15 Golden Rules To Picking Up Hot Women

There are a lot of guys out there that seem to have a hard time picking up a hot woman, and by that I mean they can't do it. There are also a lot of guys that consider themselves pickup artists; some guys even charge for their services, meaning they get paid to teach other men how to hook up with hot women.

I am here to tell you that this is rather silly. It really is not hard to pick up hot women, and you don't need to buy a book or to take a class to learn how to do  it. Most of what I am about to write is just common sense. A lot of it takes practice, it's true. But everything does, really. There is just about nothing in this world you will get good at without practicing, and picking up hot women is no exception. But with that said, if you are going to try and learn how to do something, and you are going to practice how to do it. What could be more of a fun thing to learn than how to pick up hot chicks?

What follows are 15 must-know methods of how to pick up hot women. They are pretty much foolproof. Really. If you are willing to do these 15 things, and do them moderately well, then you will find yourself in the company of good looking ladies quite often, and that is a promise. So check it out. Here are the 15 golden rules of picking up hot women.


15 Spend Money

So this might sound like I am saying that women are all totally materialistic and just want a rich guy. Nope. That is not what I am saying at all. But women do want to feel valued, and if you are buying her a drink, or even just tipping well, it gives her the hint that you are the type of guy that appreciates the things around him and are willing to throw some cash around to show that. It also shows her that if she rolls out with you she might have a good time. Let's face it, a lot of women out on the town want to party, but they don't want to pay. That is not exclusive to women, by the way, guys are like that too. So you could bemoan that fact and act like women are evil, or you could drop some cash and take advantage of it. I suggest you do the latter.

14 Have A Good Job? Flaunt It. Don't? Lie


Now before we go any further, this is an article on how to pick up women, not to meet your future wife. Obviously if you tell some woman that you are a lawyer and you went to  Princeton, and it turns out you are a landscaper with a high school degree, you probably do not have a long term future. But if you are just looking for the short term, if you do something interesting, or make a lot of money, play it up. Artists, writers, and actors, do well with the artsy set. Lawyers, investors and entrepreneurs do well with the more business-oriented chick. So if you are one of these, or do something similarly interesting, congrats, you may be in luck. If you don't, my suggestion is that you lie and say you do. If you feel bad about lying, that's cool, you will make someone a great boyfriend someday, just not tonight.

13 Pay Attention

This one is pretty simple but it is amazing how many times guys screw it up. Pay attention to her, listen to her, act like you care about what she has to say. I know this is shocking but women like to believe that guys are interested in them as a person. And maybe you are. But even if you are not, listen to her, and don't just nod your head up and down like a dummy either, make a comment here and there that lets her know you are interested. The fact is most women, even hot ones, want to believe that you actually find them interesting; it is an ego thing, and not only that, believe it or not they want to have a good time with you after you pick them up, not just roll in the sack with you and have you walk away.

12 Make Eye Contact


This one is huge. Eye contact is enormous. You can pretty much tell everything by looking into a woman's eyes. The thing is, though, don't be creepy about it. Don't get all weird or make this whole intense face when you are doing it, and for God's sake, you are not hypnotizing her or anything like that. But if you are doing the deep gaze into her eyes and she is doing the same thing back, then you are pretty much half way there. In fact you are probably closer than that. Human beings are nothing but animals, and the whole deep eye contact thing is about as close to a mating call as you can get. Keep her gaze locked in, and keep the pattern going and you are going to be hooking up with her more likely than not.

11 Don't Waste Your Time

Wasting your time on a woman is one of the biggest mistakes that guys make. This could go for a short term situation, or a long term situation. You don't have to be Columbo to figure out if she likes you or not- for God's sake, you can tell. I know you can. If she does not like you, move on. This is not some sort of challenge; you don't get an award if you get her to change her mind. While you are spending an hour in a bar, or a month with that chick at work, trying to charm someone into liking you, in the meantime there are probably five other women that you could have hooked up with if you showed them any attention at all. I know, you liked the one best that is ignoring you. Too bad. You can't always get what you want.

10 Like What She Likes


This one is really easy, but it is amazing how many people don't get it. She just came from a Bernie Sanders book signing. Hey what a coincidence, you love Bernie Sanders. She really can't stand guys who spend all day watching sports- why waste the day like that? I know, right? I mean, just last week, you spent all Sunday hiking in the White Mountains, and it was amazing. Of course, the reality is that you love Trump, and last Sunday you watched the Giants play, and ordered an extra large ham and feta pizza, and didn't leave the house all day. Who cares? Are you trying to argue with someone or are you trying to pick them up? If you are trying to pick her up, then like what she likes. That is all there is to it.

9 Be Unique

This might be surprising to you, but hot women get hit on all the time. Not only that but they get hit on by a bunch of guys that all do it pretty much the exact same way. You need to be unique to hook up with a hot chick. And right now you are asking me, "but how can I be unique, Leon?" Come on dude, that is on you. But whatever it is, whether you ghostwrite the memoirs of adult film stars, are a powerlifter, love to read the classics, used to live in New Zealand, spent a year interning on an organic farm - you need to own it. I am not saying that you want to talk about it incessantly but you do need to know when to bring it out to make you seem interesting, because sadly, women like guys who are interesting. So if you aren't, you better learn how to be.


8 Be Mysterious, Not Needy


Women do not like needy guys. It is the biggest turn off for a woman when a guy comes up, hits on them, and looks desperate. Which is kind of funny, because for a guy, a woman coming up and hitting on them and looking desperate is kind of the best thing ever. But anyway, women hate needy guys. Which is why you want to confuse them. The best way to hit on a woman is when she can't even really tell if you are hitting on them. Are you asking them out, or do you just actually want to get a drink? Are you trying to take them home or are you just flirting? Wait, are you even attracted to her, or are you just goofing around? She can't tell. A confused woman is a vulnerable woman, and if she is hot, you want even more to confuse her, because she is used to calling the shots. Throwing her off balance can do nothing but help you.

7 Be Funny. If You Can't? Don't Try

Women love guys that are funny. If you can keep her laughing, she might want to go to another bar with you, and if you can keep her laughing at the other bar, then she might want to go home with you, and if you can keep goofing around with her at your place, well, you get the picture. Women really just want to have a good time and laughter is a big part of that.  Now here is the thing, though- if you are not funny, do not even try. Nothing will kill things worse than a guy that is not funny trying to pick up a hot woman. It isn't like you can learn to be funny, however- either you have it or you don't. If you do have it then use it and make her laugh, if you don't then you better either be super-good looking or really smart or rich. Because hot chicks like funny guys.

6 Act Confident, Not Cocky


Don Quixote once said "If you want to be a knight, act like a knight." This principle also holds true if you want to pick up hot women. If you want to be seen as a confident, successful man that has a shot at picking up a hot woman, then act like one. This does not mean to roll up acting cocky; that is not the same as confidence, and in fact shows insecurity. Just be yourself, but act in a manner that lets the hot lady of your desire know that what you offer is enough, and that you don't particularly care if she is interested, because you will be fine either way. Women are an absolute sucker for a guy that is confident in himself, as long as he does not act like a cocky fool.  Be that guy.

5 Be Persistent

I know that earlier I said not to waste your time. So now that I am saying that one should be persistent, it probably seems like I am contradicting myself, right? Not at all. Don't waste your time with someone who does not seem interested, but if she does seem interested then be persistent, whether that be someone you are trying to pick up at a bar, or someone you see regularly at work. If you are good at this at all you can tell if she likes you or not. What she is trying to figure out is if you really like her. She doesn't want to go home with you and then find out you are just a player; she wants to know that you are really interested in her. So show her that. Hang in there with her, give her your attention. Your patience will be rewarded.

4 Ask Her To Go Someplace Else


This is what is known as a "heat check." You do not want to do this too early, of course, then you are in a bad place, and will probably get blown off pretty quickly. But if things are going well, then ask her to go someplace else with you, and I am not talking about your place. What I am saying is, ask her if she wants to go to another bar, go for a bite, go take a walk, whatever, really. The point of this is the hot chick you are hitting on gets a bit of an out by taking off with you, while she is still pretending she is not going home with you, but if she comes you know she pretty much will. The other positive is that if she says no, then you can move on and not waste your time with her anymore, and that is always a good thing.

3 Give Her A Light Touch

This is another heat check. Now when I say to give her a light touch, I am not talking about feeling her up, not even a little bit. So you are talking to a hot chick and things seem to be going well, then touch her arm once or twice as you talk to her. If that goes okay maybe you can move a little closer, or put your leg against hers under the table. If that works then you can start going at it a little harder. If at any point during any of this she acts put off by your touch, or body language, then cut your losses and go hit on someone else. This one is meant to not only see what kind of vibe you are getting from her, but to save you time as well. Be subtle though, this is flirtation, not assault and battery.

2 Act Like You Have Been There Before


You know when you see a basketball player make an awesome dunk then they pretty much fall all over themselves celebrating? You ever see LeBron or Russell Westbrook acting like that? Nope, they might celebrate a bit, but making an awesome dunk is just all in a day's work for them. It is the same when you are picking up a hot chick. Remember, you are not excited to be talking to her, she is not out of your league, and you won't be surprised when she comes home with you. No way, because you do this all the time- you are the best at this kind of thing.  Because when it comes to picking up hot chicks, who are you, Stephen Curry, or Beno Udrih? If you don't know who Beno Udrih is, then that is pretty much the point.

1 Don't Apologize For Who You Are

At some point in the conversation with a hot chick it is possible that you are going to catch some shade, and that she is going to give you a hard time for hitting on her. So, what are you trying to do when you are talking to her? You are trying to pick up a hot chick, that's what. And is there anything wrong with that? Nope, not at all. Now we already covered all of this, but don't come off cocky, don't come off like a jerk, be nice to her, listen to her, make her laugh. Do all of that. But also know that it is totally okay that you are talking to her for one reason, and one reason only, and that is because you think she is totally hot. That is okay, and you don't need to apologize for it, or feel bad. You can tell her you're sorry in the morning.

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