15 Job Memes That Are Relatable AF

There are not very many things in life that everyone has in common. Of course, we all have to breath, eat, and sleep. But, we are talking about activities that are not natural or inherent to a human being. So, bodily functions and needs are not the question at hand here. We are talking about activities that people can actually choose to do or not. And if you are someone who was not born into the British Royal Family or any other kind of billionaire family, the odds are very high that, at some point in your life, you are going to have to start working.

Since primordial times, humans have been working to make a living. Back in the day, it might have just been hunting so you’d have something to eat and things like that. But today, things are a little bit different. While eating and shelter are still the top two reasons why people work, folks now have more incentives to work hard and get more money. There are cars, computers, and all other kinds of cool stuff you can buy with cash. Still, there is one big problem with work. Would you care to guess what it is?

Hell yeah, you guessed it. The most significant problem with work is work itself. Unless you are one of those annoying people who love their job and enjoy boasting to other people about how much they love their job, there is always something you are complaining about with regards to your work life. And in order to show you how you are not alone in this, we have separated a list of 15 job memes that are relatable AF.


15 The Supervisor

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What better way to talk about work stuff than with everyone’s work nemesis? Actually, we might want to rephrase that statement, since there are a lot of nemeses you could have at work. After all, work is not really a place where you get to know and love the people. It is more of a place where you go to get annoyed and affirm that you’re just there to make money. Nevertheless, let’s go back to the topic at hand. And the issue at hand here is to talk about your supervisor.

Yes, your supervisor is the one person who holds your entire fate in his or her hands. This is usually that one person who kissed so much butt for such a long time that they got a job in which they do nothing but complain about employees. We’re just kidding, supervisors are very important, but it still is an annoying job. You know that is true when you glance over your shoulder and see your supervisor just watching you like a serial killer.

14 No Appreciation

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The biggest complaint you will find that people have in the workplace is that the hard work they do is not appreciated. The funny thing here is that even the people who don’t work hard at all complain about how they are not being appreciated by their bosses and coworkers. And while some of these complaints have no basis, there are a lot of people who go through situations in which we cannot help but relate to. For example, if you work at a big office with several other people, it is not strange for you to work more than you actually should and stay late at the office earning your company some extra money. Usually, however, higher-ups take that additional work for granted and don’t even praise you for it.

On the other hand, if you get to work five minutes late, you will not hear the end of it. Your coworkers are going to give you that stink eye, your boss is going to come and yell at you, and your supervisor is going to be watching you from behind the whole day.

13 Holiday

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There is no happier occasion for a worker than a holiday. That is just the one day where everyone gets to go home and not worry about work at all. There are also the days-off you get for being an exemplary employee or doing other things that we will not mention because they are too controversial. Nevertheless, days-off are what people work for. You don’t work for the money you use to buy food and water. No, you work so that you have a miserable life, five days a week, which in turn makes your day-off seem like a day in paradise.

Life is all about what you are used to. If you surround yourself with Victoria’s Secret models every day for years, you will have a hard time finding any other woman beautiful. On the other hand, if you live in that town from American Horror Story: Freak Show, there is a good chance that you will find any woman beautiful after you leave the damn place. It is all about keeping a low bar, folks.

12 Rage

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Here is one thing every worker in the entire world has in common. Everyone has repressed rage. Even in our family life, we deal with this issue. You cannot live an entire life with your family and not hate them at least for a second or two when they annoy you. The problem is that, at work, that rage usually reaches new heights. It’s almost funny how, as soon as you walk into that office, you just want to die. No, maybe not die, but you definitely want to grab a pencil and stab a person or two. Something that we are not encouraging. We are just saying how everyone has gone through a phase in which they definitely had that feeling.

Thankfully for everyone, most of the time, people are able to keep that anger bottled up and just lash out with a curse or two at the most inconvenient coworkers who try to make conversation when you are clearly pissed off at something.

11 Jerk Boss

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Remember how we talked about that the biggest complaint most people have in the workplace is that all of the hard work they do goes unappreciated? Well, here is the paramount evidence for that. We dare anyone to find a person who has not gone through something like this. These days, every workplace is short-staffed, and it seems like bosses are more and more prone to not feeling any shame in asking you to do the work of three people instead of what you are actually paid to do.

Oh yeah, that is the funniest part of it all. You might have to do the work of three people, but don’t get it all wrong, you are not getting paid like three people. You are still getting your very, very crappy salary for doing even more work than someone who makes twice as much as you. Yeah, life is not very fair, is it?

10 The Food Person

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Unless you are one of those people who make a lot of money and can go out to eat every day during your lunch break, there is a good chance that you are going to pack your lunch and heat it up in the microwave at the workplace. It is common sense and common courtesy that people should know not to bring extra smelly food to work, especially if you are going to be heating it in the microwave.

Seriously, there is nothing more unflattering and annoying than walking past the break room and smelling the aftermath of some inconsiderate coworker heating up fish in the microwave. First of all, if you want to eat healthier at work, just bring a salad or whatever. Fish, eggs, or pretty much anything that can smell like a fart that lingers and stinks up the whole office should be off-limits in terms of what you can heat up for your lunch break.

9 The Paycheck

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Another thing that every worker around the world has in common with each other is that no one really agrees with the amount that they are getting paid. The only time when you think that your paycheck is precisely what is warranted for the amount of work you do is right after you get a promotion or a new job. You know, new is always better, and as long as the money you are making now is more than you were making before, you will be happy with it. The problem is that the feeling will not last very long. As soon as you start making more money, you will unavoidably start spending more money.

It is kind of a stupid paradox, but it just seems like human nature makes us do stuff like this. The consequence of this whole thing is that you will eventually realize that your paycheck is not enough anymore, and even though you are doing the same amount of work that you were happy with before, you will no longer be satisfied with that same paycheck.


8 Experience

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Following the same line of thought of our last entry, let’s talk a little bit about the changes that happen as you become ingrained within a workplace. “Part of the crew, part of the ship,” right? Lucky are the people who get to work in different places and get better jobs as the years go by. They are very few and very lucky. The vast majority of folks usually spends their entire life working in the same place. Even within these confines, there are the lucky people who still evolve within the company, but there are those who stay stagnant during the entire period.

And here are a few facts about those poor people who stay in the stagnant category. For every year they work the same job, at the same place, it seems like they age five years. Those are also the people who very quickly start losing their minds and lashing out at other folks at work. It is just a terrible place to be.

7 Not Yet

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One of the best feelings you can have at work is when you take a quick glance at the clock and you see that it is almost time for you to leave and go home. Freedom is there, right within your grasp. All you have to do is finish typing up this report, and you will have the entire weekend to forget about the terrible week you had at the workplace. But wait, you hear footsteps. They are approaching you faster than the clock is ticking. You pray to Jesus, Muhammad, or whoever you believe or don’t believe in. They don’t answer. Your boss taps you on the shoulder. You don’t want to look back, but you don’t really have a choice. That is when he takes away your freedom and your soul, by stating the most terrifying phrase a worker can hear in the workplace.

“Before you go…”

It doesn’t matter what follows. It is always more work and never something like “Just remember to enjoy your weekend!”

6 The Old Person

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Every workplace has that one guy or gal who has been working there since the ‘60s. That is unless you work at a startup, which has to be cool depending on where the startup is. Aside from that, every workplace has an older person who seems to be unable, or sometimes even unwilling, to accept the fact that technology has evolved. We are not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but that is just a simple fact. You have to evolve with the times, and if you don’t, all you are doing is hindering your own ability to do your job better and most likely annoying some other people.

Now, why would someone like this be annoying to anyone? Because this is exactly that one person who will come at you with a paper and ask, “Hey (insert your name), can you help me fax this thing to (insert the name of a person you hate from another office)?”

5 The Antichrist

We have been focusing on boring office jobs in order to keep this list going, and you have to remember that unless you have been in a situation where you worked at an incredibly dull office job, you must try and understand these people. Sometimes, the comments and complaints people put up on the Internet might seem unwarranted and ridiculous, but you better believe that the majority of them are not.

That being said, out of all the people someone might hate in their office–which includes their boss, supervisor, and pretty much anyone above their pay grade–there is one person inside that office that they hate above anyone else. That person is the one Antichrist anarchist who is always cheerful when they arrive to work in the morning.

No one should be happy on a Monday morning. That is just how things are supposed to be. Monday morning is the time for you to dread what is waiting for you the rest of the week. No one wants to hear how happy and excited you are for the upcoming work week, ya devil.

4 The Return

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After mentioning the Antichrist who is always cheerful when they get back to work, we have to talk a little bit about the typical reaction of regular people when they have to go back to work. Returning to the job after a weekend is already hard enough if you hate your job. The only motivation you have for being there is to make money so you can try to make something happen and not need that job anymore. So, you can imagine how hard it is for someone to drive to work on a Monday morning. And still, there is something that might seem nice to most people but is actually a curse in disguise. We are talking about long weekends and holidays.

It seems like a fantastic idea for you to spend four days away from work, right? What most people don’t stop to think about is that the higher you rise, the harder is the fall. Can you imagine the emotional stress and desperation of having to return to work after four days of enjoying yourself? Just plain evil.

3 That Guy

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The person being portrayed on this meme could be one out of many people in a workplace. It all depends on where you work, but most of the time, this will be your supervisor. The bottom line is that this is the guy or gal who is supposed to train you. When you get a new job, there is always a necessity for someone who has been there for a while to teach you the ropes, so you don’t mess up and lose the company money. That is the procedure, and that is fine. Everyone needs to learn in order to do their job right and not screw up.

The problem is that companies don’t seem to know how to choose who is going to teach the new people. We don’t know how the process goes, but one complaint you don’t need to look very hard to find on the Internet is of people saying that the person who is supposed to teach them their job is actually the person who least knows about their job.

2 Gossip

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Here is the one silver lining of working. Yeah, yeah, there are money, benefits, and all of those things. But the truth is that the one thing that makes people happy inside an office is to watch how office drama is going to unfold. TV producers have been making a killing out of this trope for years, and there is a reason for it. It is all relatable. There is not a single office in the world where there is no drama going on. If you are one of the lucky people, you are that friendly person who can look from the outside and watch as everything burns. You are pretty much The Joker.

The difference between you and the murderous clown, however, is that you always have someone to share the joy of watching other people throw their lives away with. That person is your work BFF. You might not even talk to each other outside of the workplace, but while the two of you are in there, you are like soldiers in trenches. You stick together, you laugh together, and if it comes to it, you die together.

1 Work

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There is no better way to finish a list like this than talking about something funny that usually happens when you are at work. Work is, after all, the paramount of boring places. After you graduate high school, college, or wherever you decided to study, you finally realize that procrastinating when you should be studying for your finals was not the last time you would be doing this most noble of activities. Work is a lot like studying, in a sense that it is incredibly dull depending on what you do. And if you have gotten this far on the list, we are pretty sure that you either have a great job and love laughing at people with terrible jobs, or you have a terrible job and have been relating AF to the entries so far.

Either way, this is the funniest thing that happens to everyone who has a tedious job. At some point, you are going to procrastinate enough that the Internet is not going to seem fun anymore, and all you will have left to do is the job at hand. You literally got so bored at work that you started working. #Winning


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