15 Female Celebs Who Are Way Taller Than You Think

When you are a guy of a certain height, a tall woman is either something that you covet and you are proud to be with, or it's something that totally intimidates you. I am 5'9" and my girlfriend is just a little taller than me. Just tall enough that it feels like I am super cool and desirable, but if she were three inches taller, I don't think I could do it. Then I have friends that are around 5'6" and they can't handle going out with tall women at all because it makes them too self-conscious. Of course, if you are a guy that is over 6-feet tall, you don't have any of these issues, except for the fact that the rest of us guys totally hate you.

Of course, it's different when you are a celebrity — well kind of. Being tall is something that women strive for when they are in the entertainment business. Still, though, a lot of the women that you see in TV shows, movies, and up on stage, are even taller than you think that they are. If you were to see them in person, you just might think they were enormous, but you would probably still think they're super hot. Here are 15 Female Celebrities That Are Way Taller Than You Think.


15  Blake Lively 5'10"

While not the tallest woman on this list, it still would be a surprise to many that Blake Lively is 5'10". She is one of the hottest actresses out there, which of course, is a big reason why she is hanging out with Ryan Reynolds. Although he recently trolled her by posting a photo of her where she looks totally awful, the two have been messing around with each other for a while on social media. It just goes to show that they have a good relationship because usually, if a couple does that with each other, then they're pretty cool. Although, it probably doesn't hurt Ryan that she's a super tall, hot chick that knows how to goof around.

14 Nicole Kidman 5'11"


Now a lot of people might know that Nicole Kidman is tall, but did you know that she was actually 5'11"? And I say that you might know that purely because she used to be married to Tom Cruise who is only 5'7".  As handsome, rich, and charming as Tom Cruise is, do you think he would have married her if he was a plumber that was 4 inches shorter than she was? I don't think so. When you think about it I am pretty sure Nicole regrets that whole thing. She married him when she was just 23 years old, it was obvious that she was just star struck by the whole thing, and it is just as obvious that Tom Cruise was just excited because he was hanging with a super hot chick who was so much taller than he was.

13 Aisha Tyler 6'0"

Now we are really starting to get into women who we can all look up to — well most of us anyway. Aisha Tyler checks in at a whopping 6-feet tall and that's even before she puts on heels. When a tall woman rocks a pair of heels, you know she's a confident gal. Of course, a lot of guys would just wish that someone like Aisha would leave her heels at home. It would take a guy with a lot of confidence to go out on the town with a woman that tall wearing heels.  This actress and talk-show host got divorced this year, so if any of you guys have the confidence, or the height, to look good by her side, then you just might have a chance. I doubt it though.

12 Uma Thurman 5'11"


Uma Thurman isn't around as much as she used to be, but back in the day, you couldn't turn around without seeing her in something. In particular, she was the muse of Quentin Tarantino and appeared in a lot of his movies including Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.  Tarantino was a huge fan of hers, in large part because she has such huge feet. That's right, he was a fan of her feet. In many of his movies, there are long scenes involving them.  She wears a size 11, which if you were not aware, is totally huge. It takes a big woman to wear such a big shoe, and Uma has the whole height thing going on. While not quite 6-feet tall, she is still a robust 5'11", and she isn't shy about wearing heels either.

11 Adrianne Palicki 5'11"

You probably know Adrianne from the shows Friday Night Lights and S.H.I.E.L.D., but did you know that this 5'11" bombshell was once lined up to play Wonder Woman? She starred in a pilot that went nowhere. She said, “We were a year or two too soon. It was right before the main pop of Marvel movies and television series. The movies [had started coming] out, but it wasn’t like [today, where] that’s what makes money now — that’s what people want to see. It was a little too soon, it was a little early.” This is a shame, of course, as it would have been really cool to see her running around in that costume all the time on television. There aren't a lot of actresses out there that can do Wonder Woman that well, but she is one for sure.

10 Venus Williams 6'1"


When it comes to the Williams sisters, Serena gets most of the love, in part because she is the better of the two, but also because of her amazing body. Don't sleep on Venus though, not only is she an incredible tennis player as well, but while her body isn't the same type as Serena's, it is pretty amazing in its own right, in part because she is over 6-feet tall. Venus is slightly older than her sister, but is a full 4 inches taller, as Serena is only 5'9". While she may have become slightly overshadowed by her younger sister, Venus is still one of the all-time greats in women's tennis and is one of the most athletic female tennis players to ever play the game. And did I mention she is super tall?

9 Gwendoline Christie 6'3"

When it comes to being absolutely huge, is there anyone out there that tops Gwendoline Christie? At 6'3", Gwendoline is quite the bruiser as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones,  taking on impressive men like The Hound. Compared to what she looks like on . the show, she is actually very  attractive, but at the risk of coming off the wrong way, I would be absolutely terrified if she and I were a couple and she wanted to have a playful wrestling match. Although, she could probably give me some pretty good piggyback rides.  Gwendoline is seriously tall, as well as a seriously talented actress.


8 Ireland Baldwin 6'2"


When most of us think of Ireland Baldwin, we think of the time when she was only 11 and her father Alec Baldwin left her a voicemail message that said, "You are a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being." Baldwin still gets a hard time about that publicly, and maybe he should, but all of us have probably said something just as awful to a loved one at one point or another. Ireland, who is also the daughter of Kim Basinger, might be what her dad said about her, but she certainly isn't a "little pig" anymore. How could she be when she's 6'2" tall? Ireland is now 22 years old and is a model and an actress. What else would she be with that height?

7 Jordin Sparks  5'11"

Jordin won the 6th season of  American Idol when she was just 17 years old, and when you think about her, the fact that she is tall is probably not the first thing that is on your mind.  Jordin recently sang the national anthem before an NFL game but didn't kneel, instead, she had a Bible passage written on her hands which is about speaking up for those who can't speak up for themselves. Jordin has always seemed like a classy woman, so this really cool gesture was not that much of a surprise. But again, what may be a surprise is that Jordin is almost 6-feet tall. Who knew? Well, she probably did, but I think you get my point.

6 Khloe Kardashian 5'10"


When it comes to the Kardashian sisters, you might love or hate them, but there is no doubt that only one of them got any sort of height. It actually is kind of odd for sisters to have such a disparity in height, but is there anything about this family that isn't odd when you think about it? Believe it or not, Kourtney is only 5'0" tall, while Kim is 5'3", which is all the better to show off her ridiculous hourglass figure, and you can decide for yourself whether that's a compliment. Khloe, though, is a full 5'10" tall, meaning she is almost a foot taller than Kourtney. How does this happen? Once again, though, you could look at almost anything in the Kardashian world and say, "How does this happen."

5 Laura Prepon 5'10"

Back when we were all watching That 70s Show, there were just two types of male fans, those that thought Mila Kunis was the hot one, and those of us who were way more into Laura Prepon. Personally, I was always way more into Laura's curves and girl-next-door vibe than I was into Mila and her spoiled hot-chick routine. But then again, maybe that's just because, like a lot of other guys, I sort of like tall women, and Laura, who stands 5'10" tall definitely qualifies as one of those. Sure, Mila has had a more impressive career than Laura, and yes, she is also married to Ashton Kutcher, but I don't care, I am still down with Laura way more than I ever possibly could be with Mila.

4 Taylor Swift 5'11"


When you think of Taylor Swift, I'm sure you think of a lot of things, after all, she is arguably the most famous female singer in the world right now. But one thing that you probably do not think about when it comes to Swift is that she stands in at 5'11" tall. She has always been looked up to (see what I did there?) by a lot of young fans, and I imagine that her confidence in her height is an inspiration to other tall women. Taylor obviously is super comfortable being the person that she is and doesn't flaunt how tall she is, nor does she act ashamed of it, which of course, is exactly how things should be.

3 Maria Sharapova 6'2"

Maria Sharapova is one of the most attractive female tennis stars in the history of the sport, and part of that reason is her amazingly long legs. If you didn't know, she stands in at 6'2" tall. Maria is not only super attractive, but is also one of the best tennis players ever, although she was recently suspended for 15 months for using a banned substance. She recently returned from that suspension and is competing on the tennis court again. This is good both for fans of the sport and for those that like beautiful, tall women. No matter which of those two groups you belong to, having Maria back on the scene is a positive, even if she does sometimes block out the sun on the tennis court.

2 Mandy Moore 5'10"


One doesn't usually think of the word "tall" when one thinks of Mandy Moore, but the fact of the matter is she is 5'10". Mandy is not only tall, but she is also a big fan of Thanksgiving, which is coming up right around the corner. “The thing I appreciate most about Thanksgiving is the unabashed vulnerability. It’s like a year in review, taking stock of everything that happened and feeling like you have the leeway to speak from the heart. That’s my favourite tradition of any sort of holiday like this.” That is super cute Mandy, if we are speaking from the heart. I hope you don't mind if I say I had no idea you were that tall! Don't worry though, it looks good on you.

1 Famke Janssen 6'0"

Famke Janssen has graced the silver screen for some time now. One of her first big roles was  when she played a Bond girl in GoldenEye. She later became well-known for her X-Men role as Dr. Jean Grey, but she complained about not being asked to be in the latest movies, which she thinks was because of her age. Famke still looks great even though she is a tad older than other famous female celebs, and one of the reasons that she looks so good is that she is so tall. She stands in at 6'0" tall and is another one of those women that almost had to become a model and an actress. What else would you do if you were beautiful and tall?


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