15 Messed Up Things People Saw Their Neighbors Do

Everyone has a neighbor. In the 21st century, we're so interconnected that even though we may have our faces stuffed behind devices more than ever, we truly do interact more than most societies. Unless you're well off or just live in a rural region, chances are that you live fairly close to the guy next to you.

Now, take a moment to think on all of those moments of agitation that you suffered when dealing with the worst neighbors on the planet. Those who may have let their dog do his business on your side of the property line, or the one who accidentally bumped his car into yours while parallel parking (but tried to play it off like nothing happened). They are about to be upstaged. You think they're annoying, now, but you'll soon come to find that you've been lucky all along (for the most part anyway).

Prepare to be astonished by the worst of all encounters (and also some of the best) that people have had with their neighbors. While not all of these are the most relatable circumstances, it may have you thinking twice about whether or not the bald guy - who happens to collect an obnoxious amount of garden gnomes - next door is all that bad.

15 The Neighbor Who Cuts His Lawn With Scissors And Yells At His Parrot

'Challenge accepted' is a term used too lightly for some individuals. It's not been determined whether this man was dared to complete this task or if he was just a lunatic. A Reddit user revealed that his neighbor would cut his grass every Sunday regardless of the weather...with hand scissors. That's a bit more than an inconvenience if you ask me. In his off time - while the lawn was growing back - the man was always heard late at night screaming at his TV. Although, we all have our moments when we know what's best for the characters even if they don't actually listen... But what's a little bit more on the strange side is the fact that the man would also scream at his parrot if the poor bird didn't do what he liked. Maybe he just got tired of hearing himself repeated constantly?

14 The Neighbor Who Uses His Barbecue To Heat Up The House

Life in suburbia is fine and dandy until a winter storm blows through and knocks out all of the power. In a situation like this, many people have already prepared generators to combat the cold weather. Though, one particular family had little to keep them warm. Running out of options, the father thought it would be a good idea to bring the propane barbecue inside and run it to heat up the house. Unfortunately, there's a little thing called carbon monoxide poisoning that's extremely lethal and can actually be caused by this very act. Luckily, a neighbor noticed the man's mistake and explained the danger that it could bring if they stayed indoors with the barbecue for too long. The father of the family pushed it off as if his neighbor was overreacting and didn't bother to remove the grill from inside. Unable to stand by and watch the tragedy unfold, the neighbor purposely kept coming over to the man's house to talk to him with the front door wide open. Morons can be saved every day by simple acts of kindness (even if they don't realize it).

13 Those Neighbors Who Call The Cops On You And Tell You To 'Get A Normal Job'

Many of us happen to live our lives for others. Our family has expectations of marriage, family, and/or career goals and sometimes we (unfortunately) sacrifice our own dreams to appease the desires of those that we love. However, there's apparently a new classification of people that you must satisfy with your lifestyle nowadays: your neighbors. One man shared on Reddit that he worked the night shift at his job, but scarcely went out, partied, or the like. His elderly neighbors called the cops on him for a noise complaint one night after he'd just arrived at his home. After a couple of failed attempts to get him in trouble with the authorities, the man confronted his elderly neighbors to find out what the fuss was about. They shared that he made a loud racket at night when he arrived home; it was during the time that their favorite TV show was on and it was very disruptive. They asked that he get a normal job instead of showing up at terrible hours of the night. Flabbergasted by the gall of these people, the man chose to keep his job and bought himself a drum set the very next day.

12 The Neighbor Who Uses A Weed-Whacker For 6-Ft Grass

Mowing your lawn tends to be considered both a therapeutic and productive way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Unless, of course, you're skipping one too many Sundays... A Reddit user shared a story of how a neighbor had completely neglected his yard for months on end until the grass (if that's what we should even call it) had reached close to six feet in height. The grass was taller than the man himself! Since a mower can't exactly drive over six feet of brush, the man's weapon-of-choice was revealed to be a weed-eater. Yup, it's exactly what you think: the guy cut his entire 6-foot-tall lawn with a weed-whacker. That chore sounds exhausting enough with an average lawn that has a normal height of brush. But some people prefer to let all of their work build up so that they can take care of it all at once; maybe he's on the same bandwagon.

11 Word Of Advice: Don't Move Next To The Guy With An Engine In His Living Room

There are a lot of people whom you truly don't know until you've been inside of their home. You can really tell a lot about a person once you've seen how they organize and treat their sacred space (although, we may need to use that term lightly). It's doubtful that many have experienced what these neighbors did, though. A peculiar man living next door happened to have a car engine on cinder blocks in his living room. Few really knew why he'd chosen to put it there, although some speculated that he may have been trying to siphon the gas out of the old engine. A perfect project for say...A GARAGE? Well, as is usually the case with gasoline, the engine was highly flammable and the man made the ill-fated decision to light a cigarette in the same room as his beloved engine. His house exploded, taking with it the neighboring homes. Fortunately, most people weren't home at that time, but one suffered from temporary ear damage (which was cosmetically corrected with plastic surgery). Moral of the story is: if your neighbor is a car fanatic, make sure he/she is aware of how fire works. Or, just move.

10 This Neighbor Lets Her Dog Do Its Business Right In The Lobby

In the Northeastern parts of the US, it's not always at the top of everyone's list to go outside for no real reason - given the weather - and that's argument enough for some to leave their canine to do his duty indoors. Would this happen to involve puppy pads or other potty-training materials, you ask? Nope. Why not use the front lobby's carpeting? It's not like management wants to gain new tenants or anything... Of course, that's exactly what happened in an upstate apartment. One neighbor grew tired of the horrendous smell that leaked throughout the complex, imploring the landlord to take some action against the poopetrator. In spite of the less-than-inviting smells that were filling up their apartments, the landowners didn't seem to care. That's when this neighbor chose to take matters into her own hands. She lined up alternate living arrangements - in a much more breathable environment, I might add - and in her final week of living in the complex, she collected the pup's poop in a five-gallon bucket. When it finally came for her to part ways with the smelly place she'd called home, she shoved all of it through the letter slot of the dog owner's apartment.

9 The Neighbor Who Tries To Sell Everyone Their Fake Story To Commit Insurance Fraud

It's awfully strange when people come knocking on your door to try to sell you odd things every now and again. But what's even funnier is when your neighbor tries to sell you on their fake story in order to get away with insurance fraud. A couple attempted to get away with fraud by knocking on each door in the neighborhood and telling everyone that a man was seen outside looking through people's cars and stole their own. This should only raise eyebrows right from the start because who would allow this to happen without even a second thought of calling the police? Well, as it turns out, the couple had actually disposed of their car in a nearby pond and was going to cash in on the car insurance money they would receive if they could prove it was stolen. In spite of their weak efforts, the story was highly unbelievable and sketchy not just to the neighbors but also to the insurance company (they are trained to catch this type of stuff, after all). Needless to say, they had criminal charges pressed against them for their failed get-rich-quick scheme.

8 The Neighbor Who Performs A Balancing Act With Heavy Machinery A Few Feet From His Kids

Safety is not always of utmost importance to everyone you know. But sometimes it's easier if these high-stakes individuals didn't have to take up residence in the home next to your own. A Reddit user shared that his neighbor had an issue with pulling off incredibly dangerous stunts on a regular basis, although, he didn't exactly seem aware of the hazards involved. On a specific occasion, the user witnessed his neighbor standing on two concrete posts in order to cut limbs off of a tree. On top of that, the chainsaw he's using was duct-taped to the end of a stick. Meanwhile, his own children are playing in a bounce house directly next to the scene. If that isn't enough to raise a person's blood pressure, I don't know what could.

7 The Neighbor Who Fills His Bathtub Too High And Floods His Apartment Every Day

There are always a few bad apples in a bunch but seldom does it involve a complete bathroom disaster. A neighbor of one Reddit user had, allegedly, often complained about the "management" of his apartment complex. Every morning he'd have a puddle of water in front of his door and the user asked his neighbor what seemed to be the issue. The neighbor responded that there was an issue with management, but nothing more really came out of the conversation. Wanting to find more information on the situation, the Reddit user asked the apartment manager about the problem. It was immediately evident that she had a distaste for the tenant; she rolled her eyes and claimed that the large man would fill his tub to the brim everyday and then get into it, spilling water all over his apartment. The guy had the gall to blame his consistent problem on management, which really miffed the rental office. Who can blame a guy for wanting to take a nice bath? Leaning on the side of logic, though, it's insane to repeatedly try something that just isn't working for you...

6 The Pervy Neighbor Who Can't Take 'No' For An Answer

Typically, it's frowned upon to make sexual advances toward a woman in front of her own father. This becomes tenfold more socially unacceptable when it's also in front of your wife, and the girl also happens to be underage. This neighbor didn't stop at this awkward point, though. He attempted to invite the young girl over to his house, and when her parents were out of town he made sure that she felt uncomfortable...to say the least. The girl's parents went out on dates and out of town for their jobs pretty frequently, and when she was left at home alone or with friends, the man next door would get intimate with his wife while purposely leaving the curtains open. What made matters worse was the fact that he always tried doing this when she was in her pool or in a room in her house that was clearly in view of the man's bedroom. Apparently, 'rejection' is not in this guy's vocabulary.

5 The Neighbor Who Buys The Adjacent Lot But Builds His House On Your Land

This particular landowner got a shock of his own. Before he left for his vacation, a man purchased an adjacent lot with the intent of building a house on it. When the man returned from his vacation, he found that his neighbor had completely finished building his home, however, the neighbor mistakenly built it entirely on the wrong land. This is a silly error, of course, and can be a bit embarrassing to admit. So, it's understandable that the new homeowner would be a bit flustered to hear this news. The landowner confronted his new tenant with the intent of proposing to sell him a parcel of the land for cheap. But as he was met with a fiery response (to say the least) he decided to sue the man for building on his property. It was resolved that the new homeowner would either need to demolish the home or leave it in the hands of the landowner. Seeing as how it would only cost him more money to have it destroyed, the man left the house. The landowner was originally living in a single-wide trailer but gained a $250,000 home for free. Later on, he sold it all for much more than he bought the land for. Some mistakes can really pay off.

4 The Weird Neighbor Guy Who Stares At You As You Walk Your Dog Down The Street

Some neighbors really can't stand animals. It's a wonder they don't move to a less pet-friendly community if it draws so much anxiety from them. One neighbor, in particular, would stare at each person that would walk by with their dog. In fact, he would even walk to his fence and peer over the top, watching the walkers until they were completely out of sight. This might just sound like the setup for a scary movie, but it's far simpler than that. It turns out that the guy just had an obsession with his lawn (and hopefully the rest of the neighborhood's), so he would keep tabs on who would let their dog do their business on or within a 500-hundred-mile radius of his yard. Forget about neighborhood break-ins or crime, keeping your dog away from this guy could be a life-saving situation (for the dog, of course).

3 An iPhone For An iPhone: The Couple Next Door Who Throws Each Other's Phones Over The Balcony

Apartment living has its flaws; you've got to deal with noise and sometimes undesirable attributes that your neighbor can't keep to themselves. Although this living arrangement also comes with its fair share of perks, and noise disturbances can sometimes be a good thing (for entertainment purposes, anyway). A neighbor accidentally eavesdropped on his fellow apartment-mates next door when he heard them yelling back and forth about something found on the boyfriend's phone. His girlfriend found that he'd been chatting it up with other girls, and since their verbal discussion wasn't getting anywhere she liked, she decided to chuck his phone off of the balcony. As it wasn't too late in the evening, the nosey neighbor along with many more who lived down below witnessed the phone crack on the asphalt down below. Seconds later, the boyfriend threw his girlfriend's phone out as well, also breaking it. It's safe to say that their relationship went out the window with the tech victims.

2 That Neighbor Who Sells Jail-Broken Cable Boxes And Leads The FBI To Your Home

A friendly relationship with the neighbors is always valued and cherished. I mean, who really wants to have issues with the person you share a wall with, or - at the very least - a fence. One neighbor did everything in his power to ignore the woman who lived next to him. She had shown signs early in their relationship that she was not mentally stable, so he wrote her off and stayed away at all costs. The woman also had her two grown-up sons living with her who were constantly having various people coming in and out of their house on a regular basis. One day, the FBI knocked on the door of the man's house inquiring as to whether or not he'd purchased a cable box from the sons who lived next door. He answered 'no' and the agents moved on without much else to add. Later on, it was discovered that the two guys were illegally selling cable boxes that had an unlimited amount of channels for a one-time price. Consequently, they were sentenced to prison for a number of years, and the man no longer had to tolerate the crazy lady because she moved away shortly thereafter.

1 The Dad Who Turns Into A Bull When The Family Bike Ride Goes Wrong

Divorce is so common in this modern age. A kid next door was hanging out with his neighbor and came to realize the harsh reality behind the divorce of his friend's parents. The boys were hanging out together while one boy's entire family went on a bike ride (with the exception of his mom who clearly wasn't there). The boy's father arrived back sooner than expected and parks his bike directly behind his truck, backing over it with the truck to ensure complete destruction. Meanwhile, the son who stayed home yells taunts directed at his father who becomes even more enraged and drives off dragging the bike behind him. The son and his friend drove a four-wheeler to the nearby driving range where he found his father waiting for him. The boy continued to yell taunts at his father - almost like his dad was a bull - tricking him into hitting several different objects on the course. Eventually, the cops were called while the rest of the family had walked up to the course to watch the show. And you thought your family was dysfunctional?

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