15 Frat Boys Who Got In (Embarrassing) Trouble On Social Media

From Animal House to American Pie, the antics of fictional frat boys have been entertaining us for decades. Being in a frat is all about brotherly love, booze and getting stooopid, yo. Like, really stupid. Your typical frat kid thinks that it’s smart to shotgun three beers, pass out naked on the lawn and then try and hook up with some random chick.

We know that frat boys like to party hard, and for the most part leave them to it, but sometimes when frat boys are left to their own devices things get out of control.

Some of the stuff they do – like beer bongs and ping-pong tournaments – might seem innocuous enough, but what happens when they cross the line? It’s no surprise that in these modern politically correct times, when frat boys get on social media, bad things happen. Mistakes get made. If you take stupid s*xist racist idiot, add a microphone connected to the whole internet you get some pretty disastrous results. These frat boys took the “dumb frat boy” thing and took it to a whole nother level of really? You thought that was okay?

From racist chants to broadcasting their side action to the whole world, we have the best of frat boy social media fails here. In this list you’ll find frat boys who have all of the white privilege, frat boys still stuck on the wrong side of the Civil War and frat boys who just couldn’t keep it in their pants. You’ll also find some extremely offensive humour and some major errors in judgment.

While we recommend these morons stay off Twitter and Facebook until they figure out how to conduct themselves in the real world, these social media posts and DMs certainly make the internet a more colourful place… We hope some of them learned their lesson.


15 Nick Lutz

Via: pbs.twimg.com/media/C44s0RsVMAQ5T7R.jpg

Nick Lutz thought he was being clever when he posted a letter from his ex on twitter – complete with his own grammar corrections in red pen. After all, it is University, right? What’s the point of writing something if you’re not going to get feedback?

While on the surface, this whole situation seems like harmless mockery, I can understand why it might have seemed mean-spirited and unnecessary on the part of his ex. At the same time, once you mail a letter, it’s out of your hands and you’d think that the recipient would be allowed to do what he likes with it.

Unfortunately, his university didn’t see it that way, considering the posting of a private letter an invasion of privacy on the part of his ex. Lutz was temporarily suspended for his actions (though he was able to successfully appeal the suspension).

Maybe next time he’ll just mail it back to her instead of putting his private life on display for the world to see.

14 Harry Vincent


Harry Vincent was just another racist on twitter until his university found out about his online posts and deemed them offensive. The Texas Christian University student posted things like “Baltimore in 4 words: poor uneducated druggy hoodrats” and “Chill the F$%^ out you Islamic shithead.” Way to show off your Christian values, kid. Who wants to bet he hasn’t even been to Baltimore?

Vincent received a “suspension in abeyance,” meaning that while he could still attend classes, he couldn’t participate in campus activities for one year. While he may have been banned from extra-curriculars, his skewed views probably found a way to bubble through in class. The good news is that he was only 19 when he got in trouble, so maybe he’s had time to learn to be a little less racist since then.

Some might argue has a right to freedom of speech, but maybe now he’ll think twice before he fires off his mouth online.

13 Kyle Weber


This frat boy seemed to have a premonition based on the wording of his tweet. While he didn’t end up hospitalized, he did end up short one jersey – or at least we hope he did.

Waka Flocka Flame isolated this guy in the crowd and asked him for his jersey. When Kyle handed it over the rapper promptly turned around, pulled down the seat of his pants and wiped his bare butt with this likeness of the president. He then threw the jersey aside. We’re not sure if Kyle got it back, but if he did it probably had a little extra something special on it… if you know what I mean.

Was it all a stunt? Did Waka Flocka read the tweet and seek out the jersey in the audience? Or was he just standing on stage when he happened to notice this Trump fanboy? Either way, he got what he deserved. What did he expect when repping the big man at the show of a guy who once rapped: “F$%^ Donald Trump, man. I’m sending you straight to Mexico to live in…”?

I hope Kyle got a new jersey – oh, wait, no I don’t. Maybe try repping an NBA player next time. Might go over better.

12 Callum Rahman


When Callum Rahman saw that Snapchat had created a map update to track his friends’ location, he thought he’d make a crack about how his buddy looked like he was fooling around with his fourteen-year-old sister. Fortunately, this was a joke, and his sister wasn’t hooking up with her brother’s creepy older friends.

Unfortunately for him, there are a lot of people on twitter, and as his tweet went viral, the joke got lost in translation. Suddenly there were thousands of people on the internet who thought that Callum’s buddy Niall, was a pedophile and, thanks to the map update screenshot in the tweet, knew exactly where to find him.

Callum later took to the internet to explain away the joke, and it doesn’t appear that any vigilante actually took action against his poor innocent buddy, but I’ll bet he thinks twice before he makes another crack like that on the internet.

11 AJ Schwab


AJ was an Ohio State student whose girlfriend was away, so in a private text he invited another girl over. After their exchange she posted the whole thing on snapchat, with AJ’s last name blurred out. Unfortunately for him, the snapchat went viral and suddenly the whole internet embarked on a chase to find out which Ohio State AJ was the culprit. Soon other AJs were commenting, claiming innocence and hoping the cheating culprit was found out. Eventually it turned out that AJ was AJ Schwab, and given that the whole campus discovered it, his girlfriend certainly eventually found out about his misadventure.

While there’s no actual cheating in this text exchange – if he’s really smooth and/or lucky, he might be able to get away with saying they were just going to hang out and watch a movie – AJ’s intentions here are pretty clear. Whether or not AJ’s lecherous texts ended his relationship, being mocked by the whole internet is enough punishment for his actions.

10 Taylor Ragg


Taylor Ragg didn’t like one of his classmates at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, but instead of ignoring her like a normal person, he posted a link to her profile on Facebook where he encouraged his friends to report her as an illegal immigrant in the hope that she would get deported. Unfortunately for him, it turned out that the classmate he targeted was in the country legally and she struck back with a YouTube video asking that action be taken against Taylor.

This whole thing seems like petty grievances taken too far – like elementary school kids whining to the teacher that they don’t want to sit next to each other. Of course, at the root of this petty grievance was racism and xenophobia, but still – couldn’t they just work it out?

Instead of getting her deported, Taylor was expelled from the school for his racist actions. Hey, what goes around comes around, right?

9 Brock Denton


There’s nothing offensive about wearing blackface to go as a r*pist for Halloween. Oh wait, there is? Damn, never thought of that.

The reasons why you shouldn’t do this shouldn’t need to be laid out, but here they are. If you’re a white kid, don’t do blackface. Period. It looks bad, and sends a bad message. Second, if you are going to do blackface (which, again, you shouldn’t do) at least do it well. This kid looks like he just dunked his head in a bucket of chunky house paint for his costume. Third, if you’re going to try and go as a black person, at least make it someone worth going as. Bill Cosby tormented dozens of women over a career that spanned decades in the public eye – he’s not someone who needs to be seen more than he already is.

Besides, aren’t frat parties about getting with girls anyway? Did you really think that dressing up as a creepy old guy was going to get you laid?

The caption on this Instagram says “it was a bold night” and I’ll bet it was. Clearly Brock knew that his costume would raise a few eyebrows but it did a lot more than that – it got him expelled.


8 Levi Petit & Parker Rice


Levi Pettit and Parker Rice make some of the other racially charged entries on this list seem positively welcoming by comparison. While standing on a school bus, The Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) frat members at Oklahoma University led a Deep South racist chant straight out of the 1950s:

There will never be a n#$%# at SAE

There will never be a n$%^% at SAE

You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me

There will never be a n@#$@ at SAE

Is this a frat initiation or a Klan initiation? I’m honestly not too sure. Segregation? Check. The n-word? Check. Lynching reference? Check. It has the perfect trifecta of racial invective you’d find at your typical KKK meeting.

A fraternity member posted the video on YouTube where it was quickly discovered by the authorities. Once questioned, the offenders claimed that they were not racists themselves but were “taught” the lyrics by senior members of the frat. Newsflash: if you’re saying stuff like this, you’re racist, bro. And this stuff is still being passed down through the generations? Is this the 2010s or the 1910s?

The frat was closed down and Pettit and Rice were expelled from Oklahoma University.

7 Kyle Doyle

Kyle Doyle wasn’t the first frat boy to spend the night getting wasted and call in sick the next day. It’s a tradition that’s been around as long as people have been drinking underage. But this Australian call centre employee’s mistake was bragging about his exploits on his Facebook page. When he sent his boss a solemn sick note, he got a message back snarkily asking if his “sickness” had anything to do with the “SICKIE WOO!” he had blasted out on the internet.


We’d suggest making sure you’re not Facebook friends with your boss next time you want to brag about skipping work to get drunk or, you know, adjust your privacy settings.

It’s not clear whether Kyle was fired over this incident, but he certainly got reprimanded, not to mention laughed at by all his co-workers the next day. Let’s hope he at least had a good night out.

6 Sean Duffy


Sean Duffy took “trying to be funny on the internet” to a whole new level. This cretin clicked through Facebook looking for memorial pages devoted to teenage girls who had recently died. Then he posted snarky comments mocking or s*xualizing the recently deceased. On the page of one 15-year-old girl who had committed suicide by jumping in front of a train, he posted a doctored image of Thomas the Tank Engine with the girl’s face attached.

While being mean on the internet is a pastime for many a keyboard warrior, the level of cringe here is brutal. First of all, if there’s ever a time to leave someone alone, it’s after they’re dead. It only takes the smallest dose of human decency to leave the dead be. Second, dead or alive, it’s creepy for a twenty-something man to be searching up images of young teenage girls at all.

The Facebook troll couldn’t hide behind his screen forever, though. Eventually he was arrested and charged with harassment for his tasteless “jokes.”

5 Tyler Pommier & Thomas Evans


Thomas Evans of the University of Louisiana Monroe asked his Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers for help with his research paper. On the surface this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Hey, at least this university student is taking his education seriously and not using his frat’s GroupMe to talk about keggers and chicks, right?

Not so fast. Once the responses start pouring in, you get a sense of the true nature of this frat – to maintain ideals that went out of fashion three generations ago. While most of the suggestions are racially insensitive, Tyler Pommier takes the cake for biggest douchebag. One of the other guys even tries to shut him down in a “STFU, dude, you’re making me embarrassed to be low-key racist” kind of way, but Pommier blows right past the stop sign.

The thread was reported to the university and the fraternity was suspended for violating the ULM Code of Student Conduct. And, you know, being horribly racist.

4 Timothy Piazza Frat Boys


Timothy Piazza was a 19-year-old freshman trying to join the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Penn State. During his initiation, Piazza was forced to drink an inordinate amount of alcohol, and staggering around afterwards, he fell fifteen feet down a flight of stairs. He was critically injured in the fall, passing out from a head injury and dying the following day. While he lay on the couch succumbing to his injuries, the Beta Theta Pi frat boys participated in a GroupMe chat where they discussed how ill Piazza looked and decided against calling the authorities in case they got in trouble. Later messages worry about the frat being shut down and include suggestions that they lie to the police about where they found him.

By the time the frat boys realized that Piazza was dying and called the ambulance the next day, it was too late to save him. The frat was shut down and eight members were charged with manslaughter.

Perhaps most chilling is the following exchange:

“You can’t blame yourself.”

“How can I not? I don’t think you fully comprehend the situation. He looked f***ing dead.”

3 Alex Bregman


Alex Bregman, former second overall draft pick in MLB and now a star third baseman for the World Champion Houston Astros, took issue with a fan who posted on twitter that he should be traded. Bregman sent the fan an angry private message about his trade proposal, saying he didn’t know anything about baseball. The two got into an argument over Twitter DMs, culminating in the memorable line, “I forgot I shouldn’t give flees on the nutsack of society the time of day” (sic). When the fan, AllenH, tweeted out a screenshot of the private message, it got coverage in the national media, and the embarrassed baseball player deleted his twitter account.

First of all, if you’re a professional baseball player, you should be able to take criticism. Second, the fan was suggesting trading Bregman for Chris Sale – the best pitcher in baseball. It’s not exactly insulting to be floated as a trade chip for a player of that calibre. Third, the fan never even @ed Bregman in his tweets, meaning that Bregman looked himself up and took issue personally.

I guess the former frat boy should have stuck to what he knows best – plastering baseballs – and left the tweeting to the rest of us.

2 Luke Phippen


The image pretty much sums this up. This genius thought that it was a great idea to post this joke on Facebook. While it may have seemed funny at the time, was it really something he needed to share with the world? Evidently, his girlfriend didn’t think so, as can be seen by the relationship status change. It took Luke only four minutes to go from “this is funny” to “I’m flying solo”. That must be some kind of speed record.

It’s one thing to be a s*xist dude, but don’t forget you’re dating a woman. He has a dim future in dating if that’s how he likes to please his women. We’re not sure if his girlfriend broke up with him because he’s s*xist or because he has horrible taste in humour.

And if he really had the urge to post a sexist joke on the internet, couldn’t he have at least used a good one? Like something that actually gets half a laugh? This groaner is hardly worth getting broken up with over.

1 These Stupid Members Of The Pi Kappa Alpha Frat


There’s stupid and then there’s downright idiotic. The members of this frat at Florida International University casually used their official Facebook page to deal drugs and post creep-shots of naked girls. It’s no shock that frat members like to party hard, but last I checked cocaine and weed were still illegal substances in Florida. The frat also used the Facebook page to post about cheating on exams and discuss hazing pledges.

While all of that stuff is frowned on by society, it's not that surprising to see them live up to their reputation as a bunch of young hormonal frat boys. But at least have the decency to pretend you’re not a bunch of rapey, pill-popping plagiarizers! You’d think they’d have taken at least the drug dealing to PMs, if nothing else. Maybe they need to enrol in Drug Dealing 101: keep it on the down-low.

Eventually the proper authorities were alerted to the Facebook page by fellow students, and the frat was suspended from operation. Next time sell your drugs on your own time…


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