15 Kids Who Got Their Parents In Trouble

Children should be a joyful thing; the apple of our eyes, our pride and joy and the hope of continuing our lives vicariously through them after we have sprung this mortal coil. When people become parents, more often than not they want to do the best by their young and make sure that they have everything they need (though not necessarily everything they want).

Parents strive to ensure that their children eat the best food, get plenty of exercise, get good grades in school, make some friends and generally become a happy, well-rounded individual. People hope that by doing this and raising their kids correctly, that their children will go on to fulfill all of their hopes and dreams; to live a life where all ambitions are realized.

Every adult was a child too once, and we know (or some try to forget) that mishaps occur and we often do things that got our parents angry or upset. It is for this reason that children need careful rearing as they know less about the world and strong parenting sets them up well for the experiences of life. Some think that when they are adults and have a family, they can learn from the mistakes and failings of their parents before realizing things happen for a reason.

Every parent realizes at some point that their kids have a will of their own and will often use that to destructive effect! What are the 15 worst things kids have done to land their parents in hot water? Read on to find out!

15 Free Range Kids

Many complain about the so-called 'Nanny State,' a scenario which means that the government gets a little too involved in civilians' lives. Though is something goes horribly wrong; fingers are pointed at the government more often than not - it is a delicate balance in society - but this overstretches the mark! A family in Maryland faced potential prosecution after they let their two kids walk home from a park alone. Their ten-year-old son and his six-year-old sister walked over a mile from the park to their house one afternoon in December. Whether two kids should walk this far alone without an adult when it is getting dark probably divides opinion but to face charges is something the parents surely did not expect.

14 Passing Parental Responsibility

Most parents worry about their children, many unnecessarily and to an overbearing degree. Also, the "Bank of Mom and Dad" is a prevalent method for teens and young people of getting out of sticky situations or just having that cushion to fall back on. Although some parents wash their hands of their young in bizarre ways to teach them lessons of self-reliance, such this mother, named Sarah Newton, from the UK. Sarah is so intent on letting her kids learn their own experiences that she will not make them lunch and if they forget to, then tough cookies! So it is clear from her kids that they should not expect any mercy if they dare to put a foot wrong in life, tread carefully!

13 Saying Mom's An Alcoholic

A pretty little drawing that shows how things are going on at home is a nice exercise for kids sometimes in preschool. It encourages children to think about their lives and use their imagination at the same time to capture their experiences and therefore learn to describe and practice drawing and using school tools, like pencils. However, sometimes the truth comes out in bizarre ways, incriminating ways that damage an otherwise upstanding parent's reputation as this picture has done. Art is subjective, they say, so minus the written depiction of what is drawn, one could think that mom is holding a lovely rose or another type of flower, but no. The kid that has done this picture has told us exactly what mom is holding and wishing mom did not do this as often, which is drink wine, has mom got a problem?

12 House Of Horror!

Who else would live in a house like this? Maybe Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface when they were kids, which sets a worrying precedent for whomever the kid was that drew this! From the outside of the house, it looks like a standard child's image that any child would sketch of a house, but in the windows, they tell a different story. In the downstairs windows, there seems to be a vampire looking creature, a snake in the other. Meanwhile, upstairs the dwelling appears full too, with a ghost and something in the middle that looks like a punk rock clown and one of the other windows seems to be some weird serial killer. The picture is titled: "these people live in my house!" At least the attic window is empty..

11 Brutal Honesty

Telling kids things or when they accidentally overhear something that adults are talking about secrets involving other adults because they will likely blurt out the horrible truth that they hear. Such brutal honesty is often endearing because unlike adults they have yet to learn and adapt to the nuances of lying but being a parent of the kid who sent this image to an old folk's home would get terribly embarrassing! When asked to write cards for their local old people's home, some children would write something nice and add some pretty drawings, but one kid took the chance to remind the elderly of their impending mortality. The clock is running low for these people so why not give the residents a 'timely' reminder then, with a lovely image of an hourglass running out of sand?

10 Auntie Has "Crabs" Or "Cramps"?

A child's speech skills are still developing when they are very young, so there are many times when a child is unable to pronounce certain words that become easy for adults. This tale is a brilliant example of how just changing one word in a sentence can make that sentence go from innocent to dirty in the space of a second! A woman at a family party goes inside the house for a rest after getting some stomach cramps, and while resting, her 3-year-old niece comes inside and asks what's wrong. The aunt explains that she has very bad cramps, so the girl heads outside to the rest of the family proclaiming that her aunt is resting because she has really bad CRABS!

9 How To Get Out Of This One?

Sometimes a child can do something so fast that even to blink is to lose sight of what they are doing. A short period of time can go from peace to mayhem before you've even been able to register something's changed. Taking them out to amusement arcades or a fairground is more of a recipe for chaos and a sure fire way of draining cash fast, especially when it comes to the claw machines that offer the chance of winning a prize. Moreover, despite all of the begging that kids do to get a cuddly toy, sometimes a parent does not have the money to pump into a machine for a toy that probably costs less than the price to use the claw machine. So this kid had a brilliant idea while the parent's back was turned, instead of begging for some change, he intends to climb up it instead. Imagine the shaming from other parents and the public when calling firefighters to say you are kid got stuck in a vending machine... no, this is not The Simpsons!

8 Rich Kids Of Instagram Get Parents In Trouble

The Rich Kids of Instagram was a successful TV series that aired several years back on British TV channel E4. The series followed the lives of wealthy kids living their lives of luxury and broadcasting images of their lavish lifestyles all over Instagram for the world to admire and be jealous of. Although for many of these kid's hugely wealthy parents, there is a reason that they can splash the cash so well, though not always being completely honest with their taxes. So when these teens splattered the pictures of their high life over Instagram, some of the photos drew the attention of some authorities who began to investigate their parents for any possible tax dodging. WHOOPS! These images could easily now make these rich kids poor!

7 Spilling Your Secrets

Kids will embarrass their parents without even trying to embarrass them, with dropping a truth bomb in the most inconvenient of places. Such as this kid whose parents probably thought they were safe from public shame, on an enjoyable little field trip when he visited a police station with his Cub Scouts organization. While touring the municipal facility, one kid, in particular, decided to make a facet of his parent's private lives very "municipal" to everyone within hearing distance. When this child saw a pair of handcuffs in the police station, he pointed towards them and exclaimed: "my mom and dad have a pair of those!" So an innocent observation from a young kid unearths a really embarrassing fact about his parent's sex lives, the question is, why has the kid found the handcuffs in the first place? Probably everyone else in the vicinity of the revelation thought the same!

6 $20,000 Fine For Teen's House Party

Any rite of passage for a teenager is to attend a house party thrown by one of their peers that often takes place in their parents' house. Sometimes the shindig gets way out of hand, and the house gets trashed, police are called, and parents end up laden with a massive repair bill. The teen house party scenario is often depicted in teen movies and has been for decades, but the threat of things going wrong did not deter 16-year-old Corey Worthington of Australia. The teen even got interviewed on the news after the party he threw resulted in 500 guests turning up and a $20,000 fine for the party while his parents were away. The news anchor tried to get Corey to atone for his actions, but he did not care about the mess he caused.

5 Parents Get Their Own Kid Arrested

No one wants to shoulder the blame for the wrongs that someone else has done and the major goal of being a successful parent is ensuring children learn from their mistakes and grow as an individual. However, these parents were experts in dodging the bullet and getting trouble themselves when their kids, 15 and 16-year-old daughters threw a house party. The girls' parents arrived home from being out of town to find 20 to 30 teens drinking inside their property in Glastonbury, Connecticut. The girls had thrown parties on Friday and Saturday night while the parents were gone and were planning a third when they were caught by the horrified mom and dad, who got their two daughters arrested for underage drinking in their house!

4 Mac Massacre

Apple is the most profitable company in the world, in the space of 15 years going from relative obscurity to dominate the world of tech. For this reason, the value of Apple's products are expensive and sought after too, with their computers marrying elegant design with great functionality. One of Apple's benchmark systems is the iMac, a large, slimline machine consisting of a screen, mouse, and keyboard, retailing at a minimum of $1,099. For that reason, most people will find it hard to replace their iMac's and other Apple products regularly and treasure them to make last as long as possible. So the owner of this should have exercised some extra care, as their kid grabbed hold of a marker and destroyed the Apple to its "core!"

3 Kid Reduces Dad To Tears On TV

It is common for a number of kids to be mischievous now and again, and they will soon begin to test the boundaries of what they can get away with. This can start when they throw tantrums as a toddler to the age-old issue with teenagers rebelling against their parents' rules. Some kids are naughtier than others however and sometimes this is a result of a condition like ADHD or through a psychological need for attention. However, this kid takes misbehavior to a whole new level that his dad appeared on national TV, concealed by a hooded jumper, crying at his kid's difficult behavior. The press conference came after his son - aged nine - crept on a plane at Minneapolis, heading to Las Vegas that followed another instance weeks earlier where he had stolen a van and was stopped by an officer!

2 Is It All Mom's Fault?

Children are always tricky, even when they are well-behaved ones because people are awkward and kids are not yet fully developed as people, so sometimes using reason to negotiate (when it is difficult with grown-ups) turns impossible where kids are concerned. People are often familiar with the term "terrible twos," which is open season for when kids begin to throw tantrums and act up, sweet-faced little babies become demonic toddlers! Usually, they grow out of this phase, although for some kids, the bad behavior continues the older they get, and now research says there's a reason why kids like this get into trouble. Scientists at the University of Minnesota found that children that don't settle into better behavior as they grow as the fault of the mother. So time for moms to be blamed for all the chaos their kid's cause!

1 Disturbing Typo!

Kid's drawings are often a source of mystery for every adult that is given one, of course, this is down to the fact that a child's brain and coordination are still developing. Even so, some drawings look so damn incriminating and suspicious that parents go a little red-faced and panicked when they see the pictures, just like this one, which instead of its intended message of praising daddy's chef skills, looked a lot more disturbing and suggest something else. A tribute to dad's culinary skills could result in a social services investigation, YIKES! A drawing like this just goes to show how a drawing that little off and with a spelling error changes the theme and nature of it entirely and cooks up a storm!

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