15 Incredibly-Timed Animal Photos Everyone Has To See

We've already shared photos on some of the most incredibly-timed photos when it comes to people and objects. But, as we went through some of our favorites, we realized rather quickly that there were a lot of perfectly-timed pics that had to do with animals. In fact, there were so many awesome ones, we decided that they were worthy of a list all to themselves.

Animals are cute, and what makes them so much more awesome than humans when it comes to photos is that they have no idea what they're doing. There is no such thing as an intentional photobomb with an animal, which means, anything you see wasn't staged or made up to make a good photo; it was simply incredible timing.

We've collected 15 of our favorite incredibly-timed animal photos and sorted them in a list for you. We didn't discriminate as there are cats, dogs, birds, butterflies, horses, fish, and even a giraffe. All animals here are treated equally, and each photo is awesome in a totally unique way.

We encourage you to share your favorites or post this list for your friends and animal lovers alike to see. We tried to pick photos where no animals were harmed in any way (even if in one of the photos, it looks like a bird is about to get it), so pet enthusiasts will love this! Animals are just the best, and they make humans that much cooler. Keep reading and you'll see what we mean.

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15 Cat Mask

via Viral Fast

Have you ever been to the party store and see those little masks that you can use for many different purposes? The cat mask always seems to be a popular choice. This photo, however, is no mask. It might look like one because of the way the kitten's head pops out of the bag to make it seem like the model's head is one of a cat's, but this is simply wicked timing.

We assume that this cat climbed in the bag at this person's home because we were not aware that Abercrombie & Fitch sold cats. This photo is a win-win for the ladies. Most women love cats and a lot of women love six-pack abs. Well you get a little bit of both with this photo.

14 That's One Special Dog

via Wimp.com

This dog is about to find out that it's not as special as it believes it might be. We've yet to find a pup that can actually walk on water, even though this big guy seems to think he's got that skill. Admittedly, it would be a pretty cool superhero skill to have. So far, so good, but pretty soon, the reality is going to set in momentarily.

We can all assume that this doggy wanted to take a dip, but it really does look like this pooch is trying to reach its owner. One has to wonder why it didn't just walk along the side of the pool. More likely, the dog is actually jumping and things were snapped at just the right time to make it look like the dog isn't interested in going for a swim.

13 Fire-breathing Pooch

via bombdaily.com

Any fan of Game of Thrones would be stoked to have this dog. I've seen some pretty cool puppy tricks. I've seen sitting, standing, rolling over, and speaking, even fetching and hoop jumping but never have I seen a dog that can breathe fire; that's a first. It probably comes in extremely handy when you're missing a lighter.

All jokes aside, it's funny how a photo that was probably never intended to be anything more than catching a picture of two dogs relaxing by the firepit and hanging out, all of a sudden makes you ask yourself, "What the heck? Our dog is breathing fire!" It was sure to get passed around to everyone at the bbq or whatever event these guys were having that one pooch was probably a mini-celebrity for a while.

12 Fish Face

via National Geographic

This is the one photo on our list that feels like it's not quite genuine. I believe this dude went snorkeling and was surrounded by a bunch of fish, which was probably a totally awesome experience. But, something tells me that the fish that's covering his face was placed there afterward.

The outline seems off and the fish is just too perfectly-placed and looking right at the camera to be real. That said, who knows? I mean we've seen animals do weirder things and this might not be someone just having a good time with some photo editing software. Either way, it's a funny shot and warranted inclusion on our list because it could have happened. Since we have no idea if it's legit, we'll assume it is until otherwise told.

11 Stretchy Cat, Stretchy Cat, What Are They Feeding You?

via Virality Today

I saw this photo and immediately thought of Phoebe in Friends singing "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat..." I'm not sure why, but "Stretchy Cat, Stretchy Cat..." popped into my head. Clearly, this is not one very long cat who was able to stretch himself like something out of a National Geographic magazine. No, these are actually two cats. One's head is at the front of the tube, and the other's backside is popping out the rear of the two. Because the two cats are similar in color, it looks like one cat.

A very cute moment that the owners probably kept the laundry machine hose for and tried to get the felines to reenact over and over again. If they weren't successful, it's good that they got photo evidence. It's a very cute moment and something cats are often known for. Playful and cute moments are what make cats so awesome.

10 Oh No You Don't

via Femina

Your eyes are not fooling you. Well, they sort of are. You see two giraffes staring at a plane and you see a plane landing awfully close to two giraffes. But what you don't see is the taller, adult giraffe actually knocking the plane out of the sky. That's where your eyes are trying to get you.

The optical illusion here is the depth perception and how it changes the size of the objects. This photo was caught at just the right moment to make it look like the giraffe is putting his head on the plane and pushing it down. In reality, the plane is probably a couple hundred yards away. Still, it's a very cute and funny moment caught on camera. Too bad the adult giraffe didn't have his mouth open. It would have been like a scene out of Godzilla.

9 This Is Taking The Whole Horse Head Thing Too Far

via Funtime.ge

I'll still never understand why, but horse head masks are still popular. The first guy to put one on was probably trashed out of his mind, and it was a fad that spread like gangbusters. If we're to believe that this photo was real, this lady is taking things a touch too far. Alas, this woman does not have an actual horse head.

Instead, her head is on the other side of the horse's and the angle of the camera simply blocked her head out making it appear like her head is a horse head. The question you might want to ask is why she's standing there with her hand on her hips. Did the photographer realize what this looked like and then said, "Hey, we need to get a photo of this!"

8 Ugly Girl Or Pretty Dog?

via TECH - IDN Times

That is one ugly girl. Actually, that is a really pretty dog. Shoot, I don't know what to think if I look at this one thing. All I know is that I'm glad this is not some creature by the lake and two different beings (a girl and a dog) that look like one. You could probably take this picture 25 more times and not get the exact right angle to make it appear like this girl has a dog's face, which is exactly what it looks like is going on here.

I'm sure when the photographer took this photo, he/she was probably just hoping to catch a cool moment between a young girl and her pet, but what he/she got was a whole lot more entertaining.

7 Foot Long Dog

via thebrofessional.net

Just like the cats playing with the laundry tube, we have two dogs here that, at just the right angle, make it look like there's only one really long dog in the photo. His hind end starts on the left side of the trash and his head pops up again on the right. At least that's what you might think upon first glance.

Instead, the first dog's head is hidden behind the trash can as is the second dog's backside. Thank goodness because the man on the bench seems awfully calm if this isn't the case, and he saw some kind of half giraffe and half canine creature at the park. Do you think he's the owner or are these two dogs just running around pranking everyone on a sunny afternoon?

6 I Heart You

via thebrofessional.net

Someone send this photo to Hallmark right away because if this isn't the definition of a perfect Valentine's Day greeting card, I don't know what is. The person sitting with the backpack is likely completely oblivious to the fact that these two cats are doing about the cutest thing in history and this photo is worth a couple million if every card that ever gets sold means a couple cents in his pocket.

For all we know, these two cats are an item and this is kind of like them holding hands. Since they can't say "I love you", this could be their way of showing one another. Once again, cats doing completely cute things is what makes cats so darn cool.

5 Fast As An Eagle

via thebrofessional.net

How do you know you're fast? In cartoons, anything that runs away really fast leaves a trail of smoke behind them, often in the shape of their body. When a car spins its tires, there's always smoke that appears from under the wheels. Fighter jets leave a stream in the sky, but do eagles do the same? This eagle is apparently so fast, it leaves a trail of smoke in the sky just like a fighter jet!

The reality is that something was there before the eagle, and this is just incredibly cool timing. The alternative is someone is having fun with us using Photoshop and placed the eagle over the empty space by whatever left the stream of smoke. Either way, someone was pretty creative.

4 Dinner

This would be a real problem if that statue could actually swing that hammer. Instead, all we have here is a very well-timed photo of a bird taking a rest and looking like it's about to become bird seed. A photographer on a tour or sightseeing probably realized what was going on and quickly grabbed his camera in an attempt not to miss a golden and incredibly funny shot.

Clearly, the bird doesn't realize how much of a viral photo he just became a part of when he landed in this particular spot. His buddies down on the ground want nothing to do with the statue, but this little guy must have a death wish. It's kind of creepy actually to see the statue's eyes looking as though they're peeing directly at the bird and eyeing up its target.

3 Telekinetic Pup

via thebrofessional.net

The force is strong with this dog. With The Last Jedi about to hit theatres in December, there isn't a better time to share pictures of a dog who looks like he has channeled the power of The Force, namely Yoda or Darth Vader, and can move objects with his mind.

Of course, this really just a photo of the dog's owner throwing a ball to the dog and the dog's eyes lighting up with excitement and concentration to catch the ball. But, the dilated pupils give this photo a more creepy-like feel, and that's kind of why it looks like the ball is floating and the dog is making it levitate.

Cute dog, cute picture, and another easy animal photo to choose for our list.

2 Here's Lookin' At You Kid

via eBaum's World

Butterflies are usually kind of pretty. In this case, this particular butterfly is both beautiful and kind of creepy. Landing on this child's face at just the right time and angle, the butterfly's wing pattern makes it appear, when seen through the eyes of a photographer, that this winged creature's design is the boy's eye.

It's a really cool effect, but I'm not sure if I could sit there long enough like this kid did in order to take a photo. Butterflies are gorgeous but they creep me right out, and I don't even like to touch them, let alone allow one land on my face. This kid doesn't seem to mind too much.

I don't know exactly where this photo is taking place, but you have to wonder where these kinds of huge butterflies just sort of fly around.

1 Stork Baby

via thebrofessional.net

If you ever have to sit your kids down and tell them where babies come from, you might be able to use a photo like this to delay the inevitable. When our kids are young, some parents tell their kids that the stork brings them to their mommies and daddies. Kids don't believe the story after a while, but if you can show your kids a video of Santa and make them believe, you should be able to show a photo that looks like a "stork" is actually dropping a little girl into the waiting arms of her dad.

It's one of the cutest photos on our list, and the timing is just perfect as the bird flies overhead and the baby has the happiest look on its face.

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