15 Female Myths That Have Been Proven To Be Scientifically True

To say the least, women are interesting. Men can't quite figure them out, and as such, there are all sorts of beliefs regarding the gender that many aren't sure to be true and other myths we're now finding out to be complete nonsense.

Of course, those who believe that women are only good for cleaning, cooking, and having babies are light years behind the times. To be frank, if you're still in that group, give your head a shake. But, since the days when many felt the home is where women were best suited, what has changed? Are women smarter than men? Are they more organized? Can they take more pain and feel more emotion? What else do we think we know but don't really because scientists have proven many assumptions to be incorrect?

It is likely assumed that women are more sensitive than men. But, it is often assumed that men are more interested in s*x than women. Is this true? Are both correct assumptions or are both hogwash? Many believe women have the ability to carry a conversation better than men. But, is this true? Or do they simply like to talk more? After all, there is a difference. Do men have smaller brains? Are women wired differently? What's really going on?

Below is a list of 15 assumptions or myths that tend to exist about the female population. We've dug around a bit to see how much of these myths are actually true, and we've uncovered some very interesting things. How much do you think you know about women versus what society seems to suggest?

The trick with some of these items is to pay attention. It might teach you something and make you a better partner, better co-worker, and better friend.

15 Women Care More

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It is often believed that men don't care about much and women care about everything. Females are more touchy, more sensitive, and more apt to get upset about things that much just seem chill about. Well, it is true that women do care more about a lot of things than guys. The reality is, unless the problem or situation directly affected males, a study by Griffith University showed that men didn't care much about the outcome.

Women, on the other hand, cared more about their partner’s problems and were more empathetic towards their partners.

To put it in another way, men were found to be much more selfish than women. This really shouldn't surprise anyone, should it? Most of the people I know believed women cared more about their men than men cared for their women's feelings.

14 Women Are Better Multi-Taskers

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There were at least four instances while I was writing this list that my wife tried to get my attention, and I'm pretty sure I had a conversation without having a clue what I'd said, agreed to, or ignored. The myth is, this is typical for guys who aren't good multi-taskers. If you want to test the theory, just put on a football game and see how much stuff goes on around your house and you miss.

A number of studies have shown that men were slower and less organized than women when switching rapidly between tasks.

A University of Hertfordshire also revealed women performed better than men when given different tasks to complete at once. Why is this? Most believe it's because women actually take the time to think before proceeding. Men tended to just jump right in. It is believed that this revelation has increased the number of women hired in offices as multitasking is so important in many work situations.

13 Women Have A Better Sense Of Smell


Let's think of all the times there's been a smell in a guy's vicinity that men thought were incredibly funny but women thought were insanely annoying or gross. Ever notice how the lady in your life gets mad at you out if you don't spray or light a candle in the bathroom? Maybe you didn't clear rotten food out of the refrigerator or left clothes unwashed for days and she had a gasket over it? It's not her fault guys, women are just more sensitive to odors than men.

Women have a greater ability when it comes to smelling things, and if you want to know about studies never to be part of, some poor subjects had to walk around smelling underarms to see if they could tell the difference when a man had body odor and other aromas going on. Yep, the women could usually still smell the stink on a guy. I'd like to avoid that study like jury duty.

12 Women Are Cleaner

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Like many of the items on this list, not every rule applies to every female. We know some women who are slobs and their closets look like they've been hit by a tornado. But, in the grand scheme of things, it is true that women tend to be the cleaner of the species.

Research carried out by the State University of San Diego suggested that men’s offices and personal spaces had significantly more germs compared to women’s.

Another study done on Austrian men and women found that women had better and cleaner bathroom habits as compared to men. According to a British Laboratory, women wash their hands 93 percent of the time they finish using the washroom. Men only do so 77 percent of the time. The only difference in some studies is that because women tended to bring kids into the bathrooms with them, their bathrooms had more germs.

11 Women Are Often In More Pain

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If you ever hear a man comparing taking a shot to the groin and childbirth, give that guy and kick in the groin, would ya?

Getting hit in the gonads hurts, but not as much as women who give birth and have to carry a baby for nine months. The entire process is almost a year of successive pain and discomfort, yet most women deal with it in a way men never could. Not nearly enough men appreciate the process and know that women are biologically built with more pain receptors. Despite having to deal with more pain, their bodies aren't designed to take as much, which is a double whammy. So guys, just know this. Women are asked to handle more and feel it more. So, you don't have it that bad.

Look at it this way. Around the world, one woman dies every 90 seconds from complications of pregnancy or childbirth. When was the last time you heard of a man dying from injuries from a nut shot?

10 Women Are Lightweights


You've probably heard it often. Men compete to see who can hold more liquor and they are quick to tell others that their wives or girlfriends are lightweights. Many women actually admit they can't have much or they'll not be doing well in the morning. But, is it true that women can't handle as much booze as their male counterparts?

Studies have shown that it's not about body size, which is what most people believe is the reason women get drunker than men. It's actually about water. Because women's bodies have a higher ratio of fat to water, their blood alcohol concentration is higher after a single drink than men, even when equal in weight and size. But, it's not just water. Women’s enzymes also break down gastric alcohol dehydrogenase slower than men, and the combination of these two things mean they simply get drunk faster.

9 Women Like To Talk

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There have been additional studies set out to refute the claim that women use far more words than men do in a typical day, but most believe that, in general, women have a tendency to talk more than men do on a daily basis.

The original studies showed that women speak three times more than men.

The study demonstrated that females used an average of 20,000 words compared to 7,000 words by their male counterparts. Part of the reasoning behind the results was that women have more FoxP2 protein which, when tested on rats, made them produce more sound. Not exactly foolproof research. But, the region of the brain that is responsible for language is bigger in women than men. The alternative here is that a marriage counselor invented this idea and people ran with it. It's an easy way to tell men to communicate more with their spouses.

8 Women Aren't As Funny As Men

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Before we get too into this myth, let's admit that there are some very funny females on this planet. From Ellen DeGeneres to Amy Schumer and Tina Fey, there are women all over the place making us laugh. But, the general assumption is that men are funnier, and there are more male comedians. Studies asked both sexes to rate funny captions to cartoons, and neither knew which gender wrote the caption.

The men’s captions were funnier than the women’s.

Part of the science also accounted for the fact that men tended to place more emphasis on being funny and recalled more things that were funny than anything else. Women, on the other hand, have found that society expects them to laugh at men's jokes and that so many women say they like a man with a sense of humor, they've been pre-conditioned to find men funnier.

7 Women Are Better At Driving A Car

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This is a hot-button topic because there is more than one way to look at it. In terms of rating men to women over issues such as directions, navigation, car maintenance, and general upkeep of a vehicle, yes, women are not as talented as men in that area. But, to say that they are worse drivers is not entirely accurate.

In reality, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and other organizations

all have records of men causing more road accidents than women.

Men pay more insurance because their driving records are generally worse and men often drive more miles, which means the sheer quantity of their accidents go up. Finally, men tend to drive unsafely, using speed, no seatbelt, or driving more while intoxicated.

6 Women Are Crazy Sensitive And Emotional

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One of the most popular stereotypes about women is that they are more emotional than men. But, don't let the stereotype fool you. It's not nearly as black and white as you might think. There are so many layers of emotion that not all assumptions are true.

The reality is that most studies have shown that women are more apt to express or react to negative emotions than men. The brains of men and women are different and part of the problem for females is that parts of the brain that connect memories to emotion are larger. Therefore, women have greater experiences in that respect. Because women tend to have long memories when it comes to emotional situations, they react more strongly. Some women are documented to more frequently develop disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

5 Women Are Smarter Than Men

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A number of studies have shown that women tend to outshine men when it comes to smarts. Women tend to learn more quickly, develop faster, enroll in university, and succeed at higher levels and excel when they choose to.

Some studies have shown that women earn more than 60% of all college degrees in the United States.

While there's no concrete reasoning as to why women are smarter, there are many theories. Things such as self-control‚ self-motivation‚ dependability‚ sociability‚ and perceptions of self-worth all play a role. Male brains are 9% larger than female brains but both have the same amount of brain cells. Women, however, have brains that are more condensed. And finally, because of the high production of estrogen during puberty, girls’ brains generally mature two years earlier than boys.

Fun Fact: Celebrity Geena Davis was known to have an incredibly high IQ.

4 Women Live Longer

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While many believe that men take years off of their life by working in a more physical job, engaging in more frequent bad habits, and living an unhealthier lifestyle, the real reason why women tend to outlive men is that of evolution.

On average, women live 2 to 5 years longer than men. 

This is the case in almost every country. The reason seems to be our chromosomes. Because women's come in pairs (women have to "X" chromosomes), women keep double copies of every gene; meaning, they have a spare if one is faulty. Men don't have that luxury, and because more cells wind up contaminated, men are at a larger risk of disease and illness. Testosterone, which might make men's bodies stronger in the short term, also leave them prone to heart disease, infections, and cancer.

3 Women Have Less Life-Threatening Tendencies Than Men

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Here's something sad but interesting. Women are more prone to suicidal thoughts but men are more often the ones who commit suicide. Why is that?

It is proven that women tend to feel more emotion and prone to psychological problems such as depression. Therefore, women have a tendency to think about suicide, more and many studies have shown women even attempt it more. The reason their numbers are lower is due to the methods used.

More than half of suicides in the U.S. are completed with guns. This is often the preferred choice of most men. The most common method among women is poisoning, typically an overdose of medication and not often done in enough of a dosage to actually kill the person attempting to end their own life. To put it bluntly, men leave less room for error.

2 "A Real Problem"

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Most of us would like to believe that gender bias and the s*xual harassment of women isn't as bad as it seems. Sadly, it is. A study conducted by Yale University back in 2012 proved that male candidates were preferred compared to women. Male applicants were preferred and rated higher regarding competence and men were offered better pay packages and were perceived to be more competent. Strangely, the study tested both men and women and both sexes leaned more towards the men.

But, it's not just about women getting to positions of power or authority that are the issue. It's often how men treat women below them. If you need to know how the issue is, just open any newspaper in the latter half of 2017. The press was flooded with accounts of women being mistreated by men in power positions, and most of the men got away with their actions for years because of their ability to hold authority over women in certain workplace situations. Women feared what going public might do.

1 Women Don't Like "It" As Much

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The general consensus is that women don't like or think about s*x as often as men do. The myth that men think about it every seven seconds has been around for a while, and according to research by Ohio University, it is true. Their study found that men aged between 18-25 think about the deed more than their female counterparts. However, women still think about it a lot, and they think about it differently.

What's interesting is that as women age, the thoughts and experiences of lovemaking go way up. When it comes to biology, a woman’s clitoris grows as she ages which means that women tend to have stronger orgasms later in life.

Funny Fact 1: On a first date, most girls will refuse to shave their legs. They use this as a tool to get you to want to see them again. They're thinking more long-term about s*x than a guy.

Funny Fact 2: According to Men’s Fitness, women do the deed 17 percent more than men. Women are also more s*xually aroused by random things.

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