15 Horror Confessions Only Twins Would Understand

Twins are known to have an amazing connection, the kind of connection you don’t get from your other siblings. That connection is so strong that at times, it seems like it’s otherworldly. We’ve heard many stories over the years about the connection or bond that twins have and at times those stories can be pretty creepy. They have even had something known as “twin telepathy.” There are stories about twins who felt the pain of another twin even though they were nowhere near them when they were hurt. How is that possible? If anything, it’s just downright creepy. These twins are so connected that normal relationships seem mundane compared to theirs. We are dying to know what goes on in the womb during pregnancy that makes twins so special. Is it spiritual or scientific?

Not only have twins been known to feel each other's pain, but they have also been able to predict things that are going to happen to them in the future. There is no explanation as to why twins have this connection to each other. Sometimes, this connection has been associated with gifts, but other times, it seems like a curse. We have some amazingly creepy confessions made by twins and trust us, you are going to want to keep reading.


15 Dreaming The Same Dreams

A creepy thought is certainly thinking that twins could end up having the same dream. These twins are dreaming about people dying which is not a good thing; we wouldn’t want to be them. “I'm an identical twin, and twin telepathy is definitely real. One time, when we were little, we both had a dream on the exact same night about our cousins dying. Even though both of us rarely remember our dreams, we both remembered that one and told each other the next day! Twin telepathy isn't exactly what people think it is or see in movies, but it is 100 per cent real.” It sounds like it’s exactly what we think it is. We wonder if the cousins actually died. We feel sorry for them if these twins are dreaming about their death. Hopefully, it was only a dream.

14 The Car Accident


As we said, twins have been known to feel the pain of another twin and that’s just plain creepy. How is it possible? This twin literally felt the impact of the car accident that her sister had been in, and considering her sister almost didn’t make it, it must have been horrific. “I was with my grandma that day. We were school shopping at the mall. I was babbling about some shirt or something I wanted, and I looked at my grandma and her face was white. I asked her if she was okay, the look on her face scared me. She said we had to leave right now, even though we weren't done shopping. As soon as my grandmother got home, she called her twin. Her twin wasn't home. About an hour later, she got a call from her twin's husband telling her that her twin had been in a car accident. It was pretty bad and they weren't sure she was going to make it. My grandma swore she felt the impact but just didn't know what was wrong. My grandma has since passed away, but her twin is still alive. Seeing her identical twin at my grandmother’s funeral was a surreal experience."

13 Twins Went Crazy At The Same Time

When two twins from Ireland got together, it was like their brains snapped. Ursula and Sabina Eriksson literally went insane together and committed crimes. They started the day off by jumping into traffic and walking into the middle of the highway without a care in the world. Sabina got struck by a car and when the police arrived, she got up and attacked them. Ursula was also struck by a car, breaking her legs. When Sabina was released from the hospital, she murdered a man who offered her a ride and then jumped off a 40-foot bridge. Sabina only got five years in prison because they deemed her insane. So, what happened to these twins? They didn’t have a history of mental illness. After further investigation, doctors determined that one twin went temporarily insane and somehow telepathically infected her sister with her madness.

12 The Same Blood Test


These twins truly have a weird connection, even when it comes to getting blood work done. One twin went to get blood work done and while the other sat in class, she noticed she had broken blood vessels in her arm indicating that she too got blood work done. Talk about creepy. “I'm a fraternal twin and we definitely have some twin magic going on! One time, she left school to get a blood test, but I had to stay in class. A bit later, I realized that I had a broken blood vessel on the inside of my elbow, but didn't think much of it at the time. When we saw each other later, I realized that it was in the exact same spot as where she got her blood test!” We have to admit; this one is pretty messed up.

11 Almost Dying

It’s not the first time a twin has claimed that she can see something that happened to a twin. Imagine having your twin get into an accident and you know it’s happening because your body reacts to it. Sounds crazy, right? These are the things that are happening to twins. “After my twin brother went out with friends, I became very nervous, tossing and turning on the couch with nightmares. I saw flashes of things like a cop car and sirens. My mother rushed out of the house after receiving a phone call and brought my brother back who was in shock and non-responsive. The next day, we just hugged and cried when he told me that a white car had chased him and his friends through the breezeway, trying to run them over.” That’s a creepy story!

10 Dad’s In Trouble


These two twins connected with another set of twins and somehow, without any explanation, they were able to see the fact that the other twin’s father had gone missing. They should have had no mental connection to these other twins, but how else do you explain this story? “We were friends with another pair of twins, both boys, and would regularly go to their house to play while our moms would talk over coffee. This particular day, on the way to nursery, I had asked my mom what was wrong with the boys' father. She replied that nothing was wrong, and why was I asking. I said no reason. Immediately afterward, my twin sister asked the same thing. My mom thought it strange, but just a typical strange twin moment. At the nursery, the twin boys and their mom weren't there on this particular day. When my mom got home after dropping us off, she called their house. Apparently, the boys' father had gone missing in the night and hadn't returned home."

9 The Bleeding Tattoo

This is a story that is a little too much for even us to handle. One twin gets a tattoo and the other twin starts bleeding in the shower, unable to make it stop bleeding. That’s because her twin is bleeding while being tattooed. We couldn’t even make this stuff up if we wanted to. “Once in the shower while shaving, I managed to nick the inside heel of my right foot. It wouldn't stop bleeding, so I bandaged it up. Later on, I noticed my twin sister had a bandage on the same spot as mine. After a couple of days, I asked why her cut hadn't healed yet. That's when I learned it wasn't a shaving accident, but her first tattoo! My sister was getting tattooed in the same spot and at the same time as when I cut myself. Even we were freaked out.”


8 A Ghost Left Behind


This woman had a twin brother who was at war. One day, he was killed execution style, and she saw his ghost the same day in her home. That is certainly creepy on a whole other level. These connections are really hard to believe and yet, they happen all the time. "Both sides of my family have twins, my mom's family having a high success rate of twins or triplets and my mom has a fraternal twin whom she was close to who joined the army. The night before he was about to go back home to his wife and family, a general asked him to accompany him for a ride. It turned out the locals planned an ambush and my uncle was killed. He was shot in the back of the head by militants. Mom won't elaborate. The same day my uncle died, my mom was fixing something in the kitchen when the glass she was holding shattered. It left only the rim intact. Looking up, she saw her brother at the corner of the room. She later got the call that her brother was dead."

7 They Feel The Same Things

It’s pretty obvious now that when a twin is hurt, they either feel the same pain or they know the pain is there. Apparently, the same thing happens when a twin gets sick. One twin will feel the physical symptoms while the other feels the mental symptoms. “My twin and I used to feel each other's pain. Once as a toddler, I had a fever, but showed no symptoms and was running around playing; my twin, however, had the symptoms but no fever and was lethargic and crying. When my mom called the doctor to ask his opinion he said, I don't know who to give the medicine to, so just give it to them both.'" Talk about a weird situation for parents to be in; you never know if you should be treating both kids and if that’s even okay.

6 Predicting The Future


These twins were minding their own business in their front yard when they imagined a motorcycle crash. Immediately, one twin said that a crash was going to occur and that’s exactly what happened. These twins are just way too creepy. "When I was nine, my identical twin sister and I were sitting on our front lawn right by the road pitching acorns across into our neighbor’s yard. We saw a motorcycle coming down the road from very far away and we both looked at each other and said, 'It's going to crash.' There was no reason for us to think this, but for some reason, we were both positive of this fact. We raced onto the porch and grabbed the telephone so we could call for help. Just as we came back out, the motorcycle crashed in the exact spot we had been sitting. We would have been killed had we stayed there. The guy on the bike was okay and was able to drive away. Still, I can't explain this weird shared premonition."

5 A Bad Feeling

This twin did not want her sister to go to her friend’s house because she had a bad feeling that something was going to happen. As creepy as this story is, having a twin like this could really come in handy. “I was going over to my friend's house to hang out, but my twin sister had a bad feeling about it. When I got there, I started chopping up stuff for dinner. I put my arm down with the knife in my hand, when my leg somehow slipped out, or I tripped, or something. The knife ended up stabbing my leg, creating two giant gashes all the way into my muscle and almost hit my artery, which would've caused me to bleed out on the spot. I was rushed to the hospital, had to get 24 stitches, and was put on crutches for about two months. The entire time, my sister kept telling me she knew something like this was going to happen.”

4 The Twin Who Died


It would be a tragic day indeed if you predicted the death of your own twin. Some things should just be left to the unknown. No one needs to know when their favorite person in the world is going to die. That’s not only creepy, but truly tragic for the twin. "My uncle had a twin. My grandma said the day his twin got lost, he was very upset. He woke up in the middle of the night and ran to her crying that his twin was dead. They found his body in the ditch the next morning. Apparently, it was a hit-and-run. The time of death was eerily close to the time my uncle woke up his mother." We can’t even imagine what this must have been like for the twin who was left behind.

3 The Psychopath Twins

This creepy story is about twins, Jennifer and June Gibbons who were deemed psychopaths at the age of 18 because they decided to start a crime spree that got them put into an insane asylum. So, what did they do? These twins were creepy long before that, however, these twins refused to talk to anyone but each other as they grew up and even had their own secret language. Twins are super close, but these two tried to kill each other regularly. Jennifer tried to strangle June with a cord while June had tried to throw Jennifer off a bridge. The two twins decided they would never be normal unless one of them died. They both agreed it would be Jennifer. On the day they chose for her to die, Jennifer passed away from a rare heart disorder. Oddly enough, after Jennifer’s death, June did eventually leave the hospital as a normal person that went on to have a family.

2 Accused Of Cheating


These twins were accused of cheating because their essays were exactly the same, even though they were in different classes. The twins claimed they had never even discussed the ideas for the essays together. Talk about a strange situation. “In fourth grade, my twin brother and I were sent down to the principal for cheating on our essays. We'd written almost the same thing word for word, but we were in different classes and never discussed them. Then in seventh grade, he broke his collarbone in a soccer game. I was home at the time and had no knowledge of it, but started to complain to my mom about a sudden, sharp pain on the side of my chest. Turns out that it was the same side where his collarbone had broken.”

1 Seeing Ghosts

It’s possible that these twins saw a creepy ghost in the house when they were little. The worst part was they were the only ones that could see the creepy lady on the ceiling. When they told their mother about it, she was scared out of her mind and we really don’t blame her. “My sister and I were being given a bath by my mom when we were around 3 years old. We both pointed to the top corner of the room. My mom asked, 'What is it?" We replied, 'It's the lady. She's smiling.' My mom was so scared to turn around.” We would have been terrified to turn around as well. These are just a small sampling of hundreds of stories from twins who take creepy to a whole new level. We wonder whatever happened to that old lady.


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