15 Inhuman Ways Of Ending A Relationship

Have you ever ended a relationship? When two people fall in love, hardly do they ever think about the possibility of breaking up, because that loving feeling is often too sweet. However, breakups are a part of relationships. If you have ever been in a position, where you have to end a relationship, then you understand too well that there is never an ideal way of doing it.

It is obvious that both parties will get hurt, but the one receiving the news is likely to hurt more, because often it comes as a surprise to them. Although many factors can cause a relationship to end, it often hurts the most when the other person does not see why. In addition, it hurts so much when the other person had truly fallen in love, and they could see the relationship growing into marriage and ending in death.

If you have tried everything and the only way out is for you is to part ways with the person you have been in a relationship with for a period, you need to avoid all the methods on this list. If you have ever used any of these methods to end a relationship, then you owe that other person an apology and an explanation, because the end of a relationship should not be the beginning of a war. How you end a relationship says a lot about you - and it would be in your best interest to end it in peace.

Here are 15 of the worst ways of ending a relationship, which of these do you think would hurt you the most?

15 Over Social Media

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Social media is one of those inventions that this generation can boast about, because it has truly changed how people relate and do business. However, it is evident that social media is making people even more antisocial, opting to spend more time chatting on their phones as opposed to socializing. Some people love sharing all the details of their relationships on social media, which is not always a bad thing. However, choosing to break up with someone on social media is possibly one of the worst things anyone can do to the person they are breaking up with. Hundreds, if not thousands of people will probably find out that you are breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend even before they know about it, and that is not only rude and immature, it is pathetic. Choosing to break up over social media is the worst way to end a relationship, because people will see the other person as the victim, and turn against whoever is airing their dirty linen in public.

14 Getting Caught Cheating

First, cheating has no place in relationships - that's an unwritten rule that has no exceptions, regardless of circumstances. Since to most people cheating is a deal breaker, they decide to cheat on the people they are currently in a relationship with, in order to force them to leave. This plan is immoral and a person who has the slightest shred of dignity should never find him or herself thinking along these lines. Going ahead to the point of letting whomever you are dating catch you cheating is even worse, because apart from hurting his or her feelings to levels that are almost beyond repair, you will be using the person you are cheating with as an object, which is not cool. The worst danger in employing such a tactic is that you might find yourself cheating even in a relationship that you do not intend to cut off. Besides, "what goes around comes around" is a true saying.

13 Via Text or Email

When people are deeply in love, it is hard to get them to stop texting each other, because texts, and to some extent emails, offer some form of privacy. Over these forms of media, lovebirds can sure get intimate, regardless of the distance separating them, and no one can accuse them of PDA (Public Displays of Affection). Texts and emails are great forums to share lovely words and feelings, but they are not ideal for fighting or breaking up. Fights are inevitable in any relationship, and the limitations provided by these channels when you compare them to face-to-face discussions do have their advantages, but the disadvantages are too many. This does apply to both genders, but a true man does not break up via a text message. Anyone who breaks up with you using a text message was not even worth the time, energy, and love you invested in the relationship; just let them go.

12 Using Friends

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Sending your best friend to your boyfriend or girlfriend to tell them that you are breaking up with them is weak and insensitive. The only way using your friends is acceptable is if they were part of the relationship, or if they forced you to get into a relationship that you did not want, which should not be the case. Someone who uses his or her friends to break up with their girlfriend or boyfriend is immature and should not be allowed to get into relationships until he or she has done some growing up. We cannot deny that our friends play a role in our relationships, but this is no excuse to let them do your dirty work. Except in circumstances where your soon to be ex might get violent or do something crazy, breaking up is your responsibility. Besides, your soon to be ex has no reason to believe your friends, because he or she is not in a relationship with them, but with you.

11 Avoiding Him Or Her

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This is probably the most annoying way to get out of a relationship. Some people just keep quiet, cut off all forms of communication, and avoid all the possible places that they can meet, with whomever they are breaking up with. This does not always work, because the other person usually does everything in their power to find their loved one and try to find out what is going on. The only people who are able to pull this off are those who go ahead and move out of the city or even country to go somewhere the other person cannot get to them. This is truly unfair to the other person, because the other person, who is the victim in this case, might never move on, or they might blame themselves for something that is not their fault. The mature thing to do in such a case is to explain to the other person exactly why you have to leave them and make them understand that they will not see you for a while.

10 Assuming He Or She Figures It Out

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Someone once said that assuming usually makes an "ass out of you and me", a statement that might be offensive to some people but is actually true. You cannot assume that your potential ex will figure out that you do not want to be in a relationship with them, because regardless of how terrible someone is, you at least owe them an explanation. People have many inhumane ways of trying to help the other person figure out that their relationship does not exist anymore, and this should never be the case. Even if the other person hurt you, you do not have to hurt them back by not giving them any form of warning that you have moved on. Assuming that the other person figures out that they are not in a relationship with you might work against your plans, because some people will embarrass you in public, while others will hold an everlasting grudge against you - situations that you would definitely rather avoid.

9 Claiming To Be Gay

Have you ever heard someone whose girlfriend or boyfriend left him or her and the reason he or she was given was that his or her significant other turned gay? So many people are using this excuse these days, because it is highly unlikely that the other person will take offense. However, the problem comes in when the dumped person does whatever it takes to encourage his or her ex to invite their new partner to say hello (for obvious reasons). If the "newly gay" party is just using their change in orientation as an excuse to get out of the relationship, then he or she might actually have to get into a relationship with someone of the same sex, regardless of how uncomfortable that might be. Instead of going through all this trouble, would it not be easier to just tell the truth and hope that the relationship ends peacefully?

8 Being Annoying And Mean

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Some terrible people in society think that being annoying and mean to the person that they are supposed to be in a relationship with is a good way to end it. That is just stupid. If you have to make an effort to be annoying or mean, it means that you are naturally a good person, and you do not need to stoop so low. If you have to put in lots of effort to turn into the jerk that no one wants to be in a relationship with, then you might very well continue being so, because you will have earned it. The sad thing is that the people who end up using this terrible way of ending a relationship get advice from naturally annoying and mean people - those who cannot get into meaningful relationships. If the idea was to save the other person from having to tell them that you want out, then you will have failed even more, because the hurt that results from the change in character is far worse.

7 In Public

What is your opinion on the proposals where a guy asks his girlfriend to marry him in a stadium full of people? Do you think that a girl's response in places where all the attention of friends and even strangers is on her, with everyone expecting her to say yes, is genuine? Regardless of what we think about this, it is a fact that the environment can make a girl say yes when under normal circumstances she would have asked the guy to wait. In the same way, it is not a good idea to end a relationship in public, regardless of how bad the other person has hurt you. When you break up in the presence of friends and strangers, you will crush the other person. He or she will be so uncomfortable, and the eyes staring would cause so much embarrassment that they would wish for the earth to open up and swallow them.

6 In Your Special Place

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Most couples have "a special place", probably the place where they first met, where they go to celebrate their anniversaries, where they love spending time, or whatever significance a place might have for them. This "place" can change over time, but the fact that it is special for the couple is the reason why neither of the parties should break up with the other there. Setting up a meeting or a date in the special place carries with it some excitement and a possible assurance that the couple still values each other and their special place. The other person is likely to arrive here with such high spirits and expectations that breaking up with them here would just be wrong. This is simply out of respect for the other person and for what the relationship meant to both of you. Besides, you would want to continue associating that "place" with good memories, wouldn’t you?

5 "It's Not You, It's Me"

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When it comes to breaking up, this has to be the biggest cliche of all time, because the people who still use this line do not have even the smallest of creative bones in them. The first person to use this line was probably sensitive and truly hoping that the person he or she was sharing this with would not feel hurt or get offended, but using this line today is just an insult. Anyone who uses this line must have been the problem in the relationship, since if they did not take the effort to break up in an original way; they were probably the most boring people to be with. In addition, the person saying this is probably hiding the real reason why he or she wants out and is vaguely claiming to take the responsibility for ending the relationship. The least you can do is be straight with the other person and tell them the truth.

4 When You Are Drunk

The culture of taking a drink after a hard day at work has been in existence for a very long time, despite being a culture that has caused some serious strain to middle and low-income families. However, since everyone knows that alcohol has the ability to cloud someone's judgment and give them the confidence to do things that they wouldn't normally do when they're sober, some people use this opportunity to end their relationships. What is so sad about this situation is that the people who get the confidence to end their relationships only when they are drunk prove that they are cowards. Furthermore, what are the chances that, when such people get sober and realize that they still have feelings for their ex, they blame it on the alcohol? Beginning or ending a relationship is a big deal, and anyone who does either of those things under the influence of alcohol is not actually worthy of one.

3 While On a Trip

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People who love each other go out on trips together, especially when their jobs give them the time (and the money) to do so. When couples get married, they go off on a honeymoon, which is often a trip where they go and have the time of their lives. Therefore, trips are an indication of love, fun, and commitment in a relationship, and people should never use them to end one. Actually, if people are having problems in their relationships, going out on a romantic trip is one way of looking for the solutions to their problems. If someone were to end a relationship while out on a trip, the stay there and the trip coming back home would be more than awkward. This is because the two would most likely have to share a hotel room, share meals, and sit next to each other on the flight back home, fighting all the way or not talking to each other.

2 Claiming To Have An STD

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Whoever would use this as an excuse to get out of a relationship, especially if it were not true, is already sick in the head. Before getting intimate with someone in a relationship, it is a great idea to be honest about your health status, because infecting someone with an STD, whether curable or not, is lame, irresponsible, and immoral. Using this as a way of breaking up with someone is an insult, not only to the other person, but also to the actual people who have sexually transmitted health complications. In addition, chances of this getting out of hand and playing out against you are high, because it is highly likely that your ex will share this information with a few other people. Now imagine that your break up was successful but a few people know that you have an STD, what are the chances that this information will spread like wildfire and get to those around you who you thought would be a great replacement for your boyfriend or girlfriend?

1 In Bed

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The bedroom is supposed to be the room in the house where a couple can get intimate without worrying about what other people will think or say. The two people in the relationship should feel free to talk about anything and be vulnerable with each other in the bedroom, in ways that should help the relationship to grow stronger. However, some sick people have the nerve to sleep with their significant other, and then break off the relationship immediately after. These are the worst kinds of people, at least on this list, who are selfish enough to take the highest level of physical affection from the people who love them, and then immediately end the relationship. The damage that such actions can cause to the victim are severe, since it can affect their future relationships. This is inhumane on every level, and people who do this do not deserve to be in relationships, period.

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