15 Legendary Tinder Pickup Lines That'll Guarantee A First Date (Or Not)

Tinder has changed the game. That is the bottom line we will unavoidably get to by the end of this article. Nevertheless, we thought it would be a good idea to get this out of the way so you could enjoy the fun and games there are to follow. Dating has always been a part of human life. Back in the caveman days, it might have been a lot different from what it is today, but dating is something that has been evolving alongside humanity for a long, long time. In the Middle Ages and before the modern era, there were a lot of arranged marriages and things like that, which were sort of the dating game of the time. Luckily, for everyone today, the game has evolved, and people are more liberal in the sense that in the vast majority of the world you are not told who you have to marry and “fall in love with” anymore.

Online dating services have been around for a while, and some people found success in them. However, it wasn’t until Tinder came out that the game completely changed. By making things as easy as looking at a picture and swiping right or left, this company found a way to make almost everyone happy. Some people are just looking for a one-night stand while some people are just there looking for the love of their life and everything in-between. It doesn’t matter what you want; there is a good chance that you will find it on a service like Tinder these days. But that is not the most important thing. The most important aspect of the Tinder revolution are the pickup lines that came along the way. And we are here to show you 15 legendary pickup lines that you will be drooling to try after you are done reading this piece.

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15 Perseverance Is Key

Via: cloudinary.com

One of the biggest traits of the human race is our tendency to try as hard and as long as it takes to get what we want. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a man who embodies that very trait that made humanity achieve the paramount level of evolution we enjoy today. Just because someone denied you once, doesn’t mean that a ‘no’ cannot be turned into a ‘yes.’ But first, let us emphasize that a no is a no, and you should not proceed until you finally get the yes that you want so bad. You also need to remember only to use ethic maneuvers in your pursuit of that much-needed yes.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even take that much. Our friend over here proved that a terrible pickup line to start off is not really a deal breaker if you know how to follow up. Sometimes, Tinder is all about timing, and more often than not, the timing of a backup pickup line, as simple as it might be, could be enough to get you a first date or them digits.

14 1 For 1

Via: blazepress.com

Hey, you will never know if something is good or not if you don’t try the first time. Do you think SpaceX landed their first Falcon 9 on a drone ship in their first try? No, Elon and his band of wannabe Martians tried their best for years to land a first stage rocket on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean. And that is pretty much the story of most successful ventures we, as a species, have developed and embarked on.

Pickup lines are no different. Just like jokes, they have to be tested first before you can have a good grasp of how much of an impact they will have on your targeted audience. You don’t bust out a knock-knock joke for the first time at The Apollo. No, you try it out in a small market first.

And sometimes, you might even get lucky like our protagonist here did with his hot dog stand pickup line that totally worked on Crystal.

13 Food Is A Tool

Via: totalfratmove.com

Hey, trust us, if there is something everybody loves, it is food. Even vegans love food. Just check out how successful vegan restaurants are these days. Hence, one of the most common and surefire ways of conquering someone’s affection is through food. Sometimes it’s hilarious how much guys underestimate how important a tool cooking could be for your dating repertoire. But sometimes, it doesn’t even take that much. If you find a hungry gal, a couple boxes of fruity pebbles cereal could be enough to land you that first date.

Sure, it might take a while for you to zone in the perfect cereal for your pickup line, but like this guy, you might end up getting lucky and finding a fruity pebbles lover with the first pickup line you pitch. At the end of the day, you just have to remember that you will never know if it works if you don’t try it the first time. In our opinion, cereals are a good way to go. After all, everyone loves cereal.

12 Don’t Underestimate Pity

Via: totalfratmove.com

Now, this will change depending on the moral compass of each person. Still, using pity to get something you want is one of the oldest tricks in the book. And the fact that it is still in the book means that it works. Sure, using the fact that your chinchilla, Ricky, got killed earlier today might not be the most ethical of ways of approaching a new person, but it works.

That’s why we mentioned everyone’s moral compass. If you don’t care that much about ethics, this is the way to go. You should also remember how much of a friend Ricky was to you. Perhaps he was one of those chinchillas who would encourage you to use his death to get a little comfort and someone to help you mourn. If this is the case, then that was one hell of a chinchilla you had, my friend. Either way, be careful with this one because if you lie about the death of a pet and she asks you to show the “burial site,” you are going to get busted.

11 Don’t Trust The Movies

via Go fun yourself

What is one of the most classic romance movie tropes we see every year? It is the idea that one person in a relationship wants to change their significant other. And while it seems like an idea that would get old quickly, that is not the case. We cannot even remember how many movies and TV shows we have watched in which this premise was used. And at the same time, we still see new ones every day.

Another thing that is common in these movies and shows is that, by the end, they try to pass on the lesson that it’s not worth it to change something about yourself for the sake of another person. And if we learned anything from this Tinder line, it is that the moral lesson that Hollywood is trying to give us couldn’t be farther from the truth; that over there is a man who was not afraid of changing who he was for the mere sake of a Tinder hookup. And we will be damned if we are not cheering for his trick to work out.

10 A Man Of The Law

Via: totalfratmove.com

“You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish.”

We have heard those words spoken so many times that we pretty much take them for granted by now. If you are a regular person, you mostly hear them during movies or the crazy amount of police procedurals you can watch on TV at any given day. If you are someone who lives a more “risky” life, you may be used to hearing the cops saying the same thing to you whenever they bust you for whatever stupid thing you did today.

Nevertheless, the Miranda Rights are a widely known set of rights every person has and something everyone should know by now. But using them as a pickup line with a girl named Miranda? That is just golden.

9 Cheesy

Via: redd.it

Since we have just mentioned using somebody else’s name in order to make your pickup line the best it can be, we pretty much had to show you this one. Perhaps one of the most honest guys you will see on this list, the man hoping to become the recipient of Anne’s affection, our hero, could also be considered a modern poet. People don’t really read poetry anymore unless they can find it in a medium other than a book.

And guess what? Tinder is not a book. And it is also a medium that a lot of people, who might be fans of poetry if they ever gave it a shot, usually use. This is the masterful work of a legend who knows his target audience and found the perfect way to reel her in. More than that, if this genius managed to keep up the witty lines all the way through their night out drinking, we are fairly certain that Anne could not help herself but to fall in love with him. #hero.

8 Too Much

Via: theawesomedaily.com

You know how everyone has that one friend who shares too much information? And it is never the good stuff. Every time someone like that shares more than people were expecting to get, it is some kind of a creepy thing no one ever wanted to hear in the first place. This pickup line is the perfect example of that. But somehow, it seems like it has worked.

Sometimes, people are just impossible to understand. How could this be okay in any circumstances? Sure, we would like to assume that this is nothing more than just a joke. But we don’t know what is more disturbing here; the fact that this guy used this as a pickup line or the fact that Amanda actually answered it in the first place? One way or the other, both of these characters should receive a 10-out-of-10 grade when it comes to creativity. Seriously, who came up with this in the first place?

7 Use Your Wits

Via: totalfratmove.com

It is easy to seem smart when you take hours and hours looking for witty things to say on the web. However, it takes a real master to be able to combo a series of witty remarks like this guy did during this legendary Tinder exchange. First, we got to give him props for that opening poem, which is the perfect icebreaker for this kind of conversation. It is kind of dirty, but not enough to be bad. The bottom line is that it works. But it is only after he gets the first recognition giggles that the real magic starts to happen. Sure, anyone can plagiarize a clever line like that in the age of copy and paste, but could you follow it up as he did?

The laundry thing seems to be Lydia denying his first attempt, even though the pickup line was good. But his snap answer to the laundry denial does the perfect job of putting the question in her mind that maybe this shouldn’t be a no. And then, we have the Tiger wordplay. That might just be the greatest Tinder snap come back we have ever seen.

6 Know Your Audience

Via: facebook.com

If you’re someone who has studied marketing or anything that even resembles that field, you know that one of the key things behind a successful advertisement venture is to know who your audience is. It doesn’t matter how much money you pump into an ad; you will never get a return if you’re trying to sell chicken wings in a vegan magazine. You are not going to sell McDonald’s new kind of greasy hamburger to the audience of Men’s Health. The list goes on and on, but you get the point.

Hence, the genius behind Skye’s line. This is not a dude who is trying to lie to get into a pretty girl’s pants. No, this is an honest, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy who is looking for exactly one thing out of a Tinder conversation. Did he get it this time? Probably not. But if we are to believe his final remarks, we have to admit that this line might work from time to time if he lands the ad on his target audience.

5 The Fortuneteller

Via: thechive.com

There is smooth, there is silky smooth, and then there is this guy. Holy moly does this man have game. We know we have said this a couple of times already, but this might just be one of the best pickup lines out there. Of course, our protagonist had some aid in landing this plane. But as a wise man once said, “a magician’s best friend is a drunk audience.”

Before you double-think this, remember that Tinder and magic do have their common traits. The most important as it pertains to this particular exchange is that both people who go to magic shows in places like Vegas and individuals who are on Tinder tend to be folks who enjoy drinking some booze from time to time.

Drunk or not, this fortuneteller cosplay of a pickup line is so smooth that we believe it would have worked whether the audience was sober or not.

4 The Comeback

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Everyone makes mistakes. Getting things wrong and failing is as human as breathing. However, there are a few instances in which failure comes as a blessing in disguise. You won’t become great at something without doing it wrong a ton of times, right? It seems like pickup lines are just like that. Sometimes, you don’t even have to try the second time around. As this guy did, a cover-up for his terrible opening line came as naturally and perfectly as if he had scripted it for days.

And to be honest, we have to agree with Amy that “did those kitty years come with a litter box?” is one of the worst pickup lines we have come across. And believe us when we say that we have come across a lot of these while writing this article.

Nevertheless, this guy breathed some new life into his chances with Amy once he countered her rightful claim with one of the funniest comebacks to a denial we have seen today.

3 Stumbling Onto A Gold Mine

Via: imgur.com

Sometimes, you can come up with something great without even realizing. As a matter of fact, it seems like the greatest of pickup lines usually come out when people are not really trying to come up with a great pickup line. Sure, there are exceptions, but this is not one of them. If we are to believe the forum post in which we found this picture, this guy did not really have the primary intention of getting this girl’s number like that.

He claims to have legitimately seen a fake profile of her and wanting to send her a picture of it so she could see that he was speaking the truth. Without thinking twice, she gave him her number. How crazy is that? This lucky do-gooder just found the perfect way of getting someone’s number without even trying to. Now, we are left wondering if this is what scientists who make random discoveries feel when they realize they just stumbled onto something much bigger than what they were pursuing in the first place.

2 Dog Talk

People love puppies. And what is there not to love about them? Puppies are cute, they like everyone who gets near them, and they are great ways of picking up love interests. Still, this is quite the unusual way of using your dog to get laid.

Somewhere in the world, there must have been people who ended up becoming couples after deciding to have their dogs mate for a commercial or whatever other kind of reason they had for wanting their dogs to reproduce and prosper.

Still, it is not every day that we get to see an exchange like this on a platform like Tinder. And let us say, this line seems like quite the keeper. Amanda was obviously enthralled by the conversation, and if you keep the 4 ½ inches out of the dialog, we don’t see why this pickup line wouldn’t work again.

1 Mistake?

Via: tangledupheadphones.com

Okay, we don’t even know where to start with this one. This is the kind of pickup line we never expected to come across when writing this article. Was it actually a pickup line, or could it have possibly really been a mistake? More than that, we are dead curious to find out what happened afterward. Did she answer? What is the answer to that question? Would Google know how to answer that?

Jesus, so many questions and so little answers. The only thing we know for certain is that this is hilarious. If premeditated, this is the kind of innocent and funny pickup line that has the potential to land you that first date. Obviously, we did our best to try and find the rest of this conversation, but it is not anywhere. If you do find the rest of it, please comment and leave a link. We are dying to know what happened. This is crazier than Game of Thrones.

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