15 Hollywood Confessions: We Can't Believe What These Personal Assistants Had To Do

Personal assistants can be a blessing to a celebrity. After all, they have such a hectic lifestyle. The downside of having an assistant, though, is when they decide to write their tell-all book about the horrible things that the celebrity did to them. It's definitely a risk.

If you've ever watched The Devil Wears Prada, you can somewhat imagine how terrible can be taking on the role of an assistant for a person in power. Not to say that all celebrities treat their assistants badly, but there are some whoppers out there. In The Devil Wears Prada, Andy had to jump through some pretty unrealistic hoops just to make her boss, who was the editor of a well-known magazine, even marginally happy.

As celebrity fans, we can't help but want to know everything we can about our favorite stars, so when assistants start talking, we can't help but listen closely. Who better to have the juiciest details about our favorite celebs than their assistants? They see them behind closed doors where the cameras are off. There have been many assistants that have gone public about how badly they are treated by the celebrities, but many won’t confess unless they know that their identities will be private. After all, they want to continue to work in the industry and who is going to hire an assistant who tells secrets. Here are 15 shocking confessions from celebrity assistants.

15 High Maintenance Supermodel

It's no big surprise that Naomi Campbell is on this list, after all, she made the news after she threw a phone at one of her assistants’ head. She had to publicly apologize for that one. It’s also not surprising that she has a high turnover rate when it comes to assistants. She's known to be very high maintenance and that can be a lot to take. One of her assistants revealed that the model required 25 lily-scented candles all over her hotel before she arrived. She wanted ten in her bedroom, five in the bathroom, and ten more in the living room. It must have smelt like a garden in her room. She also has huge demands when it comes to alcohol. She's also been charged multiple times with assaulting an assistant.

14 Khloe Kardashian Barks Orders

Are we even surprised? Since the Kardashians have come on the scene, it’s been nothing but drama and the sense of entitlement that comes with this family, who has basically done nothing to become famous, is astounding, to say the least. They behave like divas in every sense of the word, so it isn’t hard to believe that being their assistant could be an absolute nightmare. We could just imagine what it would be like to work for any member of the Kardashian family. One assistant spilled the beans about Khloe Kardashian and she wasn’t afraid to say that Khloe doesn’t do anything in her home. She told Radar Online, "Khloe doesn't lift a finger at her house! She just barks orders at her assistant and housekeepers to have the cookies and other goodies displayed so that they will look good on camera."

13 Butter At The Perfect Temp

When you’re eating butter, it has to be at the right temperature, right? Oh boy! This celebrity was exposed for his ridiculous behavior by an assistant that wrote a tell-all book. We told you it was bound to happen! Lydia Whitlock wrote a book called, To My Assistant: Things I’ll Never Do To You, But Many Other Crazy Bosses Will and it's filled with stories about nightmare celebrities with ridiculous demands. Whitlock wasn’t naming names, but the stories are still fun to read. In one, she stated how an important celebrity bit her head off because she brought butter with his lunch, but unfortunately for her, the butter was at the wrong temperature. After she got chewed out, she checked every butter packet to make sure that it was at the right temperature before she brought it to him.

12 Frank Sinatra’s Bald Spot

Diva celebrity behavior has been going on for a long time; it’s not just something new that we’ve been seeing. When you have boatloads of money, you figure you can pay anyone to do anything. Frank Sinatra is a legendary singer and truly a memorable person in Hollywood. During the 50s and 60s, Sinatra had a butler named George Jacobs that worked for him. Jacobs eventually wrote a book in 2003 about his experience being the butler to Sinatra. The book exposed all the insane tasks that the butler was required to do and some of them are quite unreal. He told about how he had to hire and pay for the “night-time lady visitors” that would come calling for Sinatra. He also had to spray cover-up on Sinatra’s bald spot. Apparently, Sinatra was packing a lot in the nether regions and his butler was expected to go out and find some specialty underwear that would hide his “considerable natural endowment” while he was at events.

11 When Your Boss Has OCD

It’s bad enough having a celebrity boss that has high demands, but what happens when you get one that also has OCD? We’re sure that you can just imagine the demands that this one assistant got from her boss. This assistant confessed that her celeb has some serious quirks that she had to deal with and showed us the list of demands on Reddit. “The only plants allowed in his house are cacti. He loves gourds. Inside of every gourd is a different Star Wars figurine. Chewbacca, however, is in two gourds. He will sometimes call me in the middle of the night and ask me to help him tune his voice. He will usually do this before high-stress public events. He can only eat off of plates made out of abalone shells." We would love to know who this celebrity is!

10 Madonna Hates Germs

Although no one is a fan of germs, Madonna goes to extreme to get rid them wherever she is. She means serious business when it comes to not being anywhere near germs. We’re not talking about simple household germs — she wants them eradicated even while on tour. Doesn’t she know that a few germs are healthy to keep our immune system in order? A source told InTouch Weekly that Madonna "had all of the commodes, showers, and sinks removed, scrubbed down, and then reinstalled before her concert at the Palais Nakaia concert hall in France.” It’s one thing to make sure that your hotel room is cleaned, but having the commodes removed and reinstalled is a little crazy if you ask us.

9 Justin Bieber Diva Behavior

Sorry, we just aren’t surprised by this at all. Considering Justin Bieber has been in the media practically since he was a zygote, this kid has no idea what it’s like to live in the real world. Justin Bieber’s housekeeper started to spill the beans on his celebrity behavior. There was a moment when Bieber was acting really crazy and attracting much hate. During these crazy days, he was apparently obsessed with “sizzurp.” If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a concoction made up of soda and codeine-based cough syrup. Talk about disgusting. He demanded that he have it all the time and most likely addicted to it. The source told Mirror, “I’m terrified he’ll become the next Michael Jackson. If he doesn’t act now, I will hear one day that he has passed away. It is heartbreaking."

8 Lady Gaga’s Sleeping Buddy

Lady Gaga is another high maintenance celebrity that expects the impossible from her assistants. For someone who has a ton of money, she was accused of not paying her assistant for the massive amount of overtime she owed her. We are not talking about a few bucks here and there; we are talking about $390,000 in unpaid overtime pay. The assistant took the singer to court and during trial, a few other secrets about the singer were leaked. One of the biggest secrets was that she forced her assistant to sleep with her. There was nothing sexual about the demand at all; Lady Gaga just didn’t like to sleep alone. She was also required to set out the singer’s soap and toothbrush for her every night because simple tasks like that are just too much for the celeb to do herself. Man, what a life this girl lives.

7 Jennifer Aniston Gets Assistant To Fan Her

We understand that working on the set of a movie can, at times, be harrowing, but it’s still no excuse for diva behavior. We are actually surprised that it came from Jennifer Aniston. While on the set of The Bounty Hunter, things got quite hot. In between scenes, Jennifer Aniston literally had an assistant to hold up a huge fan right in front of her face to keep her cool in between takes. The fan is enormous and it couldn't have been easy for him to hold it the whole time, but that’s the celebrity life for you. Just Jared was the first to post the picture of the star and we have to say, she should really be embarrassed. We didn’t even need a celebrity confessions from this one; the picture was exposed by Just Jared himself. It was said that Aniston required a fan on her at all times during filming.

6 The Vasectomy Talk

Usually, when it comes to personal matters, we try to handle those things ourselves because it can make for an awkward moment for both the celebrity involved and the assistant. But this celebrity didn’t care that he was tasking his assistant to set up a vasectomy appointment. Not only did the assistant have to set up the appointment, but there was also the consultation and then the post-surgery checkup. If that wasn’t bad enough, the assistant also had to relay a message from the doctor to her boss that he had to trim his scrotum areas before the operation. Talk about the worse conversation that you ever want to have with your boss. The poor girl said that it took a whole ten minutes to even relay the message to her boss because he couldn’t stop laughing. Note to all celebrities, don’t embarrass your assistants like this.

5 An iPhone Disaster

This celebrity sounds like a complete diva, and we feel so sorry for the assistant that had to deal with him. This assistant told the story of how her boss wanted her to go out and get an iPhone for his boyfriend. Why the man couldn’t do it himself is the real question. The problem was that the boss lived in Hollywood while the boyfriend lived in New York, which made it very complicated to get the cell service setup on the phone. She did as was asked, and just as she suspected, there was an issue with the cell service and her boss couldn’t get through to his boyfriend. He actually had the nerve to send an email to his boyfriend complaining that he wanted to fire his assistant for her “error.” The boyfriend didn’t seem bothered by any of it, which is probably how she managed to keep her job.

4 A Desperate Need For Toilet Paper

New York Celebrity Assistants was co-founded by a former celebrity assistant. Bonnie Low-Kramen used to do the dirty deeds of an assistant and now she gets to run the show in New York. She used to be an assistant for many years, so she has some pretty great stories. She said that one time, she received an emergency phone call from her boss who was in London, a whopping five hours ahead of Low-Kramen. It was 4 am where she was, and we can just imagine how unimpressed she was with the phone call. So, what was so urgent, that couldn’t wait? Apparently, the toilet paper roll in his hotel suite was running low and he needed her to call down to the front desk and ask them to come and restock the room. This entitled celebrity thought that it made more sense for her to call the front desk at 4 am instead of him making the call himself.

3 Mariah Carey Doesn’t Wash Her Own Hair

Well, it must be nice! Just kidding. The truth of the matter is, Mariah Carey wouldn’t be the first celebrity to say that they don’t wash their own hair. Of all things to request, we would think that this one would be an unusual request, but it isn’t. Washing your own hair seems like the simplest thing in the world, but Carey is having no part of it. An assistant told Naughty Gossip that the singer refuses to wash her own hair. “She has a professional do it at the salon or has an assistant do it! She couldn’t even work a microwave if she tried!” We understanding wanting to go to the salon every few days or having a personal hairstylist, but it’s weird that you would ask your own assistant to wash your hair.

2 Filming The Delivery

We assure you that the last thing an assistant wants to do is film her boss's wife while she's giving birth. This assistant was working for an award-winning cinematographer and he asked her to film the delivery of his child. It’s beyond inappropriate, and we imagine that any family member would have done the job. The celebrity couple knew they wanted a birth video, but were unable to find someone in the weeks prior that they trusted enough to record the special moment. So, they asked his assistant. It’s horrific to even think about. You would have to have an ironclad stomach to do something like that and it’s worse because she had to see these people afterward. There are a lot of gross things that go on during deliveries, and we feel terrible that this poor assistant had to see it all firsthand. She better have gotten a raise after that.

1 Kim Kardashian’s Sweater Fetish

Apparently, when it comes to her sweaters, Kim Kardashian is very particular. Kim Kardashian has had a lot of assistants, and we can just imagine why there is so much turnover. It might have something to do with the drama and the diva-like behavior that comes with the entire family. One assistant told Radar Online that when it comes to sweaters, they have to be folded a certain way. "Kim is very particular about how she wants sweaters folded, and in one incident, a staffer didn't do it up to her standards, so Kim took one sweater out of the middle of the stack, completely messing up what was just done!" Yes, you did read that correctly. She was put off by how the store clerk folded the store's sweaters, not even just the ones in her own home.

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