15 Jobs People Actually Hate But Do For The Money

This is for those of you who did not grow up thinking; “Please let me spend 40 hours a week trapped at a job where I am underpaid and bored out of my mind!" If you are sick and tired of working the typical 9-to-5, where your days are spent answering countless emails while suffering from an extreme case of the Mondays everyday at the cost of your sanity, then you are not alone. According to the Washington Post, only 13 percent of people worldwide actually like going to work. That is a disturbing statistic to say the least.

Tons of Americans bust their butts to snag a decent-paying job, only to find themselves doing unfulfilling work at a company where they are undervalued and rarely challenged. However, if you are thinking of giving up your easy-breezy office job remember that there are worse careers out there -- much worse!

The jobs listed below are among some of the most hated careers on the market. They're the kind of jobs where the longer you do them, the more it eats away at your soul and sanity. The careers on this list will leave you screaming, “don’t quit your day job,” and will make you reconsider whether your boring 9-to-5 is really that bad after all. So let’s take a moment to review 15 of the most hated jobs that people only do for the money, and if you are an employee working in one of these thankless fields... godspeed.

15 Crime Scene Cleaners - Crime Pays... Really Well!

As many of us learned from the hit comedy Sunshine Cleaning, there is a high paying and not-so-glamorous job out there that is often looking to hire new employee’s in the field of crime scene cleanup. Crime scene cleaning crews are the people who dispose of the mess after the police and forensic teams have left the scene of a violent crime. They are responsible for cleaning up blood, hazardous waste, and other bodily materials present after a crime has been committed. They work with harmful chemicals, and have to stomach things that most of us couldn’t bear to look at, let alone touch. It is however, a necessary job and someone has got to do it! Since this job is so widely undesirable, crime scene cleanup crews make the big bucks, and their standard salary is upwards of $80,000 per year. This is most definitely not your typical 9-5 job that majority of us enjoy.

14 Waiters - Is It Worth The Tips?

While the tips may be nice, waiting tables is one of the most hated jobs in the service industry. Anyone who works in the customer service field can vouch that most service related jobs are riddled with complaints, but for some reason when it comes to food customers often become especially irrational with their demands. If someone doesn’t like their meal, the waitstaff usually becomes the punching bag, instead of the cook responsible for the crappy food they received. Complaints coupled with the fact that most patrons don’t follow the suggested gratuity guidelines, makes this one of the most widely hated jobs across the lands. Not to mention the fact that waiters are faced with the daunting task of clearing half-eaten leftovers and dirty utensils caked with the germs and spit of strangers from the table, are on their feet all day, develop back problems from lifting heavy trays, and often leave their job in desperate need of a shower and a stiff drink!

13 Security Guards - Serve And Protect, For Minimum Wage

This job can be long and boring, and the pay is pretty shabby. Security guards are often forced to work outdoors in less then desirable weather conditions. They bear the brunt of angry people's disruptions armed with nothing more then their smile and a useless badge, usually for the pay rate of minimum wage, or a few dollars more. They have to sit or stand for hours on end with no form of entertainment, and are expected to take charge and protect the employees when issues arise with little or no regard for their own personal safety. So next time you are thinking, "Man, I hate my desk job" remember that it could be worse. At least you have Google and a comfortable chair to get you through the day.

12 Department Of Motor Vehicle Employees - They're Miserable For A Reason

There must be a reason that DMV workers are almost always in a bad mood. Maybe it’s because no one enjoys having to go to the dreaded DMV. So you can imagine that working in that drab office would be equally as fun. The daily tasks of this job include: fact checking incorrectly filled-out forms, entering them into the database, and repeating the same key phrases over and over again to the endless line of confused and irritated customers always waiting at the DMV. These government employees earn around $35,000 a year, which is probably significantly less then the angry customer arguing with them at the counter about their customized license plate.

11 Funeral Home Workers - A Lucrative Yet Morbid Job

As the saying goes, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Since death is an inevitable part of life, the funeral industry, albeit morbid, is a very lucrative and recession proof field. From embalmers to funeral directors, jobs within the funeral industry are not for the faint of heart. They involve daily dealings with dead bodies, preparing them for funeral services, and engaging with bereaving family members on their worst of days. It is not for those who are easily frightened, as this job can best be described as spooky. Apprentice wages in the funeral industry start at about $20.00 per hour, and once licensed, a funeral director’s salary starts at about $45,000 to $50,000 per year. But look on the bright side at least you won’t have to worry about complaints from your clients.

10 Hotel Maids - Dirty Job For Little Reward

As we learned from Jennifer Lopez' famous film Maid in Manhattan, hotel maids have a pretty crappy job. They are forced to clean up the messes made by disrespectful hotel guests, and have to dispose of various kinds of disgusting trash left behind, such as used condoms, old food, and dirty tissues - mot to mention the daily task of making beds and scrubbing literally hundreds of toilets! Think about the way you left your hotel room after your last bachelor or bachelorette party, and ask yourself what dollar amount they would have to pay you to clean up a mess like that? It's pretty much a guarantee that hotel maids aren't making anywhere close to that figure!

9 Truck Drivers - Life On The Road Isn't Lucrative

How much do you enjoy your greatly anticipated road trip after the first five hours on the road? Now imagine doing it alone. Truck drivers spend most of their days trapped in an oversized vehicle all by themselves, as they attempt to maneuver their giant piece of machinery through traffic. They drive across the country again and again, eating crappy gas station food for three meals a day. They face the same frustrations that the rest of us do when stuck in traffic, only their time on the highway is never ending. The job of a truck driver is exhausting, spending long hours on the road away from their families, and sleeping only a few hours most nights in the beds of their trucks. Truck driver’s average annual salary is around $40,000 per year. Most of us would expect to be compensated much more to spend our lives on the open road.

8 Fast Food Workers - Underappreciated And Underpaid

Fast food employees spend their days working in a hot, greasy kitchen, taking special orders from customers in a rush that are yelling at them through a muffled speaker in their ear, which they can barely make out a word on. All this while under enormous pressure from management too not only get the orders out correctly, but at lightening speed. Meanwhile, these workers are paid far less for the day then most average office employees make in just a few hours. It's no wonder that this is a job most often held by young high-school kids and college students. Most adults in the workforce would be unwilling to work in this kind of fast-paced environment for such meager wages. So be thankful for those cushy desk jobs.

7 Gynecologists - Years And Years Of School To Prepare You

Yes, this is a high paying and highly respected position in the spectrum of successful careers, but in order to earn the big bucks that come along with this esteemed field you have to deal with some pretty repulsive tasks while in the office, because gynecologists don’t just deliver babies! They also have to treat a wide variety of venereal diseases including all of the STDs whose pictures made you scream during that required sex-ed class. People in this position typically make upwards of $170,000 per year, but they also have to endure as many as 12 years of school and training, costing them more then $250,000 to complete. All that to then focus on the daily treatment of unhealthy vaginas teeming with unpleasant looking diseases, such as genital herpes, warts, scabies, gonorrhea, and syphilis. This might make you think twice about enrolling in medical school!

6 Telemarketers - Everyone Hates You

Telemarketers are considered the bottom feeders of the sales industry. These workers are forced to make cold calls to sell useless products that no one wants to buy. Or worse, they are attempting to collect debts from annoyed strangers over the phone. This job is awful because it is especially uncomfortable to try and persuade someone to buy something they don’t want, while reading from a cheesy script designed to get the maximum amount of revenue out of a person in the most embarrassingly fake way possible. Most telemarketer’s days are spent getting yelled at and instantly hung up on by complete strangers. Worst of all, these jobs often come with a low commission-based pay. So if they have a bad day on the phones then they aren’t making squat. All while being treated like a common criminal by the general public who is instantly enraged the moment they hear that telemarketing voice say hello.

5 Adult Entertainers - Making Good Money, But At What Cost?

Those working in the sex industry have careers with a variety of job descriptions and salaries. These employees include everything from adult film stars to strippers, phone sex operators, sex shop workers, and even the crew on set of adult films. Although this is a lucrative industry, some of the obvious unpleasant job requirements include: engaging in sexual acts with strangers that you may not find attractive, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, required nudity, dealing with customers who have strange fetishes, and working in an exploitative sexually charged environment. Adult entertainment isn’t a career path that most people commonly choose, but if you dream of living out a Magic Mike reality it can pay pretty well, and you are in the company of several famous celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, who worked as sex phone operator before her career took off.

4 Human Billboards - Embarrassment For Little Pay

From the dancing chicken waving at cars outside of El Pollo Loco (a job once held by Brad Pitt) to sign flippers advertising a business on the sidewalk; it’s doubtful that these employees ever actually feel like dancing over their sh*tty pay. They work in the crappiest weather conditions, in extreme heat and the freezing cold, but regardless they are forced to never stop moving and shaking. These workers must always seem enthusiastic, when silently they’re just counting down the hours until their shift ends like the rest of us. You are never allowed to have a bad day on the job, when you are employed as a human billboard, and they are often mocked and ridiculed by people passing by their "office" also known as a street corner.

3 Garbage Collectors - A Dirty Job That Must Get Done

At the top of most everyone’s list of undesirable careers are all jobs requiring the removal of trash and human waste. Therefore, garbage collectors earned their spot on our list, regardless of their higher pay rate. According to the BLS, garbage collectors can earn as much as $58,790 per year and are protected by workers unions, although this varies from state to state. This is often a thankless job that requires long days with early morning hours, getting your hands dirty while collecting smelly trash from over stuffed bins often filled with poop and hazardous material, and the moving of heavy trash containers improperly positioned for pick up. The men and women working these jobs say that after a while you get used to the smell, although your friends and family members might not!

2 Sanitation Workers - An Even Dirtier Job

Keeping with the waste removal theme, next on our list is sanitation workers. From sewer inspectors to the people who empty out porta-potties after music festivals, being a sanitation worker is often a disgusting job that won't dazzle your friends and family at dinner parties. Aside from the fact that sewers and porta-potties are gross and smelly, jobs in the sanitation field often require bio-hazards, such as working in small spaces with rats and roaches in an environment that's riddled with disease causing bacteria. Although these jobs often require a hazmat suit the outfit doesn’t protect you from the deadly stench. This job can pay well over $50,000 per year, and can be quite a lucrative career for those who think they can stomach the poo.

1 Plumbers - Always In Demand

Plumbers are the people we call when our toilets and sinks are clogged to the point that we run from our homes screaming, “Someone please help me, I can’t look!" All butt crack jokes aside, plumbers make surprisingly good money earning upwards of $60,000 per year. This is also a profession that easily offers you the opportunity to start your own business and therefore, make your own hours. They use highly dangerous chemicals and many are on call for emergencies during those late night hours. So if you are looking for a career where you don’t have to shower and look presentable for work, then this is the job for you considering that plumber’s typical wardrobe consists of cover-alls, or low-rise pants with grimy t-shirts.

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