15 Gross Things You’re Doing She’ll Leave You Over

Are you in a relationship but find your partner is starting to act more distant? Perhaps the spark that used to lead to some booty bumping on a regular basis is gone. Or maybe you find yourself managing to land a date or two with a lovely person, but before you know it they're giving you the classic "It's not you, it's me".

But let's be honest, it may very well be because you are doing things that gross them out on a regular basis.

Below we have 15 things, primarily done by men (though some can be applied to both genders) that are sure to leave any lover running - or at least thinking about - out the door.

Whether it is deciding that your underwear needed a new brown shade added to it after your run to chipotle, thinking that taking a shower is overrated, or having a love session feel like it's with Freddy Kruger because of your nails; trust us when say these are habits that need to be altered.

These are the 15 gross habits that you'll want to make sure you aren't doing or you may find yourself spending too much time watching Netflix and chilling with Hand Solo.

15 You Give An Insider Look At Your Mouth Every Time You Eat

One of the most consistent things you do with your partner is eating food. So you better believe that if you're one of those people that eat with your mouth open, that you may be turning off many potential partners or your current lady love.

Nothing stimulates a conversation quite like having to worry about food particles making a mad jump from their mouth at every turn. Not to mention it runs the real risk of you also not being able to enjoy your food as much.

This becomes all the more frustrating of a habit to watch if you find yourselves out at a nice restaurant for a dinner date, only to find yourself getting progressively more turned off as the night unfolds.

14 You Refuse To Give The Loving Back In Bed 

While this list is full of things that you may be doing, this instead may be something that you are failing to do. And trust us, if you have a poor attitude towards this area of your relationship it still has the chance to ruin the relationship all the same.

Let's be straight up fellas, if you think engaging with the private parts of your partner is "gross", you're going to find yourself having a very bad time. Especially if your refusal to get up close and personal with any type of action that doesn't include some thrusting.

One of the most important qualities to having a long-lasting relationship is making sure you're sexually compatible and you definitely don't want to find out she's found out she is more compatible with someone else when she learns you're a lazy lover.

13 Not Cutting Your Nails Can Be... Painful

When it comes to personal hygiene there are several components that cannot go overlooked. Trust us, your nails are one of them. Painful and jagged edges can end a night of romance before it even begins.

Just picture this. You're lying down with your lady love. You run your hands over her body, only to hear her yell out in pain. Inspecting your nails shows weeks of neglect, and likely some seriously nasty things that have gotten under your nails; and have no business being anywhere near your lady friend.

It literally only takes a few minutes out of your day. Stop and look at your nails now. If they need trimming, you can bet your lady will be grateful for it later.

12 You're More Familiar With Fast Food Than Fresh Food

Nobody is going to hate on getting their fast food on once in a while, but one of the most attractive qualities that you can have to make you a desirable partner is being adventurous and that's something that can extend to the kitchen as well.

Being unable to modify your diet, and perhaps a diet that is what some may consider gross is a quick way to find out that you're going to be eating a lot more of your meals alone. After all, nothing may turn you off more or make your partner check out of the relationship quicker than someone who has given up on themselves and falling into poor eating habits is one way to show that.

Plus then when you cook, you may have something more adventurous than pizza pops at your disposal. Just make sure you don't combine a poor diet with a lack of clean dishes or you may really find yourself in trouble.

11 You Leave Stains On Your Underwear

Now if you're out with your buddies, you can imagine that if one of them suggests grabbing Chipotle, you may be super into that idea. You might, however, find yourself regretting that decision a few hours later. You know the feeling. Sitting on the couch, just watching some TV. Then your stomach starts to rumble and it becomes clear that you'll need a charged phone.

You'll emerge from the washroom a short time later, but please for the love of God make sure you wiped properly.

There's no way to sugarcoat this. Your partner should not have to worry about the poop potential of your booty. And if they start questioning it, I don't know how you unring that bell.

10 Who Needs To Take Care Of Their Teeth? Only Everyone

Do you know what is a pretty awesome thing? Getting to kiss your partner and knowing that they enjoy it when you get all up in their business. One way to make sure that they are a pretty big fan of that? Making sure that dental hygiene isn't something that you decide to push to the wayside.

You may forgive your partner if they have bad breath first thing in the morning. But it's definitely worth being a little late for work if it means making sure everyone that interacts with you is better off for the experience. That won't be the case with coffee breath.

It never hurts to make sure you have gum or mints on hand. But remember that only works as an addition to proper dental care and shouldn't be seen as a substitute.

9 You Think Objectifying Other Women Is Fun

Imagine taking your girlfriend out for a great date. You get to the movies, and all you talk about is how excited you are to see Emilia Clarke naked in the movie you're about to see. You get to the restaurant, and you spend the entire time staring at the hostess and waitress.

You hang out with your guy friends, and decide cat-calling as you walk down the street is totally appropriate and flattering. Objecting other women can take on many forms, but if your partner realizes it's something you do on a regular basis, you better believe you may find yourself out the door. And when you find yourself single, please don't think yelling compliments at women as they walk down the street is an effective strategy.

There is nothing wrong with finding beauty in other people, but it is very different when you go about expressing it in ways that diminish how your partner feels about herself.

8 You Can Wear Boxers Twice If You Turn Them Inside Out, Right? (No)

As someone who works from home, it can sometimes be easy to have things like laundry and making sure my partner has a clean pair of scrubs when she goes to work as a nurse all the easier to forget. But you better believe if my partner came home and realized that I've elected that changing clothes on a regular basis was something that was overrated, she'd surely find a very loving way to let me know.

A refusal to not only change your clothes but keep an overall tab on the laundry situation can also portray the message that you don't care enough about the general organization to keep on top of what is and isn't clean.

Similarly, it never hurts to earn some bonus points. And how is she not a fan if she comes home to clean pyjama pants and a warm towel for when she hops in the shower?

7 Why Not Add Some Risk To Your Life With An STI?

One of the most important components to making sure you are in a healthy relationship is making sure that you can trust the other person. One way to violate that trust is to spend part of your day telling your partner how much you love them while spending another part of the day trying to work your mojo and get all up in another girl's business (if you know what we mean).

Cheating may physically be gross, as STIs that can occur are definitely not the most pleasant of things and also have the ramification of tainting you as a person going forward.

Nothing may make future partners more wary of getting in a relationship with you than the knowledge that you've slept around in the past.

6 Just Because It Itches, Doesn't Mean Subtlety Disappears 

There are several areas on your body that you may find yourself tempted to "pick". The most prominent may be your nose. After all, picking your nose was a big enough thing to inspire an episode of Seinfeld. And for those unfamiliar with the show, Seinfeld's picking of his nose (though he says it was a scratch) cost him a relationship with a gorgeous woman.

Let's also not beat around the bush here and say that you may also be tempted to scratch your booty or front on a regular basis, but use discretion. No woman wants to see you fondling your junk in person, even if you are just going for a scratch or rearrange.

At the very least, make sure that if you're getting familiar with your body in these ways that washing your hands is the next activity you're planning to do.

5 You Think Showering Is Overrated

Guess what guys, showering most definitely is not overrated. Not only is it a great place to sing, it's also vital to making sure your love life keeps on flowing.

Trust us, nobody is going to be getting down and dirty with you if you're dirty (especially down there!). And it's not like showing is a male only thing. Imagine if your partner just decided to stop showering? Would that really fly in your book?

Could you also imagine being the person who got dumped because they smelled so bad? Don't make that something you put on your dating resume. Especially because if that happened, you can imagine showering in the future would be all the more depressing.

4 Is It A Messy House, Or An Obstacle Course? It's A Messy House

If you are living with roommates or by yourself, how you choose to treat your surrounding environment may be one of the biggest signs that your partner uses to determine on how you may act when the time comes for you to live together.

Don't get us wrong, we love getting our pizza on as well but that doesn't mean when she comes over she needs to see reminders of the last 5 times you ordered take-out.

Similarly, if you have hopes of sweeping her off her feet and throwing her onto your bed, you might want to make sure you sweep (literally!) and that there is nothing on your bed that would hinder your time booty bumping.

After all, nothing says unsexy like throwing her down and having her land on one of your XBOX controllers.

3 Getting Too Handsy On A Regular Basis

Don't get us wrong gentleman, there is nothing wrong with enjoying some time with Palmela Handerson. But if you're doing it to the point where it would be considered gross and excessive, you better believe it'll have the chance to end your relationship.

Countless people are in relationships that are sexually unsatisfying and feature a partner who chooses the affection of a screen over the attention of their partner. If it ranges to a point of addiction, you can find yourself forever impacting your sex life. If you're finding yourself spending more time by yourself than in the arms of your partner, you owe it to both of you to have a conversation as to why that may be the case.

Have a connection with yourself, but make sure that connection isn't coming at the expense of your relationship.

2 The Toilet Bowl Isn't Just A "Suggested" Target

Man peeing in toilet at home

The things that you do in the bathroom should ideally stay between you and the toilet. You know how it doesn't? When you leave urine all over the seat. When you decide that toilet paper doesn't need to be replaced. If you decide the toilet was only a suggestion for where you aim. Or if we're really nailing the stereotype when you leave the toilet seat up.

You can't be ignorant to the fact that women can struggle with bathroom issues as well. But you also can't deny that engaging in some of the behavior above, some of which is definitely more guy-centric, won't lead to some seriously awkward conversations.

And just in case you're not, please make sure to remember that everyone in society would appreciate it if you decided to wash your hands. Especially hands that you're hoping to put all over your lovely partner's body.

1 Not Caring About Your Hair

When it comes to your hair, there are several different ways that you may find yourself grossing out your lady. Perhaps the most prominent would be if you elect to do a poor job whenever you choose to wash it (which should be regularly). After all, nothing says unsexy like having her run her hands through your hair and then realizing it's time that she runs for the door. Perhaps even grosser for your lady friend may be when it's body hair that runs rampant.

If you expect your partner to keep their body in check, don't get offended when she points out that you may be getting hairy in areas that are less than pleasant.

While it may also not be gross, plenty of men have shot themselves in the foot with some seriously bad facial hair.

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