15 Juicy Secrets We Learned From Celebrity Nannies

Celebs seem to have it all, don’t they? Families, careers, homes all over the world, fame, beautiful bodies, and money. But don’t let what you see in the media fool you – most of them have an army of people working behind the scenes making that “flawless” life happen. They need all kinds of people to help them with the many aspects of their lives and when it comes to childcare you can be sure they are not doing everything themselves.

Now on the surface being a celebrity nanny or bodyguard sounds like an awesome job. The perks are incredible and the job usually involves travel. You get to mix in famous circles and learn what stars are like behind the scenes. And all you need to do is look after a few kids, what could be better?

But stars are demanding people. They live in a world very different from the rest of us, one where they are rarely questioned and their whims are indulged. So being a celebrity nanny can have its drawbacks as well. Nannies have to be able to deal with egos, unruly and spoiled children, and in most cases a long list of rules from their employer.

And if the celebs aren’t careful their nanny may just end up spilling the beans about them…


15 Kourtney Is Not As Sweet As She Seems 

Now talking about the Kardashians, what do you think Kourtney is really like? She seems really friendly and laid back, but insiders claim she’s not as sweet as you think.

Kourtney has three young children – a daughter named Penelope Scotland (you couldn’t make this stuff up), and two sons Mason Dash (whose birth was filmed for the fourth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and Reign Aston. To help with her hectic lifestyle she has a staff of people who do the dirty work while she goes about her glamorous business. One of these former employees claimed that Kourtney is rude, unappreciative and a terrible micromanager. Apparently, she's extremely over-protective and constantly checking up on the people she employs. Who would have thought?

14 No Blondes Allowed 


Jessica Simpson has a few things that she looks for in a potential nanny and one of them is looks. Yes, believe it or not, if you are a pretty blonde then you stand no chance of working in the Simpson household. She has a strict policy about not hiring blondes and the reason is actually quite sad.

It seems her football player hubby Eric Johnson has a thing for blondes so Jessica makes sure that she is the only yellow-haired beauty around, to avoid any possible temptation. We’re not sure what that says about their marriage, but we’ll leave it at that. She’s already endured a very public divorce when she split from Nick Lachey back in 2005 so it makes sense that she doesn’t want to get burned again.

13 Always Time For Dress-Up 

Working for a celebrity can be a very different experience. Often the duties of a nanny extend well beyond just simple childcare. And if you were ever lucky enough to work for songstress Gwen Stefani you might just need to bring a bag of dress-up costumes along with you.

A former male nanny who looked after Gwen’s two sons – Kingston and Apollo – said that playing dress-up was just one of the many things he was asked to do. Apparently, the boys are obsessed with comic book heroes (show me a little boy who isn’t) and requested that the nanny don a number of outfits. “Batman, Superman, Spiderman – you name it, I’ve dressed up as it,” he quipped. Doesn’t seem like such a bad gig to us, has he ever tried an office job?

12 Six Nannies For One Child? 


When your mom is Beyoncé and your dad is Jay-Z it seems certain that your life is going to be pretty much perfect. And with all that beauty and talent in her genes, we can expect big things from little Blue Ivy.

But being an A-list celeb is busy work and there’s not much time left over for the day to day work of raising a child. Of course, money is not an issue and so Beyoncé has been known to employ up to six nannies at a time to care for her daughter.

According to one of these ex-nannies, this means that Beyoncé doesn’t need to do any of the dirty work and is just able to be doting and sweet with her daughter whenever she gets the chance. Ah, the life of a celeb. Wonder how many she’s going to need when those twins arrive?

11 No Kissing Or Hugging From Nannies Allowed 

When you’re busy putting out between one and three movies every year and branching out into producing films as well you hardly have time to be changing nappies right? Well at least if you’re Halle Berry you can just hire someone to do that for you. Unlike the rest of us who have to work long hours and still look after our kids on our own.

Halle doesn’t want her children getting too close to their minders though, and sources say that caregivers are not allowed to hug or kiss little Nahla or Maceo, adding that the film star is very possessive of her brood. It seems a little cruel to deny them this type of affection given how much time they probably spend with their nannies, but it’s unlikely anyone would stand up to her on this point.

10 Kim Has A Digital Wardrobe Organizer To Avoid Repeats For North


When you are a style diva with the world watching your every move you definitely don’t want to get caught looking frumpy or, even worse, wearing the same outfit twice. And when you are a super busy reality television personality, socialite, actress, businesswoman and model you probably need a little help keeping track of all your beautiful clothes and accessories, right?

But in Kim Kardashian's house, she doesn’t just have her own wardrobe to worry about, she has to consider what her daughter North West is wearing too. And how does she do it? A nanny who once worked for the star let slip that Kim has a digital wardrobe organizer to keep track of her daughter’s outfits and avoid repeats. Seems a little excessive for a four-year-old doesn’t it?

9 Fires, Hoarding, Dead Pets, And Restraining Orders

There are celebrity kids who just seem to have it all and others you just have to feel sorry for. And at the top of the list of kids you just feel sorry for is definitely Frances Bean Cobain. She filed a restraining order against her mother when she was still in her teens citing her mother’s drug abuse and volcanic temper. A former male nanny also came forward in court to shed light on Frances’ home life with Courtney Love.

It seems Courtney’s hoarding is a real issue and has already led to the death of two animals. Frances said that she didn’t feel safe in the house with her mother who she claims is constantly intoxicated and falls asleep with lit cigarettes. The nanny confirmed that this had already led to a number of small fires.


8 Even Employees Need To Follow Her Diet


I think most of us, even if given the chance, would turn down Gwyneth Paltrow as an employer. She seems just a little OTT with all her strange food fads to be any fun at all. Those who have worked for her explained that she doesn’t just have a long list of things her children Apple and Moses aren’t allowed to eat. No, her rules extend to her employees' diets as well!

Imagine your boss telling you what you can and can’t eat? Only a celeb could get away with something like that. A former employee revealed that while she worked for Paltrow she wasn’t allowed to consume alcohol, coffee, wheat, dairy, or sugar. Enforcing your way of life on your kids is one thing Gwyneth but there’s no need to make the rest of us suffer too!

7 Temper Tantrums Galore Within The Walls Of This Brady Bunch

It should come as no surprise that when Angelina and Brad were together they needed a full staff of nannies to help them care for their brood. It can’t be easy trying to raise such a big family when you are both highly sought after actors and activists, who need to travel all over the world.

But it’s not just nannies that they needed. The couple is highly concerned about security and hires a number of bodyguards to look after the children. Their primary fear is someone kidnapping one of the kids for ransom so they look for highly trained ex-military personnel for this task.

The kids might seem well-behaved in happy family snaps but don’t be fooled. An ex-nanny says that at home the children are unruly, prone to acting out and throwing temper tantrums.

6 Mariah's Kids Have To Tell Her She's Beautiful Every Night Before Bed


Mariah Carey has quite the reputation for being a diva. This is the same woman who requires her dogs to be driven by a chauffeur and demands bottled vitamin water to wash the pooches in. Talk about an ego. But does this “worship me” attitude also extend to her home life? According to a former nanny, the answer is yes.

The nanny in question, who was hired to care for Mariah’s twins Moroccan and Monroe, said that Mariah needs constant praise, even demanding it from her children. According to her, the singer insists that her children tell her how beautiful she is every night before they go to bed. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t she be telling her kids how beautiful they are? Guess not.

5 Be Careful What You Ask For

We all know that Tom Cruise has a reputation for being a little quirky, not to mention overbearing. So when Katie Holmes announced her split from the Mission Impossible actor in 2012, the world wasn’t really that surprised. Like Tom’s first wife, Nicole Kidman, Katie wanted to remove herself from Tom’s iron grasp and his beliefs.

Now that she is finally on her own she can raise her daughter Suri the way she sees fit. But a babysitter who worked for Katie explained that her insistence that her daughter be allowed to express herself creatively doesn’t always go as planned. It seems Suri told the babysitter she wanted to paint a mural on her bedroom wall but ended up painting the whole room black instead. Katie wasn’t impressed and fired the nanny.

4 No Sweets In Nicole's House 


So what has Nicole Richie been up to since The Simple Life? She grew up thankfully and swapped her hard-living party lifestyle for the family life. In 2010 she married Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden and the pair welcomed two children, Harlow and Sparrow. And the lifestyle change seems to have done her the world of good.

The 35-year-old is certainly looking a lot healthier now than she did when she was globe-trotting with Paris back in the day, but does that mean that she also has strict health rules for her family? A nanny who helped Richie care for her young family said that the fashion designer has a strict no sugar policy for the children, but she does let Joel give them sweets as an occasional treat.

3 Can You Say Overbearing? 

When she’s not sharing three-way kisses with girls on stage in front of her young daughter or posting pictures of her teenage son dressed up like a girl, what is Madonna like as a mom?

According to an ex-nanny, she’s a pretty typical Hollywood mom. Well, if typical means over-protective and controlling, then yes, she’s typical. It seems that she is quite strict when it comes to diet and demands that her household follow a strict macrobiotic, kosher diet, which means no salt, sugar, or fast food. Sounds bland, but you have to admit, it seems to be working for Madonna.

She also has the tendency to shelter her children and limits their time in front of the television and access to magazines and newspapers. Can’t say we blame her there.

2 Nanny Affairs 


We really thought Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were in it for the long haul, so when they announced their split in 2015 we were pretty surprised. But not as surprised as we were when a former employee came out and said that she had been fired after she had a fling with Ben. Talk about a cliché.

The former nanny, hired to care for the couple’s three children, Violet Anne, Seraphina "Sera" Rose Elizabeth, and son Samuel, was spotted dropping off a bottle of champagne at Ben’s soon after news of the divorce broke – soon after that there were rumors circulating that she and Ben were having an affair. He adamantly denied the rumors, but Jennifer confirmed the affair in a later interview. She did add that the affair did not contribute to the breakdown of the marriage. But it couldn’t have helped either, right?

1 Bad Intentions 

Some nannies want to use their positions to make themselves famous, which must make it pretty difficult for people to trust them. The problem with celebrity nannies is you never know exactly what their true intentions are. Sienna Miller certainly discovered that the hard way when she hired Daisy Wright – a decision that ended up being a complete PR nightmare for her and husband Jude Law.

It seems that Daisy and Jude had a brief affair and Daisy fell hard for the handsome actor, but when he broke it off, she went public. The allegations caused a media stir and Miller was extremely upset (who wouldn’t be?). In late 2005, Law issued a public apology to Miller for the incident, but it wasn’t enough to save their marriage in the long term.

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