15 Girls Confess The Things They Did Behind Their Boyfriend's Back For Money

Times are tough, jobs can be hard to come by, and the bills seem to be never ending. Adult life is stressful and no one prepared us as kids for some things that we would have to do for money, just so that we could make that month's rent or keep the water running and the lights on. Money can drive people to do crazy things, keep secrets from the ones that they love, and it seems to be the root cause of most marital issues today, besides affairs. If you are given the opportunity to make some extra cash to help out with the bills, even though you know that it is something your partner would disagree with, would you jump on the chance at taking that money or would you turn it down in order to avoid any future fights with your partner?

Well, the girls in this article were faced with that decision themselves, and all of them took the money. Some regretted it and others are still doing it today, but it is a perfect example of the lengths that some of us are willing to go to in order to make some quick cash. Money does rule everything after all. Without it you would be left on the side of the street, with no clothes, no food, and no one by your side to help you out. So maybe some of these women were wrong in what they did, but then again, maybe they also just thought that there really was no other choice for them, so they did what they had to do and just kept it a secret from their boyfriends and husbands. Can we really blame them for it?

15 She Was A Secret Sugar Baby

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Most of you probably already know what a sugar baby is, but for those of you who do not, a sugar baby is typically a younger woman who gets financial support from an older gentleman or woman in exchange for a romantic relationship. A lot of people seem to have trouble finding the line between that and other transactions, but being a sugar baby is totally legal and apparently it can set you up financially big time, which this next girl found out. When this girl was having trouble making ends meet when it came to the bills, and she heard about a site where she could meet a bunch of old men who were willing to pay her just to go out with them, she jumped on the chance to do it. She said that she has never done anything that went too far with any of the men, but they just enjoy her company and in exchange they take care of her bills, groceries, car, and gas. This woman admitted that her boyfriend has since grown curious as to where she is spending all of her time, but when he asks she just responds with “work.”

14 She Sold Her Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring is a precious piece of jewelry that signifies the start of life together for a couple. Some people take these rings a little too seriously while others think that they are no big deal and that a little piece of jewelry says little to nothing about their relationship. Most women like to keep their engagement rings after getting married and traditionally, they will wear them along with their wedding bands because they cherish the expensive piece of jewelry so much. This next woman, however, decided that she didn't need a ring to define her relationship with her husband and felt that it was really just more of a thing that gets shown off to other people. So, when her and her husband hit a bit of a financial rough patch she decided that there would be no harm in selling the ring, if it meant keeping a roof over their heads. She admits that her husband has not yet noticed, but that she is a little worried about how he may react once he learns the truth.

13 She "Squashed" For Money

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One woman, who was slightly fuller figured, was sitting outside on a bench during her lunch break talking on the phone to someone about how she didn't know how she was going to come up with enough money to pay the electric bill when a strange man approached her after she put down the phone. The man said to her that he couldn't help but overhear her conversation and that he wanted to help. Intrigued, she told him to have a seat next to her and that she would hear him out, but when he brought up her weight she started to err on the side of caution since she was already offended. He went on to explain that he was not trying to be rude, but that he had a strong attraction to women of her size and that he was willing to pay her $700 dollars. All she had to do was sit on top of him. She agreed to do it, and she says that to this day it was the easiest $700 dollars that she has ever made. Apparently this is an actual thing that people do called "squashing."

12 She Became A Professional Cuddler

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This next girl said that the craziest thing that she has ever done and still does to this day for money is charging people to cuddle with her. She said that not only does this pay well, especially considering it is something that she only does in her free time, but that it actually helps her stay stress-free. Apparently cuddling is a pretty big business, but many never would have guessed that people actually pay other people to cuddle with them. This girl says that she understands that it might sound a little creepy, but that there is nothing weird about it at all and that it is totally clean. It is just two fully clothed people cuddling on either a couch or in a bed together for a while, feeling the warmth of one another and relaxing. Her clients say that they would choose this over a massage any day, although she still has yet to tell her husband what she has been doing.

11 She Sent People Pictures Of Her Boyfriend

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Sending private photos seems to be a rising trend since cell phones have taken over society. In fact it, is almost expected of you to send them in relationships today. Most people have these kinds of pictures of both themselves and their partners on their phones these days and it can be easy for these pictures to end up in the wrong hands or sent to the wrong person. What this girl did with her boyfriend’s photos, however, was completely uncalled for and illegal. When she couldn't quite make her half of the rent she went looking on Craigslist for random gigs to make up the extra cash. This is when she stumbled across a slightly older lady who was offering $500 for photos of men significantly older than herself. If you have not yet put two and two together, this means that the woman in this story sent all the pictures she had of her boyfriend to this older lady and cashed out on them. Our guess is that he probably wouldn't be too happy if he found out what she did.

10 She Became An Online "Model"

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The girl in this story was sick of going back and forth to work every day, tiring herself out, and never having time to really do anything. She took to the internet to find things that she could do from home, and she stumbled across many options, such as being a sugar baby, online surveys, data entry, and they all seemed pretty boring to her. That is until she came across being a webcam model. She loved the idea of just sitting in front of her webcam for an hour or two each night, having a little fun, and making good money while doing it. However, she did not want her boyfriend to know, so she would wait for him to go to work at night, get her computer out, and do her thing. He was a little curious as to how she suddenly started making so much money, but she just told him that she got a raise at work. During the day she would still go out, as if she were going to work, but in all reality she had actually quit her full-time job.

9 She Gave Foot Massages

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To be totally honest with this one, most people would think that $50 would definitely not be enough to convince them to let some strange man rub their feet. This girl must have been really desperate for some quick cash. It is completely understandable that some people are willing to do anything for a few bucks, but this man could have been anyone. We can't help but wonder if she ever heard of the Craigslist attacker who was getting girls to let him massage them before attacking them. It is because of things like this that most people would never be willing to just meet any strange man from Craigslist, especially to let him rub their feet. This lady went on to confess that the man also photographed her feet, and it seems to me like this is something she should let her boyfriend know about just in case she goes missing.

8 She Dated Her Boss In Exchange For A Raise

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This next girl wanted a raise at work so badly that she went to her boss, telling him that she would be willing to do anything to get that raise. Her boss agreed to give her that raise under one condition: she had to go out with him. He wasn't just talking about one date either. He wanted this girl to go out with him for as long as she wanted the raise, and he said that unless he got bored with the dates that she had to continue seeing him or else she would lose the raise. Obviously she kept this from her fiancé, and she felt horrible for accepting the offer, but said that she really needed the money and saw no other options. She also joked, saying that this way, not only was she getting a pay raise, but free meals on the weekends as well. The two have not engaged in anything too inappropriate yet, as it has just strictly been going on dates.

7 She Was A Secret Part-Time Masseuse

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We have all had some super jealous partners in the past. Some people get so jealous that their partners aren't even allowed to say hi to someone of the opposite gender. This next woman sounds like she has a boyfriend who is one of those overly jealous and clingy people because apparently he doesn't want her hands on another man even if it is strictly professional. He even made her quit her job as a masseuse and find a different line of work. So, when she started coming up short for money with her new job she decided that it wouldn't hurt to take some gigs on the side giving massages to other men as long as her boyfriend were to never find out. Sounds like instead of finding herself a new job, she should have just found herself a new man. It probably would have been easier and less stressful in the long run.

6 She Ate A Burger For Money

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This next confession is more on the lighter side than some of the others that we have heard so far, but that probably would not have made her boyfriend any less angry with her. This girl and her boyfriend decided that, in order to try and live a healthier lifestyle, they were going to go strictly vegetarian together. They made vows to one another that they would never eat even a bite of meat again, but what this girl's boyfriend doesn't know won't hurt him. She went out to eat one night with a big group of friends after work. When one of them got sick of her salad-eating ways and double dared her to eat an entire burger on her own, to sweeten up the deal, he even threw in an offer of 20 bucks. She admitted that she probably would have taken the dare even without the money because she missed burgers so much, but that she instantly regretted it after eating it.

5 She Struck Up A Deal With Her Mother-In-Law

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In-laws can be terrible; they always have an opinion, they march into your house barking orders, and they always make things super awkward. That was especially the case for this girl when her mother-in-law came to her complaining about how horrible, dirty, old, and run-down her husband's clothes were. The girl explained to her mother-in-law that she knows the clothes are not in the best condition, but that he refuses to get new ones because he just does not want to part with the ones that he has now. So in an attempt to get her son to wear something new she offered his wife 100 dollars to go into their room and cut up all the clothing that he had, forcing him to buy new stuff and that she would even pay for the new clothing. Of course the woman jumped on the opportunity and after destroying the clothing she made it look like the dog did it so that he would not be mad at her.

4 She Accepted $500 From Her Mother-In-Law To Give Her Grandkids

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This next couple had been married for about two years when the discussion of having children came up at a family dinner. The girl did not mind the idea of trying for a baby, but the man put his foot down and said no. He was not in any way ready to have a kid just yet because he was just starting out with his career as an ER doctor. This is when his mother pulled his wife aside in private and offered her 500 dollars to stop taking her birth control without him knowing because that's how bad she wanted grandkids. She figured that the 500 dollars could go a long way, and she did want a baby anyway, so she gladly accepted the offer. She is now about 7 months along in her pregnancy and has since told her husband that the birth control that she was on simply failed.

3 She Modelled For A Random Man Who Approached Her At The Mall

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Modelling can be fun and definitely raises your self-confidence, but there are some occasions where modelling can become weird and creepy, like for instance if some random man offers you money to model for him in the privacy of his basement. That just yells Criminal Minds to me, but maybe we have just seen one too many horror movies. Well, this girl was approached in the mall after her card was declined by a man who offered to pay for everything in her cart and then give her cash, if she agreed to meet up with him at his home and do a little modelling for him. She was creeped out at first, but since he had a business card and seemed pretty wealthy, she said yes and went through with it. When she arrived at his house, he took her down to his basement where he had an entire set-up, and she never felt prettier in her entire life, and he even paid her an extra 300 dollars before she left.

2 She Sold His Grandfather's Watch

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What this girl did was extremely low and uncalled for and she definitely does not deserve the man that she is with. She went on to tell us how her boyfriend had received a watch a few years back from his grandfather who had since passed away. He loved the watch and it was the only thing that he had left from his grandfather. Still, she decided when she didn't have enough money to go buy new clothes that it would perfectly acceptable to go sell this man's watch without him knowing. He has since started looking for the watch and was very upset that he could not find it. If he ever found out the truth that would be the end of their relationship. Not to mention that he would probably take her to court. What she did was wrong and we can only hope that karma comes her way.

1 She Sold Her Wedding Dress

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Things can get tough sometimes, and money always seems to be an issue, which is something that this woman was starting to realize for herself when she and her husband could not stop arguing over money. They were both worn-down, working full-time jobs and coming home to take care of their daughter after work, only to realize that they were coming up short every month to pay the utilities. Tired of all the arguing and angry phone calls from the bill collectors, this woman decided to take matters into her own hands. She thought that the best way to solve the issues that they were having, and get ahead of the game, would be to sell her wedding dress for some extra quick cash. You might not see anything wrong this at first, but apparently she and her husband had agreed that they were going to pass that dress down to their daughter, so she has no plans on telling her husband any time soon.

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