15 Inappropriate Costumes These Savage Parents Put Their Kids In

One of the greatest times of the year for parents who are just big kids themselves is October. It's a great chance to get into the Halloween spirit with their little ones and create everlasting memories with traditions like haunted hayrides, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating. For the creative parent, the chance to plan out and whip up a hilarious and unique costume can be a source of pride and happiness to live on forever in cherished photo albums. But some of those sources of pride and happiness are as well-received as poisoned candy being handed out to trick-or-treaters.

It's hard to find an original idea these days, and as parents compete to try and one-up each other and cause viral sensations with their creativity, politically incorrect costumes can, by and large, be the finished result. The reason is that we are becoming a more desensitized society day by day and it's getting increasingly more difficult to shock people. But the parents on this list have managed to do just that... although maybe not in the way they had intended. We've handpicked the most offensive little darlings from the pumpkin patch for your viewing displeasure. Let the parental judge-fest commence!

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15 Breaking Bad - The Daycare Days

We'll just start by saying that no one over here is going to argue that Breaking Bad wasn't an incredible show with superb writing and acting talents all around. The show won over a massive amount of people and earned a large and loyal following. It stands to reason that some of those fans are parents of small children. While wanting to combine things that we love is just human nature, combining our offspring with a beloved meth dealer TV character probably should have just remained in the "Cool Ideas" list of the old bullet journal instead of coming to fruition. We're pretty sure that these kids didn't dream up these costumes on their own and once they grow up and look back in the family photo album, they might question what was going through their parents' minds at the time all those years ago. A meth cook and dealer for an elementary schooler's costume is not the most responsible choice but we have to give the parents an acknowledgment of credit for the "blue sky" in the baggie and the very creative candy bag.

14 Kids Dressing Up For Shock Value

A favorite Netflix series and a classic movie. Galina "Red" Reznikov from Orange Is The New Black is a female inmate who is serving time for organized crime and isn't exactly a model prisoner. Alex DeLarge, also known as "Alexander the Large" from Clockwork Orange, is a sociopathic criminal who enjoys committing brutal acts of violence and enjoys the saying, "you can't have a society with everybody behaving in my manner of the night." Sometimes the characters we find to be the most entertaining are truly appalling individuals but dressing up kids as a criminal serving time for mob-related activities or as a man who fantasizes about torturing and slaughtering (and whose preferred murder tool is a straight razor) seems like a little much. To be on the safe side, maybe stay away from movies and shows with the word "orange" in the title?

13 Puny Pablos

We had no idea that dressing little boys up as one of the most notorious drug kingpins in history was a thing but these pint-sized Pablo Escobars prove that it is and quite popular at that. While these little tots are beyond cute and their parents were creative enough to think up this idea, the thought of innocent tykes running around as the infamous and ruthless Colombian drug lord might hit a sore spot with some people. Although Escobar worked hard to create a "Robin Hood" image for himself, the facts remain that he ordered hits on many people including police officers and eventually lost his own life due to his chosen lifestyle. And that is not something that most people want to see associated with the squeaky-clean sweetness of childhood, even if it only is a Halloween costume.

12 Lil Terrorist Bomber

Whoa, Nelly. This costume needs a suspension letter sent home with required parental signatures, a parent-teacher-principal meeting scheduled ASAP, and stern, disapproving head shakes from parents in the carpool lane for years to come. What could this little guy's parents have been thinking? The poor kid doesn't seem to sense how insensitive and offensive this costume is as he's grinning up a storm for the camera with his thumb poised over the fake trigger button. Considering all of the lives that have been senselessly taken by suicide bombers, these parents deserve all the shaking heads and stern glances that the other parents at their kid's school can give them. You just have to wonder what other horrible and immoral things this boy is possibly picking up? Hopefully, this was just an isolated incident as a terrible lapse in judgment for these parents and not a regular occurrence.

11 Tiny (And Derogatory) T

For you youngins out there, Laurence Tureaud is the name of the actor and former professional wrestler Mr. T, who gained fame in the 80s as B. A. (which stood for Bad Attitude) Baracus on The A-Team TV show. This is a who man commands respect due to his size, confident attitude, sweet frohawk and beard combo and treasured collection of everlasting catchphrases. Besides all that, how can you not have admiration for a guy who professionally goes by the name "Mr. T?" What isn't admirable is this costume with the creepy cut-out mask that is meant to represent "blackface." We pity the parents of this teensy Mr. T because they undoubtedly received a truckload of harsh comments and negativity for dressing up their baby boy in such an offensive outfit. There are ways to pay homage to one of the most recognizable actors from the 80's without a "blackface" mask.

10 Soul Surfer - Shark And Bethany Hamilton

Halloween of 2003 found thirteen-year-old surfer Bethany Hamilton paddling in the Hawaiian ocean that she grew up in with her left arm dangling in the water when she felt a tug on her board. Hamilton knew immediately what was happening but there was no time to react as the fourteen-foot tiger shark bit her left arm off just under her shoulder. Even though she lost around sixty percent of her body's blood supply, Hamilton miraculously survived and was surfing again soon after the loss of her arm, experiencing the best year of her career just two years later in 2005. Hamilton's story is inspirational and heartwarming and Hamilton has become the hero of many, especially to children. This little girl may just be another huge fan but posing with one arm and dressing baby brother up as a shark may be lacking in tact. Thankfully, the real Bethany Hamilton seems to have a great attitude about it. "How weird it is that people dress up as me for Halloween?!" she tweeted along with a compilation of Halloween photos like the one above. "Here's some of the costumes! They make me crack up!"

9 Babies Dressed As Adolf Hitler

Oh boy. We can't imagine why the parents of these two babies thought it was okay when they ordered or purchased these costumes and drew little evil mustaches on the faces of their innocent, adorable boys. Come to think of it, what store actually carries these costumes? Were these custom-made? If so, how badly did these parents want their children to dress up as one of the most hated men in world history? There is no way these tiny tots could have had any idea of all of the pain that is behind the costume they were put into. While it typically is hilarious to see babies and little children dressed up as adults and especially famous adults, we can't think of one person who would find dressing up as this particular adult funny at all.

8 Too Much, Too Soon

Little girls have their whole lives to be worried about being objectified and the pitfalls that can come with marriage (considering half of all marriages end in divorce, or so they say) as well as all of the other stressors that can come with adulthood. But the parents of these young lassies seem all too eager to impress a Halloween costume on them is that way over their tiny young heads. Dressing up a baby girl as a Hooters waitress may seem like a cute and funny idea, but seeing as how many experts have stated that Hooters waitresses may suffer from unhealthy body image issues, job dissatisfaction, and even depression from sexual objectification, maybe a sweet ladybug costume would be a better choice for a little girl who hasn't even learned how to walk yet. Several people are creeped out by little girls in wedding gowns and it's easy to see why. It looks very unnatural and no one wants to think of an elementary schooler getting married... even if it's just a Halloween costume.

7 Little Killers

It's hard to see how adorable these kids are with their cuteness being covered up by creepy costumes of killers like Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs, Jack the Ripper, and Chuckie from Child's Play. The Jack the Ripper costume has a strange royal connection to Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, whose parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, own the company Party Pieces, which sells not only the Jack the Ripper costume but several other controversial costumes such as a Regan MacNeil outfit, the possessed girl from The Exorcist. They also sell a "dead pet" costume called "Roadkill", a killer creepy clown costume, and a "Slender Man" bodysuit. Parents in the UK have been outspoken about the inappropriate costumes on the Middleton's website, but as of this writing, they remain available for purchase.

6 HIGH-ly Inappropriate Costumes

What's better than dressing up your adorable child as Cheech and Chong or a baby bong? Probably lots of things. Mostly anything - at all. No matter how you feel about "legalizing it" - you've got to admit that dressing up a baby as a bong probably isn't an appropriate idea. Little Cheech and Chong certainly look the part but many parents could have had a problem with these costumes, finding them offensive considering what Cheech and Chong are strongly associated with. We can't even begin to imagine the dirty looks this mama got while parading her little one around dressed up as a bong. The costume doesn't even look like a comfortable one as the mom has to hold a part of it up. While many find these costumes highly inappropriate, we would just like to take a small moment to appreciate the creative candy carrier that the baby bong costume doubles as.

5 Costumes That Are Just Perfect... If You Want A Visit From CPS

Sometimes ideas pop into our heads that may seem good at first thought. But before going ahead with a new idea, it never hurts to bounce the thought off of some reasonable-thinking people, especially if the idea involves say, dressing up a baby girl as a stripper complete with a bright pink bikini-type outfit along with matching fishnet stockings. Invite even more opinions if the idea includes having the baby "practice" pole dancing on a lamp pole. "Baby's First Pole Dance" probably didn't get the likes and cutesy comments that this mother thought it might when she posted it to social media.

MTV's Jersey Shore was a popular "guilty pleasure" show, as it documented the messy, chaotic summer days and nights of drinking and debauchery of six native Jerseyans in their twenties and early thirties. Parents of young children enjoying the show are fine, but dressing up their kids as cast members from the show who repeatedly get drunk, start fights, and engage in XXX activity on camera is another thing.

4 Costumes That Made Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons

A Virginia mother complained of being threatened via Facebook because she allowed her son to dress up as a KKK member for Halloween. The mother said that her son came to her with the costume idea after seeing it in a movie, and she agreed to it. She said that she didn't see anything wrong with the costume despite several neighbors' horrified reactions. "I did tell him that if you do it, you know there's going to be people talking about you," she said. "There's going to be people saying bad things about you when you do wear it."

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice fell under harsh scrutiny in 2014 after CCTV footage from an Atlantic City hotel elevator showed Rice punching out his then-fiancee Janay Palmer. The Ravens terminated his contract and the NFL responded by suspending Rice indefinitely. Palmer stayed with Rice after the incident and they were married that same year. But not everyone is so forgiving of the former football player. A little boy's costume as Rice sparked online outrage as he dragged a doll around by the hair and sported blackface as part of his offensive costume.

3 The Tiniest Marlboro Man

This is clearly a dad who was seriously committed to this father/son costume idea. No one has an adult-sized Jack Daniels whiskey bottle costume as well as a teeny toddler-sized Marlboro cigarette box costume just hanging around the house. No, no... this man worked hard to locate these costumes. For his efforts in going out of his way to secure such interesting outfits, we have to guess that he didn't get the standing ovation he had been expecting. We don't see the mother of the tiny Marlboro man in the photo. Maybe she was taking the photo or maybe that's her in the background, fleeing in horror and embarrassment after seeing her darling baby dressed up as a pack of smokes. It's not as cute as a puppy costume but at least Dad coordinated perfectly.

2 Costumed To Death

If you zombify any standard Halloween costume, you've got a unique creation on your hands. Even just adding some drops of fake blood to the outfit can do wonders to jazz up an overdone costume idea. But when it comes to costumes for kids, well... maybe that's something that should be left up to them when they get older. Dora the Explorer has been a very popular costume for kids for years now, but the parents of this little girl felt that adding some special effect make-up so that it would appear that their daughter had her throat slit as Dora was a totally appropriate idea. It's hard to tell if the girl in the photo is just really into her dying/dead character and that is the reason for her unpleased expression or if she's not too thrilled that she got talked into this very disturbing take on the beloved Nickelodeon character. We're not trying to judge too harshly but is it ever a great idea to make it appear that your little baby is covered in blood for Halloween?

1 Amputee Lieutenant Dan And Homeless Men

Creative af? Yes! Good for a laugh and admiration from the friends of the parents? Definitely! Inappropriate? Oh, heck yeah! So very inappropriate. Lieutenant Dan is one of the most recognizable characters from Forrest Gump (besides Forrest) and this creative costume took some effort. Bicycle wheels affixed to the stroller, pants that are too long so they could be tucked under, the tiny wig and dog tags... it's all so perfect yet so wrong. Some people might find this funny, but others might find the costume offensive to veterans who have lost limbs in the war and/or who suffered and are currently suffering from alcoholism as Gary Sinise's character, Lieutenant Dan, did. Lately, people have voiced concern over "homeless costumes" which many find insulting to people who are down on their luck and going through hard times. These costumes seem to make fun of others' misfortune and struggles.

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