15 Fitness Gurus Who Are Killing It On Social Media

Today, it’s easier than ever to gain fame – and in some cases, fortune - by utilizing social media, getting a web presence, and showcasing your talent

Today, it’s easier than ever to gain fame – and in some cases, fortune - by utilizing social media, getting a web presence, and showcasing your talents or your passions to the world and like-minded people. These social media personalities should count themselves lucky that they’re around during a social media boom – they’re clever cookies who’ve used various platforms, like Twitter, but mainly Instagram and YouTube, to get to the top and build online personalities that the world wants to see.

They’ve each got plenty of recognition, and rightfully so, because it takes a certain type of person to stand out and achieve success in the highly saturated social media world of health and fitness. Every day tons of people are creating Instagram accounts dedicated to getting themselves out there, showing off their own physiques to the world, perhaps providing motivation and training, dietary advice. Millions post videos on YouTube – transformation videos, or workout videos – in an effort to become the next big thing in the health and fitness industry. I’ve mentioned, the health and fitness side of things on social media is highly saturated and it has been for some time. So for these guys and girls to stand out like beacons of light amongst a sea of mediocrity just goes to show how well they’ve harnessed social media, and have marketed themselves to the masses.

Some of these 15 social media personalities may have had some levels of success before building their web presences, but their names really became synonymous with the health and fitness world when they became known on their various social media channels. Check it out: 15 of the biggest stars in the health and fitness world who can attribute much of their success to social media.

15 Rachel Brathen

Swedish-born Rachel Brathen is known on social media as The Yoga Girl. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why; yep, she’s all about yoga – she uses yoga to keep her mind and body heathy.

Rachel’s not just part of this new yoga craze. She’s been obsessed with the art of yoga for years; it’s all her life’s been about since she left Sweden after school and travelled around the world in order to explore the intricate studies of yoga, and how it can benefit a person physically and spiritually. She then went on to teach yoga, and is based on the Caribbean island of Aruba – not a bad place to settle down and set up shop! Rachel’s also an avid entrepreneur, and has utilized social media to get her products and services out there.

This woman’s about all-round fitness by way of living the yoga lifestyle – something that evidently appeals to a ton of people.

14 Krystal Lavenne

Krystal is a wild chick who’s always been around in the fitness world. She’s a gym rat, a fitness model, and regularly steps on stage to compete – she just loves all things fitness. But that’s not why she’s on this list. She makes this list because of her work with Generation Iron Fitness and Bodybuilding Network, where she hosts videos on their YouTube channel. It’s safe to say that many people tune in just to see Krystal do her thing. She was born to host, has an extremely comfortable nature in front of the camera, and just brings something fresh to the videos – she’s not your average host who just stands there reading from a script. People also love her sassiness and her cheeky attitude; add in the fact that she’s absolutely gorgeous and has a rebellious streak to her, and she’s one of the hottest and most loved fitness personalities on social media.

13 Emily Skye

Emily Skye’s just gorgeous in every way. She’s a health and fitness expert, qualified personal trainer, qualified beautician, and makeup Artist, and uses all of her skills to market herself to the masses.

Hailing from Australia, Emily uses YouTube to post fitness videos, show people how to perform certain exercises, and divulges top tips about aspects of fitness and training, and also beauty techniques. It’s got plenty of people of interested, as has her Instagram page which is all about fitness and motivation and inspiring her followers. In every picture she posts, she’s looking drop dead gorgeous; no wonder women everywhere, after seeing Emily, want to be like her and think they need to be doing whatever she’s doing.

Due to social media, her website– where she offers tailor made training and meal plans - has taken off, and she’s gotten picked up by a number of other prominent brands in the world of health and fitness.

12 Chanel Renee

Rich Piana is quite possibly the biggest name in the health and fitness world – certainly in terms of bodybuilding – which means anyone associated with him, anyone seen in his videos, is going to enjoy a surge in popularity. At the moment, the beautiful Chanel Renee is his right-hand woman. They were together previously about four years ago, but drifted apart, and Rich ended up getting with and eventually getting married to a woman named Sarah Heimis. The married was short-lived and Sarah’s now trying to build on the popularity she gained while she was with Rich, but anyway, I digress.

Rich and Chanel got reacquainted, and Rich’s fans were thrilled. She brings something different to Rich’s videos, and has probably attracted a whole new fanbase to their social media content. Initially, Chanel wasn’t a fitness nut, but she’s learning from Rich, and taking tips in regards to his business savviness too, and so whilst they’ve been together, Rich’s success in the social media world has rubbed off on Chanel and she’s now gained a tremendous fan following of her own.

11 Vegan Gains

The man who goes by the name of Vegan Gains is like marmite, you either love him or you hate him, but one thing’s for sure, people tune in to his YouTube channel and watch him regardless. He’s gained a massive amount of popularity posting regularly on YouTube about all things fitness, but, yes, you guessed, primarily about veganism.

The reason Vegan Gains’ videos get so many views, is because he’s a controversial figure who thinks nothing of trashing other people – particularly those who partake in the eating of meat. That puts the majority of the world’s population in his bad book, but hey, what does he care, so long as his videos continue to get views, right?

Vegan Gains also talks about food and nutrition, working out, fitness in general, but another way he gets tons of views is by trashing other social media fitness personalities, including a few on this list. He’s clever in that respect – making videos on other people, using their names to get views and ultimately to make money through channel traffic and monetized videos.

This guy will stop at nothing to keep driving people to his channel. He even exploited the death of his grandad to promote veganism! Vegan Gains is certainly one of the most famous, but at the same time, hated and controversial social media fitness personalities around, but hey, at the end of the day – as he’d argue – fame is fame.

10 Rich Piana

I’ve just mentioned how Vegan Gains loves to hate on other people in the fitness industry. Well, Rich Piana is arguably the biggest fish he’s tried to fry – he made tons of videos hating on Rich because he knew his view count would go through the roof. That’s because Rich Piana is probably the biggest name in the health and fitness world on social media at the moment – if you like bodybuilding that is. But Piana’s videos aren’t all about bodybuilding; sure, they’re about working out, diet, health, and fitness, but he also provides tons of motivation for his millions of fans. Piana has the personality – the entire package required to make it big in such an industry, and he’s certainly done that. He has the massive houses, the fancy cars, the tats, the beautiful women on his arm, and continues raking in the cash through his many successful business ventures. It’s the lifestyle he leads combined with the personality he brings to his videos, that people lap up. He’s a mass monster who lives life big, and people love it.

9 Heba Ali

Heba Ali is absolutely stunning. She’s a personal trainer and it certainly shows. Her Instagram and Facebook profiles are constantly being updated with training videos and motivational videos, but she’s not just your conventional, run-of-the-mill personal trainer, oh no. Heba Ali does things differently, has a different style of training, what she calls Hybrid Training. You’ll never see Heba in the gym doing your conventional weight training exercises or pounding away on the treadmill. Heba travels to different locations and loves training outdoors, using what’s around her in the environment as her gym and mixing it up in terms of her training exercises. She’s also all about motivation, and her social media followers often check out her profile to put them in the right frame of mind before embarking on a training session.

Heba currently works for a company called Evolve Nations, and it’s safe to say she’s their best asset. She’s also seen now and again presenting fitness videos for companies such as Generation Iron – everyone wants a piece of Heba.

8 Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin is the CEO of the supplement company Kaged Muscle, which produces bodybuilding supplements based on hardcore real scientific research. The company’s in its infancy but it’s doing pretty well – that’s because it has Kris Gethin at the helm.

Kris became famous as a personal trainer to the stars. He was already well known in many different circles, but then he started training celebrities, and rose to stardom when India became his home. The Bollywood actors began hiring him to help them transform their bodies for movie roles, and Kris began appearing at their sides at various events, which is how people started picking up his name. But what sets Kris apart from other personal trainers, is that he does what he’s telling his client to do. If his client’s on a 12-week program to pack on size and bulk up, eat eight meals a day, and train a certain way, he’ll follow that exact routine for the duration of the 12-week period. At times, he also documents his transformations online; all of this combined has made Kris a massive player in the social media world of health and fitness.

7 Jerry Ward

Jerry Ward, known as “The Diet Guy” does just that – he's all about dieting, manipulating meals, supplements, and nutritional content to go along with training regimes in order to help people with their goals.

Jerry’s been involved in the fitness industry for decades. After his drug problems and various other personal issues, he hit the iron to try and find some solace, to expel those mental demons from his head, and it worked. Jerry’s now a competitive bodybuilder and represents many different companies in the health and fitness world. He regularly posts videos on YouTube about all sorts of things – he’s seen as a bit of a motivational mentor, and people seek his advice on all kinds of worldly matters.

Jerry rose to fame as a member of Rich Piana’s 5% crew. His popularity went through the roof when he was a member of Rich Piana’s company, but he then branched out and started representing other companies, and himself, through social media, which has increased his popularity tenfold.

6 Kali Muscle

Kali Muscle is an ex-con bodybuilder and people just love his story. He went into San Quentin prison to start his seven-year sentence for armed robbery and used that time to develop and build himself one of the most impressive physiques on the planet. His goal was to pack on muscle mass, and so he’d hit the weights at the prison gym every day, until one day, the guards took away the weights. So, Kali had to make do with what he had around, using water bottles, blankets, and anything he could get his hands on that would enable him to get in a solid workout.

He left prison, started taking part in bodybuilding shows, attending events, and started using social media, at which point his name started getting picked up. Kali doesn’t just post about training. He’s extremely down to earth, and uses his social media pages to motivate and inspire. People find his story about how he’s turned his life around compelling; even if you’ve been through a rocky patch in your life, you can come out the other side better and fighting fit – that’s what Kali Muscle’s all about.

5 Martyn Ford

Beasts really do walk the earth, and Martyn Ford is a prime example of that. Anything I say on here to describe the mass monster won’t really do his physique or size justice. He has awesome physical presence and is just one of the freakiest-looking guys on the planet; people are attracted to real life so-called freaks of nature, and that’s what Martyn is. He’s 6ft 8in and 320lb – that says it all.

Martyn began getting noticed in England, where he resides, and he began getting small movie roles. Then he rose to fame when Rich Piana got in touch – yep, there’s his name again – and got him involved with his companies, with his 5% crew. Since he began appearing side by side with Rich Piana, his fan following has hit the roof. He uses social media to train, inspire, and motivate, and to market himself. When you have physical attributes like Martyn, that’s not difficult to do.

4 Massy Arias

This L.A.-based, Dominican Republic–born personal trainer has achieved superstardom over recent years and is now an Instagram fitness sensation. She’s got over two million followers on Instagram, and that’s not just because she’s got an amazing body. Of course, that is partly the reason, but like a lot of social media fitness personalities nowadays, she’s all about motivating and inspiring people to achieve their goals.

She stands out from the other fitness personalities and has achieved stardom on social media because of her down to earth, honest attitude. She’s comfortable in her own skin, isn’t trying to be someone she’s not, and is very open about her past struggles, like her issues with body dysmorphia and depression.

People love a good turn your life around story, and Massy’s certainly done just that. She wants to get women feeling strong and empowered, and show them you can achieve anything you set your mind to. She now graces the covers of magazines as a fitness model and is living the high life in L.A.

3 Mac Trucc

Here’s another entry where I talk about Rich Piana – I hope plenty of you understand how big Piana is in the industry by now!

Mac Trucc is a relative newcomer to social media. He has however, been around for quite some time where he’s been known to the masses as a member of Rich’s company, 5% Nutrition. He’s accompanied Rich to various events, dabbled a bit in bodybuilding and has made numerous appearances in his YouTube videos, and has consequently gained a ton of exposure due to being associated with Rich. That’s essentially what Rich offers his 5% athletes – exposure, but Mac Trucc wanted more, didn’t get it, and ended up splitting from the 5% crew in a very public and bitter dispute.

In addition to all the fitness-related stuff, he now makes his own videos and gets views trashing Rich Piana and everything he’s about. They recently fought at an expo which made headlines – the biggest news in the bodybuilding industry over the past year. Camps have begun to form and Mac Trucc’s popularity has skyrocketed; who says the life of a social media star is dull?!

2 Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is a huge name in England and is one of the country’s biggest fitness personalities. But due to the social media effect, he’s now a star around the world, empowering people to shift, shape, and sustain – his own motto.

Joe Wicks is of course, all about helping people get fit and look and feel healthy. But he’s also all about conveying the message that it doesn’t need to take an expensive gym membership, personal trainer, and hours of dedication each and every day to achieve your dream body. He gained fame by posting quick workouts – workouts that can be done at home and in a matter of minutes – on his YouTube video channel, and he then moved on the nutrition side of things – 15 minute tasty and healthy meals to create an anabolic environment and turn your body into a fat-burning machine. That’s what’s propelled him to another level of fame; he’s now a fitness personality on TV, is a bestselling author, and it’s all been because of the power of social media.

1 Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria’s an Instagram fitness fanatic and became famous because of her own body transformation. She’s since created Fit Body Guides to help other people transform, and has become one of the biggest names in the social media fitness industry.

She has become a trainer, an Instagram fitness inspiration, but she’s also very down to earth and stands out from the crowd because she’s willing to show the world what she deems to be her flaws. She’s the first to admit that her body’s not perfect, so in addition to showing off her amazing body with sultry pics, she also takes pictures of her not so flattering side, but uses this to show that she’s still happy with her body and uses it as motivation to continue pushing on day after day. Fans respect the fact that Anna Victoria keeps it real; she’s happy putting herself out there by posting filter-free images.

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