15 Hot Photos Of Rich Socialites Partying Like Rock Stars On Yachts

Socialites! Either we love them, or we hate them, but they're often seen as anomalies because they live these ridiculously lavish lifestyles.

Socialites! Either we love them, or we hate them, but they're often seen as anomalies because they live these ridiculously lavish lifestyles that most of us could only dream of. Back in the day, a socialite used to be the girls on Page Six that were throwing the parties, having brunch with their friends, and doing massive amounts of shopping. Now, socialites can be anything from rich kids to celebrities. As if that wasn’t enough to be jealous about, these days, the socialites are taking their parties to Instagram and Snapchat, basically throwing their parties right in our faces. We already know that they party like rock stars, but now we see the parties on yachts, and they are just to die for. There's enough booze at these parties to sink the very ships that these parties are held on, and never mind the A-list invites! These parties are enough to make anyone a little dizzy.

There's nothing that makes you want to trade your life in to be the next socialite more than seeing some of those lavish parties happening on these massive yachts. We know you feel exactly the same way. These girls are partying, and more often than not, they've done nothing to deserve the lifestyle that they have; they were just born into it. If you want to see some exciting pictures of girls with loads of money partying on yachts, then you've come to the right place. Check out these hot socialites partying like rock stars on yachts.

15 Chanel Iman

There's nothing that model Chanel Iman loves more than a yacht party; the pictures of all the celebrations she enjoys are just everywhere. Not only does she have yacht parties but she was also photographed on superyachts. We didn’t even think there was such a thing. There are, however, and they're quite the ships. This photo was taken aboard the 89.95-meter Feadship Ecstasea. She'll often go to yacht parties during the Cannes Film Festival and party like a rock star. This picture shows her with a friend, and they look like they're having a blast on the back of the ship. Chanel Iman always has an annual party New Year’s trip to Dubai, which turns into one hell of a celebration. We would certainly love an invite to her next superyacht party because it sounds like a blast.

14 Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough

These girls clearly know how to have fun on a yacht. These are pictures from a vacation they had in Mexico where they partied pretty hard. They traveled all over and made it a party of the year -- and for good reason as well. This wasn't just any party; they were celebrating for good reason. They all got together and had a huge party because it was Hough’s bachelorette party, and why not have that on a yacht? This is another example of rich people getting superyachts and having the time of their lives. These two have been best friends for a while, and not only are they both incredibly sexy but they're also a lot of fun to be around as is evidenced by these pictures. We just love the idea of being on a yacht in Mexico.

13 Tallia Storm

This Scottish singer is known for her crazy yacht parties; she throws some of the best parties around, especially aboard a yacht. In fact, she was considered to be the person that provided the best celebrity yachting moments in 2016. It must have been some party indeed. A yacht party usually includes some serious alcohol and an A-list invite list. Once you have that, you take it to the open seas for some serious fun. She was once again spotted in the Caribbean aboard a luxury catamaran in 2017, soaking up the sun and partying with her friends. Her family and friends enjoyed champagne, jet skis, time at sea, and some fun in the sun. What more could someone want from a vacation? Never mind the sports; I would just be happy just laying there like Tallia is doing. Bring me some champagne!

12 Hilaria Baldwin

This hottie is none other than Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria. Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to be able to do yoga poses aboard a yacht? Oh, yes! I do that at least every other day. What a life the rich of the world have when this is a normal afternoon for some of them. She was just three weeks fresh from giving birth when she was posing in this picture. The celebrity puts a lot of us to shame with a yoga pose like this one. The couple decided to take the yacht experience away from the children and went to enjoy the sun. Alec Baldwin posted the picture with a caption that said, "This is called: Carmen's on a play date, and I left the fridge stocked with milk for Rafa. Mommy and Daddy are heading out for 2.5 hours."

11 Models and Jenners

When it comes to yacht parties, you're as likely to find supermodels as you are the socialites because they all party together. It’s like an impenetrable social circle of insanely skinny girls. These two are part of the pack, and at least one of them is recognizable. Kendall Jenner is definitely one that you'll find in the socialite circle because she's as close to a socialite as they can come. She has no job, but she’s mega rich -- that’s what a socialite is, right? Wink, wink! The great thing about these parties is we get to see ladies in bikinis and some pretty awesome parties going on. This is how the other half lives, and most of them aren’t even old enough to drink. When it comes to being a socialite, you don’t worry about those kinds of problems because you're out at sea without a care in the world.

10 Serena Marron

Serena Marron loves to spend her boxing day and New Year's on a yacht partying with friends. This is just one photo that makes us green with envy. She's only in her twenties and yet lives a lifestyle that's so lavish that every day is like a mini vacation for her. When she stepped off her private jet for the holidays, she found herself in the Caribbean for the holidays where she spent her time on a 62m motor yacht called "Apogee." When she wasn’t on the yacht, she was buying $150 fishbowl cocktails at Le Thi nightclub and $400 bottles of champagne at Nikki Beach bar. When she's not on holidays, she spends her time in New York, no doubt on the Upper East side. She probably returned to New York tanned and well-rested. The picture shows a girl who quite literally doesn't have a care in the world, and we want to join her.

9 Dushanka Foon

This socialite is considered one of the most gorgeous women on Instagram and she’s a club promoter as well. She's often seen on yacht parties, but more often than not, she's arranging entertainment for them. She recently brought in a ton of gorgeous models to hang out with Justin Bieber on a yacht. It must be nice to be able to pick up the phone and just order models to show up at your party. More often than not, Dushanka will pick out the girls personally, and some of them are even her friends. Amongst some of her favorite yacht partiers are her sister, Sharah Fitzgerald, and a model friend, Kaysha Louise. This gorgeous socialite has all the connections that any celebrity would need to meet someone fun to party with. Many of these party girls will post the pics from the celebrity yacht parties on their Instagram accounts for all the world to see.

8 Three Is Lucky

These three stunners are socialite friends of the wealthy son of Harold and Wendi Rothman. Zac likes to treat his friends to the best of everything, and in this case, the ladies were treated quite well. The socialites have been taking all kinds of pictures while on vacation and posting them on their Instagrams. As you can see, these ladies are showing off their tight bodies and the fact that they're on a yacht and we're not. There's nothing better than fun and the sun and a bottle of champagne. We’re not sure where these ladies were partying, but they aren’t the only yacht out there. It looks like there were massive parties all around them. How exciting! If you're interested in seeing how the other half lives, all you have to do is go to #Richkids of Instagram and just stare in awe.

7 Rich Kids of Instagram

Hello! Tell me you couldn’t stare at this picture all day long. You would be lying if you said you couldn’t. This picture is one for the books because not only is it sexy AF, but it also shows just how happy a yacht party is. They linger in luxury by day and then turn on the music at night. These rich kids don’t care about one damn thing; they have it all, and they have no problem showing it off. This is just one of many pictures you'll find on #RichKids of Instagram, and it kind of makes me wonder about these kids' parents. Does it bother them that all their wealth is spread all over the internet, or do they even know? Maybe they're so rich that they care just as little as their rich kids do. I’ll tell you, though: I’m a fan of this girl’s bikini.

6 Olympia Valance

Tell me this picture doesn’t make you want to jump on the yacht and start partying. Three beautiful girls and one of them happened to be Australian actress Olympia Valance. She's no stranger to the yacht party; in fact, when she returns to her hometown, she usually spends the summer sailing on a yacht and having a party while catching some rays. She's from Mount Martha, Victoria, and she has a love for boarding yachts with her friends and having the time of her life. We can’t blame her. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that party? This picture shows Olympia with friend Mavournee Hazel, and the three friends would often tour around to tourist destinations such as Polperro vineyard and Killen Falls. These three beauties are scantily clad and looking hot AF aboard the yacht.

5 Cindy Crawford

This legendary supermodel is just one of many socialites that board yachts looking glamorously gorgeous. It’s as if Cindy hasn’t aged one bit, and in this case, the supermodel looks better than girls half her age. In this photo, she's bikini-ready and willing to be in the sun. Donning a brown bikini, she looks better than ever, and we're just dying to go party with this girl and her friends. She's a retired supermodel these days but is still a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She very often has parties with her friends aboard the Aria Amazon, which is one of the best yachts that you can charter. This is a great ship to get when you want to travel through the Amazon, which is something that Cindy regularly does. Jealous much? I know I am. This sexy supermodel still knows how to throw a good party, and she often puts many other celebrities to shame.

4 Doutzen Kroes

Sexy socialite Doutzen Kroes looked marvelous aboard this yacht with her friends. She loves to take out a yacht with her friends to enjoy the sun and have massive parties. What a trip it would be to be part of this party. We have to say, we are so jealous. She'll sometimes go off on a yacht with just her hubby for a private party. She's one supermodel that's been around the yacht life for a while. She's even been seen on Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht, and we know how much he loves his models. He's another celebrity that has a lot of yacht parties. She loves the luxury lifestyle, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. She's often seen kissing her husband of seven years as if they're still on the honeymoon. They both enjoy yachting very much.

3 Eva Longoria

Eva was another celebrity that decided to throw a party for New Year’s Eve on board a yacht. Why the hell not, right? The party was one for the books, and there are pics just like this one all over Instagram. She had a lot of time aboard the yacht to really enjoy herself as she spent her Christmas holiday aboard the yacht as well. Not only did she stay on the yacht, but she also enjoyed the spas that Mexico had to offer. Talk about a relaxing and fun vacation. Eva is one celebrity that enjoys being on a yacht and does it quite often. She and her husband, Jose Antonio Baston, threw a party with a large group of friends one time on a yacht and had a hell of a time.

2 Kelly Rohrbach

Another supermodel that loves yachting as much as she can, and she’s been part of some serious yacht parties. This is the kind of mouth-watering shot that you don’t see very often, but there she is aboard the Arctic P, having the time of her life. She's Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest love, and she was photographed on the yacht after the two partied at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gala. The two often host huge parties aboard the yacht and truly enjoy the moment. The two partied most recently with Mariah Carey and James Packer, as well as many others. DiCaprio has always been known as a big partier, so there are plenty of pictures to see on Kelly Rohrbach’s Instagram account. She’s sexy and sultry and one supermodel that has a smile that lights up a room. But don’t they all?

1 Ruby Rose

This actress is one that has drawn a lot of attention to herself since she became part of the cast of Orange is the New Black. She’s sexy and has a badass style as well. She took to yachting recently on a superyacht with some friends, and as the pictures show, they had a blast. She was actually at the yacht party because she was asked to be a guest DJ -- talk about an honor. She was able to party with friends and enjoy the luxury of a superyacht. She's known to be a thrill-seeker, so she was found jumping off the top tier of the yacht multiple times. She was also found on the yacht owned by mogul Dave Grutman in Miami, where the two partied together. She's made the most of her yachting experiences, having drinks with friends and taking advantage of the jet skis.


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