15 Manipulative Ways Girls Get Their BF To Stop Fishing And Settle Down

There are just some girls out there that just seem to get whatever they want. Other girls will sit back and shake their heads trying to figure out why some girls get their men to settle down while they are still waiting while their man plays around.

So, what are these girls doing differently? You may think that it’s just luck that they are getting what they want in life, but it really isn’t. There are certain methods out there that women use to get what they want. Can you believe that a guy can be manipulated into settling down? Of course you can, because it happens all the time.

There are some guys out there that just have a problem with committing. It might not even be something that they are doing purposely. They may just be afraid of settling down. When it comes to these types of situations, there are manipulative ways that girls get their way with these types of men and most of the time the guys aren’t even aware of it. Sorry guys!

Sometimes getting a guy to commit can be harder than you think but not for these girls. If you are dying to know what it takes to get your guy to settle down, then you might want to check out what girls have done to get their guys to settle down. We want to know the answers, the tricks of the trade that these girls are using to get their man to pop the question.

15 They Act Like The “Fun Girl”

We’ve all heard about these girls; they are the ones that are always up for a good time. They don’t stress their men out, everything is just easy and breezy all the time. One of the reasons why some guys won’t commit is because they feel that marriage won’t be any fun, that intimacy will stop, and they won’t be allowed out of the house. So, these women make the idea of commitment seem fun and awesome. If a girl wants a guy to commit, then she’s not going to argue with him all the time, she’s going to make every moment with her man feel like a party so that when this guy thinks of her, he always feels like he’s going to have fun. He won’t feel like commitment is a drag if he’s always having fun with you, he’s going to think it’s awesome. Sneaky, isn’t it?

14 They Are Mysterious

A guy loves a good mystery, even more than he loves a girl he can hunt down and chase. A girl that keeps a guy guessing is going to end up with a ring on her finger. You don’t want to be like other girls, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to be unique. Guys like girls who stand out from others, whether that means you’re a weird girl or a smart girl or just a girl surrounded by mystery. Have your own life, don’t sit around waiting for his calls. If you want a guy to see you as a mystery, part of that means going out and seeing your friends, having your own hobbies and passions. If a guy sees an independent girl who doesn’t necessarily need him, he may want to lock her down.

13 Her Interest Starts To Wain

Sounds crazy, right? But it’s proven to work. For some women when they found their men not locking them down with some commitment they started to show less interest in their men. What they found was that their men became nervous and edgy about why their girl was losing interest. It’s proven to be one of the best ways to get a commitment out of your men. If you are desperate to get your guy to settle down, that’s basically the best way to get your man to run away. Desperation is a turn off so if you want your man to commit then acting aloof may be the best way to get his attention. When you do that, your man will fight for your attention and it may force him to take things to the next level. Start becoming busier and don’t message him as much as you used to and see what happens.

12 They Are Confident

We’ve said it before, confidence in a woman is a very addicting thing for a man. The one thing about confident women is that they know what they want and they usually go out and get it. They don’t demand commitment from their man; it just comes to them because they are confident that their man wants them. Girls who are demanding and sound like spoiled brats aren’t attractive to men. A confident woman is going to draw in a man who wants to be by her side. She doesn’t need to beg a man to be by her side, he’s already there and what’s even better is that he doesn’t want to be anywhere else. He loves her and will give her what she wants. A confident woman takes control of a situation and they are usually the women that find themselves walking down an aisle.

11 She Becomes Best Friends With His Friends

There is no better way to get your guys seal of approval then to have his friends adore you just as much as he does. For the girls that are getting committed, they are usually in situations where the friends of the guy are telling him what a great girl he has. Just think about it, if his friends hate you as his girlfriend, it’s going to be really hard to get him to settle down. The reason for that is because he’s going to be hearing it from his friends all the time that he should get rid of you. That’s the last thing that you want. The girls that are settling down with their men know how to become buddy-buddy with their man’s friends so that it makes their man even happier. Don’t be fake, though, because they will smell it from a mile away.

10 She's Not The Nagging Girlfriend

The last thing that a guy wants is to settle down with someone who is already nagging him all the time. He will just envision his marriage as the same thing, being nagged until he dies. If you want to get your guy to settle down, then you have to encourage him more than you nag him. Girls who nag their men rarely get what they want in life. You will only drive him away like that. Try a new tactic and that’s in the form of encouraging your man. Let him have some freedom, don’t expect to be with him all the time. Don’t make him feel like a prisoner in his own relationship. Don’t hound him if he wants to have a guy’s night out. Allow him some freedom and a chance to miss you and he will be seeing you in a whole new light.

9 She Rewards Him

If you want your guy to commit, then you have to reward him sometimes for good behavior. We know, it sounds bad, but it’s also very true. If your guy does something nice for you, something that you would like to see happen again, then reward him for it. Guys like surprises just as much as girls do and when they feel like they are being rewarded they are likely to continue doing nice things for you. What’s even better, the happier he is, the more he is going to warm up to settle down with you. The rewards don’t need to mean that you are finally going to reward him with that threesome he’s been begging you for, in fact, don’t marry that guy. It could be in the form of baking him his favorite treats or picking up that comic book he’s been talking about forever; it can be something small that he’s just really going to appreciate.

8 She Appreciates Her Man

These girls know how to get what they want and part of that is making her man feel like he’s the king of the castle. If your man says something funny, laugh with him, even if it’s stupid. Have fun with him as much as possible. If he did something awesome, achieved something amazing, then make him feel like a superhero. Guys will settle down with girls who they feel amazing around. If you show him the appreciation, he’s not going to want you to leave his side. You already love him so appreciating who he is shouldn’t exactly be hard. If you make him feel like you couldn’t imagine loving another man, he’s going to feel like a rockstar and making him settle down will be a piece of cake. Trust us, it will work.

7 They Become A Part Of His Life

A great way to get a guy to settle down is to integrate into his life as if you are already his lady. Don’t go overboard; you don’t need to start buying his-and-her towels because you are likely to scare him off. We’re not talking about taking over his life 24/7, but just integrate yourself into his life in a way that makes him think he can’t imagine life without you. A great way to do that is to text him at the same time every day so that he gets used to hearing from you. For example, a good morning text is kind of what you would expect from your spouse. Then start missing his phone calls, and don’t return his calls right away. It will have your guy wondering what you are up to and the wheels will start turning. He will start to think of locking things down with you.

6 She Makes Him Invest In Her

If you want a guy to settle down, then he has to be invested in you as a permanent fixture in his life. If a guy puts a lot of care into your relationship then that means he’s invested in it, he sees a future with you. So, how do you get him to go from just being in a relationship to really settling down? Then start to get him to invest in you. Get him to start doing big favors for you. If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, make sure that it’s your guy that you called. If you can’t reach something in your room, call him and tell him to come over to help you. These are ways to have him invest in you in order to take care of you. A guy will grow to love you even more if he’s taking care of you. Continue to have him invest in you and the next thing you will know he will be investing big time.

5 She Uses Reverse Psychology

Men don’t like to be forced into things, so the best way to make him commit is to make him think that you don’t think about it much. Guys are generally ruled by their egos and they’re not going to be bullied into anything especially marriage. If he thinks that you are desperate to settle down, he may just wait it out. Don’t try forcing him because you will never get what you want. Instead, enjoy your life and where you are in the relationship. Allow him to see what a prize he has on his arm and how awesome you are. Show him that you love him and he will come to you. If you act like commitment isn’t important to you, we guarantee he’s going to throw commitment at you. He will wonder if there is a chance that he can lose you and he will start to come to terms with settling down.

4 Sometimes She Goes MIA

When a girl isn’t getting what she wants, it’s best to start going missing in action for a bit. It’s usually the wake-up call that a guy needs to settle down. If a guy truly loves you, he won’t want to lose you. As much as you want to be with your guy all the time, that kind of behavior can backfire so just back off for a bit. If you feel like your guy is dragging his feet, then it’s time to become scarce. Put the brakes on your plans, don’t break up with him of course but just pull back for awhile and give your man a chance to miss you. He will not only start to miss you, but he will start to wonder if there is someone else who is giving you what you need. The last thing that he wants is to run the risk of losing you forever and it will make him think it’s time to settle down with you.

3 She Stops Talking About Him

When you fall in love, it’s perfectly natural for you to tell everyone and the dog about your newfound love. You adore this man and you don’t mind telling everyone including the waitress at your favorite restaurant just how amazing your boyfriend is. The problem with that is you can literally drive yourself insane by focusing on just one person all the time. You sit there and obsess about whether he’s thinking about you when you’re not around, it can become pretty unhealthy. That’s not the kind of behavior that’s going to make him settle down either. Start backing off and stop talking about your man all the time. It’s a subconscious way of becoming cool about the whole thing. He will start to notice a change in you and see how chill you are about everything. The next thing you know, he will be the one moving closer to you.

2 She Doesn’t Mention Commitment

Do you notice that some girls will literally haunt their boyfriends about buying them a ring? It happens, more often then you would think. If you want to get married, then the last thing that you should do is hound your man about marriage. Obviously, if you’re in a committed relationship then you probably have discussed marriage at some point. You don’t need to keep reminding him of it because that will just push him further away from the idea. Stop bugging the guy. Girls who manipulate their men into settling down are the ones that stop talking about it. Make him think that settling down is his idea. If you’re not constantly bringing it up, then he can breathe and start to see what he wants and that’s you. After a while, you will be the only person he thinks about.

1 They Travel Without Their Men

Does that sound shocking and a little extreme? Maybe, but it also works like a charm. We’re not saying that you have to run off to Paris without your man but even just a weekend getaway may have him thinking about what you’re up to. It is the best way to get him to settle down. He’s going to see you as independent, that you don’t mind traveling without him and he’s definitely not going to like that you are off having fun without him. It will definitely cross his mind that you might meet someone else or that you could even hook up with another man. While you’re there, you could send him a text or a message saying how much fun you are having because it will drive him nuts. Let him miss you and you will find that he will be more than interested in settling down when you return.

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