14She Was In It For The Money

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A celebrity actually revealed this story. Rich Piana – now the late Rich Piana – was a bodybuilding superstar. He was perhaps the biggest personality in the bodybuilding and fitness industries. His YouTube videos got millions of views, and allowed people to get an insight into his life. A couple

of years ago, after six months of dating, Rich married a woman named Sara. Everything seemed to be great, and fans of Rich loved seeing the two together in his videos. But again, much like the person mentioned in the first entry, people close to Rich warned him that something fishy was going on. Rich didn’t want to believe it. He was also a very busy man, had several business ventures on the go, so the money looked after itself, or was meant to. One day, Rich did some digging, checked his finances, and discovered thousands of dollars were systematically being sent to Sara’s family. He did some more digging, and found out this had been going on from the day they’d gotten married. Needless to say, that was the end of their relationship.

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