15 Insane Dares You Won't Believe People Actually Did

We’ve all probably heard the words “I dare you” at some point or another in our lives. Those three words are more powerful than you may think. It can either bring excitement into your world or the urge to cringe inwardly. Nothing good typically comes from those three words, and sometimes people find themselves in a pickle because of a dare. These words typically come out when there is alcohol involved and mainly when you’re under 25 (hopefully). For some reason, those simple words are capable of causing us to behave irrationally and cause us to do some pretty insane things. Well, maybe not all of us. Some of us do have the sense of mind just to say no.

There are many people out there that will succumb to any dare, regardless of how ridiculous it is. They almost love engaging in ridiculous acts. After all, the whole cast of the Jackass movies made a career out of doing dares that no one would ever want to do. Saying no to a dare is like admitting you are weak or unable to do something. Many people, men especially have to prove that they are tough, that they can handle anything.

You would be surprised, seriously surprised as to what people are willing to do when they are dared. We have heard some crazy dares in our day, but these have to be the worst. Check out these crazy dares that people actually did.


15 Eating Dog Poop

What would you have done as a kid for ten dollars? At the time, ten dollars would seem like an absolute fortune. Just imagine the candy that could be purchased for ten bucks. It would be tempting for any kid to want to make a few bucks, but at what price. This boy decided to do the unimaginable in order to make a quick buck. We can’t believe what he did. “When I was 10, I was dared to smear dog poop on my face. I didn't have a dog, so I went looking for some random dog's turd. I did it and won $10.” (Buzzfeed) This has to be the most disgusting thing we have ever heard. Why do people do these things? We have to assume that this kid had some serious regrets after. We would hate to be the mother that had to clean up that mess.

14 The Carousel


There are just some dares that can be very dangerous. We sometimes wonder why people do crazy things when they could get hurt. "I dare you to tape yourself to this carousel while we spin it with a car." What would you say if one of your friends said something like this to you? The answer should be a definite no, but many people have fallen for the dare, in this case, the guy did. The guy taped himself to the carousel with packing tape which was probably not a great idea. The group was all drunk which is usually how these dares come about in the first place. They wanted to spin the carousel with a car and so they tied the car to the carousel and drove off a fast as they could and the friend was tossed around like a ragdoll. There’s a tragic ending here because the man was tossed from the carousel and died on impact. His friends were treated at the hospital for shock and then charged with manslaughter.

13 Sitting On A Lava Lamp

It should be pretty self-explanatory because why would anyone do that? Well, all it takes is a little alcohol and people will apparently do anything when dared. This girl was dared at a party to sit on a lava lamp in a very improper way if you know what we mean. Everyone was drunk of course and this girl proceeded to take the dare and sat on the lamp. The lamp had been on, so it was hot when she sat on it. It took about two seconds for her to jump off the lamp because it was so hot. She actually burned her lady parts from having to sit on that lava lamp. Sometimes doing dares end up making you look more stupid than they do brave. Burning your lady parts especially because of a dare is just too ridiculous.

12 Playing Chicken


The dare was presented to an 18-year-old boy by his friends. They asked the boy to play chicken, but the rules of the dare were a little different. He wasn’t allowed to have a car of his own and the people he was to play chicken with wouldn’t know that he was playing chicken with them. This doesn’t sound like it’s a very smart idea. “He went to a freeway ramp in the middle of the night, waited for a car to come speeding along, then jumped into the road and sprinted toward it. In his underwear. It is unclear whether that last detail was part of the original dare or just an added touch of personal flair.” (Cracked) As you can imagine he was struck by a car, it was actually as if he ran head first into an SUV. Talk about stupid behavior.

11 The Zipline Disaster

Zipline activities should never be done while in a drunken state but how do you tell drunk people that? While drunk on a mountain, one guy got dared by his friends to use an old zipline that they found, that hadn’t been used for many years. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. At first, the guy didn’t believe that it existed so they climbed the mountain drunk and there it was. He strapped himself in and went flying 1500 feet off the ground. One thing that he realized, however, was that he had no way of getting back up from the drop and he had no idea what part of the mountain he was on. He was stuck there on the mountain for seven hours until he was found. That was dangerous in more than one way. Talk about foolish.

10 Getting Married


Now, this is probably a dare that has occurred many times in Las Vegas. How many times do people get drunk and think that it’s super awesome to go and get married? Marriage is an important union and it should never be taken lightly. "I dare you to marry me," was what a 60-year-old man asked a teenager one evening. This is more like a situation that should have been called as harassment of a minor and even sexual assault but the times were certainly different in the 1900’s. Charles E. Jamison was a widower and grieving when he decided to get drunk one night. For some reason, the old man’s friends dared him to marry the young girl and the 60-year-old thought it was a grand idea. They up and found a reverend to marry them and the rest is history.

9 Too Much Contact With A Horse

Now, this next dare certainly sounds like it came from a recent Jackass movie. Some dares are so stupid even to imagine. We hate the fact that people are willing to do disgusting things for virtually no reason at all. This one girl was dared to do something that she shouldn’t have even considered? What did she gain from such a disgusting act? “One summer my friend was dared to lick a horse's penis. She claims she didn't actually do it, but I definitely saw tongue-to-horse-d*ck contact.” Well, that’s certainly disgusting and again a pointless act. She just made sure that she will be the talk of the college campus for the next hundred years. We can’t imagine how humiliating it must have been. But some people just can’t help but take a dare when it’s given to them.


8 Junk In The Fan


Trust us; it’s just as bad as it sounds. We don’t know why people would do anything that could harm their “junk.” This dare actually came from a famous person, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. He’s known to be a prankster and in this case, he really delivered one big dare. "We've always been very close to our crew, so we've had a lot of fun getting them to do silly, stupid things that could possibly cause them to hurt or injure themselves in some way." So, what was his dare? While backstage in Germany at one of their concerts Kroeger grew bored. "... there was an old fan with a metal blade. And we paid the drum tech about 600 Deutsche marks [to] stick his Johnson in the fan. I dare you to stick your junk in the fan." What on earth, right? We imagine it didn't end well.

7 Lighting His Hand On Fire

During a dare at a party, a bunch of teenagers got drunk and one of them got dared to pour rum on his hand and then light it on fire. Sounds legit, right? What is wrong with some kids? This is why teenagers should not be around alcohol. One kid lit his hand on fire and had to keep it like that until he couldn’t handle it any longer. Part of the dare was that he had to put the fire out in a watermelon. He proceeded to punch through a watermelon and kept his burnt hand in there for hours to keep it cool. It’s pretty bad when people have to go through these ridiculous things in order to win dares. It sounds pretty dangerous to us and it could have been something that scarred the kid for life.

6 Down A Flight Of Stairs


When it comes to listening to your friends when they ask you to do something why not just say no? This boy got dared to fall down a flight of stairs and he went for it. Probably a great way to break some boys, but hey, do what you have to do. “In middle school, I was dared to jump down a flight of stairs. We lined the bottom with pillows and blankets so it would be cushioned when I landed. I missed the bottom by one step, landed right on my tailbone, and had to sit on a pregnancy doughnut for a week. Including at school. To this day, it still hurts every once in a while.” (BuzzFeed) He’s lucky that he didn’t actually break anything instead of just spraining the hip. When it comes to dangerous dares, it’s always best to avoid them entirely.

5 Electrocuting Nipples

Why? Why would anyone want to do this to themselves? It’s tragic, to say the least, if not pathetic. Another case of high school students playing around when they shouldn’t be. Kyle DuBois had just finished an assignment in his electrical trades class when he and his friends decided to play around with some equipment. A couple of Kyle’s friends dare him to attach some alligator clips to his nipples of all things in exchange for a Mountain Dew if you can believe it. We’re not sure where the teacher was while all this was going on. Kyle ended up going into cardiac arrest and had a respiratory failure, but he did recover in the end. The parents filed a lawsuit against the school even though it was their son’s stupid decision to electrocute himself. An 18-year-old is more than old enough to know better.

4 Set Yourself On Fire


We cringe just thinking about this dare. Why would anyone agree to light themselves on fire? It’s seriously the worst thing that you can do and the risk of scarring yourself or worse dying is huge. In a dare, one person asked, "I dare you to set yourself on fire." Wow, do people not think about the danger involved? Russell Gortzig and his friends decided to act out something that they saw on the internet. He doused himself with gasoline and then lit himself on fire. His shorts caught fire as well and as you can expect it didn’t go well for him. He was hospitalized for severe burns which is just what we could expect. His mother actually tried to sue YouTube for the incident as if they should be responsible for her son’s stupidity. It should be common sense that you don’t light yourself on fire.

3 The Habanero Peppers

Never mess with the heat of habanero peppers, you just might regret it. These peppers are insanely hot and eating a bunch of them is just a mistake that anyone would regret. This guy was dared to eat two habanero peppers and one would have been bad enough. They are super hot and have been known to torch a stomach or two. “I ate two habanero peppers on a dare and let out a scream that didn't sound like a noise an actual human could make. My face swelled up like Will Smith's in Hitch, and I spent the entire night throwing up.” (BuzzFeed) We can just imagine how bad it was; it can cause upset stomachs at the very least and in this guy’s case, it was far worse. Unfortunately, it’s also a pain that doesn’t go away very quickly. A good dose of milk often helps, but it still takes a while.

2 Middle School Nightmare


We would recommend not snorting anything because nothing should be going up the nose. This middle school dare came in the form of some kids daring one of their friends to snort hot sauce. That doesn’t sound like a good idea; you would have to agree. “My friends and I dared a kid to snort a bit of very hot, hot sauce. He snorted it like a champ then spent the rest of the night with blood pouring from his face. Ahhh 7th grade.” (TFLN) Wow, a face full of blonde doesn’t sound fun for a seventh grader. It’s too bad that these kids get themselves involved in these dares. We feel bad for him because he was probably humiliated and in pain for a long time. Off to the hospital they go and the kid would have felt every bit of it.

1 Licking Gross Things

The last thing you should do in a dare is to lick or put your mouth on something that would cause you to get sick. After all, not only is it disgusting but it could make you sick. “In college, I was dared to lick the fungus-ridden, dirty toe of a guy on the wrestling team. After a good Listerine rinse, I got immediate revenge on the jerk who dared me to do it by daring him to take a sip of water from his fish's tank. Vomit followed, and vengeance was mine!” The dirty toe of a wrestler is truly nasty and we can’t imagine why he would do it. But a dare is a dare after all, and one must follow through. But at least he got even. Fish tank water is sure to make you sick and we couldn’t even imagine what that would have tasted like. Yuck!



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