15 Instagram Photos She Will Post If She Is Interested

For those not interested in swiping left, right, up, down and in the middle, a good place to check out hot chicks is on Instagram. If she’s got an open profile with plenty of hot and steamy photos of her and only her, chances are that she is looking for and craving attention. She wants to be noticed. She probably also wants to kickstart her career as an Instagram model but before anything, she wants people to check her out and talk about her all day. She shares super steamy bikini photos, her “I just woke up like this photos” and her “Here’s just a little, but not all” photos. Plus, she’s very enticing and her profile is public for the world to see. She’s also trying to tell you that she’s got nothing to hide.

With that being said, we’ve got 15 photos that suggest that some girls out there on social media are promiscuous.  And of course, there is nothing want with women pursuing action just as much as men, and they should not be shamed. When it comes to these women who want to play the field just as much as some men want to, there are some signals that they send through Instagram photos that are pretty clear for men who know how to decipher these not-so-subtle clues. Now, this doesn’t mean at all that she will be promiscuous, but chances are she’s looking for something. Whether or not she’s looking for you, is for her to decide.

15 “I Just Woke Up Like This” Photos

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The “I Just Woke Up Like This” photos have to be the most annoying ones on social media. Not only is the hashtag stupid, but it’s unrealistic, too. But it might also mean that she wants you to see what she looks like at the crack of dawn, too (apparently that’s when she’s the most beautiful).

Okay, with that being said, we all know that the “I just woke up like this” photo is full of you-know-what. No one wakes up looking like a supermodel, and that even counts all of the supermodels out there (we are looking at you, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner). Plus, if you go to bed with a girl that has full makeup on, she’s probably more into herself than she is into you. But if you are into it, go for it.

14 She Talks Trash About Her Girlfriends

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Another clear indicator that a girl is promiscuous is when she’s not very tight with her girlfriends. In fact, if she goes as far as calling her best friends a certain commonly used word (a term that is loosely used by plenty of women, which can be used both positively and negatively) means that she doesn’t take them too seriously. What’s more, she might even be willing to drop them all together to go hang out with you instead.

Girls who are serious about their tight group of girlfriends don’t go around calling each other names. They are the ones who will stalk you endlessly on social media, look you up on the internet as if they belong to the FBI and interrogate you after your second date with their friend. These are the ones who won’t let their friends get with any random guy.

13 She Always Posts About Her Many "Guy Friends"

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If all of her friends are guys, there might be a good possibility that she doesn’t have any good female girlfriends to tell her NOT to hook up with or date that creep that has been staring at her very awkwardly all night long. Guy friends just don’t smell trouble the same way female friends do. And they certainly don’t have a jerk radar installed in their heads that can spot a huge big you-know-what from a mile away. As a matter of fact, her guy friends probably won’t care if she dates you unless they get super jealous about it.

If she doesn’t have any female friends in her inner circle, that means she doesn’t have anyone to tell her the difference between making good decisions and bad decisions. She also doesn’t have anyone to text after your romp to tell her just how good or bad you were on your date.

12 She Always Talks About “Hating Drama” In Her Captions

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If she’s the kind of girl who constantly has to remind her social media followers that she “hates drama” there’s a chance that she loves it, instead. You know how some girls (but not all) have a hard time communicating exactly what they want? A girl who repeatedly says that she “hates” something probably means that she loves it, wants it, or better yet, craves it in her day-to-day life.

Now, don’t take our word for this: if she says no, you better believe that she says no. But if she says “no” followed by a “but,” “yet,” “maybe,” “so,” or “perhaps” you need to talk things through to her. And yes, talk before you do anything else and make sure that she gives you the green light. Heck, get it written on a consent form if you need to.

11 She Always Posts About How She Hates To Date

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If you met a girl on Instagram (the other Tinder according to some people out there) and she tells you that she hates to date, hates having to “talk” to get to know each other first, or simply hates talking all together, that means she’s only interested in getting down to business. She’s all action, but no talk. And for some guys, that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Not every girl worries obsessively about whether or not you will text her back after your first date together. Heck, she might be the kind of girl who even forgets your name after your first date. She doesn’t like to get emotionally invested with guys who probably won’t stick around for very long. If she tells you that she hates dating, she hates dating. If she calls you, it’s because she probably wants you to be her “special friend” and nothing more, if you know what we mean.

10 She Likes To Talk About All The Times She’s Been Partying

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If a girl constantly talks about all the times she’s been wild in public (or likes to post photos of her nights out on social media), that means one of several things. First up, she’s very social. She loves to have a good time. Secondly, she’s the kind of girl who needs attention. When she walks in a room, she wants all eyes to be on her, regardless if she is partying or not.

And thirdly, if she likes to talk about how wild she gets at parties, that might loosely translate to her throwing caution to the wind (but of course that doesn’t give dudes an open invitation, either). Simply put, she might not be the kind of girl that you will want to introduce to your parents after a couple of dates, either.

9 She Shows Just Enough To Get Guys Interested

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She likes to show off her bangin’ hot body, but not too much. She’ll show off a little here and there, but she’ll never show you the entire feature. If a girl looks like she is a big enticer on social media, chances are that she’s the same way in real life, too. She wants you to look, but she might not want you to do anything more.

Now for a lot of guys, this might be a huge turn off. They don’t want to waste any time with a girl who likes to advertise goods that aren’t available. But then again, some other girls just love to build the suspense. She wants to show you what you can have, but little by little. Also, she knows that she’s not like other girls out there. She’s special and she sure wants you to know that she’s of the highest quality, too.

8 She’s A Tough Talker

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A girl who likes to talk “tough” means that either she wants to be just like one of the guys or she wants to prove to you that she’s not the kind of girl who is going to sit around and wait for your call. She’s got other things on her mind. She doesn’t have time for tears and she certainly doesn’t have time with all of that “Does he like me?” or “Does he not like me?” nonsense.

If she’s a tough talker, that means she wants to cut to the chase. She’s not here for your emotions or your mommy issues, either. In fact, she doesn’t want to act like your second mother, either. She’s not interested in taking care of you and she certainly won’t pick up your clothes after you, either. With that being said though, there’s a chance that she might give you the truth when you need it the most.

7 She Interacts With Her Followers In The Comments Section

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Social media really is a tricky place to meet someone new. You would think that by posting so many details and photos about your life, you would know all there is to know about that person. But that’s not always the case. As many people realize pretty quickly, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are more fake than the worst kind of reality television shows out there. What you see isn’t what you will necessarily get.

A girl who interacts a lot with her social media followers on her Instagram account usually means that she wants attention. She wants people to notice her and she wants people to tell her how much of a goddess she looks like. She may not be very picky, either. It doesn’t matter who you are or how creepy the compliment might be, she’ll always respond with, “Thanks! Love you, babe!”

6 She Posts Photos In Tight Workout Clothes

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Now, we don’t want to say that this is a given (because nothing really is a given, especially on social media), but if the girl is posting photos of her in her workout clothes and from her bedroom, she might as well hold a sign around her neck that says “AVAILABLE.” I mean, for what other reason would she post public photos of herself in such alluring clothes for the world to see? Oh, that’s right. She’s an Instagram model.

But seriously, if a girl is willing to be this transparent on social media, you can only wonder what she has on her mind. Not only is she screaming “NOTICE ME” but she’s also telling you, “By the way, this is what my room looks like. It’s the most private room in my house.”

5 She Only Posts Selfies

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If you find a girl on Instagram that only posts selfies, chances are she’s really into herself. Some people think that selfies are empowering. Others think that it’s a sign of narcissism. And then there are those who think it’s a cry for help and that’s because they are so obsessed with physical appearance, perfection and acceptance.

Now, we are not going to go through all of the psychological aspects of what it means to post a selfie, but if you look at girl’s Instagram account and that’s the only thing you see, you might want to run in the other direction. She might be a little nuts and she might be a little crazy, too. Unless that’s your thing, you might want to move on to the next girl.

4 It Might Also Mean…

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But then again, if you find a girl with an account that is full of selfies, that might also mean that she’s hiding something. For example, she might not want you to see her body. She might not want you to also see what the full package looks like, too. She also wants you to just focus on her face and nothing else.

Now, if she has a beautiful face, this might not be a problem for a lot of guys. And as we all know, it’s not just about what kind of body she has (personality goes a long way, too). But if she is very strategic about the things she posts on social media, that must mean that she’s not willing to tell you the truth about her life, too. Proceed with caution because while she might act like she’s in to you, she might be hiding something in the meantime, too.

3 She Tries Too Hard To Look Cool

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Let’s face it: it’s 2018 and very few people still smoke or do illegal substances today. There are so many reasons not to and today’s younger generation fully understand them and why they matter. First off, they are expensive habits and a total waste of money (you’d rather spend your change on Starbucks instead) and secondly, being unhealthy and out of shape simply isn’t in vogue.

If you find a girl who is always showing herself partying hard (and thinks she’s cool doing so, too) chances are she’s an outsider. She doesn’t follow what’s in or what’s trendy or listen to good advice (like why she shouldn’t kiss men on a first date). Chances are she will do it anyway. That’s not to say that every girl who does so is promiscuous, but the girls who do tend to be the chatty, open ones.

2 She’s Still Around After Closing Time

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If you met a girl on Instagram and she’s still sticking around way after closing time, that’s a good indication that she might be in to you. In other words, she wants to seal the deal. She’s not ready to go home unless she’s got someone to go with. She’s probably also waiting for you to pay the bill before she heads out, too. But we can talk about that for another time…

If a girl is not willing to let you go and insists that you guys share an Uber on your way home together, she might be sending you smoke signals that say “stay” and “I am into you.” Now, before you interpret those smoke signals, you better make sure that the two of you are on the same page. Otherwise, have fun closing down the place together.

1 She’s Got Bad Hygiene

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If she’s got bad hygiene, that’s a sign that she might be more willing to do other things before she hops in a shower. Sure you probably don’t want to get with someone who has bad breath and ratty hair, but if she has a hard time taking care of her appearance and her body odor, chances are she is a bit loose on the rules, too. To make matters worse, she might not really care if you stink, too. The only enemy is good judgment and deodorant.

Now, we can’t guarantee that you will have an enjoyable time with someone who smells worse than a wrestler suffocating his sweaty armpit in your face, but she might be willing to take things to the next level. That’s because you might be the only guy out there willing to go for it.

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