15 Messed Up Confessions From Homewreckers

Sometimes, it feels like society as a whole has become immune to cheating in romantic relationships.

Cheating and infidelity are two of the most difficult things to work through in a relationship or a marriage, yet they're fairly common in the world of love. This means that anyone is vulnerable to cheating, not just deadbeat losers and gold diggers.

Sometimes, it feels like society as a whole has become immune to cheating in romantic relationships. Many people hear unfavorable statistics like "half of all marriages end in divorce" and "half of all people in a relationship have admitted to cheating." As a result, these brainwashed people start to believe such statistics and maybe even become pessimists themselves.

And on another topic, we wanted to take a closer look at homewreckers. As many of you already know, Reddit is basically a breeding ground for all sorts of people to express their creative deplorable thoughts in an anonymous way, so they won't get in trouble. Homewreckers often post their outrageous confessions on the website, which gets a lot of people riled up. There's a reason why homewreckers get a bad rap, and it's pretty much because they engage in risky relations with married folks for their own selfish reasons from wanting to be happy to seeking revenge on someone else. These types of women just want it all and more. They don't care if they destroy a marriage or even break up a family during the course of an affair, which says a lot about their own character. Here are 15 of the most outrageous confessions from homewreckers.

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15 On And Off Homewrecking

A Reddit user confessed to seeing a married man on and off throughout his marriage.

She wrote, "He calls me for relationship advice, and we go out for dinner or a movie when his wife is out of town. We had been in a relationship and had a falling out previously to his marriage. We started having s*x about a year into his marriage. It was a little too easy, I felt a little remorseful about it, but continued seeing him when he called. I enjoyed dating a married man. It was easy. But with all things, it comes with a price. His wife called and confronted me about the affair about a year after it started. She forbid him from contacting me again, and they entered counseling. I promised myself that I wouldn't sleep with him again if he reached out. And I made good on that promise for about a year. He would ask to see me, and I'd make excuses why I couldn't. But we couldn't stay away from each other. I enjoyed having a little pleasure with none of the responsibilities that come with a committed relationship. Occasionally, he'd mention that he regretted leaving me and wish he would have married me instead of the woman he did. Now, he's going to leave his wife, and we're still seeing each other, but I have come to realize that I much preferred knowing that I was dating a married man. Now, I'm having second thoughts about this. I never thought of myself as having commitment issues, but maybe I'm someone other than who I thought I was...because I never thought I'd be a mistress either. "

Basically, she slept with a married man and ended up in a relationship, which caused her to fear when his divorce will take place.

14 Absolutely No Idea

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Affairs are supposed to be discreet and planned, but there are some instances when people aren't aware of their surroundings and end up having to deal with the legal consequences of fooling around.

A Reddit user wrote, "I didn't know! I was with a guy for 9 months. One day I was watching him play at a club and this chick at the bar told me she was looking for the wh*re f*cking her husband. It was me. I was devastated. I testified on her behalf at the divorce."

This was more of an unplanned affair. The alleged incident occurred one night after a woman was reportedly drinking at a bar. She most likely thought she could get away with it, but it turned out that she had nowhere to run. Hopefully, she learned her lesson—not to mess with a married man—and eventually found that special someone to spend a lifetime with.

13 Underage Homewrecker

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In a twisted world, a pedophile and an underage homewrecker would be seen as a perfect couple. But not on planet Earth. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. Congratulations to this teenage girl for learning the hard way. Sometimes, life sucks, and it's okay to admit it.

A Reddit user recalled, "I was 17 and he was 32. He was married and had a kid. He groomed me for months luring me into his trap. When I moved away for college, he moved with me and r*ped me every day. I didn't realize this wasn't normal because I didn't know any better. This lasted almost a year before he decided he was tired of me. He left me in a city all alone and I didn't know anyone because I wasn't allowed to do anything that didn't involve him."

12 Destroying A Marriage

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No matter how much you think you're falling for a married man, think again. You won't find any bliss in ruining another woman's marriage.

A Reddit user admitted, "I know I am the epitome of sc*m. I slept with a co-worker last year and now his marriage is broken and over. His ex-wife is messaging me and telling me what a horrible person I am. I already know that I am a piece of sh*t. Is there anything I can do for her now that I've ruined her life? Maybe I can pay for her counseling, or maybe I can buy her something? I just want to feel like a decent human being again :( I don't feel bad at all for the co-worker because it turns out that he cheated with other women, including pr*stitutes. He would've cheated regardless if I was in the situation. It sucks that I had to be among the count of them."

11 Domestic Violence Never Ends

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Let's continue to broaden our horizons by taking a look at a male Reddit user whose ex-girlfriend stayed with an abusive man suffering from PTSD along with a one-year-old child.

He wrote, "She told me she was going to leave him, she said she just didn't have the strength to do it. She begged me to sleep with her, attempted to seduce me multiple times while he was home. It's a strange feeling to be sitting on their couch, drinking the beer that he purchased, having his girlfriend just pulling her tits out, and trying to seduce me. So I stop hanging out with them, got busy, and didn't see them for 3 or 4 months. Her son was having a birthday party and she invited me to join. I figured group activity, no problem, right? I brought a female friend of mine with who had a child about the same age... they realize they're both bisexual, they both know they like having s*x with me, and after he goes to sleep they decide that the three of us need to have a threesome. I did manage to say no, I didn't want to do it in his house."

He added, "A week later, the three of us met in the hotel room. Before we started, I even looked at her and I asked if this was really something she wanted to do and that she wouldn't regret this. A few months later I get a call from him, he told me that he knew what had happened. I, of course, didn't try and explain myself, I felt kind of bad about it. She never did leave him. I believe they have 2 kids together now and he still beats her."

10 Doing The Dirty Abroad

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The majority of office affairs end on a sour note, but they continue to occur regardless of their consequences. However, there's a double standard in the workplace and women often come out even more damaged than men.

A Reddit user confessed, "I boned my recruiter. Everybody involved had issues out the a*s. Me, angsty, in sh*tty relationship, engaged to a guy who cheated on me overseas. My recruiter, sh*tty marriage, still trying to recover from his wife cheating on him when he was deployed. Just a huge group of senseless, hurting, unfaithful as*holes all around. Lead to some pretty memorable times, though, so I can't say it was all bad."

She's obviously still hurt from the affair, but at least she seemed to remember the positive memories she shared with her military recruiter. In a field like the armed forces, a lot of people are still coming to terms with their personal lives, so affairs are bound to happen.

9 Back And Forth

In this case, there were back-and-forth accusations between a woman, her newly-divorced husband and his ex-wife. Accusations are already bad enough, but when there are more than two people involved, things can implode really quick. Regardless of who's wrong or right, some people still have several things to learn when it comes to love.

A Reddit user wrote, "Despite her insinuations (and PMs to all of my Facebook friends, including my mother) that I was a homewrecker, he divorced her before he asked me out because SHE F*CKING CHEATED ON HIM FIRST. Also I broke up with him after three months because of reasons. I'm sure she still rants about the slut who seduced her husband and then threw him away. She seemed like the kind of b*tch to do that."

Sure, the user may be playing the victim in the apparent love triangle, but she has every right to hate on the ex-wife who did her wrong.

8 The Reality Of Beauty

A beautiful woman is always considered to be a treasure, even if she's taken or married. But what about the reasonably attractive lady who chose to stay with a deadbeat loser? She's probably showered with his constant attention and charming gestures, but she's still wanting more-so the only way to get extra action is to find a side dude.

A Reddit user wrote, "She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. / I knew she was married / I knew she had a two year old / I knew he was a deployed soldier / I also knew he hit her and didn't spend enough time with their infant daughter before deployment, and liked to abuse alcohol / I was Jody, and I took his girl while he was away with the rest of the bulletsponges. / No remorse, and they got divorced when he found out, and now she and the kid are living happily out of his reach. / Granted I almost got killed, but hey, doesn't matter had the best s*x of my life. Worth."

7 Enjoy The Thrill

Enjoy the thrill of the improved quality of life after receiving a promotion to CEO at a small company while it lasts.

A Reddit user wrote, "So, I went out to celebrate with my friends at a fancy bar. This guy was there with his friends and I overheard him declaring a drinking contest. The prize was $10K for the winner. Obviously this piqued my interest since it was ridiculous. He bought 50 shots of whiskey and I watched the mayhem. Luckily no one died, but he laughed as he watched his friends drink themselves to near death while being completely sober."

She added, "I don't know what about that made me attracted to him, but it did. Granted, he was also tall and handsome. And he dressed very well. Apparently he was a regular there as I ended up running into him more and more as I went there. I could lie and say I went there because I enjoyed the drinks, but I went back because I was hoping to see him again. The first night I saw him I was too shy to introduce myself."

For two years, she was the other woman. Then, the man's wife found out about their affair, which propelled them to their first divorce. However, the affair-turned-engagement didn't last long as the pair was only engaged for six or seven months. Despite the messy breakup, she continues to believe that he was her soulmate, but he just wasn't in the right situation at the right time.

6 The Truth Is

Here's another male Reddit user who dropped his own point of view on a public forum.

He wrote, "As a married guy, the lady on the side is just about fun, and distraction. Nothing more, regardless of what they might say. If they wanted to leave their wife, they'd have done it."

Well, he does have a point and there's no denying it. Yeah, there are unhappily married men who have affairs because they aren't happy, but there are about as many happily married men who are just looking for some additional fun on the side. Either way, most men cheat because of their motivation for different s*x. Women also cheat for that, but they're also searching for companionship, romance and security. These said affairs most likely won't become full-on relationships, but at least both parties can say they've learned a couple of new things during the short-lived fling.

5 Open Relationship Backfires

In an open relationship, two people are committed to each other, but agree to a non-monogamous lifestyle. So both parties are allowed to date and sleep with other people. Besides this, open relationships just flat out suck sometimes, as its difficult parts include: requiring a teleporter, spillover, massive feelings, scheduling conflicts, possibility of a loss and social stigma.

A Reddit user wrote, "They were in an open relationship. After 2 months I bailed, telling her the world is too big to have to share. She ended up getting a divorce shortly thereafter."

Having an open relationship isn't for everyone and it's evidently not in the cards for this particular man. While the benefits of having an open relationship are a plus, relationships in general fail because one or both parties still want to experience other things. Even in the best case scenarios, you still have to be honest about your feelings in order to have quality conversations.

4 Happily Ever After

It's undeniably possible for an extramarital affair to become a successful marriage. After all, you've already been caught in a long-term affair and you caught feelings for the person you thought you just wanted some fun with. It's not fair for the spouses being cheated on, so it's better to just let the dejected marriage fizzle out.

A Reddit user remembered, "Six years ago we tried to stop it but the soul connection and passion was something we'd never experienced before, especially with our spouses. I knew my marriage was over, we were just going through the motions and I did get divorced within 6 months of starting our affair. He didn't want to tear his kids hearts out so he stayed. One day his wife picked up his phone when he walked away and saw my text saying I loved him. They finally divorced 2 years after she found out. That was 3 years ago and we're getting married next summer. I have zero regrets."

3 Domestic Violence Ends

While the majority of domestic violence victims are females, they aren't the only ones getting hurt by their partners or spouses. There are male victims who struggle with emotional and physical abuse too. Therefore, it has nothing to do with one's gender.

A Reddit user simply wrote, "She was abusing him, trapped him in a bad situation. We're getting married next July! :)"

Sometimes, it's okay to stay in a relationship after domestic violence, but coming to terms with the damage isn't always going to happen. Some relationships just won't work out, no matter how hard you try. In this case, the man apparently had the courage to walk away from the disrespectful woman and found love with another woman. That's okay too.

Congratulations to the couple on their engagement! They deserve to be together. Let's hope they can stand the test of time because marriage requires patience, persistence and work.

2 A Good Analogy

A good analogy can make or break a topic. Hence, it has to be inoffensive, memorable and understood with ease, especially when it comes to a hot topic like homewrecking.

A Reddit user asserted, "There is good money in it. If I didn't wreck it, someone else would eventually. If no one else was allowed to wreck it, it would eventually collapse anyway. It makes room for new housing which is safer, more efficient, and more modern. Higher property values are good for everyone. Lots of the rubble of a wrecked home can be preserved as keep sakes or reused to make newer better things. Damn. Homewrecker is a good analogy."

Despite homewrecking being a contentious topic, this user came up with a good analogy for it and deserves major kudos for putting something together for a public thread. She essentially gave a rundown of why most homewreckers do what they do.

1 Head Over Heels

Like they always say, good relationships don't just happen—they take time, patience and two people willing to face every obstacle thrown their way. Of course, the same thing could be said about affairs, despite not being considered "real" relationships.

A Reddit user wrote, "We met as friends and hit it off immediately. We hung out constantly and slowly realized we were falling for each other but he was married. Married and incredibly unhappy and wanted out and slept in separate bedrooms for the last 2 years. To me that was a clear sign that things might actually go somewhere between he and I so I told myself come what may, and I'll understand if things don't work out. We continued to be head over heels for each other which of course lead to s*x - incredible, out of body experience s*x. Not long after we got caught in bed, they fought, and he packed a bag and moved in with a friend. He was mine and I was his. Until he got cold feet, talked things through, and moved back to his house. I'd never known anything to feel as good as he made me feel, but at least I know it's possible and I know not to settle for anything less than the complete happiness I once felt. I still love him, but I'm happy if he's happy."

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