15 Redneck Pics Of Redneck Inventions

Never underestimate the power of a redneck's invention. By definition, a redneck is a rural white Southerner who is conservative, working-class, and racist. Many people stereotype them, claiming that they're all poor white folks who never finished high school. They're people, just like us. The only difference is that they're average Joes and Janes who work interchangeable jobs in order to make ends meet. They often live a frugal lifestyle with fewer designer items and high-end products.

While rednecks may lack in financial stability and taste, they certainly make up for it with creativity. They may not be the type of people you want to hang out with, but you have to give them credit for coming up with creative ideas for new products that you probably won't be able to find in stores. However, unconventional products can either be a hit or a miss when it's shown to the general public. But listen, it's not really a stupid idea if it actually works.

You've likely seen some of these products and thought they were flat-out crazy, but if you haven't seen some items yet, don't sweat it. We've compiled a list of 15 hysterical pictures of redneck inventions for your reading pleasure. We'll let you be the judge and decide if these unrecognized inventions are the definition of insanity or pass as borderline insanity. At least we can all agree that these rednecks tried their best to make stuff out of everyday items, and that's all that matters.

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15 A Door As A Truck Door

via Pinterest

All pickup trucks have two doors so the driver and one other passenger can get out of the vehicle at the final destination, but a redneck apparently had a money-saving solution to replace a broken door! He or she took an actual wooden door, sawed out part of it, and attached it to the side of the truck. Boom!

Although this may not be a pleasant sight to see, the person had to do what they had to do, right? Whoever took this picture deserves credit because this isn't something that you see everyday unless you live in a small town in the countryside. That being said, a door is a truck door. Rednecks don't care about what you think! They're going to find a solution, apply it to solve a problem, and keep on trucking on. After all, life is too short to care about what others think.

14 Shopping Cart As A Grill

via Bau das DICAS

You're in the mood to host a cookout with your family and friends but don't have a grill in your backyard. What's a thing you could do at the last minute? A redneck can answer that question for you! Just take a shopping cart from your local grocery store and lay it sideways on top of a well.

This might be not the safest idea as you may get caught trying to steal a shopping cart from a grocery store. So, proceed with caution, especially if you live in a big city. Despite the possible consequences, this is worth a try because you could save some money by improvising an otherwise costly grill when you don't always hold barbecues.

After the meats are finally done cooking, you can eat your meal and pair the glorious proteins by downing multiple cans of domestic beers. It doesn't get more redneck than that!

13 Swing Hanging From A Tree

via toftaxia.gr

If you have children, a swing is one of the first things you're going to install in your home. Almost every kid loves to play on the swing. It's just a thing that the majority of kids do during their childhood.

But what if you don't want to spend additional money on a swing set for your backyard? That's not a problem. Just check out this photo that was taken by a redneck who tied a plastic lawn chair to a tree using a rope. It doesn't amount to a high price, and it can give a child a similar experience to an actual swing. However, there's a drawback to this homemade idea—a child who's too heavy can break the chair while trying to get up in the air. So make sure you have an extra chair or two somewhere in your home because you never know what could happen.

12 Wooden Rotisserie

via Reddit

There's a rotisserie. Then there's a wooden rotisserie. Some people call a wooden rotisserie a redneck rotisserie, but it's the appropriate moniker for an unusual invention. Encouraging a more even rotation of the meat placed on the rotisserie shaft is one of the most important things while heating up quality cuts of protein.

Yes, wooden rotisseries are real. You can look up "wooden rotisserie" on Google, and you'll see dozens of guides on how to build one with the required parts. There are also a lot of tips to ensure the best possible result for those people who like to do almost everything themselves. Moreover, this picture of a wooden rotisserie is taking the term "redneck" to a whole new level as its smack dab in the middle of a lake in a forest. The totally DIY invention makes it look like a scene in Survivor or Man vs. Wild.

11 Window Air Conditioner

via Pinterest

A window air conditioner can help you cool off and reduce the costs in energy bills. They're often overlooked, but they're a reliable option if you're looking for affordability. They're also easy to install due to the straightforward instructions included in the package.

As you can see in this photo, a redneck came up with a very simple way to add air conditioning to a car by attaching a window air conditioner to a side window of the out-of-order vehicle. This is definitely a money saver, especially how it can be expensive to get a car's air conditioning fixed by a technician at a car repair shop. The drivers in the cars passing by may think it's a strange look, but sometimes, you need to fix something as soon as possible. There are only 24 hours in a day, so you can't always waste your time waiting for someone else to help you out.

10 Car Radio

via Buzger

Drivers and passengers like to listen to music in the car. It has been a favorite tradition ever since cars were invented. It helps all of us feel more connected during our commutes and trips.

A happy person is a good thing. Therefore, music is an integral part of our car rides. There's nothing better than listening to our favorite tunes and swaying to the beat or rocking out to the bass.

Apparently, a redneck just had to fill in the void of a missing car radio because music is a big part of their life. As long as it plays music, it can be placed there, right? Yes, without a doubt. They attached a standard radio to the front of the car using thick clear tape. This invention looks really trashy, but it's still a resourceful idea as it consists of an old radio sitting somewhere in the house that likely isn't used a lot anyway.

9 Multi-tool Hand Mixer

via Europa Press

A mixer is a must-have item for anyone who has a passion for baking and cooking. It's the go-to tool. Just toss your ingredients in, adjust the mixer to the perfect setting, and watch the ingredients mix well. But what do you do when you don't have a mixer in your kitchen? The answer is rather simple—improvise with a multi-tool from a tool box in your garage.

We don't know if you agree with using a power tool as a mixer substitute, but this redneck has proven that it can combine the two or more ingredients together. Taking a simple recipe to the next level is something we all strive to achieve. Baking is supposed to be a stress-free activity and using a tool is a dandy solution for those who don't have a full kitchen of supplies. It's most important to create a quality product than to worry about the tools you used.

8 Another Swing

via FM1Today

We have to show you another photo of a shopping cart as a swing. Unlike the photo you saw earlier, this supposed swing is smack dab in the middle of a public playground in a park. Whoever did this was savage because never in a million years would we have thought that a cart that temporarily holds our items and products has another valid purpose! Most kids like to play on the swings, so this is the perfect alternative to a traditional set of swings.

There's just one question, though. How many people can this swing actually hold? It looks like two and maybe three, because the attached chains appear to be sturdy enough to handle the extra weight in pounds. Hopefully, we'll figure out the answer sooner than later. It's certainly an original idea. If it's really sturdy, then the redneck who created this deserves a couple of extra props.

7 Hair Brush Side Mirror

via Official.gr

Is it possible to drive with a damaged or missing side mirror? Yes, but only if you want to risk getting stopped by the police. Having to pull over to the right side of the road isn't one of the things that you want to do in life.

So what's the solution to this issue? Take a closer look at this photo posted by a redneck, who grabbed a roll of duct tape and a used hair brush and placed it to the area where a side mirror was supposed to be. Hopefully, there's an actual mirror on the other side of the brush, so the person won't get pulled over by the cops while cruising on the road.

Regardless of whether or not there's a mirror on the other side of the brush, it's still a well-planned idea that went viral and garnered a lot of shares on the Internet.

6 Insulation Made Of Plastic Cups

via Reddit

Insulation is a group of materials that are frequently used to used to prevent heat, electricity, and sound from going in or out of a home or building. Insulation, however, can be quite expensive and can break your bank account.

So, what would rednecks do when insulation is required in their homes? That's easy yet unreasonable at the same time. Just take a look at this atypical photo that was posted by a redneck. The guests who arrive into this person's home may give them weird looks and stares, but you have to admit that the homeowner was in a crafty mood as tens and hundreds of plastic cups from the movie theater were used to compile entire rows of insulation to reduce the possible chance of a heat transfer between objects in thermal contact. Creativity is something that a lot of people overlook and don't think of as a serious process.

5 Headlights

via Pinterest

Headlights are an important part of any car driving on the road right now. By definition, a headlight is a lamp that's attached to the front of a car to light the path of the road ahead. By now, you should know that a headlight isn't free from any potential damage, which may require them to be replaced if they're broken or foggy.

Well, it's safe to say that whoever did come up with this redneck invention out of nowhere created something valuable that serves as a fast and easy solution for a common issue among drivers. The large flashlights were placed in the middle of the car's hood with several lengthy pieces of tape. This idea may seem tacky to the average person, but a wacky solution to an issue is better than doing nothing at all to solve it. At least it provides the lights to be able to see on the road.

4 Can Shower Head

via Pinterest

A shower head is the perfect restroom remodeling idea for any homeowner. Why? Well, because it imitates a constant rainfall. The large flat shower heads spread an equal amount of water over a larger shower area, which reduces the amount of water pressure striking your entire body. Most shower heads offer a water flow of two and a half gallons per minute used.

Installing a shower head is easy, but it's the cost of the water that quickly adds up to the monthly water bill. If you can't afford a shower head (or need to replace the existing one), you can recreate this redneck invention—a shower head made out of a can! Yeah, that's right. You can cut it out, puncture some holes into it, press it, attach the screws onto it, and connect it to the shower in your restroom. It's a no-nonsense way to replace a broken shower head.

3 Popcorn Fire Alarm

via Reddit

When a fire alarm detects a dangerously high level of carbon monoxide, the system will emit a pattern of loud alarms so that everyone in the household can hear them and evacuate the home or building immediately. Fire alarms save a lot of lives each year. However, some rednecks have other plans. Instead of installing the typical fire alarm to the roof, they apply a heavy-gauge aluminum foil pan from a well-known popcorn brand like Jiffy Pop to the walls.

It doesn't get any more redneck than this! Look, it's not a legitimate fire alarm, but it still serves the exact same purpose. Just make sure it meets the safety standards in your state. We don't know how many people would actually do something like this, but it's a hilarious picture in a good way. Maybe you should hang a few of these on your own walls, just to see how they actually react when they're set off.

2 Floating Picnic Table

via Reddit

Why buy an expensive yacht when you can make your own DIY floating picnic table? It's fairly easy to build and can be a sensational way to spend some time on the lake! These two men are definitely enjoying their time under a large umbrella that blocks out the harmful rays of the sun.

If you feel like giving a floating picnic table a chance for your next outing, go right ahead. Sure, it may seem like a hilarious invention, but like they always say, "laughter is the best medicine." It may not be worthy of a cash prize from an inventor on the ABC business reality show Shark Tank, but it's clearly a redneck invention that's deserving of the No. 1 spot on our list. It comes complete with a trolling motor along with an ice-cold cooler. Some may call this an epic fail, but as long as it floats, it's good enough.

1 Vibrating Toothbrush

via Imgur

A vibrating toothbrush costs just a couple of extra dollars more than a manual toothbrush. Let's not forget that rechargeable toothbrushes can cost you up to $200. Vibrating toothbrushes are still more expensive than the average toothbrushes, but they remain a decent option if you're living on a limited budget.

However, some rednecks appear to be stubborn, refusing to buy such toothbrushes. Instead, they decide to make do, and one redneck came up with a crude idea to dig up a vibrator and attach it next to a regular toothbrush using tape. These are all household items minus the vibrator, which obviously was bought at an adult store. This is just a really interesting invention. How did they come up with this in the first place?

This toothbrush might be dirty (no pun intended), but at least the person will feel stimulated while brushing their teeth in the morning before eating breakfast.

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