15 Hot Starlets Who Love Wearing Tube Tops

The tube top comes in a lot of styles and fashions. There’s everything from a halter top to crop tops to nice dress to gym outfits. What makes it unique is how great it looks, shoulders bared and allowing a lady to look a lot more alluring. Unlike a tank top, which you can slip on easily, a tube top is a little trickier but worth the effort. Whether hanging around, going shopping or at a party event, celebrities in tube tops look amazingly sexy and some are able to make it look truly stylish. For some, it’s just something to wear now and then but others make it more of a style of their own and a fine one to boot. Even if they’re seen sans the usual makeup, those bare shoulders add some allure to a hot lady and makes them stand out more.

As noted, a tube top is a bit more “dressy” than a regular outfit and so ladies want to make theirs look better. Actresses, singers, social media stars are all expert in showing off nicely and a tube top gets more attention than a simple dress or even tank top. There are slews of examples of ladies who look great in them but some do it even better than others. They make a tube top a style on their own and a great one too to show their bodies off and yet still look classy at the same time. That makes it even hotter than a lady in gym clothes or some other outfit and it’s a testament to how great these ladies look that they can stand out this way. Here are 15 hot celebrities who look amazing in tube tops and how they make this style of dress so magnificent to watch.


15 Emma Roberts

As the niece of one of the biggest Oscar-winning box office stars on the planet, it was only natural Emma Roberts would get into the family business. Julia’s niece broke out with family fare like Aquamarine and Nancy Drew but also showed a good acting talent beyond her years. She’s moved to other projects like the twisted lady of Scream 4 and currently winning hails for stealing the entire show as the nutty Chanel on Fox’s Scream Queens. She bounces in hair color from blonde to brunette and back but Roberts has a nice style a bit more laid-back than her famous aunt. She loves tube tops, showing up in public in them constantly and a fun style for them on the red carpet for premieres. Roberts’ star is rising with fare like the indie thriller Nerve and looks ready to take on more adult fare to raise her profile. Of course, it’s raised enough in public quite often as hotter than her aunt and ready to prove how sexiness grows with the generations of a family.

14 Rihanna

The sultry singer has had her ups and downs, the latter being her relationship with Chris Brown. However, she still remains the fantastic star who boosted herself with hits like "Umbrella" and her concerts help her stand out more with her great talent. It helps that she’s a gorgeous woman who doesn’t mind flaunting her body in magazine shoots, shifting her hair color and style to match whatever new direction she takes her career in. Tube tops are as popular with her as tank tops are, looking great in a laid-back style and it showcases how unashamed she is of showing off a lot. Throw on dark glasses and Rihanna looks the very impressive figure in public but still a great star to win fans over. Her hot outfits show off a lady as sexy as she is talented and that’s a very potent combination with her style in clothing just topping it all off.

13 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a fascinating contradiction. A country star who moved on to dominate in pop, she presents herself as a normal and down-to-earth teenager while being one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. As her fame has grown, so has her style as Swift has moved from the jeans and shirts of her early days to expensive designer dresses for public appearances. She still maintains a low-key style at home, highlighted by a love of loose tops. Tanks are usual when she goes to and from the gym but tube tops are a hot trend for her as well. Swift loves to show off her nice mid-riff but also takes on a more expensive style that highlights her good form and reminds us of the stunning beauty she is. Her every pose is designed to get attention and she succeeds admirably to remain one of the biggest musical icons on the planet and much hotter than most give her credit for.

12 Katy Perry

It’s a bit funny how Katy Perry started off doing church singing at first with an okay look. She changed that big time for her breakout “I Kissed a Girl” and was soon showing off a fantastic style. Perry is famous for her dark hair and her wild concerts that include various costumes and props to add to her quirky attitude. She often goes for wild outfits when she’s out but she does enjoy tube tops a lot. That’s no doubt because they help enhance Perry’s amazing chest which often seems to strain against any outfit she dons. While Perry’s singing voice is terrific, it’s her look that’s made her an international star, from concerts to the Super Bowl. Any outfit is hot on her, often the wilder the better but a tube top just enhances Perry’s already ample top half that is a key behind her success for many fans.

11 Miley Cyrus

It’s still strange to look back a decade ago at the clean-cut, bright young girl Miley Cyrus was. When Hannah Montana made her an international star, she radiated a wholesome image to win her fans over, a great singer and dancer but still not too overt. That changed dramatically in the last several years with Cyrus showing off a stunning new attitude that included flaunting her body and even going naked in various magazine spreads. She’s gotten in hot water for some of her actions and shoots but that raunchiness only adds to her heat. In public, she goes for tank tops a lot but Cyrus also has a major affinity for tube tops as well. It shows off more of her body, whether a simple top or one tighter to flaunt her abs that she takes pride in showing off. While Cyrus may stun with her attitude, one can’t deny her amazingly hot presence and a tube top just shows how grown up Hannah Montana has become.

10 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba came to prominence starring as the leather-clad future warrior in the sci-fi series Dark Angel. Magazine spreads were soon showing her stunning body in bikinis and other hot outfits that made her an instant sex symbol. That carried to movies from the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four to chaps-wearing stripper Nancy in Sin City. In the last several years, Alba has matured with raising two daughters and settling into motherhood. She’s also proven herself a savvy businesswoman as her Honest Company has made her a multi-millionaire, far richer than her movie career was. However, Alba still looks gorgeous as hell whether in tank tops or her favorite tube top style. Her smile looks great on her and those bare shoulders add to her sexy appeal. She’s risen from starlet to business magnate but Alba in a tube top is still a sight to put most younger ladies to shame in so many ways.

9 Cameron Diaz

The actress has made tube tops a specialty in her style ever since her breakout in 1994 with The Mask. The gorgeous blonde has a fantastic appeal, marked by that dazzling smile and her outfits reflect her feisty personality. Tube tops are a common look for Cameron Diaz, often on the red carpet for premieres and also out on jogs and shopping. It’s become so common, in fact, that Diaz has often been the go-to celebrity to model new styles of tube tops. It’s not just in public but some of her roles as something about a bare-shouldered Diaz looks amazing. Sadly, it seems those days are gone as in a 2016 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Diaz stated that, at 43, she didn’t think she could pull the look off anymore. With respect, she’s wrong on that as Diaz in a tube top looks fantastic at any age.


8 Victoria Justice

The Nickelodeon star got her break playing a quirky actress on the teen comedy Zoey 101. That led to some guest star shots on other shows before starring in the lead role of the comedy Victorious. It gave Victoria Justice the chance to show off her great singing and dancing skills nicely and fans were upset when the show was suddenly got cancelled. Justice has continued with the short-lived MTV series Eye Candy and starring in the recent Fox version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She’s bright smiles most of the time in public but can show a sultry side if need be in her work. Tube tops are a favorite outfit for her, often at award shows, showing a thin but not overtly skinny form. Justice is rising more with her singing style and her love of tube tops focuses on a rising sexpot that can bring justice in talent to any project.

7 Chloe Moretz

The actress had a stunning breakout playing the psychotic Hit-Girl in the comic book movie Kick-Ass. At only 12, her performance as the cursing gal slicing up guys in a wild way was the best part of the movie. Since then, Chloe Moretz has been growing up nicely with various roles in films like Carrie and The 5th Wave to impress with her talents. She’s gotten sexier, as evidence by her role as a raunchy sorority girl in Neighbors 2 and grown up very nicely in the public eye. Instagram has shown her with some hot looks flaunting a growing body and a dazzling smile to win you over more. She’s shown off a lot in tube tops, most of them designed to flaunt her flat stomach and how she still keeps herself in stunning shape to look hotter than her age would indicate. For a lady who broke out as a killer kid in spandex, Moretz has shown a fun style and a tube top makes her still a hit for fans.

6 Bella Hadid

The Hadid sisters are well known for a hot style thanks to their careers as models. Gigi is the older one and paving the way with a good style of her own. But Bella is rising higher in the public eye, popular on social media as well as getting more attention with her photoshoots. Tube tops really are a favorite for Bella, showing off her always toned belly and adding to her sometimes raunchy appeal. While Gigi can be a bit hotter at times, Bella is an expert using social media to boost herself up more and show off in various outfits. She has a good time flaunting herself in outfits with tube tops being her go-to dress when she’s running errands and knows the paparazzi follow her around. Hadid has a background in photography and hinting she could be a writer in the future but for now, she shines as a hot lady who makes a tube top look even hotter just wrapped on her frame.

5 Miranda Kerr

As a supermodel, it makes sense Miranda Kerr is used to wearing various styles of clothing. From bikinis to lingerie, the Aussie lady has walked the catwalk in just about any outfit imaginable and it’s rare to see her look anything less than amazing when she’s out. Tube tops really are a favorite for Kerr, not just in photoshoots where she models the best styles for various designers. She also dresses in the style for errands and public events, a good match for her dazzling smile and gorgeous features, looking down to Earth but still one of the hottest women alive. Her marriage to Orlando Bloom put her more in the public eye (especially with topless photos of her about), but it ended in divorce with Kerr coming out as bisexual later. It’s added to her already amazing aura and how Kerr, even for a supermodel, can shine so well in her fantastic style.

4 Ariana Grande

The starlet got her break playing the dim-witted Cat on the Nickelodeon series Victorious and a spin-off, Sam & Cat. She was known for her bright red hair which was dyed so often, it turned her real hair into a mess. Thus, Grande took to wearing the ponytail extensions that have become her trademark. She’s broken out majorly as a singing star with numerous hit songs and albums and taken off in concerts thanks to her style. She’s known for her short skirts that show off her great legs and tight tops with tube tops a favorite for her. Ariana Grande has gotten into trouble with accusation of diva behavior, exemplified by the infamous video of her at a donut shop trashing America. However, she remains popular with her fans and her social media standing great too to boost her up. While her behavior is rough, Grande is a stunning beauty and tube tops showcase how she can rock a body as well as any song.

3 Bella Thorne

The Disney Channel starlet is rising higher in Hollywood. It’s easy to see why with her great body and lush red hair showcasing an expert dancer with some great moves. She’s ready to jump to the bigger time with the new Freeform series Famous in Love and even dropping some music albums. Bella Thorne is also one of the hottest women on Instagram with her constant posts, often in gym clothes or hot costumes that make her look stunning and attain a huge following. She’s shown off in bikinis, tank tops and more, but tube tops are a favorite for her on the red carpet. That mix of a sultry smile and a bright grin can make Thorne shift from bright and innocent to hot vixen in an instant and thus look even sexier. She’s only 19 but Thorne looks to have a major career ahead and tube tops are just the start of how she can dominate any style nicely.

2 Beyonce

She’s risen from the lead singer of Destiny’s Child to one of the biggest entertainers on the face of the planet. She engenders huge album sales while also some controversy from time to time but Queen Bey is able to rock fans hard with her fantastic performances. It’s quite rare to see her dressed down in public and she always loves to look her best to add to her aura. Tube tops are a popular outfit for her, showing off her amazing form well, including her lush legs and great rear end. That dazzling smile is on full display as well, showing an artist who owned 2016 from a Super Bowl appearance to a best-selling album and tour. It’s made her often too busy to even have free time but when she goes out, tube tops are a great look for her. Any outfit looks amazing on Beyonce but something about a tube top just reminds you why she’s the current queen of the music scene.

1 Kim Kardashian

Pretty much any outfit looks amazing on Kim Kardashian. And she looks better out of anything as well. The reality show star has boosted her fame into a multi-million dollar empire, selling herself as a brand with reality TV, a clothing line, cosmetics and more. In public, she enjoys a style that shows off her fantastic curves and tube tops are a favorite of hers. They nicely show off her chest (which she says should get more attention than her famous rear) and she always goes for high quality for them. You almost never see Kim “dressed down” in public, she always has to look amazing and pulls that off very nicely. Even as a wife to Kayne West and a mom, Kim always does her best to shine in public and so on her, a tube top doesn’t just become nice but hot as hell to show off one of the sexiest women on the planet.

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