15 Men Confess The WORST Things A Woman Has Ever Said To Them On A Date

Ever been out on a date with a woman who straight up asked how much you earn or revealed that they used to stalk you once?

People always tell you that the best approach on a first date or any date in the early stages of a relationship is to simply “be yourself.” It may sound terrible to say this, but for some people, that’s not necessarily good advice (particularly for the following women). It’s always nice if your date speaks his/her mind and says what he/she feels, but where these chicks were concerned, some things are definitely better left unsaid.

The internet has plenty of lists dedicated to the worst things men have ever said on a date, so we thought it’s about time to explore some of the most ridiculous things ever uttered on a date—and these are some hum-dingers. Ever been out on a date with a woman who straight up asked how much you earn or revealed that they used to stalk you once? Didn’t think so.

How about dating a woman who started talking engagement rings on the first date or one that tried to get you to join her cult? If you thought you had a poor track record with the ladies, think again. These girls would have any sensible guy running for the door and no one would blame them! Proof that girls can be total d-bags too, these are some of the strangest and downright insulting things women have ever said to a guy while out on a date.

15 “You’re Paying Tonight, Right?”


I kinda feel sorry for guys on a date because traditionally, they’ve always been expected to pay. It might sound gentlemanly and Disney-esque, but at the end of the day, it’s pretty s*xist. In this day and age, I’d like to think that most people will split the bill while out on their first ever date, but as this guy found out, it seemed pretty much imprinted in his DNA that he was going to pay for his date (in more ways than one).

One man had hoped he was sitting opposite a modern and reasonable woman, willing to at least offer to split the bill. Until she came out with this line, that is. Nothing kills romantic conversation and intrigue quite like the phrase “You’re paying for this, right?” Poor guy. He probably paid for her cab home too when he probably should have just made Princess take the bus.

14 “So, What’s Your Salary Like?”


Most girls looking to gold dig are at least subtle about it at first, but not this woman. One bewildered guy confesses to his date from hell with a woman who acted more like a job interviewer than someone on a romantic date. Forget small talk, this woman’s idea of getting to know the guy was asking him questions such as “Where do you see yourself in five years time?” and whether the guy had any “health insurance benefits.” Unbelievable.

The final straw was when she started asking (in detail) about the state of his salary. While she was probing his finances, the guy began to recognize something familiar in the way she was phrasing the questions. “You can find the Australian Defence Force Payscales online, and this girl had downloaded it and then asked me what rank and pay level I was on. It was a full interview!” I kinda hope he ordered the priciest fizz in the place and landed her with the bill.

13 The Classic Pregnancy Reveal


Honesty is the best policy as they say, but there are some things in life that you don’t tell a total stranger. “Will you marry me?” is pretty high up there, but perhaps an equally startling exclamation on a first date is that you have a bun in the oven. Even the sweetest, most understanding guy in the world is still going to be taken aback by the words “I’m pregnant.” According to this guy, his date blurted this out after only 15 minutes into their date. Poor dude probably lost his appetite pretty sharpish at that point.

According to the anonymous Redditor, his date’s exact words were, “I don’t want to scare you away...but I’m pregnant.” Eeep! On the other hand, some might argue that it was best for the guy to know as soon as possible before he let himself get invested. Personally, I’d wait maybe 2 or 3 dates more to tell a guy something this huge (or better still, wait for the bump to tell him). Just kidding...

12 Recruiting Him In A Cult


If you’re in the middle of a date and the girl is utterly fascinated by you, this can probably be explained by one of 3 options—you’re a total stud, you’ve got her way too drunk, or third (and most uncommon option), she’s trying to sell you something. Ouch. Sadly for one guy, his drop-dead gorgeous date was trying to do the latter, and after a few probing questions, any hope for a genuine romantic encounter with her pretty much fell flat on its face.

The hapless Romeo, Morgan, confessed to his disastrous date on Facebook, saying, “I thought it was going well. Here I was on a date with this beautiful girl...turns out she was trying to recruit me to a cult. She began with the line ‘There’s this asset you can put money into and you’ll be protected and guided by mentors’. I left pretty quickly after that.”

11 “I’m Okay With Leaving This Earth Alone”


On a Reddit thread asking for the top things you should “never say on a first date,” this came in at number one, and it’s not hard to see why. If only this were a funny suggestion posted into the thread for comic effect. Nope, this was a real comment said to a guy at the end of their first (and presumably last) date. Talk about playing hard to get…

So apparently, the pair of them were just finishing up their dinner date when, instead of the usual polite kiss goodnight or offer to walk to each other’s car, the guy didn’t get a chance when his date floored him with this morbid self-pitying rant, “Not only did the girl say there would not be a second date, but that she was officially swearing off dating and relationships forever comes the best part...she was okay with dying alone.” As you wish...

10 “My Husband Is Watching Us”


For real, this may be one of the worst ones yet. Unless you’re pretty young, we all carry a certain amount of baggage when we’re out on a date (whether it’s troubled exes or kids), but the least you expect from a new romantic encounter is a level playing field! While out on a first date, one woman not only admitted to still being married but that her hubby was peering at their table from across the restaurant! Creepy as hell.

According to one freaked-out Redditor, things seemed to be going well until his date leaned in and whispered, “I’m actually still married, and not to alarm you (because all good sentences start with those words) but my husband is sitting over there watching us eat.” Nope. Of course, the guy’s immediate response was, “I need to go to the bathroom,” and he pulled his leg out of that bear trap and landed her with the bill. Nice work.

9 “I Used To Stalk You”


Or words to that effect. Pretty terrifying, right? Of all the unsettling things to hear on a first date, this is right up there with “What’s your pin number?” or “Ever tasted human flesh?” Still, at least the girl was open about her dark side on their first ever date together. So how did the poor guy react to hearing this confession? Pretty calmly, if his Reddit post is anything to go by.

Desirably, he seemed to take it in his stride and chalked it up to the girl trying to be cute in some screwed-up way. Seriously, though? Imagine if this were the other way around and an older guy admitted to having stalked a woman long before their date. It’s a safe bet that the girl would be headed for the nearest bathroom window! The guy’s Reddit post doesn’t elaborate any further, but we’re guessing this creepy “date” didn’t go anywhere.

8 Being Reassured That You’re Not An Attacker

Other than feeling obligated to pay for the meal, another bad rep guys tend to get is that they’re somehow only out for one thing, or in this extreme case, are prone to violence in order to get laid. Yep, that’s right, one woman openly announced to her date that she was relieved that he wasn’t “acting like a r*pist.” Wow. Umm, how do you even respond to something like that?

What kind of guy wants to hear this from a total stranger? We hate to think how loudly she announced this too. (Hopefully, the restaurant was busy enough to drown it out) According to the bewildered guy, they were halfway through dinner when she excused herself to the bathroom with the words “Hold on, I need to go tell my mom that you don’t act like a r*pist” and went to take her drink with her to the toilets. I’m guessing that wasn’t the only thing going to the toilets that night...

7 “Excite Me, Take Me On An Adventure!”


Out of context, this might not sound like a terrible thing for a woman to say on a date. It might even turn guys on in thinking they’ve bagged a wild, free-spirited kind of a gal. In context, however, this woman was asking a little too much from her date without seeming to offer much else in return. One guy reveals an awful dating experience where the woman pretty much reeled off all her high expectations for their relationship. Yikes!

He probably should have seen that she was the wallet-draining type before they even had their first date since, on the girl’s dating profile, she mentioned her love of shopping and going on “wild adventures.” It’s one thing to have these interests for yourself, but to expect the guy you’ve just met to splash his cash on trips abroad for you? That’s just beyond selfish and reeks of someone with little independence.

6 Settling On A Price For The Wedding Ring


No, you’re not imagining things. One woman actually had the nerve to talk wedding rings on her first ever date with a guy. Nothing endears a man to a woman faster than being invoiced for their future wedding over appetizers. I’ve heard of speed dating, but this is just insane! It sounds like this guy’s date wasn’t too sure how first dates worked because she seemed to skip ahead a few years. Even so, any woman that demands an exact price tag for their wedding ring–no matter how long you’ve been together–doesn’t sound like a prize catch either.

According to the anonymous Redditor, her exact words were, “When I get married, I expect at least an $8,000 wedding ring.” (A major clue as to why she was single and ready to mingle) It’s hard to know what she was trying to achieve by laying out her terms and conditions like this. Perhaps she was trying to repel the guy on purpose because the escape call from her BFF didn’t go to plan?

5 “I Just Need A Good Donor”


One baby-crazed woman could have spared this guy a humiliating and expensive dinner date by spending her evening at the sperm bank. Instead, she agrees to meet the guy for dinner and comes out with the real reason she’s there—the chance to meet a decent sperm donor. Ouch. The date was going pretty well until the woman brought up the subject of kids.

According to the Redditor on the date, she asked him if he wanted kids to which he replied, “Someday.” Her response? “I love kids. I want one really bad.” “Like, right now?” the guy joked, and of all the ways she could have answered that question, this was her reply, “Yeah, all my friends know I’m not really looking for a man...just looking for good sperm.” Hmm...more wine?

4 Trying To Hook Up With Her Ex During The Date


It’s a pretty simple rule of thumb that you don’t even mention your ex during your first few dates with someone (unless you happen to be tearing into them), but even then, ranting about your ex is a pretty big turn-off and is best avoided at all costs. A date with someone new should be fresh and exciting, but some heartless women out there like to dangle a new guy, and it’s about as low on the dating etiquette scale as you can possibly get.

One dude on Reddit talked about a dinner date that went so well that they carried on and headed to a bar in town. While at the bar, the girl points out her ex-boyfriend, Chad, to her new date (so far, so insulting). The date thinks nothing of it and orders another round of drinks, but when he gets back, she’s texting her ex nonstop before coming out with the line, “Is it okay if I went back to Chad’s house?” What next? Asking your date for a ride and to pick up some lingerie on the way?

3 Not Much Of A Dog/Cat Lover

It’s always a safe bet that if your date likes animals, then they’re a sweet, sensitive soul and someone you’d be glad to have in your life. Well, when one guy on Reddit asked his date if she were more of a cat or a dog person, she picked a favorite alright, but it sure as hell wasn’t the type of answer he was expecting.

The date might have been confused by his question (or just has a pretty sick sense of humor) because she immediately answered back, “I find dog meat to be pretty good. Never tried eating cat, though.” WTF? So much for the cliché that girls go all gooey over kittens and puppies. At least her date had a dry sense of humor about it all and said, “…I’d say cat person then?” If this girl ever described herself as a “crazy cat lady” on her Tinder profile, someone needs the number of the Animal welfare services and fast.

2 The Hostess Without The Mostess


We’re not sure which is the more cruel form of luring a guy under false pretenses, attempting to recruit him in a cult as mentioned in an above entry or this mega date fail. This is more of something a woman did on the date, rather than said, but it’s so cold we had to include it. So apparently, one guy hit it off with a girl he had met on an online dating website and was all fired up to meet her in person until he arrived at the restaurant. The girl was there and he found the right venue, but something was amiss.

As it turns out, the girl he was meeting worked as the hostess at the restaurant, and upon arriving there, she “showed him” to a table. WTF? The poor guy was so embarrassed by the situation that he apparently just froze and ate his meal alone apart from the occasional 5-minute convos she had with him while she worked her shift. If this was her idea of a first date, I’d hate to know what she had in mind for the next one. Folding napkins?

1 “Why Do You Keep Asking Me Questions?”


Women can sometimes get a bad rep for talking way too much, and while men find a chatterbox quite annoying in a woman, they’re not looking for the complete opposite of that either—like this guy’s date who refused to make any conversation whatsoever. Awkward! Don’t get us wrong here. The woman wasn’t shy. She just flat out couldn’t be bothered to indulge her date in chat and left it entirely up to him to do all the legwork.

At one super uncomfortable moment in the evening, she even stopped to say to him, “Why do you keep on asking me questions?” Wow. I would guess that she was a typical dumb blonde type, but even these girls would have a lot to say about their hair or shoes or some other bullsh*t. This had to be painful. Needless to say, the guy didn’t arrange a second date of tumbleweed watching with her.

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15 Men Confess The WORST Things A Woman Has Ever Said To Them On A Date