Long gone are the days when people thought that marriage was a time in which you would finally get to do the dirty more often than before. Maybe back in medieval times, when people did not have premarital intercourse that often, guys and gals looked forward to this part of

a sacred union. Nevertheless, things today are very different. In fact, the reality is the exact opposite in most cases. After you tie the knot, that appetite and everything that goes along with it starts to fade away. At least, that is what a lot of people rant about on the online forms.

Meanwhile, everyone is a human being, so you still need to have an outlet of some kind. And thank God for the Internet, right? Today, people can watch adult content pretty much anywhere. And believe it or not, married people probably watch as much of it as male teenagers. Still, you should make sure to keep the volume down not to bother anyone else in the house.

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