15 Instagram Hotties With Better Assets Than Kim K.

Instagram Models have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and for obvious reasons. They post very revealing images to say the least. These women are incredibly gorgeous, most are models

Instagram Models have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and for obvious reasons. They post very revealing images to say the least. These women are incredibly gorgeous, most are models, and as our title suggests, they have incredible assets. Instagram has provided a platform for these divas to become what’s now known in pop culture as ‘Insta Famous’, accruing hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions of followers tuning in on their cellular devices to see the next skimpy photograph that is certain to pull at your heart strings. These women on these lists have redefined the word 'beauty', and added some curvy features that practically jump off the page.

These women have shaken up the entire Instagram mantra, while not only acquiring followers, but actual careers in modeling, and other avenues of popularity. They’re stunningly beautiful, incredibly desired from a pop culture perspective, and have taken most Instagram users by storm with their provocative images, and unbelievable figures. Some of these women you might have even stumbled across on your own search through the infamous and almost endless Instagram accounts that feature some of the most beautiful women on the planet, but these are some of the best that we believe not only shock popular culture, but even rival celebrity superstars such as Kim Kardashian.

These next 15 women you are about to stumble upon are certainly not all of the curviest and sexiest, but we feel that they have all earned their spots on our list, we think after you see their pictures that you will agree! So let's get started!

15 Jen Selter 

via Tumblr

Jen Selter is somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to flaunting her enormous behind. She was one of the first Instagram females to start posting these almost unreal pictures of herself in the gym, and primarily in yoga pants. While not a single person was complaining, she has even take her Instagram activities a step further, posting a controversial video on YouTube of herself twerking, and it's quite a doozy. She certainly has the assets and it's quite obvious why she reached our list.

Jen also has her own website where she motivates women around the world to workout more, talking about the benefits of healthy lifestyles, and the obvious perks she has acquired from doing all those squats. Jen has become a phenomenal Instagram Model, and for obvious reasons.

14 Hafiia Mira

via Instagram

This absolute bombshell models for Kayne West's clothing, and she has been a model for quite some time— not too surprising after just one look at her curvy and beautiful physique. She’s ended up strutting her stuff on stage at Madison Square Garden, and like most of her other competitors in the modeling world, she has created an incredible following on Instagram. She recalls a memory from when she was young of hearing bombs dropped in her hometown of Kosovo. She fled the country at a young age and landed in New York, where her beauty didn’t take too long to be widely notarized and ultimately she jumpstarted her modeling career. She is incredibly easy on the eyes, has a beautiful face, and an unbelievable rear-end. Certainly one that rivals even the infamous Kim Kardashian.

13 Lisa Morales

via Instagram

Lisa Morales is more than just an Instagram dream for all viewers, she is a Television personality, an International Model, and a personal fitness trainer. She is a jack of all trades, and has the physique to back it up. She currently has her own website (aside of Instagram), where she offers healthy tips, nutritional advice, and of course exercises that help get women that nice curvy rear-end that can break guys' necks if they were to walk by. She was born in Cuba, and while she has a following over there as well, she’s making an incredible name for herself in the United States, posting pictures of her almost unreal physique. The cool part about Lisa is that she helps other women achieve the same results that she has. Of course it's a lot of hard work, but she swears by her personalized program to help find women the exact results they are seeking.

12 Tara Grace

via Instagram

This Honolulu, Hawaii native has made shockwaves across the ocean to just about every country nearby. She has absolutely dominated her Instagram account, although her following is minimal, just around 30k, she is relatively new to the Instagram fad that is sweeping users across the globe. She is widely considered to be an up-and-coming star, and if you haven’t already heard of her yet, you will in the near future. Predominately posting exotic pictures on gorgeous islands with beautiful palm trees and breathtaking backdrops, sometimes mother nature's beauty is blinded by the incredible princess Tara Grace. She spends most of her time on the big island, and makes sure everyone knows she’s proud about it, constantly reminding and enforcing her cultured upbringing of the Hawaiian lifestyle. She’s laid back, enjoys lounging on the beach, and of course, making all of our jaws hit the floor. Make sure to keep an eye out for this stunning future superstar.

11 Paige Hathaway

via Instagram

Paige Hathaway has been taking the Instagram world by storm, leaving many users debating over whether Hathaway or Jen Selter has the nicest bottom on Instagram. Of course, this debate will never reach a definitive conclusion as it's up to you to decide which one you think qualifies as the most outstanding buns on the wide world of Instagram. She was a former bikini model, which originally jumpstarted her career as a modeling and Instagram star. She has a following of over 350,000 followers who meticulously track her Instagram photos that she drops daily. Like most of the babes before and after, Hathaway is also in the business of promoting a healthier lifestyle for women across the country.

10 Olinda Castielle

via Pinterest

Olinda Castielle has posted some of the most confrontational photos not only on her Instagram, but also on her personal website. She has several seemingly nude photos, or just a really right almost transparent bikini, she holds nothing back. She knows what she’s working with and she is ready to show the world. She has also posted videos of herself on Instagram laying erotically in bed with just a few sheets covering the obvious areas. Her body is more than qualified to top our list, and it's easy to see why, she’s equal parts beauty and beast! She doesn’t care what people think of her, she posts controversial images of herself and couldn't care less about the consequences. She's absolutely gorgeous.

9 Sierra Skye


Sierra Skye is perhaps not only the most beautiful woman on our list, but her rear end certainly rivals with the best of them. She has been revealing these provocative yet highly appreciated (by our male followers) for a little over a year, and has quickly moved herself into consideration for the nicest body and curves on our list. She has started to build her Instagram empire and has been widely notarized as the ‘Queen of Instagram’. What also makes Sierra Skye so attractive is her obvious feminine, yet frisky side. She takes fitness to the next level and as you may have guessed, and she models alongside her part-time ‘job' on Instagram.

8 Annelise Marie

via Instagram

Annelise Marie is not only on our list for her incredible figure, but she is absolutely stunning. Blonde hair and blue eyes certainly fits the category for a stereotypical blonde bombshell, but Annelise is much more than that. She studied and graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in marketing. That degree seems to fit quite well because she sure knows how to market herself, with over a half million followers on Instagram alone she consistently posts thoughtful and opinionated tidbits, her most current being her thoughts on the presidential election. Whether you follow her or not, rocking those pink pants certainly puts her in contention to beat out the infamous Kim Kardashian. She is equal parts sophisticated, beautiful, and king sized piece of eye-candy— Annelise is an absolute bombshell.

7 Emily Sears

Headed to #complexconversations panel @complexcon @complex

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Emily Sears, or otherwise known as the pride of Australia, (look out Margot Robbie), is a full time model with an incredible following of over 3 million people on Instagram! She enjoys hiking, hanging with friends and family, and has dedicated an extensive amount of her social media influence towards promoting positive body images, encouraging women to feel good about themselves and to continue working to reach their goals. She has a figure that most women would kill for, and for that she has landed herself into our running for best buns on Instagram! She has her own website you can check out, countless pictures from her modeling agency, or of course just follow her on Instagram to enjoy a little treat throughout the day. She also has made a name for herself on Snapchat, posting a plethora of videos from meals she’s indulging in, to parties, to just about anything!

6 Lauren Kagan

via Instagram

Lauren Kagan is a vastly diversified woman, formerly a part of the Westboro Baptist Church she’s since left the following, became a New York Times bestseller, and a fitness guru specializing in nutrition. She is also a nurse and a model— is there anything this impressive and striking woman can’t do? She has her own personalized nutritional program, helping people lose weight and ultimately reach their goals of physical fitness. Her business has been very successful, and even if by some terrible string of bad luck, she always has an impressive diverse background such as nursing to fall back to. I think most of us would agree we wouldn’t necessarily be upset if we went to get a regular medical check-up and Lauren walked in! She has incredible legs, buns, abs, she truly is the whole package both intellectually and physically!

5 Lindsey Pelas

via Instagram

Lindsey Pelas may most notably be recognized as a Playmate Cybergirl, however she has proven to be much more than that. Growing up in Louisiana, she attended Louisiana State University, earning a degree in History, she’s well on her way to making her own avenue of history. She is quickly becoming widely accepted as Hollywood’s biggest bombshell. Even at an early age she was driven, voted most driven by her classmates in high school, she has tackled every obstacle in her way with ferocity, and magnifying beauty. After moving to Los Angeles, it took Pelas only a little over a week to reach a million followers on Instagram! That number has now skyrocketed to over three and a half million. This beauty with the brains to match poses a significant threat to anyone who wishes to become the most followed, or admired model/sexy star. It seems that all roads to become the most polarizing figure in the field of Instagram rockstars must pass through Lindsey Pelas.

4 Giuliana Ava

via Tumblr

This drop-dead gorgeous diva has dedicated her profession to helping women (and men) set and ultimately achieve their desired fitness goals. With the body that she’s rocking it's not surprising that people are buying what she’s selling. She grew up in a suburb outside of Long Island, New York, where she excelled in women’s lacrosse, and ranked 7th in the nation for goals as well as assists! No easy feat in an emerging sport such as lacrosse. Aside from her passion and love for sports and fitness, she has started designing her own fitness clothing line for women and men, she is always seeking new ventures to fill the void to be the best Giuliana she can be. Her work ethic is unparalleled, she's always pushing herself to the max, whether it's by indulging in business ventures, or just a “simple” workout, she has set the scale high for herself, and continues to tackle and conquer all the obstacles placed in front of her. If you haven’t noticed by now, she’s an outright firecracker! A young, motivated, and attractive role model for men and women across the globe!

3 Rosanna Arkle 

via Instagram

This multi-faceted talent has finally found her calling, originally working as account manager while attempting to create and then juggle a modeling career. She is a reality television personality, who formerly won the coveted title on The Look, a French reality series in which models compete for the top prize of a contract and modeling career. She is another native of Australia, raised in New Zealand, and has since made her way to the United States to continue pursuing her talents of both modeling and apparently account managing! Taking one look at this beautiful specimen it's not too difficult to decipher why she has had so much success in the modeling industry, her relative fame overseas and now in the United States has landed her onto our list of Instagram stars taking social media by storm!

2 Ashley Martelle 

This goddess is easily recognized for her beauty, but she has also made a name for herself as being somewhat of a ‘bad girl’, she has been photographed partying with famous celebrities such as Amber Rose, and has even been quoted saying, “I’m a bad b***h and I know it!”. Whether you agree with her own personal assessment or not, one thing that holds true is that her body is absolutely fabulous. She has publicly announced that she has paid for plastic surgery, including her breasts, lips, and oddly enough her hips. That however does not disqualify her from earning a top seeded spot on our list of most fabulous buns on Instagram. Whether she comes across stuck up, or entitled, just remember she is a young female who’s recent rise in popularity must certainly be accompanied with somewhat of a generous ego stroke.

1 Niykee Heaton

via Instagram

Niykee Heaton just might be the most talented and widely recognized name on our list, she's a famous songwriter with the looks and the booty to attract any music fan regardless of their preferred genre. She used the media platform YouTube to launch her musical career and has been off to the races ever since, crushing not only her music channel on YouTube, but absolutely dominating Instagram as well. Some notable accolades include reaching iTunes Top Ten most listened to tracks, and one of her major motivations for all facets of her life came at the devastating loss of her sister, who died of liver cancer at the age of 21. She says that her sister is a massive motivation to get her through the daily grind of being a pop-culture iconic figure, and ultimately has helped her succeed in every avenue she has endured. An incredible success story accompanied with stunning beauty and an amazing singing voice, it's without further ado that we reveal our number one choice for Instagram star with a bevy of talents, including one nice booty to shake along with her rocking music!

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