15 Gorgeous Women Who Dated Billionaires

Whether a night out, long-term relationship or getting married these are 15 women that know what it feels like to be flirted with by a billionaire.

When we read the news headlines that a beautiful entertainer is dating a billionaire critics start speculating whether the woman's intentions are good or not. Most women are happy to see their favorite celebrity finally finding an accomplished man, but you will be surprised what some of the women on the list had to deal with just to call a billionaire their boyfriend. We have all heard about high-profile relationships that lasted and others that ended terribly. Whether it is to have fun or find a potential wife just, these billionaires stopped at nothing to win the hearts of these beautiful women.

We included one married woman who accepted $500,000 for an event date and was disrespected countless times in one night. One woman brought home $372 million while her husband was suffering from an illness and another that lived a high maintenance lifestyle even her billionaire partner couldn't keep up.

Here are 15 gorgeous women that have dated a billionaire.

15 Cathy Schmitz And Richard Lugner

Many people that were familiar with Richard Lugner’s antics were not surprised that while he was 84 years old, he eventually married a 24-year-old model named Cathy Schmitz after dating for seven months. In 1991 Richard began the tradition of inviting beautiful celebrities to attend the annual Vienna Opera Ball with him. Even during his marriage to Cathy, instead of being side by side with his beautiful wife, he also had actress Brooke Shields on his arm for one of the events.

When the relationship ended, they both mutually parted ways, and Richard admitted that he had a good time with her but wanted to avoid confrontations in the relationship. It is not sure if her intentions to marry Lugner were good or not. Before they began dating Cathy wanted to take her TV personality career to the top. Maybe their marriage helped her land a job on Austrian version of Celebrity Big Brother.

14 Ameerah Al-Taweel And Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal

She was the beautiful wife of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who has an estimated worth of $18 billion. The two married when Ameerah was 18 years old in 2001. Prince Alwaleed is known as the Arabian Warren Buffet with an investment portfolio that includes being a shareholder of Citicorp and the Four Seasons Dubai to name a few.

Ameerah is not only a fashion icon, but she is also a philanthropist that fell in love with the highly confident business man that is shrewd in his business dealings. When it comes to investments, he believes in a wait and see approach without making quick decisions when his chips are up or down.

One of the interesting parts of their marital union is Ameerah decided to put the burka and hijab to the side, wearing form-fitting outfits that most women in Saudi Arabia can not wear for cultural reasons.

13 Naomi Campbell And Vladimir Doronin

During Naomi Campbell's successful journey in her modelling career, she has walked the runway for the most elite designers, and her face was on the cover of fashion magazines that every model dreams of. Naomi also won the hearts of some of the most high-profile men in the world. One of them includes Vladimir Doronin although he was still married to his teenage sweetheart Ekaterina.

The two had a fairy tale relationship taking lavish trips photographed by the paparazzi. In 2013, shortly after their breakup, Naomi was doing an interview for a magazine sitting at a VIP table at a restaurant in New York City. After she sat at a table close to Vladimir he immediately walked out of the restaurant, clearly showing some hurt feelings.

It is reported that the two had a bad breakup which led to a betrayal that Naomi Campbell did not see coming.

12 Luo Zilin And Vladimir Doronin

Model Luo Zilin seems to have something in common with Naomi Campbell. Not only was she on ‘Team Naomi’ in the competitive modelling show The Face but she ended up dating Naomi’s ex-boyfriend. Although she thought she could keep it a secret, the paparazzi caught the two, and the rest of the story is unfortunate.

According to the Daily Mail, Luo Zilin was friends with Naomi Campbell and decided to go behind her back and start to dating Vladimir Doronin even though she fully knew that he and Naomi used to be together. The paparazzi caught Luo and Vladimir on vacation together and shortly after, her modelling contract ended because of “Unprofessional conduct and unacceptable work ethic.” One has to wonder if Naomi Campbell had anything to do with Luo’s contract ending but let’s hope that she learned the women code to never date a friend's ex in the future.

11 Elle Macpherson And Jeffrey Soffer

When most of us were in high school, Elle Macpherson was one of the top supermodels in the 90s. She shared the title along with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and a few other iconic women.

She was once married to Jeffrey Soffer who is the son of the real estate developer Don Soffer. In the late 1980s, Jeffrey joined forces with his father's firm Turnberry Associates and eventually sold his stake in the company for $20 million that included two high-end hotels and resorts. Jeffery became the heir of his father's fortune of condo developments and his daughter (Jacqueline a.k.k. Jackie) works in leasing operations at a popular mall in Florida called the Aventura Mall.

Elle Macpherson and Jeffrey Soffer got married in Fiji back in 2013.

10 Wendi Deng And Rupert Murdoch

Wendi Deng was married to Rupert Murdoch for 14 years, but their relationship sadly ended in 2013. If you haven’t heard the name, Rupert is an Australian media executive for both the Herald and Weekly Times newspaper publishing. Instead of running his father’s organization, he started his business and turned it into one of the top largest media agencies in the world.

Wendi is Chinese American and graduated from Yale University. To the readers that think you have no options in life, Wendi came to the U.S. by herself with only a student visa that an American family helped to sponsor. Wendy Deng now has an investment portfolio of between $35 to $45 million.

There was a rumor that she was secretly dating the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin but she claims it is nothing but a rumor. She told The Independent, “I’ve never met Putin. But wow, so much press about it. Why did they choose me?”

9 Tyra Banks And Shervin Pishevar

If you are a baby boomer, then you watched Tyra Banks grow from a teenage runway model to one of the most successful business moguls in the industry. As time passed us by, many were wondering if she dated some men like Mark Messier, Tyler Perry, Italian basketball player Giancarlo Marcaccini, or Rick Fox.

Before she made a final decision with fashion photographer Erik Asla, there were rumors that she also dated the Iranian billionaire Shervin Pishevar in 2014. He is a savvy business man that co-founded Sherpa Capital with shares in Uber and Airbnb. The story is they met in fall of 2013 and started traveling at the beginning of 2014.

Tyra, the Harvard Business graduate, recently bought a penthouse in Manhattan with five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a gym, office, and a chef’s kitchen. When she looks out the window, she sees the statue of liberty and the Hudson River and her pad is worth $17.5 million.

8 Elin Nordegren And Chris Cline

One of the least suspecting women on this list is Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Not only did she swing a golf club at Tiger after finding out about his infidelity but she caught the attention of a billionaire philanthropist and entrepreneur named Chris Cline. While her marriage to Tiger had a tragic ending, Elin became vulnerable and fell into the arms of her next door neighbor Chris Cline. At the time, Chris was 55 years old, and she was 33. Bloomberg called Mr. Cline the “New King of Coal” in 2011 because of his contributions to his company Cline Resource and Development for improving the coal industry in the state of Illinois. His company has 3 billion tons of reserves in coal throughout the state and the Northern Appalachia. While they both tried their best to keep their relationship a secret, soon enough the media discovered the news.

7 Uma Thurman And Arpad Busson

Do you remember the Kill Bill days? Uma Thurman was at the top of her career after the Quentin Tarantino movie was released. Her talent and beauty attracted a wealthy billionaire into her life named Arpad Busson.

Arpad started out as a marketing specialist for a company called Tudor Investments. He eventually became a hedge fund investor and founder of EIM Group. The two started dating in 2007 for one year, got engaged and separated in 2009. Uma and Arpad were dating on and off but are now in divorce proceedings with details regularly printed in the media.

Arpad Busson was caught in an investment scheme by purchasing £145 million of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC products in either stocks or securities. The investment company was brought to court in the late 2000s for investment advisor trust fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and other unfortunate financial crimes.

6 Porsha Williams And Teodor Nguema Obiang Mangue

The Housewives of Atlanta Reality TV show wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without Porsha Williams Stewart. Most of her career includes drama between her castmates on the show. After she had divorced her husband and former Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Player Kordell Stewart, there were talks about her dating a man named Teodoro Obiang Mangue. He is the son of the African President of Guinea called Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. To get her attention, he reportedly bought her a Rolls Royce, a Chanel bag and a pair of Christian Louboutin high heels that Porsha wasn’t afraid to show in Instagram.

Another interesting part of this story is Teodoro used to date rapper Eve who is now married to a multi-millionaire Maximillion Cooper. Her Instagram is filled with photos of her on vacation, promoting her new podcast show, delicious plates of food and celebrities that she admires.

5 Kim Kardashian And Richard Lugner

In 2014 Richard Lugner, an Australian billionaire invited Kim Kardashian to the Vienna Ball although she was married to rapper Kanye West. Richard has a history of paying top dollar for celebrities like Christina Aguilera and others to perform at his events or simply walk around with him in public on a date. He also invited Kim’s ex-best friend Paris Hilton for a publicity stunt in the past as well. Richard Lugner allegedly paid Kim Kardashian over $500,000, and the worst part of this story is he called her “boring” because she did not want to dance with him.

I hope Kim thought $500K was worth all the drama. At the gala, a white man at the event dressed up in blackface mimicking Kanye West to stir up a confrontation. Although she walked away from him, she still had to stay at the event for an hour.

4 Mischa Barton And Brandon Davis

Unfortunately for Mischa Barton, she has recently struggled with her mental health issues and some of her most embarrassing moments were captured on camera by paparazzi. More recently Mischa was caught spazzing out and talking to herself in her backyard after a neighbor filmed the episode on camera. One of her friends released a video of her right after crashing a U-Haul truck into her new apartment while moving. What kind of friend is that?

Nonetheless, during her OC TV sitcom days, she was one of the top actresses in Hollywood. Mischa Barton dated Brandon Davis for one year in 2004, who is an heir to an oil and gas company called Davis petroleum. They met at a charity event, but it is said that the two had a troubled relationship that may have included drug abuse and cheating.

3 Natalia Vodianova And Justin Portman

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova was born into a low-income family in Russia and escaped her reality by becoming a fashion model. In her late teens, she moved out of her parent's house, signed a contract with a modelling agency, learned to speak English and traveled to Paris for modelling opportunities. One of the biggest designers that she worked for at the beginning of her career was Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent.

Natalia has married to billionaire Justin Portman, but it was not an easy relationship because of lifestyle and cultural differences. He admitted in a Facebook post (that he later deleted) that he had to keep up with her high maintenance needs and went into a rehabilitation center for 28 days because of marital stress. Justin Porter moved on after the relationship and began dating another model, this time named Anna Shut.

2 Christina Estrada And Sheikh Walid Juffali

Out of all the beautiful women on our list, Christina Estrada’s story may be the one that includes the biggest scandal. She was married to the heir of a billion dollar Saudi Arabian company called E. A. Juffali and Brothers, and his name was Sheikh Walid Juffali. Christina was a fashion model that made history for being in one of the highest divorce settlements in the United Kingdom. She won a divorce settlement of $372 million dollars for Sheikh to sustain her lifestyle she is used to having while with married to him. Similar to a drama scene out of a soap opera TV show Christina said, "The spectacular life Walid and I led was immensely fortunate and rarefied... I fully understand how this can be perceived in the wider world."

The unfortunate part is throughout the proceedings Sheikh was battling terminal cancer and died before the court case ended.

1 Eduardo Saverin And Rachel Kum

If you know anything about Facebook, you will know that Eduardo Saverin is the founder of the social media empire. He was born in Sao Paulo in Brazil and was one of the Harvard students that worked with Mark Zuckerberg to make the company what it is today.

In 2009 Eduardo moved to Singapore for business to avoid paying $700 million in taxes according to a Daily Mail article. Rachel Kum was a contestant of the 2009 Miss Singapore Universe, and while some media outlets believed that the two would tie the knot at a private wedding in the South of France, the relationship did not work out. Some media outlets revealed that if they did get married, he might have been planning to rent out 74 rooms at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat Four Seasons for the wedding. She did not win the title, but she won a few awards including Miss Personality.

Eduardo Saverin is worth $5.1 billion while Rachel Kum owns a cosmetics company called Rachel K Cosmetics.

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