15 "Good" Christians Who Turned Out To Be Sadistic Sinners

There are people all over the world who practise religion harmlessly and use it as a way to learn about themselves and the world around them. Unfortunately, many people choose to use religion as an excuse and cover for their sins. Everyone does bad things every once in a while, but when it comes to those who practise Christianity, it seems these bad things are sometimes seen as unforgivable. Christianity is sometimes seen as a judgmental religion to those who don’t practise it, but perhaps perception is skewed because there are so many exposed hypocrites.

It seems as like every day we’re hearing something new about someone we thought was good but turned out to be a total creep. When it comes to those who claim to be a particular religion and spread their words to those willing to listen, when someone is exposed as a creep, it takes away some of the credibility of the religion. Unfortunately, there are definitely a few bad apples that make the religion in question look bad for everyone. Some people misunderstand the things that they are taught or use words of manipulation to their advantage.

From murder to manipulating people for financial purposes, there are plenty of people who pretend to be "good" Christians but are actually pretty sadistic in the way that they choose to sin. Today, we’ve put together a list of the worst of the worst for you. Here are 15 "Good Christians" Who Turned Out To Be Seriously Sadistic Sinners.

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15 The Army Of God Is A Terrorist Group Against Abortion

The Army of God is an underground Christian terrorist group with roots tracing back to 1982. They are mostly known for their extreme beliefs and anti-abortion attacks. They claim responsibility whenever any anti-abortion or anti-LGBTQA attack occurs. They’ve been instilling fear and violence on people all over the country for decades. They put fear in people who deserve it the least and are nothing more than a terror group that uses religion to justify their disturbing actions. One of the most notable members is Shelly Shannon who was responsible for planning terrorist attacks and had an Army of God handbook in her home when investigators searched her house. They claim to act in the name of God, but would their god actually allow such hate to happen?

14 Ronald Brown Is A Puppeteer Who Wanted To Eat Children

Ronald William Brown was an active member of his church’s child ministry and was known for putting on creative puppet shows to teach the words of God. There would mostly be basic shows that we’re used to seeing in religious children’s lessons. He also would put on some more controversial shows in which he would speak against the dangers of pornography. Little did his followers know that he was actually a pretty big porn fan himself. He was caught with hundreds of photographs involving children in sadistic poses, such as bound and gagged and some even tied up in ovens. He had a strange desire to cook and eat children for Easter Sunday, but luckily, he was jailed before he got his chance. He’ll spend the next few decades in prison, however, there are still people on online forums across the internet who beg for his freedom because they think he’s still just a good Christian man.

13 Eric Robert Rudolph Used Nail Bombs At Abortion Clinics

Eric Robert Rudolph is a Christian terrorist known for attacking abortion clinics using nail bombs. He spent his childhood in a religious compound in Missouri known as the Church of Israel. He eventually joined the army but was kicked out for marijuana use. He later went on to attack several abortion clinics as well as a lesbian bar, all in the name of religion. We wonder what happened in this man’s life that caused him to believe that killing people in these particular areas was the right and just thing to do. People everywhere have opposing views, but killing people is never the answer. When it comes to terrorist attacks like these, so many people are killed who weren’t even involved in the political or religious agenda in the first place. Anyone who uses the word of God to justify murder and hate is wrong.

12 Josh Duggar Cheated On His Wife And Abused His Sisters

At one point in his life, Josh Duggar was a good Christian boy who was lucky enough to find reality-TV fame after working in a used car dealership. He was a church-going man and was committed to spreading the word of God. He was lucky enough to find a fortune in the documentation of his life as well as his 18 siblings. He found a good Christian woman and they had some good Christian babies. What people were shocked to find out two years ago, however, is that this good-Christian act was nothing more than a coverup for a perverted history. He was exposed for molesting four of his little sisters while they slept, using the adultery sight Ashley Maddison, and abusing a sex worker he had hired to cheat on his wife with. He also claimed he was sick and had an addiction to Internet pornography. No matter what his excuses are, he’s just another good Christian who turned out to be a sinner.

11 Warren Jeffs Abused Countless Little Girls

Warren Jeffs was born into a polygamist family with a father who had several wives and many children. He was the leader of the FLDS, a polygamist cult that continues to operate in the U.S. Once his father passed, he took over as the leader and married all of the widows his father left behind. He preached the word of God and many of his followers believed he was a prophet. He ran a strict compound where girls had to wear long dresses and keep their hair long and outside interaction, as well as the use of televisions and the Internet, were prohibited. After an anonymous tip spoke of Warren abusing children, the compound was raided, and it was discovered the tip was just the beginning of a horrifying discovery. Tapes of him sexually abusing young girls, as well as instruction books and even an altar bed for the rape of these girls, were found in this sicko’s own home He was sentenced to a life in prison. Unfortunately, Jeffs still leads the compound all from his prison cell using the phone and writing letters to stay in contact with his followers.

10 Colorado Springs Shooter Thinks Killing Innocent People Makes Him  A Warrior Of Babies

Robert Dear Jr. strongly believes in himself as a warrior for the babies. He is known to the rest of us as the sadistic killer who opened fire on a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, killing three people. A police officer, a woman in the parking lot, and a woman assisting her friend at the clinic were murdered by Dear, along with nine others who were injured. Of those three killed, none of them were people actively seeking abortions. He was clearly on a rampage and didn't care who he killed. He ended up killing three innocent people —the cop was there after getting a call about a shooter; one woman agreed to go to the clinic to support her friend; and the other woman was there warning the others of a shooter even after she had been shot. These are the real heroes — not some psycho with a gun who thinks he’s helping babies.

9 Jim Jones Made Everyone Drink Poisoned Juice

At one point in his life, Jim Jones was just another religious leader trying to gain a big following. He started his own temple and the following grew. Who knows at what point in his life he lost sight of the religious words he had originally been teaching, but he grew into a sadistic cult leader that caused a mass suicide resulting in over 900 lives being taken. He started his own religious compound where the people had to build their own homes and work for basically nothing. He strongly believed in communism, as well as his own analysis of the word of God. He eventually believed the best way for the group to move forward was to commit mass suicide. Many believe that it wasn’t necessarily suicide, as he scared many people to drink juice mixed with poison. Over 300 of the people who drank this poison were also children who had little say in religion, let alone suicide.

8 David Koresh Burned Everyone In His Church To Death

David Koresh is another sadistic Christian known for murdering those who followed and trusted him. He was the leader of a sect that split from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Waco, Texas. There was a tip that he was violating the use of weapons which caused the police to launch a search of the compound. This caused a standoff between authorities and the leaders of the cult, which then caused a 51-day siege. At the end of the siege, although it’s still not for sure what caused the fire, it is believed that David started a fire killing everyone inside the compound, as well as several members of the police force. There were countless innocent women and children who had been abused within the cult who ultimately met their fate in the fire.

7 Pat Robertson Thinks Shaking Hands With Someone Gay Will Give You AIDS

Pat Robertson is probably one of the most familiar faces on the list. He’s most known for showing up on your TV screen after you fall asleep on your couch and late-night infomercials take over. His show, The 700 Club, has helped build his multi-million dollar fortune, all of which he uses to buy fancy houses and maintain a wealthy lifestyle, despite what his religion teaches of wealth and greed. He believes the Las Vegas shooting was a result of us having little respect for Trump. He also thinks the most recent church shootings were a result of the shooter taking anti-depressants. One of his most ludicrous beliefs is that you can catch AIDS by shaking hands with a homosexual person. He’s not like others on the list who have murdered and tortured, however, spreading his hateful rhetoric to a mass audience is certainly something that would categorize him as a sadistic sinner.

6 Joel Osteen Closed His Doors To Those Fighting A Hurricane 

Joel Osteen is similar to Pat Robertson in that he hasn’t personally killed or tortured people himself, like some of the shooters on the list, but that's not to say he hasn't caused significant damage. He has, however, used fame, power, and money to manipulate people into believing whatever he says, only to help grow his wealth. He was under some serious fire during the most recent Texas hurricane in which he kept his church doors closed to people seeking help. He closed the doors to over 10,000 refugees who were then forced to endure the storm. How is this okay with his religious teachings? Hypocrites like this don’t deserve the fame and fortune that comes along with being a megachurch leader. He shouldn’t be living in mansions and driving nice cars for being a hypocrite of the same lessons he tries to preach. He uses religion and manipulation tactics to make sure his wallet stays stuffed.

5 Fred Phelps Protests At Funerals

Fred Phelps was the founder and leader of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church. They’re a group known for taking Christianity to the extreme by spreading homophobic, sexist, and overall hateful rhetoric. Fred Phelps has been described by his own children as a sadistic man. He organized protests at the funerals of notable homosexual people, as well as anyone who might have been involved in anything remotely on the LGBTQA spectrum. He was not known for physically hurting people, but his words and ideas have been heard by millions, and who knows what damage they might have caused. Not everyone who hears his hateful words have to follow what he says, but hearing such ignorant statements normalizes these thoughts that aren’t okay. As a person who acts as if they practise a loving and accepting religion, they are abusing power when they twist words and take advantage of people who are looking for an outlet to explore their faith.

4 Jim Bakker Abused His Secretary 

Jim Bakker was a famous religious televangelist who had everything most televangelists had until he was caught for fraud. As most religious figures on TV do, he cheated people and the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and found himself facing a 45-year prison sentence. He wound up only serving five years and is back on TV spreading more religious nonsense for a chance to make part of the millions of dollars he owes to the government. As if stealing money from people looking to you for religious guidance isn’t bad enough, he was also accused of drugging and raping his secretary before his prison term. Charges were never brought against him since he ended up paying her off in exchange for her silence. You can’t keep things like that a secret when you’re in the spotlight, however. Despite all of the scandal that surrounds him, he’s managed to maintain fame, taking more of a survivalist approach to his religious teachings.

3 Anita Bryant Hates The Gays

At one point in her life, Anita Bryant was known as a popular singer who seemed to have it all. She decided to mix her own religion with her political view, however, and found herself under fire for spewing anti-gay rhetoric. She eventually lost popularity and is now bankrupt. If she had just stayed out of politics and religion, she would probably still be successful to this day. Her hateful speech included ideas that homosexual people were dangerous to children. Many people disagreed with her, causing her to lose everything. People like her are why we have others on the list who take religion to the extreme and shoot innocent people in the name of God. Any god who actually believes that these sadistic monsters are right and just is not someone any of us would want to follow.

2 Jerry Falwell Used His Religion To Get Rich

Jerry Falwell is another Christian on the list who took advantage of his status and stole money from innocent people. He also raised children to share his beliefs and are continuing to spread the same hate. When someone seeks religious guidance, it’s usually to help them out in some way in their lives. Perhaps they are having financial difficulty and want to seek someone to help them through hardship. Or maybe they’re interested in learning more about their lives and how they got here and choose a religion to help answer some of those questions. Someone like Jerry Falwell should not take advantage of those people in need in order to make money. Asking for church donations just so it can go into your pocket untaxed is taking advantage of religion and our country, both of which they allegedly preach against.

1 Everyone Involved In The Catholic Priest Scandal

One of the biggest news stories to break in the past few decades has to be the one from the Boston Globe about a pattern of abuse by Catholic priests. It was apparent that for some time, Catholic priests were sexually abusing children seeking religious guidance from these adults they trusted. It was kept covered up by both the church and the parents of the abused children. The numbers were estimated to be in the thousands, though it’s hard to say for certain because not every victim will come forward. For parents who wanted to speak out against the abuse, payment from the church was offered in return for their silence. Priests would quietly resign so as not to bring about any scandal to the church. Nothing else was done to bring justice to these religious leaders, however, and everyone involved, both those who claim to be “good" Christians and those who don’t, are seriously sadistic.

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