15 Hot Selfies From Flight Attendants Around The World

Before they were tossing paying customers out of their seats for additional cabin room, flight attendants used to be a pretty laid back and accommodating bunch. In fact, it used to be that flight attendants were called “stewardesses” and they were basically objectified by the industry back in the 60's (a.k.a. the early days of air travel). These ladies weren't exactly forced to wear bikinis on the job, but their outfits were pretty darn snug and you would have been hard-pressed to find any in-flight employees with a poor hip-to-belly ratio.

I wouldn't necessarily refer to myself as a “world traveler” but I have been on more flights than I can count and let me just say, I have never had an attractive flight attendant. When it comes to air travel, I guess I'm just lucky enough to have the plane land safely, but not quite lucky enough to have a perfect 10...tell me to put my tray table up. However, it seems I'm just not flying on the right airline because there are, in fact, lookers out there somewhere, flying high above the clouds out of my sight and into my dreams. That is until they hooked up WiFi to every major flight because now these sexy flight attendants have taken to Instagram to share their picturesque physiques with the world. And wouldn't ya now, I gathered up the cream of the crop for you guys and gals to check out!

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15 Here's A Reason To Visit The Maldives

The Maldives are an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is the smallest Asian country by land area and population. It has scenic beaches, decades of culture, and this knockout pictured above. This lady is dripping with mile-high s*x appeal from America's air travel yesteryear. The tight bun, the perfectly applied makeup, and the pristine red blazer all scream, “Press the button above your head for assistance.” There's something else to be said about the racial ambiguity of this woman, whoever she is (and if anybody knows, please don't hesitate to mention her name in the comments). She's a knockout by land standards and certainly by any standards set in the sky, which I guess means we just compare her to others on the airplane and maybe, I don't know, birds?

14 Heavy Makeup In The Sky

Apparently, there are a slew of hashtags you can search to find selfies of the hottest of the hot that choose to serve us while 35,000 feet in the air. That's how I found this gorgeous beauty right here working for Azul Brazilian Airlines. This girl is downright a head-turner, and her classic ‘kissy’ face selfie is one of the best you'll see on Pinterest. Her lashes may seem a bit much for a casual day at work, but who are we to complain? That elegant face is totally oozing with s*x appeal that she'll be sure to catch attention sans makeup. Or, maybe that's because this gem of a flight attendant likes to make the most out of her layovers.

13 Electrifying Qatar

I sincerely hope you were able to ignore my corny pun headline and instead enjoy the glamorous beauty in the lady in burgundy pictured above. That's Diana, and Diana works for Qatar Airways and is a damn good reason to brush up on your Qatar history. Okay, what do we know about Qatar so far? The name sounds like “guitar,” which could make for some good ice-breaking puns. What else? They have an airline that employs beautiful blonde women that know how to work a full-length suit that would look unflattering on a typical girl. Hmm, I guess that does it for present knowledge on an entire nation, and certainly not enough to impress the likes of the lovely Diana. This girl also loves to enjoy her days off and seems to take in the cuisine of her daily destinations. These women are too worldly for me.

12 Va-Va-Voom

Jeez-us! I mean, c'mon this isn't even fair. How can anyone be expected to concentrate on the in-flight movie when a woman like this is pushing a beverage cart up and down the aisle. I don't know her name, mostly because it's written in some foreign language, but I do know she works for Civil Aviation. What's Civil Aviation, you ask? It's basically a corporation that oversees all aspects of flight in the United Kingdom, which makes the whole foreign language thing kind of a head-scratcher. But that's neither here nor there because this girl is singlehandedly making neckerchiefs sexy again (or maybe for the first time rather). If you get a shot, check out her Instagram feed (again a simple #flightattendant or #cabincrewlife will lead you right to her) because she is really something special on and off the tarmac.

11 Straight Outta The United Arab Emirates

This is Olga Yevchenko and, no, I don't know how to properly pronounce that either, but I have two eyes and a heart so naturally, I'm drawn to this beautiful selfie she took in her uniform as a flight attendant for United Arab Emirates Air. There's something about a woman who matches her lipstick with the accent colors of her outfit that drives a man wild. Now, if there is any chance that those starry eyes are a result of lavish living in the clouds and not a cheap Snapchat filter, well, all the more reason to be enchanted by this lovely lass, but I doubt that's the case. After reviewing the rest of her posts, what you're not getting to see is how killer she looks in a dress that fits like a glove, as well as her golden hair that falls down past her shoulders like Rumplestiltskin, wove it himself (bet you weren't expecting to see a Rumplestiltskin reference in an article about hot flight attendants, but life is full of surprises).

10 Greetings From Norway

Oda Herlofsen is a flight attendant from Norway who works for SAS Airlines, Scandinavia's premiere taxi of the sky, and oh man, is she easy on the eyes. The ladies of Norway are renowned the world over for their blonde beauty, but one glance at Oda and her additional photos, she'll have you thinking that she belongs on the beaches of the California coast. Dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes, I mean, stop me when it starts to go wrong which will almost certainly be...err, never. Compared to the other women on this list, you may not be so quick to say, “Oh man, that girl is smoking hot!” but please do not dismiss this smokeshow right off the bat. She's one of those flight attendants that dip their toes in the world of modeling as well, and trust me, it's for good reason. I don't know what I have to do to book the correct flight and see one of these ladies. I suppose I'm just flying to the wrong countries again and again and again.

9 Miss Prim And Proper

I know, I know, I know, you came here for the eye candy and frankly, judging by the image, Alins here, isn't exactly stopping the show, but trust me she more than deserves to be present. This tall drink of water hails from Germany and is happily employed by Lufthansa and there's more to her than meets the eye. Am I talking about her love of the local cuisine when she travels? Perhaps. Am I discussing her adoration for sunglasses with different colored mirror frames? Yeah, maybe. But mostly, and I'm only being so frank because, hell, I see no reason to beat around the bush here, Alins has a backside that would make your daddy cry. This girl is tall, beautiful, and has the curves to match. Anyone that can remember their drink order after this woman takes it and walks away is a better man than I. Hats off to you, sirs.

8 Greetings From Down Under

This one is for the leg guys out there. As gorgeous as the woman on the left is, I think we've talked enough about blondes for at least this point, and instead, we're going to concentrate on that knockout brunette for a minute. Her name is Megan Evans and she's an Australian flight attendant for Jet Star Country. Are the pantyhose, heels, uniform, understood accent, and million-dollar smile not enough to wrangle your heart? Oh, you're more into those #thickfit girls from Instagram? Well, guess what? Megan loves nothing more than pumping some iron in the CrossFit gym in her spare time. To really put some icing on the already very delicious cake, she also is a loving and caring dog mom to a very handsome German Shepherd. That's right fellas, and maybe ladies, if you're lucky enough to have Megan as a flight attendant and you're smooth enough to woo her, you inherit a wealth of fitness and a dog. As long as her boyfriend doesn't mind, that is. I think she has a boyfriend.

7 Back In The U.S.S.R. Are You Blowing Me A Kiss?

Can the great, giant, powerful (and possibly election-rigging) nation of Russia get some love on this list? Why yes, with beauties like Alina working for Aeroflot, you absolutely can. This girl is an absolute knockout and then some. That bright red, deep cut V-neck outfit is almost as intriguing as...wait...is that a Kaballah bracelet? How very 2003 of you, Alina. Seriously, this woman is nothing if not enchanting. Her eyes are legitimately sparkling, and her eyebrows are, I think I'm using this correctly, are on “fleek.” She's blowing us a kiss, gentlemen. So the next time you're flying to the cold, forgotten dilapidated regions of Eastern Europe, and you're cold and all you have to eat is borscht, remember that Alina is out there somewhere just waiting to give you a pillow and one of those thin, hypoallergenic blankets.

6 Those Glasses, Tho...

It pains me to tell you I have no further information on this cutie other than this image, but what an image it is. Out of all of the beautiful flight attendants present on this list, it's going to be difficult to find another front-runner for the best eyes. Obviously, the whole enchantment factor that comes with those big brown beauties are those sleek, retro-chic Harry Potter specs. They give her some sort of uncharted librarian mystique that you only read about in books (see what I did there) and it's nothing short of enticing. I don't know how many of you guys and gals out there can appreciate a woman with short hair, but this pixie cut she's sporting is only making her look even cuter and that's not a simple task to accomplish. It takes a certain type of lady to pull off a trim of this particular nature and this bombshell is doing it flawlessly.

5 Are Those Boots A Standard Requirement?

Haley Carling is one of those girls who writes things like “champagne made me do it” in her Instagram bio, so if you're wondering what caused her to become smoking hot and then start a fruitful career in air travel hospitality, you can blame it on the bubbly. To put it into the simplest terms of the eighth-grade boy, this chick has it going on from head to toe, up and down, floor to ceiling. But maybe I'm just a sucker for some real life mermaid hair. And as I said in the headline, does the airline require her to wear boots at work? I've certainly never seen a flight attendant demonstrating how to properly inflate a life vest in knee-high leather. And if they are part of the uniform, I just need to find out what airline she works for so I can only fly with them from now on. Side note: what type of footwear do the men have to wear? Talk among yourselves.

4 When Working As A Flight Attendant Is Your Day Job

Aside from the picture above, in which the lovely Kristina is showing off her curves while she pretends to readjust any carry-ons that may have shifted during the flight, you wouldn't know she's a flight attendant based off of her Instagram account. I've been scrolling through her posts (for research purposes only, of course) for quite some time now, and judging from what I've seen, I'd guess she's somehow involved in the profession of international teeny-weeny-bikini sunbather. I guess we can just chalk her up as another one of these flight attendants who really take the time to appreciate a layover in the tropics, but man, is she something to look at. If any of you out there are lucky enough to come in contact with this work of art in person, it would behoove you to ask her where the best beach is to locate a complete and total smokeshow. She probably won't have an answer for you, because she's not on a beach, she's right in front of you answering your dorky question.

3 Tan Skin For The Win

Two words ladies and gentlemen—Private. Jets. Some brief advice? Get one. At least you should if you ever want to order one of those $8 tiny bottles of liquor from the attractive, and somehow intimidating woman pictured above because those are the only types of flights that get a lady like her on board. There's something very mysteriously sexy about this woman that I can't quite put my finger on. It could very well be her black miniskirt riding up those long, tanned legs of hers, but who's to say? I've gotten to know this woman quite well through her Instagram posts in the past few minutes and I can tell you she looks just as good on the beach in a bikini or in her leggings when she's contorted her body into various pretzel-like yoga positions, as she does in her work uniform.

2 Germany Never Looked So Good

Straight out of the land of the bratwurst via Lufthansa Airlines comes Enna, the type of girl that asks you if you're lost when you try to hit on her at a bar. She's mastered the French braid and the pouty lips AND has managed to invent a look so simultaneously cold and sexy it would make Derek Zoolander sit down and take notes. Enna is a world-traveling CrossFit enthusiast who knows how to work a leather jacket and fishnet stockings (see her Instagram account for examples). This girl is a model and part-time fashionista aside from her duties in the clouds and if she tackles her in-flight requirements with the same type of perfection she applies to her scantily-clad photos, well, it's safe to say that she might just be the best damn flight attendant in the air at any given time. Again, for further proof, I strongly advise each and every one of you to visit her Instagram (@ennane). You'll thank me later. If you can make it past a picture of her in the appropriately snug-fitting bodysuit without getting a case of the nervous high school boy shakes, you're a better man than I.

1 Because Flying In The Skies

When it comes down to what exactly makes a woman attractive there's a laundry list of traits to mention. Many are based on personal preference of course, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a man who can put up with a hot girl with peanuts for brains longer than 48 hours. Personality goes a long way, and yeah I'm going off a single photo here, but this adorable flight attendant seems to be packing as much as she can into that first-class cabin. Sure, it doesn't hurt that she's a babe-and-a-half with the curves to back it up, but the real draw here is that million-dollar smile. Like the other ladies listed here, I've taken the time to stalk their Instagram posts quite thoroughly and can assure you this girl is a certifiable ten in and out of her work clothes. However, unlike the other women, she's not making bedroom eyes at the camera, nor is she caked with heavy makeup. She's just having a fun time on the job (whether it's setup for the pic or not), and it seems very genuine and it's more than appealing if you ask me.

Sources: Instagram

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