15 Lies Everyone Tells When Ending A Relationship

Relationships are complicated, there are no two ways about it. The only thing harder about being in a relationship is ending one. Throughout the years, us humans have come up with standard lines that

Relationships are complicated, there are no two ways about it. The only thing harder about being in a relationship is ending one. Throughout the years, us humans have come up with standard lines that you give when you are breaking up with someone. This is done in order to “ease the blow” for the person getting dumped. However, as much as the truth can hurt, the truth is always the best way to go. By telling someone you do not see a future with them, or by telling someone you are not interested, it may be harder on the other person at the time, but in reality, you are doing something beneficial for the person in the long run.

People need to understand that a relationship ends in either one of two ways. The first is that you spend the rest of your life with someone and the second is that you do not, it is that simple. Honesty is always the best policy, as cheesy as that sounds.

The following are the fifteen most commonly used lies people tell when ending a relationship. Chances are, you have either been told the lie by someone you once loved or told the lie yourself. Regardless of what it is, we at TheRichest are certain that everyone reading this will relate to it to a certain extent.

15 I Have Issues

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Let's get one thing straight, everybody on this planet has “issues.” Yes, some people's issues or baggage are bigger than others, but if everyone used this as an excuse not to be with someone, then relationships would be non-existent. When someone ends a relationship because they have issues, what they are telling you is that one of the issues they are dealing with right now is you. When you truly care and want to be with someone, you do not let your past dictate your future and for those who do, you are going to have a hard time finding happiness with anyone. Relationships are about accepting someone for who they are, flaws and all, and in return being respected for who you are.

14 I Need Space

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Usually, this is followed by, “I think we should take a break.” This is a line most people who have been dumped have heard. Yes, no matter how happy you are in a relationship, you will need your alone time. It is just part of being human and it is necessary for many people to feel like they still have their independence. But just because you like your alone time, does not mean that you should break up with someone. However, if you are being told that the reason for your relationships demise is that your partner needs space, usually that's a nice way of saying that they need space from you, permanently. If someone breaks up with you because “they need space,” just take it as a clear sign that the person no longer wants to be with you.

13 I Don't Have The Time

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If someone has time to play video games, go out drinking with his friends and post on social media, guess what, that person has time for a relationship. Everyone is busy, everyone has things going on in their life, however, if you use “time” as an excuse to end a relationship, I am sorry but you are clearly just proving that you don't value scheduling your partner into your life. There are countless doctors, lawyers and business owners who manage to maintain relationships, so by someone telling you they do not have time, you know it is an excuse and not a very good one at that.

When someone wants to see you, they make time to see you. Do you really want to be with someone who doesn't value you enough to want to make time for you? Especially when this is clearly just an excuse people give to avoid telling you the real reason that you guys will no longer be together.

12 You Deserve Better

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This is probably true, especially if you hear this line a during a breakup. This line is usually followed by “I just do not feel like I am good enough for you.” When someone tells you that you deserve better, they are trying hard not to hurt you. They are putting themselves down to make you feel better, however although the effort is there, the truth is a better answer to give. Everyone who has been told this knows it is a lie. If you think that this person deserves better, and you care about them so much, you would work to improve yourself until you become someone that you feel they deserve. People do anything to keep the person they love, they do not give lame excuses like “you deserve better” to get you out of their life.

11 Silence

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When someone “ghosts” you, it is one of the worst things they can do. At least people who give an excuse give some sort of closure.  Silence, on the other hand, is a very powerful sound and leaves the other person constantly wondering what they did wrong or what happened to the relationship. Understandably it leaves people in a state of confusion and can make moving on incredibly difficult.

If someone ends a relationship with you by disappearing, they definitely have very little respect for you and for the relationship. As much as these lies hurt, silence hurts even more because they are outright refusing to tell you how they really feel. For anyone reading this that is thinking of breaking up with someone, have the courage to open up about why this relationship did not work out. Do not practice radio silence. You will end up doing a lot more damage in the long run, which should not be what you want.

10 I Need To Focus On Me

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Was there a memo sent out to people that claim when you enter a relationship you can no longer think of yourself? Relationships do not mean that everything you do is for the other person. Everyone has their own individual life with studies, jobs, friends, and family. Learning to love yourself is important to relationships because if you are happy with yourself and if you have taken care of yourself then most of the time you tend to be happy in a relationship.

Saying that the relationship has to end because you need to focus on yourself is one of the oldest breakup lines in the books - do not fall for it. This is an excuse people give when they want to be single, but they do not necessarily want to completely lose you. They believe by giving this line, they will leave the door somewhat open in case they decide they no longer need to focus on themselves and that single life wasn't quite what they expected.

9 I Am Not Ready For Something Serious

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First off, what is serious? Being in a relationship does not mean that you are ready to walk down the aisle. Relationships are not only about getting to know yourself but also getting to know the person you are with. Relationships become serious when both parties involved are ready for it to be serious. A lot of people, men especially, get scared when there is commitment being offered. However, fear is something that is detrimental to a lot of relationships. Fear is a quality that controls people and the person who says that they “are not ready” as an excuse is just another way of saying they are scared. Scared of opening up, scared of letting someone see their flaws and of course scared of getting hurt. This does not mean that when someone gives you this excuse you should continue to fight for them, it just means that they do not have the maturity to let themselves be involved with someone that could result in something real.

8 There Is No One Else

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If a breakup comes out of nowhere, it is possible that there is someone else involved. It is very common that while in a relationship, someone falls for another person. This is a sad reality about life, regardless of whether you are married, engaged or simply dating someone. There is always a possibility of your partner having an affair.

However, a lot of the time, the person will deny having any romantic involvement with that person, which usually proves itself to be a lie. There is nothing that hurts more than finding out your relationship is ending because of someone else. That means that there was another person that the person you loved, felt was better than you and that is something that is extremely painful. This is why most people tend to lie about it which does not make it right, but it does make it easier - at least, you know, until they find out what they got up to shortly after the breakup.

7 I Know I Will Regret This

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I mean... come on! We are not talking about regretting something like getting drunk before a shift the next morning. If someone truly believes they are going to regret doing something, the chances are they won't do it. If someone broke up with you using this line, and you did not realize the person was lying, then it is on you. Use common logic, if a person truly feels like they will regret losing you, trust us when we say they will never let you go.

Regret is a big word and an even bigger emotion and by throwing the word regret around, it causes the person doing the dumping to look like a good guy and still come out on top, which is a selfish thing to do. This line gives people hope for the future, it makes people believe that one day they will regret it and then they will come running back. The point is is that if someone wants to stay with you, they will do anything to keep you.

6 Our Lives Are Moving In Different Directions

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Let us get one thing clear, everyone has different paths in life and all lives lead in different directions. So if you hear this during the end of your relationship, you can probably be sure this is nothing but a good excuse. When you truly want to be with someone, you figure out how to make it work. There are couples that live in different time zones that have better relationships than people who live down the block from one another. Where you are and what you are doing should not depict who you are with. Couples that want to be with each other, support each other in their goals and dreams even if this means making sacrifices for the relationship.

It has been said before, and it will be said again, you can't be happy in a relationship unless you are happy with who you are, which includes what you are doing with your life.

5 I Don't Want To Hurt You

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This is a common line people use when ending a relationship. Apparently, when someone is about to dump another person, they get some sort of psychic ability. They see that somewhere in the future they will hurt you, so instead of working towards avoiding that, they decide to simply dump you. This is a big cop out, because regardless of when you end a relationship, you will be hurting someone.

This is usually said by someone who feels guilty about doing the dumping. This person most probably still wants some sort of friendship with the other person, but no longer wants to be involved romantically. This is a respectable lie because there is still some truth in it, however, this is not the real reason for the demise of this particular relationship.

4 Whoever Ends Up With You Is So Lucky

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Ha, ha, ha. If that was true, they would have stayed with you. Yes, this line is probably used when someone ends a relationship with a really good person. Dumping someone who loves you in a seemingly happy relationship is a lot harder than dumping someone who deserves it because they did something like had an affair.

Usually, you mean this line to a certain extent. You know that this person is not right for you, but you also know that they have the capability of making someone else extremely happy. This may not be the reason for why you are breaking up, however we at TheRichest believe that there is still some truth within this lie. Whoever does end up with you is really lucky, but that person is going to know they are lucky which is why they will never let you go.

3 It's Not The Right Time

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When it comes to life, you may never know when you are going to find your true love. Some people meet the love of their life at 14, while others are in their 60s and have yet to find that special someone. If someone ends a relationship because of timing it is probably just an excuse they are giving to get themselves out of an uncomfortable relationship.

By telling someone that “it is not the right time for us” or by iterating “if we only met when we were older” or whatever other bullshit excuse you have been given, the dumper avoids saying what the true reason for the break up is. Timing has become such a big lie when breaking up with someone, that people actually believe it is true. They believe that the person they love ended the relationship because the time wasn't right, instead of what may be real flaws with the relationship. Ladies and gentlemen, do not be so naive, this is just another way of someone letting you know you are not the one.

2 I Like You Too Much

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If you like someone “too” much, then chances are that the thought of them being with another person drives you crazy. So ending that relationship may not be the smartest idea, at least as far as we are concerned. Yet this can be one of the most common lies you hear when a relationship ends, as well as being one of the most damaging to hear.

What may happen is that the next time we feel someone getting close, we may start to fear they'll "like us too much" and will then end the relationship.

The only time someone should tell you how much they like you is when they mean it and not said during a breakup. Don't take the end of your relationship to ruin phrases like when you said how much you loved her. We know feelings may remain after a relationship ends, but that is not how you communicate them and that is just our blunt and honest opinion.

1 It's Not You, It's Me

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Is anyone surprised that this is the number one lie told when breaking up with someone? “It's not you, it's me” is literally the oldest line in the breakup book. This vague reasoning has flustered people for generations, however, we are here to clear it all up.

If someone uses this line with you, run! Run as fast as you can but do not look back. Not only is this person lying, but they do not even care enough to come up with a better excuse than that. This is known throughout the world of dating as the line that shuts it all down. The minute your significant other utters those words is the moment you should get over them. You would think by now people would get some new material but for some reason, this line has been passed throughout generations. We are pretty sure our children will one day use this line when doing their first dumping. And just because it's well-known only makes it all the worse to use!

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