15 Instagram Models Hotter Than Kylie Jenner

Although many tend to argue that the Instagram model phenomenon is an overrated collective delusion, that is not exactly true. Sure, some women (and men) use social media as a means of acting out an imaginary lifestyle that exists in their heads, many others are actually using sites like Instagram in order to transform these dreams into reality. Either way, depending on who you are, the term “Instagram Model” can be taken to mean many things. For the purpose of this article, “Instagram Model” is defined as a male or female who is a working model and leveraged their IG page for more fam and higher paying jobs. So, although many models detest the term, in this instance, it is used to encompass working models who have a sizeable following on the social media site.

That said, while Kylie Jenner remains one of the reigning queens of this realm, her sister, Kendall, who has been massively successful as a model outside of the social media site, will not be included in this list. However, there are quite a few new models as well as seasoned ones who likely would have a platform as impressive as Jenner’s, if only their family had their own reality show that aired weekly. So, in the name of potentially helping create the next Kylie Jenner (or Kardashian Clan), I have opted to find some of the hottest models on the web. That said, the following is a closer look at 15 Instagram models who are hotter than Kylie Jenner.

15 Chantel Zales @ChantelZales (4.4M Followers)

A gorgeous little vixen of Spanish and Costa Rican descent, Chantel Zales is an internationally recognized lingerie, swimsuit, and fashion model, despite the fact that you may have never heard of her. Nevertheless, having appeared in publications such as Maxim, FHM, and many more. She has even earned spots with companies such as Pepsi and Acura! Furthermore, more than just beauty, after she graduated from Arizona State University, Chantel became an account executive for a boxing company where she handled sponsors as well as hired ring girls for ESPN fights. Either way, given that she does not have a famous family, it is likely that Zales slipped through the cracks on you. We can't have that! Feel free to follow Zales, “like” her pics, and celebrate how awesome she still looks despite being in such a tough industry since her teen years!

14 Dolly Castro @Missdollycastro (5.4M Followers)

A gorgeous model and well-known beauty pageant winner who has taken to the fitness realm, Dolly Castro was originally born in Nicaragua. Later relocating to Miami, Florida, Castro is literally a “hot mama” as she has a daughter, Karen, who has also developed a sizeable following. With her own massive following of 5.4 million Instagram followers and over 100,000 Twitter followers, her brand continues to grow and flourish. More than just a pretty face, this beauty backs up her looks with brains by offering her fans sound fitness advice as well as materials to follow along with. So, if you’re looking to get fit (or just want to watch her work) follow her page and if you’re really serious about it, bring a friend!

13 Claudia Alende @Claudiaalende (9.1M Followers)

A gorgeous model who has been called the “Brazilian Megan Fox”, Claudia Alende is originally from a town known as Francisco Beltrão, Brazil. Moving to Sao Paulo, Brazil when she turned 18, Claudia has been highly driven to pursue her modelling dreams since her early adult years. However, a bit of a tomboy in her younger days, Alende actually preferred to play video games and hand out with the fellas as a child. However, with her striking good looks, she was almost incapable of staying out of the limelight. Her big break came in 2014 when she won winner-up in the Miss Bumbum competition. From that point on, she grew a massive following due to her striking resemblance to Megan Fox, and the rest is IG model history.

12 Sasha Del Valle @Sashadelvalle (186K Followers)

A gorgeous model turned actress that has acquired her share of impressive credits over the years, Sasha Del Valle is one of the hottest models on IG. Perhaps most well-known for playing Fifty Cent’s spicy love interest in his movie, Before I Self Destruct. Originally from New Jersey, this spunky vixen has also made appearances in XXL and KING Magazine. Now with over 186K followers, she is trying her hand at things such as production and other more behind the scenes jobs. Nevertheless, this gorgeous model is still very much in demand and will certainly be appearing in many new projects (for instance, Fifty Cent is working on a sequel) as well as in your favorite publications. Either way, if you find yourself needing a Del Valle fix, check out her IG page as it’s filled with a collection of some of her hottest photos on the web!

11 Alexa Dellanos @Akexadellanis (204K Followers)

A simply striking young model who continues to gain new fans with every post, Alexa Carolina Dellanos is a working IG model and social media personality who continues to increase in popularity. Kind of a Kylie Jenner Doppelgänger, this model has been compared to her based on her looks as well as the contents of her page. The only child of Dr. Alejandro Loynaz and television personality Myrka Dellanos, Alexa was literally born into the spotlight, and has been using it to her advantage ever since. Now with 200,000 Instagram fans and 40,000 followers on Twitter, Dellanos continues to build a platform fit for an insta-queen. Moreover, she is super female-friendly and encourages women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies. Follow her profile for hot pictures, jokes, memes, empowering quotes, and much more!

10 Laci Kay Somers @LacikaySomers (7.4 Million Followers)

A well-known model and all-out Instagram sensation, Laci Kay Somers has a massive following of 7.4 million fans on IG alone. So far, she has been featured in major publications such as Playboy and GlamRock Magazine and has even been a featured model for MMA Strikeforce! However, things have not always been so glamorous for this IG diva. There was a time in which her followers were not so plentiful. Over the years, she has created a massive brand that has exploded in size since she first posted her first modelling gig video on Youtube in 2010. Since then, she has traveled the world and continued to work her way up in the world of modelling. Moreover, even her dog is famous! In 2016, she adopted a boxer puppy named Boss, who also has his own IG page!

9 Daphne Joy @Daphnejoy (1.1M Followers)

Originally born in the Philippines, Daphne Joy is a model, host, and actress with a massive following. You may recognize her from being a Wild 'N Out Girl, but she has also appeared in films such as 2009's Frankenhood and 2011's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Moreover, she was also featured in Colby O'Donis music video for his song "What u Got" featuring Akon. Either way, most people recognize her from her racy Instagram photos that she posts to her over 1 million followers, as well as the fact that she just so happens to have a baby by a little rapper known as Fifty Cent. Fabulous, fun, and famous, what’s not to love?! Follow her on Instagram and become an insta-fan!

8 Amanda Lee @Amandaeliselee (8.4M Followers)

Another gorgeous model who prefers the realm of fitness, Amanda Lee is a fitness model who once had body issues about her slender physique. However, now a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, she began posting on Instagram in May of 2014 and already has 8.4 million followers! However, equally as “booty-full” as she is beautiful, people are just as interested in gawking at her backside as they are her front. In fact, she and well known fitness model, Jen Selter, were both featured in a Cosmopolitan article about "​6 Moves to Get the Best Butt Ever”. Moreover, this businesswoman even partnered up with EHPlabs as a brand ambassador for the health and fitness supplement company. An all-around personality, follow her on Instagram for great pics, fitness tips, and much more!

7 Demi Rose @Demirosemawby (4.1M Followers)

A British model who rapidly rose to fame via her collaborations with WordStar Hip-hop, FHM Magazine, M! Magazine Denmark and several others, Demi Rose certainly has a face for IG. A young lady who dared to dream big, Rose essentially always dreamed of being a supermodel. Originally born in Birmingham, England, Rose has sense traveled the world modelling, and of course, takes tons of pictures along the way. As fate would have it, once she applied to a modelling agency in her area, she was accepted within 24 hours. She began her career as a sexy lingerie model and has since branched out to do other things. Now with an explosive Instagram following of 4.1 million followers, her tremendous platform is a testament to both her beauty and business sense.

6 Ola Kowal @Szindy (103K Followers)

A famous model and social media personality of Polish descent, Ola Kowal’s IG page is equally as awesome as her name! Most well-known for her affiliations with AgencyRebel Models, Group Model Management, Crystal Model Management, and much more, this young diva’s career has taken off with no signs of slowing down. In fact, her IG page is filled with an array of random pictures taken in exotic locations. Now hailing from Brooklyn, NY, she is actually a developing “yogi” of sorts, as she regularly posts about her yoga workouts and encourages her followers to take part. Moreover, she posts tons of personal pics, lots of #foodporn, jokes, encouraging words, fitness tips, and much more! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Follow her and see for yourself!

5 Indya Marie @I.ndyamarie_(693K Followers)

Much more than a model, at the age of 24, Indya Marie is well on her way to being a mogul. Nevertheless, life hasn’t always been easy for this young starlet. She has a history that includes selling drugs and even being addicted to Xanax! Luckily, what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger! Now sober and better than ever, after noticing the massive amounts of attention her accessories received online, she opted to start her own accessory line that has so far been hugely successful. Selling super exclusive accessories, all of her products are limited to no more than 500 pieces. Needless to say, business is booming, and so is her IG page. Moreover, did I mention she’s still hot?! Well, she is! Go check her out!

4 Anna Nystrom @Annanystrom (4.1M Followers)

A fitness model who is just as gorgeous as a regular model, Anna Nystrom has a face and glutes that are just to die for! Rising to fame by posting super sexy pictures of herself, Anna turned her love for fitness and modelling into a platform of over 4.1 million followers. This made it possible for her to be featured as an inspiration for squats as well as other workout moves on a variety of fitness-oriented websites like Trimmed & Toned, and many others. Offering tips, tricks, tutorials, and more, Nystrom's followers are a mix of those who are looking to get fit and those who are just looking...to look. No matter which side of the fence you stand on, I think most of us can agree that Anna is one to watch.

3 Anastasiya Kvitko @Anastasia_kvtko (5.8M Followers)

A Russian glam model and entrepreneur, Anastasia Kvitko was raised in Western Russia. However, in the interest of a new start and more opportunities, she moved to the United States in her late teens. Beginning her career in Miami, Florida and later moving to Los Angeles, where she didn't initially have much luck due to her 38-24-42 figure. However, rather than accepting the western beauty standards, Kvitko stood firm and instead turned her curves into her trademark. Now known as the "Russian Kim Kardashian", Kvitko serves as an inspiration to curvy women everywhere to embrace their bodies as they are. Nevertheless, humility likely not being her best trait, she has shunned the idea of being compared to Kardashian asserting that the starlet is “far behind” her. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, saying she’s hotter than Kylie isn’t such a stretch.

2 Rosie Roff @Rosieroff (1.7M Followers)

After taking on the role as head model for Apple Bottom UK, Rosie Roff's international career began to take shape. So far, she has worked with magazines such as Maxim and FHM, and many more, as she continues to garner widespread attention. Voted as one of FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World" in 2011, it hasn't been too long since this young starlet was considered literally the "it girl". The self-proclaimed “queen of misbehavior” she was rumored to be dating the then married footballer Djibril Cissé, in 2012, but has since denied these rumors following his split with his wife. Nevertheless, not always so confident and outgoing, Ross admits to being "petrified" during her first modelling shoot. Luckily, she grinned and bared it all. And the rest, as I say, is IG model history...

1 Olya Abramovich @Oabramovich (1.3M Followers)

A super sexy vixen who has become most well-known for posting super risqué photos on her IG page, following Olya Abramovich may prove to be time-consuming. Whether you are there for her awesome looks, eclectic sense of style, or her comical antics, this young starlet is serving up some serious glam on a very regular basis. Although she began her page in 2013, she already has over 1.3 million followers. Best known for her work with Faces and Faces International, this young bombshell already has an international career and given that she states her, "dream is to fly" it can be safely assumed that this rising starlet won't be getting shot down by anyone any time soon. If you’re not following her, you should start. Now!

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