15 Filthy Rich Celebs Who Were Caught Red Handed Stealing

For most us, we fantasize about living the celebrity lifestyle because being a celebrity means that we have a lot more money than we do now. The idea of having enough money as a celebrity to buy whatever we want is a life that sounds more than titillating to us. However, one thing that many of us neglect to consider is that more money has a tendency to mostly make us cheaper more than anything else. With more money comes the possibility of becoming an even bigger cheapskate. It sucks not having enough money to not be able to indulge in the many leisures that life has to offer, but for many people (especially celebrities), wealth comes with the need to stay wealthy. No wealthy person wants to lessen their stock by losing money, so a lot of filthy rich celebs tend to steal rather than pay. The problem with that is that, more often than not, these celebrities wind up getting caught red handed sticking their hand in the cookie jar. Here are a few instances of celebrities who were caught stealing.

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15 Winona Ryder

via York Press

In 2001, Winona Ryder was one of the biggest female stars Hollywood had to offer. Ryder had just finished filming Mr. Deeds which went on to become big hits at the box office. Ryder could do no wrong, until she made the poor decision to shoplift at the Saks Fifth Avenue department in December of that year. She was accused of stealing $5,500 worth of designer clothes and accessories. She was subsequently arrested and later sentenced to three years probation. She later admitted that she was clinically depressed at the time and the painkillers she took clouded her judgment. Her career plummeted after the incident, but thanks to her supporting role on Stranger Things, she's made a comeback.

14 Lindsay Lohan

There was once a time when Lindsay Lohan was considered to be one of America's sweethearts and one of Hollywood's most innocent, squeaky-clean superstars. That reputation became null and void when the late 2000s and early 2010s rolled around. It was then when Lohan would find herself in and out of rehab, stumbling drunkenly out of clubs every week, and on the verge of a career downfall. One of her darkest moments came in 2011 when Lohan was charged with stealing a necklace from a jewelry store. For the incident, Lohan was sentenced to community service, as well as 120 days in jail for both misdemeanor theft and a probation violation.

13 Britney Spears

It would be kind of an understatement to say that 2007 was a very bad year for Britney Spears. Between her appearances in rehab, multiple public breakdowns, and having a horrendous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2007 was not kind to Spears' at all, and it was a year that solidified her own career downfall. One of her more embarrassing moments came when she was accused by the Hustler store in West Hollywood of stealing a wig from there. When she visited the store, she had a tantrum when an employee told her they don't let customers try on underwear. So she took off her underwear in the middle of the shop floor and tried them on. After causing a scene, she snatched a wig off a mannequin and stormed out the store.

12 Cardi B

cardi b rips asias wig off
via: vh1.com

Okay, maybe it isn't entirely fair to put Cardi B on this list since this entry is more about how Cardi B had stuff stolen from her, but since she doesn't give out names, this is the best we can do. Also, since she basically said all famous people steal these items, maybe we can technically lump Cardi B in with the rest of them. Let us explain. In an Instagram post, Cardi B revealed there are two things that all celebrities steal no matter how rich they are: phone chargers and lighters. If that's true, we wonder if Cardi did her own lighter/charger thieving. She doesn't give out any names, but she does hashtag it #RichPeopleProblems implying that some celeb(s) close to her did in fact steal both her charger and her lighter.

11 Emma

via tmz.com

Emma was a WWE wrestler who was recently released by the company. Her career was not all that great to begin with since her most memorable moment was when she temporarily got fired for accidentally stealing something. What happened was that while at Walmart, she went to the self-checkout machine to pay for all of her items. The one item she forgot to pay for was an iPad case and therefore was accused of stealing it. Thus, she was arrested. In the wake of the news, WWE fired her, but after learning the details of the misunderstanding, they rehired her two hours later. The incident was taken to court, where Emma was sentenced to one day of community service.

10 LiAngelo Ball

LaVar Ball is often accused of deliberately stealing the spotlight from his star athlete sons. In November 2017, all eyes were on his middle child, LiAngelo Ball, albeit for the wrong reasons. While in China with two fellow freshman UCLA stars, all three basketball players were caught stealing many items — including sunglasses — from a Louis Vuitton store outside of their hotel. After they were nabbed, all three had to spend a few nights in the country's jail cell. They faced 3 to 10 years in jail, but were shortly released and brought back to America. Ball has since apologized for stealing, but as part of his punishment from UCLA, he was suspended indefinitely. Incidentally, this inspired him to withdraw from UCLA and sign with the Lithuanian Basketball League.

9 Courtney Love

Courtney Love has always had a nasty habit of taking things that don't belong to her, and stuffing them into her pockets when people are not looking. It all dates back to when she was 14 years old when she stole a Kiss t-shirt. Not only did she get caught for stealing it, but her punishment was to spend some time in the Hillcrest Correctional Facility. She continues to get accused of stealing well into adulthood. One infamous moment came a few years ago when she was sued for failing to return $100,000 worth of jewelry that she borrowed in order to wear it at a charity event.

8 Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is yet another former child star and popular American sweetheart whose life and career plummeted into an absolute trainwreck upon reaching adulthood. One of her less-than-finer moments came in October 2014 when she got herself banned from all Barney's stores in New York after she walked out of one of their stores wearing a $200 hat that she neglected to pay for.  To make matters worse, that same day she got caught stealing from Barney's, she was also caught stealing from Pookie and Sebastian in New York. It was there when she tried to walk out with a $128 shirt without paying, but when was confronted by security, she was forced to cough up her credit card and pay.

7 Big Sean

Via: Verge Campus

In 2013 and 2014, Big Sean was engaged to former Glee star Naya Rivera. That was until the pairing abruptly called it quits in April 2014. The two have very different perspectives when it comes to why the relationship between them fizzled out. According to Big Sean, he got tired of Rivera constantly breaking out into unreasonable fits of jealous rage; it scared him. Meanwhile, Rivera recalls she broke off the engagement after finding out he was cheating on her with Ariana Grande. Also according to Rivera, she was tired of him stealing Rolexes from her house, which Big Sean denies.

6 Boosie Badazz

Via Nuhitz Radio

This entry has less to do with Boosie himself stealing, and more with his brother allegedly stealing from him. He may not be a celebrity, but Boosie's brother is just as wealthy given how much Boosie tends to give back, financially, to his family. In the summer of 2017, his brother Taquari Hatch was arrested and charged with stealing $361,000 out of Boosie's Capital One account. In the wake of the incident, Boosie publicly disowned his brother for stealing from him, but said his brother promised that he could prove his innocence. Later in October, the D.A. in charge of the case decided not to file charges against Hatch seemingly due to lack of strong evidence.

5 Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta has been on the steady rise to superstardom for quite some time now in the hip hop industry. Most recently, he just signed with Epic Records, which should open up many new opportunities for the youngster. In a short amount of time, Blac Youngsta has become a mighty wealthy rapper, but that does not mean that he still doesn't get a bad case of the sticky fingers every now and again. One day, he recorded himself getting snippy with a CVS employee after the employee caught him stealing a Twix candy bar. "You gon' tell on me," he complained. He wound up deleting the video from Instagram, but it continues to make the rounds on social media.

4 Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is more notoriously recognized for allegedly being a joke thief, but jokes are not the only things which Schumer has been accused of stealing. In fact, the last time Schumer was caught red handed stealing, it landed her in jail. Back in the day, her and her sister liked to steal random items from department stores and return them for cash. This proved to be a decent little hustle for the duo until they got caught. They were arrested and charged with grand larceny, but since her uncle happened to be a senator, the charge was downgraded to "disturbing the peace."

3 O.J. Simpson

Whether anyone believes he actually killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is up for debate, but the fact of the matter is that O.J. Simpson was found not guilty by a court of law. The same could not be said when he got caught stealing his own memorabilia. In 2007, under the impression that these items had been stolen from him, he led a group into a room at the Palace Station hotel casino and took the sports memorabilia at gunpoint. When brought into police custody, he admitted to taking the items, but denied carrying a gun despite security camera footage contradicting his statements. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison. He was released 9 years later on parole.

2 50 Cent

Via The Verge

As with normal tradition for the BET Awards, the 2012 edition was prepped to be another festive celebration of black entertainment and hip hop. That is until Young Jeezy had a physical altercation with Rick Ross which soon created a domino effect between Gunplay, 50 Cent, and 50's G-Unit crew. After his buddy Ross was attacked, Gunplay walked into the room wondering what happened. No one would answer. So when he walked out to find 50 Cent and about 9 other members of G-Unit walking in his direction, Gunplay had a fight-or-flight reaction. He chose to fight and a full-blown brawl occurred. In the aftermath of the scuffle, Gunplay's chain went missing. Miraculously, 50 Cent was seen wearing the chain at a bowling alley shortly after.


DMX has, for much of his career, been accused of being something of a cartoon character. Not just because his personality always comes off as wildly animated, but many of the incidents that he gets involved in outside of his music sound more like over-the-top story plots rather than actual occurrences. Take his 2004 arrest for car theft at Kennedy Airport as an example. He and a friend named Jackie Hudgins approached a man in a parking lot claiming to be FBI agents who needed to use his vehicle. No one was hurt and no weapons were involved, but it wasn’t long before police stepped on the scene. When the real authorities came to intervene, DMX was arrested and charged with attempted robbery, criminal impersonation, and criminal mischief.

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