see in this article today could have chosen from various career paths. Hell, many of these girls look like they're as comfortable in front of the camera as they do dressed to impress in their uniform. Each photo on the list today will open your eyes to just how beautiful many females in our military are.

14 Sweet Double Pic

If this girl doesn't have what people call a beaming smile, then I'm not sure who does. Her sweet double picture gives us all an idea of just how beautiful she photographs. In and out of her uniform. Her set of sexy eyes doesn't hurt her either do they? The history of our military dates back to the late 1700s. Today, we spend more than $550 billion a year as a country making sure our active duty members have what they need beyond our shores. As of recently, the United States Of America has more than 200,000 women in active duty. I doubt any guys were unhappy about being at boot camp with her. Would you? Plus, who doesn't like a girl that loves Batman?

13 Pretty Fire

Super cute is one way of describing this service member's photograph. She's also got a smoking hot body. Basically, she looks smoking hot in every flipping way, wouldn't you say? Around 40% of the officers who work in the health care field are women, FYI. That's a cool little piece of info for you. Naturally, this photo belonged somewhere on the list today and easily found a place before all was said and done. After all, how could we leave this photograph out, right? She appears to be fit, either that or I'm going crazy. Her cute green shirt and camouflage pants look right at home on her, don't they? Not many selfies come out as good as hers did.

12 Nice Looking Uniform

She looks good in her uniform, doesn't she? Many of the pictures in this article aren't professional photographs. That doesn't matter much though, does it? More than 60,000 women are in the Air Force, and not many look any better in their uniform than this one does. The first female to receive the Medal of Honor was in the 1800s (Dr. Mary Edwards Walker). She wasn't sporting a butterfly tattoo as far as I could tell but that's okay. Times have changed. Photos like these show a softer side along with a lot of pride, don't they? That's one of the neat parts about these pictures, it makes them fun to view. It also paves the way for a cool little article that's for sure.

11 Wow, She's Pretty

Has a woman ever been awarded the illustrious Purple Heart? If you didn't know you will now. Yes, there has been a woman awarded the Purple Heart. The first female to ever be given that honor was named Annie G. Fox. She was acknowledged for her service after the attack on Pearl Harbor and rightfully so. The service member pictured here probably has broken (hell shattered) her share of hearts too, don't you imagine? Not the Purple Heart of course but if mine were that color, she sure could have what remains of my ticker. Blue eyes and long wavy hair look great on this service member, don't they? It's almost hard to believe that's her picture on the left. It is, though!

10 She's Packing Some Heat

What may surprise you is that more than 400,000 women enlisted in the military to serve in World War II. Many of those women enlisted to be pilots, to work in hospitals, and be administrators as well. Women have served our military in various roles throughout history and continue to do so. Over 400 women sadly lost their lives in World War II, and more than 80 were captured and held hostage. Little factoids like the ones you'll read in this article shine a light on the dedication and sacrifices our women in the military have made for their country dating back decades. The service member you see photoed here with her gun doesn't look like someone to mess with just like those that came before her.

9 Oh My Goodness

Well, if this triple threat picture doesn't put a smile on your face then I feel bad for ya. She's definitely one of the most attractive females we've seen, in and out of her uniform. If you feel like a hot photo of a female service member hanging off the side of a helicopter isn't cool, then sorry. Not really, though! After discovering this picture online, we knew it belonged in our article that's for sure. In reality, there was no way of leaving this super attractive service member, and her excellent photos off of the list today. It may shock you to know that pre-2013 no women got placed in units designated for direct combat. That practice changed in January of 2013.

8 Snowball Fight

In 2014, three female officers were the first to pass the extremely difficult Combat Endurance Test (CET). Their effort was in an attempt to pass the Infantry Officers Course (IOC). As of 2014, the United States Military had never had a female officer pass their Infantry Officers Course. Does that little tidbit of information surprise you? It sure did me, that's why I included it in this article today. Besides the great photos you see here, we wanted all of you readers to learn something about the women in our armed forces. Aside from the fact they look fantastic and appear to be game for neighborhood snowball fights. She's holding one hell of a large snowball that's for sure, and I bet she knows how to use it.

7 Nice Bikini

Were any of you looking to see a hot blonde in a stars and stripes bikini? I doubt any of you are mad over this entry, are you? This blonde bombshell looks amazing in that two-piece bikini, my goodness. This picture of her made my day in all honestly. Before the 20th century, due to stringent guidelines, women who fought on the front lines did so in disguise. That's an interesting piece of military history don't you think? There's no way that works today with a female service member that looks like this girl does but I've been wrong before. She has a great smile too, right? Most of us men out here think this hottie looks fantastic casually playful or in uniform.

6 Work By Day, Play By Night

A loss for words would be an accurate way of how difficult it is to describe this female service members photographs. I'm not complaining a bit, though. Naturally, she belongs near the top of any list about pretty girls let alone an article on engaging female service members. She's obviously pretty damn sexy wouldn't you say? This article in large part has turned out quite well if I do say so myself. Around 60% of women have received Veteran Health Care and represent over 10% of eligible veterans combined. If you felt your heart skip a beat after viewing this photograph nobody reading this article is going to blame you. I'd check your pulse though because the remaining entries are sure to do the same.

5 Possibly A Prom Queen?

The United States Military has 12 separate branches. 5 of those branches are active-duty, and 7 are part-time duty. Active-duty service members work full-time in their role either at home or stationed abroad. The sacrifice, the commitment, each member makes is unquestionably selfless. I hope I speak for all of us when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts, each and every one of you. If you happen to see a service member this holiday weekend say hello, send them a smile, or go up and shake their hand. You might be surprised at how good the small act of recognizing a person for their service to our country makes them feel. That feeling will surely be felt both ways so go ahead and don't be shy.

4 Does It Get Much Better?

In 2009, the United States Military instituted a new and wildly successful program for use on the front lines in Afghanistan. To engage Afghani citizens women were trained and deployed under what is now known as Female Engagement Teams (FET). The aim of these units was to transcend beyond obvious cultural barriers to help the United States Military conduct searches, probe for vital information, and give aid to the people of Afghanistan. That's without a doubt an awesome fact for those of you who didn't know about Female Engagement Teams. I know I didn't. The tactic certainly makes sense, though, doesn't it? After gazing at this beautiful photo, you can probably understand why the strategy developed by our Marine Corps worked so well in Afghanistan.

3 Girl Next Door? Not So Much

Do you think the female service member pictured here looks like the hot girl next door? Not so fast, she's actually a devoted member of the United States Military. Her smile could surely fool most people into thinking she's all beauty and no brawn. That would be a mistake though, wouldn't it? Enlisted members of our military make up the vast majority of the workforce and complete most of the day to day hands on operations. To enlist in the military, you must be at least 18 years old or 17 at the minimum with a guardian's consent. You must have also graduated from high school for those of you who are curious about enrolling in the armed forces.

2 Muy Bonita

In a swimsuit lounging by the pool or in her uniform this photograph of an American service member is muy bonita, wouldn't you say? Training is vital to the success of our military personnel regardless of what branch they choose to enrol in. Maybe it's just me, but I doubt that this girl had too much of a problem getting in tip top condition. By the looks of her alluring photographs, she's in good shape. If I'm not mistaken that's a gun resting on her chest in the picture on the right, correct? She's probably a better shot than most of us boys out here so be careful. Well, that's if Cupid hasn't already used an arrow of his own.

1 Number 1 Stunner

This wickedly sexy photograph of an attractive United States service member is likely the best one you'll see in this article. She's actually the very reason we decided to put a fun piece like this together to begin with. After finding her photo, it seemed like the right thing to do. We should all be thankful for what we have this holiday season and pay respect to those who have served in our armed forces. Sadly enough some of those great people aren't here with us today, and that's a shame. Make certain that you realize what you're celebrating this weekend despite which events you choose to attend. Oh, and if you happen to see this girl out and about, buy her a drink and don't be a fool!

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