15 Female Cosplayers Who Play Hot Versions of Male Characters

If you got a chance to become any character of your choice, whether on TV or in the movies, for an episode or a scene, who would you choose to become? Different people love different characters, which is the reason our answers to this question would be different. Since the chances of you playing your favorite character might be anywhere from very slim to none, some people take matters into their own hands and buy or make the costumes.

It is interesting how you can get the costume of almost any character on TV in a costume shop, costumes that look almost identical to what your favorite character wears. Furthermore, some enthusiasts go to great lengths to collect the actual costumes worn by the characters when shooting the production, costumes that cost an arm and a leg owing to how unique they are.

Cosplay conventions and other forms of enthusiast gatherings are the ideal places to show off your best costume, although it is highly likely that you will meet someone else with the same as yours in such places. In cosplay, you are allowed to wear your favorite hero's costume, regardless of their gender – although men trying to dress up like female characters usually look a bit too weird.

Here are 15 female cosplayers wearing the costumes of male characters. These women look so hot, you would be tempted to write the producers and writers requesting for these women to be included in their next big movie.

Which of these do you think is the hottest cosplayer?

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15 Bane

Via Tumblr

If DC were to think of adding this fine female Bane to their characters, we would not dare miss the movie she would appear in. Although she is wearing Bane's costume, to signify that she might have to fight Batman at some point, we would not be too angry to see her beat the Dark Knight. However, the only reason she would have a chance at beating Batman would be if Bruce Wayne were romantically involved with her and he would hold back every time he had to face her. Bane's size and strength were enough reason to not only fear him, but also fear for Batman, but this cosplayer makes us forget any fearful emotions and gives us a desire to possibly want to meet her before she meets Bruce Wayne. This woman has sure pulled off this look and, although she looks nothing like the Bane we know, she is surely an extremely hot version of the character.

14 Captain America

Via YouTube

Well hello there Miss Captain America. If you look at this costume you will realize that it is almost exactly what Captain America wears, and it sure looks awesome. This beautiful lady has the right idea here, since we are looking for "hot versions of male characters". Captain America is one of the greatest superheroes in the Marvel Universe and one of the leaders of the amazing team of Avengers. Captain America was very popular during the years leading up the Second World War and a few years into it since he was a patriotic soldier fighting against the Axis powers. Today, Captain America's popularity has soared through the roof, owing to the amazing Avengers films that always show him to be an outstanding man, and simply because he represents the greatest nation on earth. I am sure this beauty would do just as well as Captain Rogers - after fans get over how hot she looks.

13 Roronoa Zoro

Via deviantart

Here is an entry that will makes fans of manga and anime feel right at home. For people who do not know who this lady is playing, she is playing a character by the name of Roronoa Zoro. Zoro used to be a bounty hunter, but is now a Pirate hunter. Zoro is a master swordsman with strength beyond what anyone would expect; a combination that makes him one of the most dangerous fighters in the Straw Hat Pirates. Although many believe him to be the captain, he is not; it is just that he is one of the top fighters in his crew, with only Luffy and Sanji having the potential to take him on. Zorro's desire to be the greatest swordsman seems like it will soon become a reality, because he truly understands his skill and constantly improves on it. This cosplayer has three swords, as is the case with Zoro, and she surely brings him to life as, of course, a hotter version of the character.

12 Green Arrow

Via DeviantArt

The Green Arrow is a master archer, and although some villains have tried to challenge him at his own game, he always ends up victorious and delivering justice. Oliver Queen might be a fine looking gentleman, but if this lady were to become Green Arrow she would automatically turn the superhero into the hottest character in DC. The Green Arrow never misses a target, and this lady version is sure to not only bring down the bad guys like Oliver does, but she will sure break a lot of hearts along the way. Watching the Green Arrow in action is very exciting, owing to the tricks that he employs in his hand-to-hand combat and much more in his arrows. It seems like if this lady Arrow were to make it to the comics or in any of the movies, she would rely heavily on her beauty and her tricks, because she might not be as strong as Oliver Queen is.

11 Loki

Via Project-Nerd

If you ever come across a list of the coolest super villains in the Marvel Universe, chances of missing Loki's name would be next to impossible. Loki, unlike most other characters on this list, is a god from Asgard belonging to the race of Frost Giants, meaning that he is a superior being with unique powers and abilities. Loki might be Thor's half-brother, but they are fierce rivals, with Loki always tricking his brother and plotting to become ruler of Asgard. In the films, Loki has proved to be an extremely powerful villain, with only a few heroes with the ability to stop him. Loki's Frost Giant physiology gives him amazing powers, with sorcery and extrasensory abilities making him one of the most dangerous villains to go up against. This cosplayer looks amazing in Loki's costume, and her pose and attitude make you fear that she might be performing a spell on you.

10 Thor

Via Taringa!

Thor, the god of thunder, is one of the most powerful Avengers, who comes from a realm called Asgard. Unlike most of the other Avengers, who are human beings with amazing powers and technologies, Thor is a god, meaning that he is superior to the others in a way. However, when it comes to battling the bad guys, there is no telling the difference between the gods and the human beings, as they all fight like the heroes they are. Thor usually has to go up against his half-brother Loki, who was adopted by his father after fighting against the Frost Giants. Although Thor usually ends up winning, Loki's tricks and magical abilities are a huge problem. In the movies, Chris Hemsworth plays the role of Thor, and we can all agree that Hemsworth is a very good-looking man. However, if this beautiful lady were to become the new Thor, the character would be the hottest in the whole Marvel Universe, not to mention the most popular.

9 Joker

Via DeviantArt

If you were to answer a question about the greatest comic book villains of all time, which villain would you pick as your number one? Chances are that you are thinking about the Joker, a thought that you share with numerous other comic fans out there. This lady Joker was going for a more comicbooky portrayal of the Joker - and she nailed it. Although Batman is arguably the most popular DC Superhero, his rivalry with the Joker seems to generate even more attention and love for the super villain. Perhaps what makes us love him so much is his sense of humor; making us laugh so hard even when he is committing crimes deserving of the death penalty. This cosplayer has shown us that the Joker can look hot even with terrible makeup and the face of someone looking forward to committing a crime.

8 Spider-Man

Via Marvel Comic Fan - Tumblr

Spider-Man has never looked this hot, probably because this beauty has never played the role anywhere yet. Spider-Man is one of the most entertaining superheroes to watch, especially after his superb performance in Captain America: Civil War, which truly did whet our appetites for the soon to be released Spider-Man: Homecoming. In this new Spider-Man movie, Iron Man will make an appearance, which is one more reason we should not even think about missing it. In addition to Spider-Man being young and fun, his unique powers make him one of the most popular superheroes in comic book history. What is amazing about this beauty is that her costume covers her from her neck all the way down to her toes, and she still looks so amazing. This costume looks exactly like one of the versions used in the movies, except that she is not wearing a mask. Her not wearing a mask is a good thing, because we would have not known just how hot this spider was if she had hidden her face.

7 Magneto

Via Dorkly

Magneto is the leader of the mutants who believe that human beings are inferior and should not be the dominant species on earth. He has the ability to control metals as well as generate and manipulate magnetic fields. Shooting at magneto is a futile exercise, because he can freeze all the bullets mid-flight, and return them to the shooters at the deadly velocity that they were approaching him with. Deep inside, Magneto is a good guy, who only developed his extreme views against humanity after suffering in the hands of human beings who killed his family because they did not understand them and their mutant powers. Therefore, it is possible to find Magneto fighting against the X-Men, and at times alongside them. This beautiful cosplayer has not only pulled off Magneto's costume but has even demonstrated his powers. We could only wish to see her in any of the upcoming X-Men movies, hopefully fighting alongside the heroes and not against them.

6 Deadpool

Via Jessica Nigri's Store - Storenvy

Deadpool is fast becoming the most popular superhero in present times, thanks to the amazing rib-cracking film that hit the big screens in February 2016. Fans are already looking forward to the sequel, which is scheduled for release in 2018. Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Wade Wilson, who is Deadpool, a mercenary who used to be a Special Forces operative. In the movie and comics, Deadpool hides his face, because it looks hideous, the result of torture and disfigurement at the hands of Ajax, a process that transformed him into Deadpool. We sure are grateful that this lady Deadpool has not covered her face, owing to how beautiful her face is. This cosplayer is a very hot version of Deadpool, and we would love to see her in a movie one of these days. In addition to his amazing fighting skills, Deadpool has accelerated healing powers, a special ability that gives him the confidence to face any foe without fear or hesitation.

5 Iron Man

Via YouTube

Iron Man is one of the greatest superheroes of this century, thanks to the popularity of the three Iron Man films as well as his central role as one of the most powerful Avengers. Tony Stark, who is a wealthy billionaire and master engineer, spends a lot of time building amazing suits that he uses to fight crime. The technology he uses in the suits is so ahead of its time that hardly has anyone ever created suits as advanced as his are. Tony has numerous suits, which he uses depending on the nature of his mission and the more advanced his technology gets. Tony's computer called J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) plays a very important role in all his missions and fights, giving him vital information that helps him excel in every way. This cosplayer wearing Iron Man's costume looks so hot that we would not mind seeing a woman Iron Man (Iron Woman) in the future films.

4 Martian Manhunter

Via Reddit

The Martian Manhunter's real name is J'onn J'onzz, an alien from Mars. J'onn is one of the most powerful being in the DC universe, and he is part of the Justice League - a team of superheroes who combat crime. Even though the comics as well as Supergirl the series, always give him a less powerful secondary role, J'onn is without a doubt the most powerful member of the Justice League. J'onn has all the powers that Superman has, and even more. Anyone can easily defeat J'onn with fire, the only weakness he has. J'onn might never appear in a list of the most handsome superheroes, because he does not look good in any way. However, this cosplayer can easily win a beauty contest, owing to how hot she is. If DC decided to make a movie about the Martian Manhunter, they should consider giving this cosplayer a role in it, as she would sure make the Martian race look beautiful.

3 Two-Face

Via Pinterest

Before his transformation into Two-Face, Harvey Dent was one of the best detectives in Gotham and an upstanding and law-abiding citizen; a friend and ally to both Jim Gordon and Batman. However, after a mob boss poured an acidic chemical on his left side, his appearance changed and his personality changed soon after. Since the right side of his face looked completely different from his left, Harvey adopted a dual personality. The two different sides of his face represented two different personalities, and he became obsessed with fate and chance, tossing a coin in the air whenever he needed to make decisions. Harvey's obsessions with chance forced him into schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and bipolar disorder, conditions that contribute greatly to his criminal activities. This cosplayer has pulled off the Two-Face look and you would be forgiven for thinking that she was actually Two-Face himself, only hotter and seemingly more dangerous.

2 Wolverine

Via Tequila gamers

When you think of Wolverine, what comes to your mind? Apart from being one of the most powerful X-men, Wolverine is one of those heroes whose use of force is renowned. Emerging during the Vietnam War times, he fast became a favorite with most comic book fans and became part of the X-Men franchise. Although he has features of his own, he appears in the X-Men films as one of the more mature mutants who hardly takes orders from anyone, but thankfully fights for the good side. Wolverine is one of the highest rated Marvel characters, owing to just how much people love his indestructible nature, his retractable claws and, of course, his don’t care attitude. This cosplayer looks tough and beautiful at the same time, appearing to be the hottest wolverine we have ever seen. Her costume is torn in some places and she looks as though she has just come from a terrible fight - a fight she has won, of course.

1 RoboCop

Via Pinterest

You might want to look at the image of this RoboCop once again, because probably you did not realize that her costume is nothing but some amazing body paint, helmet, and a pair of gloves. The RoboCop of the 1987 movie and the TV series were a bit too slow and too mechanical, despite winning the hearts of fans the world over. However, the RoboCop of the 2012 movie was fast, dangerous, and very exciting to watch. Although there are no signs of another RoboCop movie any time soon, fans would love to watch a sequel that has more violence and a bit more humor. Whether this beautiful cosplayer has a shot at making it to that movie is a discussion for another day, although audiences above a certain age would not mind. Professionally done body paint can give the illusion that the wearer of the paint is wearing clothes, as is the case with this RoboGirl.

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