15 Insane Pics Of Jay Z's Billionaire Lifestyle

Jay Z has an extensive collection of material things that only the richest among us could ever dream of owning.

Shawn Corey Carter is better known to the world as Jay Z. He's a rapper and businessman who is married to Beyoncé Knowles and who has quite the luxurious lifestyle. Most celebrities live the high life compared to us common folk, of course, but Jay Z, Beyoncé, their little girl Ivy Blue, and their twins due to arrive in late spring take that high life to a whole new level. In fact, their lives are so over-the-top extravagant that dozens of articles have been written about their ungodly expensive purchases, gifts to each other, and activities near and far.

Little can be done to really illustrate for the world what it would be like to live in the lap of luxury like Jay Z and his family do, but luckily, there are photos galore of his ungodly lavish lifestyle, one that's fit for a king. Are his belongings and way of living mind-blowing to us laypeople? Yes. Are they also hedonistic and kind of make us hate him a little bit? Most definitely. But then, who doesn't love to hate people who have everything they could ever want? At least we can drool over the pictures of his ridiculous existence and live vicariously through them.

To put it simply, Jay Z has everything any man could ever dream of wanting. Besides a drop-dead gorgeous and talented wife who is the love of his life, a beautiful daughter, and two more children set to make their appearance soon, Jay Z has an extensive collection of material things that only the richest among us could ever dream of owning. Shall we take a look? Read on if you don't mind the feeling of envy, and check out these 15 photos that really show just how blessed a life Jay Z lives.

15 Car Collection

Only the wealthiest of people could ever dream of owning one of these cars... but Jay Z has a collection that's worth an estimated $15 million! To put it in a different way, their cars cost significantly more money than most people will ever see in a lifetime. He owns a $670,000 Pagani Zonda F, a $2-million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport he received as a 41st birthday present from Beyoncé, a Bentley Azure, a Maybach Exelero, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Ferrari F430 Spider, and a Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet. But Jay Z is a dad, after all, so he also has a van -- but it's a van unlike any van you've ever seen. (Check out number four on this list for the insane details of this vehicle). Of course, Beyoncé drives some of these cars, too, so Jay Z has to share his wheels, a small price to pay for having a jaw-droppingly lavish bunch of vehicles.

14 Where the Magic Happens

If you're a super cool guy like Jay Z is, you have to have a swanky boudoir to end each day in, especially with a wife as hot as Beyoncé. And when it comes to over-the-top swank, Jay Z does not disappoint. You could find dozens of luxurious bedrooms that Jay Z and Beyoncé currently call their own, or have in the past, since they've owned so many different homes, all of which were quite massive. But this bedroom pictured above takes the cake for swank, in my opinion. It could be from any of their many houses, but the gold, cream, and purple color scheme screams opulence, and really, it looks more like something from a bachelor pad than a master suite belonging to a couple that's married with children. Good for them for keeping the vibe alive.

13 A Gambling Man

With all the money he has to throw around (he's worth $610 million), Jay Z sometimes likes to gamble. While there's a chance to win money gambling, it's more likely you'll lose it, and many people have ruined their lives in this way. But for someone as rich as Jay Z, gambling is more of a hobby than a way to win some cash. He enjoys it so much that in 2008, he reportedly lost $500,000 on one hand in a high-stakes poker game in Las Vegas. But that's peanuts to him, and therefore the loss did not deter him from continuing to gamble as he pleased. He has certain casinos that are his favorite, but he keeps those secret so no one knows which ones he's likely to be at. How nice that would be, to be able to go place bets or play poker anytime you want and never have to worry about losing a few hundred or thousand here or there.

12 Jet-Setters

It would be a shame not to put that private jet to good use, so Jay Z does just that. This photo of little Blue Ivy a few years ago is very precious, but it's also amazingly beautiful because of the background. Jay Z has taken his family on several vacations over the years, many of them tropical, and this photo is just one moment of the many he and his family have been blessed to have on the beach or anywhere around the globe they have traveled to. This shallow infinity pool looking out onto the ocean is in the Dominican Republic, where the family vacationed in 2014. Beyoncé posted a series of 20 photos of their trip and this private cabana on her blog, including one especially sweet shot of Jay Z holding his little girl up in the air with the ocean rolling in behind them.

11 Homes Sweet Home

First, let's talk about all these houses the Carters own. I cannot imagine even having one of them (hell, I can hardly imagine staying in one for a single night), but for Jay Z, Beyoncé, and their family, this is home. The couple has splurged on all sorts of properties since 2002. Most recently, they've been in the market for a new home since their family is growing from three to five when their twins are born later this spring. They are rumored to have purchased the most expensive home in Los Angeles, valued at over $100 million. It has its own private nightclub, bowling alley, gift-wrapping rooms, doll room, and wine cellar. It's called "The Manor" and belongs to Petra Ecclestone. In the past, Jay Z and Beyoncé have owned several properties of all different kinds all around the world. Among others, the two have owned mansions in New York and Florida, a 1925 prehistoric mansion in New Orleans's Garden District, a Tribeca penthouse, and many more.

10 The Bling

Jay Z is known for his bling almost as much as he is for his rapping. Being able to support his love of fine neckwear is just one perk of being so filthy rich. A heavy gold chain is part of his look, and through the years, Jay Z has sported more varieties of chains around his neck than I even knew existed. In fact, GQ even wrote an article called "The Evolution of Jay Z's Chain." The fact that he has enough chains for an entire article speaks for itself. To summarize the timeline, in the 90s, he wore a single strand with matching earrings, Jesus pieces, and Asian symbols on a chain. After 2000, his collection included a Roc-a-Fella Records chain, layered chains, dog tag chains, a diamond-studded cross on a chain, a rosary-turned-chain necklace, a string of beads at one point, and the biggest chain you've ever seen -- like, this thing is ridiculously huge and is pictured in the photo above. Can you imagine how much all of this bling must have cost?

9 Private Jet

It is no surprise that Jay Z is the proud owner of a $40-million private jet. It was a Father's Day gift from Beyoncé, who is also one of the highest-earning celebrities on the face of the earth. She gave it to him the year their daughter Blue Ivy was born for his first-ever Father's Day, and it will probably go down in history as the best Father's Day gift any man has ever received. Ever. It's a Bombardier Challenger 850 with a cream leather living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and two bathrooms. Beyoncé was specifically looking for a larger plane to be able to accommodate trips with extended family members. It holds 15 people, so I would say mission accomplished. She set the bar pretty high, though, for every Father's Day to follow, and now we're left wondering what the hell she's going to get him this year for Jay Z's first Father's Day with twins! If she manages to outdo herself, that will be impressive.

8 Private Island

If you have a private jet, it only makes sense that you would also have a private island to fly it to. And, of course, Jay Z does. He purchased this island in the Bahamas for Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. It cost $4 million, which is peanuts compared to the jet Beyoncé bought him. But then, there are very few things that could match a gift like that. A source told The Sun that Jay Z had been "looking for a private island for the family. He’s getting it partly to mark their fifth wedding anniversary, but also, with Bey back in the spotlight, it’s getting impossible for them to do normal things such as go to the beach with Blue. A private island means they’ll be able to have quality time with minimum staff and security."

7 He Put a Ring on It

It must be nice to walk through life being able to wine and dine the ladies, and then when you do find The One, to buy her something as fancy as this ring. Jay Z will always rest assured that he can not only provide for his wife and family, but he can actually go above and beyond spoiling them rotten. Most men don't have the luxury of never stressing about finances now or in the future, and on top of that, being able to give the ones they love everything they ever wanted. Jay Z bought this 18-carat diamond by Lorraine Schwartz for his wife in 2008, spending over $5 million on it. They had secretly wed that April but did not confirm their marriage until September, when Beyoncé was spotted wearing her gorgeous wedding ring. As we know now, this was only the first in a line of ridiculously expensive gifts the husband and wife would go on to buy one another.

6 A Refined Drinker

It's no secret that Jay Z appreciates a good drink. He can obviously afford to buy even the most overpriced liquors at the world's most overpriced bars, and he has even rapped about drinking, name-dropping quite a few different liquors. But his select few favorite drinks are exactly what you would expect of a wealthy, middle-aged man who is refined in his liquor preferences. Jay Z prefers cognac, champagne, wine, and whiskey. He also appreciates a good tequila, beer, or vodka, and has rapped about all seven of these choices of spirits. It must be nice to go out on the town and order whatever you damn well please or to have a wine cellar full of the world's finest reserves for when you feel like staying in. When money's no object, the sky's the limit when it comes to alcohol.

5 A Hotel-Like Hospital Stay

When you're as rich and famous as Jay Z is, you can afford to pull out all the stops when something as momentous as the birth of your first child happens. Regarding his daughter's birth in 2012, it was fitting that she entered the world in just as much extravagance that will follow her the rest of her life. Beyoncé had a glamorous private hospital room at New York's Lenox Hill Hospital. The suite boasted four flat screen televisions, lush upholstered gray and cream sofas with silk throw pillows, a kitchenette, abstract paintings, silver candlestick lamps, chrome and Formica-top coffee tables with crystal candy bowls on top, and sweeping views of the Upper East Side. For Jay Z's comfort, the separate bed had a deep mattress, plush sheets, and a fluffy comforter for him to rest in. The rooms run $800 per night, and Jay Z booked four for the extended family to stay in. I did not even know booking hospital suites was a thing! I guess when you're Jay Z or Beyoncé, you turn a hospital stay into a hotel experience, no matter the cost.

4 The Yacht

And as if the private jet and island weren't enough, Jay Z also has his own private yacht. Because, of course, he does. His is a $70 million "superyacht" he bought Beyoncé for her 32nd birthday. The Galactica Star is a 213-foot yacht that was the world's largest fast displacement yacht at the time of its launch in 2013. The boat features lots of outdoor space, including a sundeck, a beach club, and even a helipad. (No, shockingly, they do not own a helicopter.) It can accommodate up to 12 guests in custom-built staterooms. The master suite boasts a private balcony, and all of this comes with a crew of 13. Finally, there's a swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi on board. Jay Z purchased the yacht from Nigerian energy business magnate Kola Aluko, but he rents it out for a cool $900,000 per week. It can go 4,500 nautical miles on one tank of gas.

3 The Soccer Van

We already talked about Jay Z's extensive collection of vehicles, but this one is different; this is a van! Yes, the kind soccer moms haul their kids around in. Blue Ivy may be a little young for all that, but there will be a time that a big van could come in handy for things like that (that is, if Blue's parents would allow a bunch of dirty kiddos to ride in this incredible van -- I don't think I would). I cannot really picture Beyoncé as a soccer mom, but who knows? Anyway, this van is no ordinary van, obviously. On the outside, it looks like a pedophile mobile -- you know, the kind you avoid parking next to lest some dude jumps out and grabs you. But looks can be deceiving because the interior is what it's all about. It boasts Italian leather seats, a bathroom complete with a shower, sink, and toilet, a $150,000 sound system, and DirecTV and Wifi. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based "Brilliant Van" by Brilliant Transportation was purchased for a whopping $1 million in 2011 in preparation for Blue Ivy's arrival.

2 More Bling

It's not really surprising that bling takes up a few spots on this list, given whom we're talking about. Jay Z (just like his wife) loves to deck himself out in jewelry of any kind. This watch was yet another gift to Jay Z from Beyoncé, and it's a $5-million Hublot Big Bank watch. For his 43rd birthday, the rapper received this gorgeous timepiece. A collector of not only vehicles, Jay Z also collects watches and is rarely seen without one on his wrist. This particular watch took 12 diamond cutters and five jewelry setters (one of whom had 40 years of experience) 14 months in total to create, and is studded with 1282 diamonds, under which is 18-karat white gold.

1 California Chrome   

In 2014, Jay Z made one of his bigger purchases (although, it's far from the biggest) when he bought California Chrome, a race horse. To many, it seemed an odd thing for a rapper to buy, but I suppose when you have hundreds of millions of dollars, why not? He reportedly shelled out over $55 million for the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winning horse, whose previous owner was so sad to lose him he cried. But in the end, he could not turn down that much money. Jay Z said of his new pet/hobby/sport/whatever it is, "I could not be happier about the reception I have gotten since the news broke. My fellow racehorse owners have welcomed me with open arms. There was the text from Bob, the old white guy with silver hair. The call from Stan, the other old white guy with silver hair. And the email from Connor, the other old white guy with silver hair. These guys have been very supportive."


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