15 Instagram Photos Of Hailee Steinfeld That Are Definitely Not PG

One of the brightest stars who is currently striving on Hollywood's horizons is none other than Hailee Steinfeld. It all started simply when she gave a staggering performance in the Oscar nominated film True Grit directed by The Coen Brothers — a film which Steinfeld herself was nominated for her performance — and within moments, Steinfeld became a mega star. Add to the fact that she has had almost as much acclaim and success as both a singer and a model as she has with her acting career. From humble beginnings to worldwide superstardom, it only took a short amount of time before Steinfeld went from breakout movie star to a household name. She has especially been a hit with younger audiences thanks to her recurring role of Emily Junk in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Unfortunately for some of the parents of these pre-teens and young adults, Hailee Steinfeld is a young girl in her early 20s at the end of the day, meaning that she may take pictures that prudish parents may not approve of. Listed below are a few pictures that may fit such a criteria, and as an added bonus, we included a few fun facts about the rising actress's life. Enjoy!

15 A Star Is Born

On December 11, 1996 in the deeper depths of Tarzana, California, a little baby named Hailee Steinfeld was born to Cheri Domasin and Peter Steinfeld. Cheri, at the time, was an interior design while Peter was a fitness trainer. Steinfeld actually comes from a family of fitness trainers, with her uncle Jake being a fitness trainer himself. Although she was born in Tarzana, Steinfeld spent the vast majority of her childhood living in Thousand Oaks, California. Steinfeld was also born with quite the unique ancestry. Steinfeld is Jewish on her father's side while on her mother's side she is German, Filipino, British Isles, and African American. Ever since 2008, she was home schooled.

14 Inspiration To Act

Hailee Steinfeld caught the acting bug quite early in her life. When she was eight years old, she had a maternal cousin — Emmy winning actress True O'Brien — who appeared in a commercial. Steinfeld was so impressed with her cousin's work that she herself wanted to try out acting. She asked her mom for permission and after studying the craft for a year, she found herself onscreen. That same year, Steinfeld appeared in several short films. Most notably, as the lead character in a short film called She's a Fox, about a sixth grader named Talia who tries to pursue the most popular boy at her school. From there, after appearing in a series of her own commercial spots and even a couple television show guest spots, she finally got her big break in Hollywood thanks to True Grit.

13 An Oscar Nomination

After putting in some hard work and dedication to her newfound acting career, Hailee Steinfeld was given the complicated task of showing some true grit for the Coen brothers film, True Grit. Taking on the complex role of the hard-edged and brass Mattie Ross would be a difficult part for anybody of any age to tackle. It was especially challenging for a 13-year-old Steinfeld, but she passed with flying colors. Critics like Time hailed her work as one of the best performances of the year. Her work had especially paid off with an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She didn't win, but being nominated for such a prestigious award at such a young age did wonders for her career.

12 Modelling Career

When Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for her first Oscar nomination (so far) thanks to her startling performance in True Grit, it opened up a bunch of new opportunities for the young starlet. One of those opportunities happened to come from the modelling world. Shortly after her Oscar nomination was announced by The Academy, Steinfeld was chosen to be the new face of the Italian designer brand, Miu Miu. Prior to that, Steinfeld modeled for the Gap, which was her very first modelling gig. From then on, Steinfeld found herself modelling for some of the best top of the line fashion lines, like W Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, American Eagle, and Michael Kors.

11 Singing Ambitions

Despite the fact that her career as an actress is striving, Steinfeld refuses to place herself inside of a one-dimensional box and likes to pursue additional endeavors. We already mentioned  some modelling on the side, but she especially happens to be doing some big work in the music industry and she's really good at it! There's a reason why she was cast to bring her voice to the Pitch Perfect films. Those films showcase her thunderous vocal talents. Steinfeld has also contributed her voice to a debut EP titled "Haiz." The project itself received mixed reviews, most audiences loved tracks from her like "Love Myself" and "Starving," the latter being her biggest hit song to date.

10 Her Buddy, Sophie Turner

In 2015, Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner appeared in a movie together called Barely Lethal. In the film, the two play rival teenage special agent assassins. While the two have an intense feud in the midst of the film, both Turner and Steinfeld are actually the best of friends in real life. It seems as though the two actresses developed a strong bond on the film that extended long after filming ended. The two buddies are frequently seen together at parties in public, most recently being seen at the 2017 Met Gala. The two always document their extravagant adventures together in pictures that they end up posting to Instagram.

9 Hailee And Taylor Swift

Because she is frequently seen and photographed with Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld is often considered to be one of Swift's closest friends within the popstar's friend group. However, in an interview with Seventeen, she says she is actually not that close with Taylor Swift, at least not as much as most fans may think they are. "She's amazing though," Steinfeld made sure to add, but she made a point to admit that beyond red carpets and parties, the two do not hang out all that much. She also added later on in October of that year that the same notion applies to Swift's entire squad. Even though everyone has a different schedule and they can't hang out as much as they want, everybody keeps in touch through a group chat.

8 Cameo Girl

In addition to crafting her own songs and music videos, she has often appeared in the music videos of other artists as part of a special cameo on her behalf. In 2012, she popped up in the music video for "Endlessly" by The Cab. Most memorably, she showed up in Taylor Swift's music video for "Bad Blood" as a member of Swift's all-girl squad. From there, Hailee Steinfeld appeared in a handful of other cameo music video roles for other musicians. This would include cameo work for Pentatonix's "Sing" video and Machine Gun Kelly's "At My Best" video.

7 Christmas Wishes

On Christmas Eve in 2017, Hailee Steinfeld posted this pic to wish all of her fans, followers, and "loves" (as she affectionately calls them) an early Merry Christmas. From the looks of it, while the rest of us (well, most of us living in chillier states) are all forced to deal with the cold and harsh conditions of our surroundings, Hailee Steinfeld decided to stick to someplace warm for the season. She did not say where, but if we were to take a wild guess, she is in Los Angeles enjoying the warm breeze. She should especially be enjoying her holiday season considering that her new movie Pitch Perfect 3 (the final instalment of the franchise) just hit theatres a few days ago.

6 On The Set

Over the past few years, Hailee Steinfeld has proven to be a major franchise player in Hollywood, most notably being an important part of the Pitch Perfect franchise. Most recently, Hailee Steinfeld signed on to join the Transformers franchise. More specifically, she has been cast to star in the upcoming Transformers spinoff movie, Bumblebee. She is filming the movie now as we speak. Earlier this year, she posted a picture of her on the set, uploaded the pic to Instagram and in captions, revealed the name of her character, Charlie Watson.

5 Steinfeld And Friends

One of the many perks that come with being a Hollywood celebrity is that it opens up a whole new network of celebrities to make as friends. As we have already seen with this list already, Steinfeld has a long list of famous celebs she knows personally as friends. Here is another picture of Steinfeld with her talented buddies, but just judging by the tremendous level of talent combined in this picture alone, this might be our favorite picture of  Steinfeld with her friends. Here she is seen with fellow musicians Zedd and Jason Derulo. Steinfeld and Zedd collaborated on the song "Starving," Steinfeld's biggest hit song to date. Derulo and Steinfeld are just good friends who praise each other's work all the time.

4 A Real Hitmaker

Over the past couple years, Hailee Steinfeld has been more than able to successfully cross over from the film industry to the music industry, especially thanks to her previously mentioned chart topping single with Zedd. Her hard work has not been for naught, as she was commemorated for her work and rewarded by Variety. For the first time ever, Variety introduced the Hitmakers Crossover Artist award. They decided to allow Hailee Steinfeld to be the first ever recipient of such an award, which is a huge honor and proof of the stellar music career that Steinfeld has led for herself as a of late.

3 Happy 21st Birthday

Just a few weeks ago, Hailee Steinfeld celebrated her 21st birthday. Initially, she celebrated with a small get together dinner with her family. By night's end, she had a surprise party waiting for her at a club in Los Angeles set up by her closest friends. Here she is living up the night life in a wild bash among her closest peers. Some of her close friends that just happened to be in attendance and helped set up the whole shindig were her Pitch Perfect 3 castmates Rebel Wilson and Ruby Rose. From the looks of it, Hailee Steinfeld was more than happy with how her surprise party turned out.

2 An Artist In Demand

In the wake of being cast for True Grit and giving a critically-acclaimed performance that blew us away, Hailee Steinfeld almost instantly became an artist that was in high demand seemingly overnight. So much so that shortly after her Oscar nomination was announced, she was cast in the title role of Juliet in the 2013 production of Romeo and Juliet. What makes this so noteworthy is that the filmmakers behind that movie were specifically looking for actresses that were at least 22 years old because they wanted Juliet to have nude scenes. Steinfeld was such an impressive actress that they cast her despite the initial demands and changed the script to make it age appropriate for a 14-year-old. The daring movie, sadly, did not pay off as the film was a critical and financial flop.

1 What's Next For Hailee Steinfeld?

In less than a decade, Hailee Steinfeld has accomplished a lot in her continually blossoming career. She's had an Oscar nomination, a hit single, multiple box office hit movies, she's done plenty of modelling, and has won several awards for her many talents. She has singlehandedly conquered the movie world, the music world, and even the modelling world. All this leaves us with now is to wonder what could possibly be next for Hailee Steinfeld to accomplish. Luckily for Steinfeld, an artist never truly runs out of accomplishments to strive for. She recently told W Magazine that she is contemplating doing Broadway at some point. Looks like 2018 is set to be a big year for Hailee Steinfeld.

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