15 Luxurious Items Dan Bilzerian Has In His $3.7 Million Mansion

Whether you've heard of Dan Bilzerian or not, he’s taking over Instagram and he’s not making any apologies. He is a notorious playboy that likes to spend his days and nights as a professional poker player. Talk about a sweet life. He is considered to be the king of Instagram and we just love to hate him for it. His profile is not for the faint of heart, but we can’t help but be enticed by it. It’s controversial and at times, maddening as he is constantly boasting about his connections to DJ Steve Aoki and Floyd Mayweather. He’s a millionaire and enjoys posting for 23 million Instagram followers.

He’s not one of those people who come from nothing and make it big. Bilzerian has always been a rich kid coming from a home that had eleven bedrooms. He’s never had to work a day in his life and considering his only job is playing poker, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for him. His Instagram is full of pictures of half-naked women as if he’s taken over the life of Hugh Hefner, and aside from women, we also see a lot of guns. He’s admittedly said that he was a lonely kid growing up and maybe that’s why he behaves as he does on Instagram. Even all the women and money in the world can't seem to fill that void. Maybe that's why Dan bought himself a goat pet.

He’s definitely a guy that lives a life of luxury and we have to wonder how satisfying that life can really be. Check out these 15 luxurious items that San Bilzerian Has in his $3.7 million mansion.

15 1965 AC Cobra

You won’t find too many cars as gorgeous as this one and it can be found in the garage of Dan Bilzerian’s mansion. Rumor has it that he hasn’t driven the car in years which is a bloody shame. He has multiple cars obviously, but still, this is such a beautiful car it should be driven. We first saw the car when Bilzerian raced his famous attorney Tom Goldstein in a quarter-mile race. His aunt seems to have a certain type of opinion about luxury cars and she explained it to Bilzerian one Christmas. "I love the holidays, my aunt told me that guys who have expensive cars are compensating for a small p****,” Bilzerian said. Well, she said it, we didn’t. It’s interesting that Bilzerian would make such a statement considering he owns a bunch of cars, but we suppose we would have to ask one of the many models at his home.

14 Millionaire Wardrobe, Including An Unworn $40,000 Suit

When it comes to being a millionaire, you get the awesome opportunity to wear designer clothing all the time. Not only that, but you can have walls and walls of clothing in a closet big enough to walk around in. It’s a dream come true, especially for women. Though women aren’t the only ones that like to go shopping and buy amazing clothes, either. Men are just as likely to appreciate a good shopping spree. Like many millionaires, Dan Bilzerian has a walk-in closet that most people could only dream of. He has wall-to-wall designer clothing including a $40,000 suit he has never worn. What a waste. We couldn’t imagine not taking advantage of all these clothes. Though even Jennifer Aniston has admitted to giving away clothes that still had the tags on them.

13 Brabus Mercedes G63 6×6

How can you ever go through life without a Brabus Mercedes G63 6×6? It’s a mouthful of a vehicle, but there’s also nothing else like it. He purchased the monster in 2014 and it happens to be one of his favorite vehicles. It’s got a lot of great features to it as well and we can see why he likes it so much. “Bilzerian’s Brabus G63 6×6 is finished in white and features exposed carbon fiber elements including a hood scoop, fender flares, and mirror caps, plus matte black grille, bars, and safety guards. The best feature of this car, however, is the interior, which features a unique black and white upholstery with contrasting hexagon stitching on the seats, door panels, armrests, even floor mats.” It sounds exactly like the kind of vehicle that a man would want to tour around Vegas in.

12 Mounted Remote Tool

We think that maybe Dan Bilzerian has taken his dreams of being a Navy SEAL a little too far. He also owns a mounted remote machine gun in his mansion and we would hate to be around it in a house full of drunk people. We’re not sure why regular homeowners are allowed to purchase weapons like this for home use. It seems pretty bizarre to us. He may have trained to be a Navy SEAL, but he’s nothing like one in real life and we think that he should leave the machine guns to the professionals. Ironically, even though he has a room full of weapons and a machine gun, his house was robbed in 2015. You would think that many people would want to avoid a house like that. But that is also one of the downfalls to posting about how rich you are all the time.

11 Personal Chef

We drool at the thought of having a personal chef in our home — now that would be a real treat. Imagine never having to cook for yourself ever again. We can certainly jump on board with that lifestyle 100 per cent. Who wouldn’t? Dan Bilzerian’s kitchen has been described as something out of Game of Thrones and that’s where his chef gets to work from. It would be cool to have your meals all planned out for you, especially if you’re someone that lives a healthy lifestyle. You would never have to worry about meal prep. His personal chef has stated that Bilzerian likes to start his mornings off with oatmeal and fresh berries, as well as five eggs with potatoes. It sounds like he also lives a healthy lifestyle, though we have also seen him in the weight room. That's not to say though that he doesn't binge on junk food!

10 Game of Thrones Chandelier

This chandelier can only be described as something you would see from the hit TV show Game of Thrones. Just look at the mastery of this hand-carved wooden chandelier. It looks like a bunch of animal skulls surrounding the piece and it’s nothing short of badass. This is hanging in his dining room and that’s why many people say that it has the Game of Thrones theme to it. Not too many people would like a bunch of skulls hanging down in front of them while they eat, but this is a bachelor pad after all and guys just love this stuff. This guy’s whole house has man cave written all over it and we can see why he lives the lifestyle that he does.

9 Potts Dune Buggy

This is just one of many dune buggies that the Instagram king likes to play with. He is often seen at the Glamis Sand Dunes playing around with many dune buggies and ripping through the desert. It definitely looks like a lot of fun and he always has bikini-clad women with him while he’s playing around. We have to start wondering if any of these girls are allowed to wear clothing in his presence. If you scroll through his Instagram, you will see exactly what we are talking about. These girls barely have any clothing on no matter what they are doing during the day. They can’t even watch a movie in comfy clothes; it’s just bikinis for them. Like seriously, wouldn’t it be a more comfortable to tour the desert in shorts and a tank top. They must all have sand all up the whazoo!

8 His Own Urinal

If you were to design your own mansion, do you think you would choose to have a urinal in the bathroom? It’s not something that most people would add to their homes because it’s not exactly an attractive piece. It’s something you usually see in public bathrooms and sometimes they can be pretty nasty. We’re not sure how many people would consider this to be a luxury item, but maybe a lot of men do. There is just an added level of convenience to a urinal that the toilet just doesn’t offer. When it comes to designing your own mansion, Bilzerian says that he helped pick out most of the items in his home even though an interior designer was hired. It was surely his idea to put in a urinal and maybe it’s because he has issues with splashing.

7 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Dan Bilzerian has a ton of cars like most male celebrities. His garage is the size of most people’s homes and it’s a good thing because he just keeps buying the cars. He likes to have all kind of fancy vehicles even though he doesn’t always drive them. You don’t get much more beautiful than a white Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. It’s a pretty sweet ride and we would love to hit the Vegas strip in this ride. This car is totally awesome and we know that they are upwards of $100,000 apiece. Bilzerian lives a pretty unusual life mainly because he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t work or do anything as a humanitarian. He just spends his time sleeping with women and partying for the most part. “My dad said invest in movies, NASCAR, and buy a plane if you have money, so I did all 3. I’m good at poker.”

6 Bentley Flying Spur

Yes, this is yet another vehicle that Dan Bilzerian owns and we honestly wonder where he keeps them all. We often see posts of him selling vehicles, but there are a few that he’s determined to keep around. We’re not sure how people can get bored of vehicles such as this one. The Bentley Flying Spur is one of the more classier rides you can purchase. There are times that he gets offended when people question his lifestyle and trust us, people are always questioning his lifestyle. “It’s so crazy to me how many girls have left shoes at my house. It’s like how did u get home and how do u not notice you're missing shoes. This girl said, 'you're lame for not partying on a Saturday.' Every day of my life is Saturday, you think I care that you have a job?”

5 Pool And Jacuzzi 

When it comes to owning a Las Vegas mansion in the millions, it is sure to come with a lot of awesome entertainment features including, a pool and jacuzzi. Just like many other aspects of Bilzerian’s life, there are women all over the place wearing next to nothing. Bilzerian has said quite a few things over the years which are totally hypocritical because he lives a ridiculous life himself and was a spoiled brat his whole life. “Snapchat is for kids and girls who want their life to be a reality show. If I want go to Vegas in the middle of the night, then that’s just what I’ll do. It’s unreal how lucky some of these kids are, their parents just give them money and they sit around and play Xbox all day.”

4 Home Gym

We could definitely get behind having a home gym in a mansion. That is one of the most useful items in the world. Not only can gym memberships be pricey, but it’s easy to bail on a workout when you have to drive there. He doesn’t exactly live close to a gym; he would have to drive at least twenty minutes to get to one, so if you’re a millionaire, it makes sense to have one in your home. He has everything that you could ever ask for in a home gym and we are jealous just looking at it. He is often seen making home videos of him and his friends working out in the gym. He has a deep love for his squat rack and he generally thinks people are stupid if they don’t have one. “You know your gym is owned by a moron if they have a bunch of machines and no squat rack.”

3 Movie Theatre

One of the luxury items you will find in Dan Bilzerian’s mansion is a home theatre system with surround sound. These types of home editions don’t come cheap, especially if you are buying big packages. We are such movie buffs that we would just love to have a movie theatre in our home. Seriously, why not? You can watch movies as if you are at the theatre but in the privacy of your own home. You can invite friends or half-naked women, whichever you prefer and make some popcorn. We have a feeling, though, that Bilzerian doesn’t actually get to finish too many movies in an atmosphere such as this one. This is just one of many luxury items that you will find in his $3.7 million mansion, but it has to be one of the more fun items that we have come across.

2 Toy Room

We can’t even begin to guess the money that was put into creating his own weapon room in his mansion. Not only that, but there are four walls to the room and they are all covered in various types of weapons like you see in the photo. He actually trained to be a Navy SEAL at one point, though he never actually became one. He touts himself as a tough guy on Instagram, but in real life, he got a lot of flak for running off during the Las Vegas shooting, though he did manage to make a video of it. Dakota Meyer, a Marine veteran made this post about Bilzerian: “This is why children shouldn’t classify heroes by their followers or their photos. Always playing ‘operator dress up’ and so so tough when the cameras are on. A woman just got shot in the head and you are running away filming. Please stop trying to be someone you're not.”

1 Laser Hair Removal Equipment

We can’t imagine actually owning a machine like this one, especially since it would just make more sense to make an appointment. There’s no doubt about it though, Bilzerian is a hairy dude, so maybe he’s just trying to battle his hairy issues one day at a time. We’re also not sure that he should have his models in charge of the machine, but maybe that’s just us. There is such a thing as too much laser treatments, again that would be another reason to have a professional take care of the situation. He posted this picture on social media with the post, “Bought another laser hair removal machine to help combat my shitty hairy genes.”

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