15 Facts And Photos Of Felon Stephanie Beaudoin

When someone initially brings up a conversation about felons and criminals who are accused of committing 114 crimes, the image that you project in your mind about this person is probably the exact opposite of the woman who is considered the world's sexiest criminal. You may initially have visions of a rough-looking man who has seen better days. After all, most of us have seen or dealt with the person who looks like this, and it is incredibly rare to see a mugshot of a criminal who looks like they belong on the cover of a fashion magazine as opposed to behind bars serving time for the heinous crimes they committed. Even though this image that you have projected in your head would normally be accurate given another situation, we are here today to bring you pictures and information regarding Stephanie Beaudoin, the Canadian woman who has come to be known as the world's sexiest criminal.

There have been instances where mugshots leaked onto the internet causing a stir among people on social media, but few people have ever lit the internet on fire quite like Stephanie Beaudoin. This brunette bombshell is easily one of the hottest woman that you will ever lay your eyes on, and the fact that she is a legitimate criminal only serves to prove to the masses that looks can often be deceiving. Just to give you the type of woman that Stephanie Beaudoin actually is, the 114 crimes that she was accused of involve theft and illegally owning firearms. It's not like this beautiful young woman was stealing from a store. She was committing major crimes, and her mugshot made her a legitimate internet celebrity upon its release on the internet. Today, we will be presenting you 15 of the hottest photos that you will ever see of Stephanie Beaudoin.

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15 Selfie Time

via ameriesblog.com

As you can tell from the very first picture that we are presenting to you today of Stephanie Beaudoin, this girl's selfie game is on point, and despite the laundry list of crimes that she has committed, this woman is a bona fide smokeshow that is sure to make any man go nuts. This girl is stacked up top, and she has a gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes that can allure anyone in her vicinity. Stephanie Beaudoin is considered the hottest criminal on the planet for a reason. While we have seen a number of very attractive teachers get taken down for having illicit affairs with their students, none of those teachers are even remotely close to being on the same level as Stephanie.

Even when she's just hanging out in her car and taking a quick selfie to post on social media, Stephanie is an insanely hot young woman whose face should be on the cover of magazines. If you think this photo of her is hot, just wait until you see the rest of the pictures that we have on our list.

14 A Red-Hot Model

via anandbazar.com

Now that we have already shown you what she looks like while taking a selfie in her car, we figured that we would go ahead and mix things up and show you what she looks like during a professional photoshoot. Her hair and makeup artist made sure to spend a great deal making her look jaw-droppingly gorgeous for this photo, and her viewers couldn't get enough of her when they first laid eyes on the model. Being able to take cute selfies in her car is one thing, but having the natural beauty and modeling talent to shine during a professional photoshoot is something entirely different, and Stephanie just happens to possess that type of talent and beauty.

This picture goes a long way in showing you just how hot she is. Even though she could have just been wearing a regular t-shirt in this photo, she decided to give you as a sneak peek of exactly what she's working, and you won't hear a single complaint come from any viewers.

13 Selfie, Part 2

via buzger.com

Now that we've given you a taste of both regular and professional photos, we will go ahead and dive back into the well and show you another quick selfie that Stephanie uploaded onto her social media account. Much like the original photo that we showed, Stephanie looks incredible in this photo here and made sure to give her followers on social media a sneak peek at the goods that she normally keeps under wraps. Even though the picture’s lighting may not be on the same level as a photoshoot for a magazine, Stephanie is still able to captivate your attention and keep you begging for more.

She may be a criminal who has done some pretty terrible things in her life, but we can't imagine a single person thinking that she's unattractive in the least bit. The first two pictures that we selected to show you on this list features her with a more serious expression, so we decided to include a picture for a given sultry little grin to keep things diverse and interesting.

12 Out On The Beach

via citystuff-magazin.de

What good is a list of hot photos of the world's hottest criminal if we don't show you some pictures of her on the beach? Things have been kept relatively tame on our list in terms of showing off Stephanie's smoking hot body, but we thought it was best to include this beach photo of her, so you can see the incredible body that she's working with. As someone who is gorgeous and has a body that would make any woman jealous, we really can't blame Stephanie for showing off her body at the beach. Even though she may not be giving off a sultry stare or an intriguing smile like she had in her other photos on this list, her body alone makes this picture a worthwhile entry.

11 Legs For Days

via eyval.net

With yet another photo of a professional modeling shoot, Stephanie Beaudoin is once again front-and-center showing off all the reasons why she should be spending her life in front of the camera. While the last entry on our list showed Stephanie in a number of provocative poses showing off different parts of her body, this gorgeous photo is far tamer; although, that doesn't say much considering the amount of leg that Stephanie is showing off in the photo. We tried to warn you all that leg pictures would be incoming, but you'll never hear a complaint from anyone when it comes to seeing you more at Stephanie's incredible legs.

This photo was taken directly from an article detailing her rise to prominence on the internet. Jeremy Meeks was an inmate whose mugshot help turn him into a fashion model, and it appears as though Stephanie Beaudoin is headed down the same path as Jeremy Meeks. The internet sure does have a weird way of making people famous.

10 Beautiful In Glasses

via goldennets.com

After a round of professional photos that has done an excellent job at showing you what Stephanie is capable of in a professional setting, we are going to go ahead and turn our attention back onto photos of Stephanie that were taken either by herself or by friends and family. This photo here may not look like much at first, but we assure you that the more you look at it, the hotter it becomes. Even though she was wearing glasses in the photo of her at the beach, people are hardly going to notice that because they are completely transfixed on her beautiful body. In this photo, however, her glasses are one of the first things that you'll notice, and unlike most women, her glasses actually make her more attractive.

Couple her glasses with the tight pants and top that she's wearing, and you have yourself one of the hottest pictures of Stephanie Beaudoin that you will ever see. Of course, working with the type of assets that she has will make anyone seem better-looking than they truly are.

9 She's On A Boat

via journaldemontreal.com

We couldn't just bring you one photo of Stephanie in a bikini at the beach, so we went ahead and double-dipped for your viewing pleasure. Instead of being on the beach and getting sand all over the place, this gorgeous snapshot of Stephanie was taken on a boat, and the photographer did an excellent job in catching the water in the background. Sporting a black bikini that is showing off everything we'd hoped for; Stephanie Beaudoin looks incredible in this photograph. Most women have a tendency to look better while wearing black, and the same can be said for women who are wearing black swimsuits. Then again, Stephanie could be wearing a neon pink swimsuit and still look better than most of the other women on the beach that day.

This picture is once again another highlight of the type of body that Stephanie has. She appears to have done a good job in keeping herself in good physical shape, and any picture of her wearing a bikini is sure to please viewers.

8 Showing Off Her Midsection

via mainfun.ru

Talk about being an absolute babe even when wearing regular clothes. Stephanie Beaudoin is a true beauty who has the ability to stand out from the crowd even when wearing everyday clothes. Some women in the world have an “it” factor that drive men wild, and it's easy to see that Stephanie has this unique quality about her. This photo would be completely unimpressive had it been another woman. After all, she is simply standing by a car and looks almost caught off guard in the photo. But instead of looking average, this photo of Stephanie was hot enough to be included on our list. Showing off her toned midsection is a huge reason why she looks so great in this photo, but it is also largely due to her good looks.

It is always interesting seeing a photo of a beautiful person doing an everyday task but looking far better than an everyday type of person. She may be wearing an average outfit, but there is nothing average about the body or the beauty of this woman.

7 Too Hot To Handle

via maxim.com

A professional modeling photo of Stephanie Beaudoin wearing glasses? This type of picture is practically a dream come true for viewers at home. As we mentioned earlier, Stephanie is arguably one of the few women walking around who looks better when she is wearing glasses, and the decision to have her wear her frames in this smoking hot photo was the perfect choice by the photographer. Stephanie was already wearing a leopard print outfit that was sure to grab your attention, but the glasses do an excellent job of bringing the attention to other parts of the photo, mainly to her beautiful eyes. Even though the glasses in the picture do an excellent job of bringing attention to her eyes, we can stop pretending that most people will notice anything else but what's going on below her shoulders.

The provocative outfit that she is wearing in this picture is the perfect way to showcase Stephanie's body, and the glasses do a wonderful job and bring you the attention to her naturally beautiful face. All in all, this is an incredible photo of Stephanie Beaudoin.

6 Putting The Rest To Shame

via mkd.mk

Talk about being stacked from head to toe. Much has been made about Stephanie Beaudoin wearing glasses and of her smoking hot body, but most people in this photo are going to have their eyes immediately attracted to one spot in particular. This picture taken of Stephanie looks as though it was snapped right before she was going to head out the door, and those people who were lucky enough to see her walking around town got more than an eyeful that day. Stephanie's jeans ride low on her body while her shirt cuts off at her midsection, showing the world that she has an unbelievable body that she has no problem parading around.

There is nothing average about this beautiful girl, and this picture, despite being taken at her home, is one of the hottest that we found of her. We can't really imagine a photo of Stephanie Beaudoin looking anything less than stellar, and this photo here is just another example of why she had the internet running amok.

5 Those Eyes

via scoopnest.com

Much has been made about Stephanie's body and the way that she looks with glasses, but this insanely gorgeous selfie gives you an idea of the natural beauty that she is. Even though she may be wearing makeup in this photo, it is still easy to see why people have completely fallen for this criminal. We're sure that this picture had people going nuts when she first uploaded to her social media account. This picture could have stood on its own given her natural beauty, but Stephanie also elected to show off her cleavage in the photo, and this probably had men everywhere going crazy. We all know a person or two in our life that is photogenic and whose selfie game never lets us down, but very few women are able to look this great on such a consistent basis.

There is nothing overly special about this picture in terms of makeup, hair, or outfits, but this has little impact on how the photo turned out and how truly beautiful and talented she is.

4 Showing Off Some Skin

Even though her modeling career has been relatively short, the output that Stephanie had has been truly remarkable, and this entry on our list features three smoking hot photos of the world's most beautiful criminal. Each photo on this list sees Stephanie sporting different outfits, and the attention in each picture goes to different parts of her body. The photo on the far left as an incredible job at showcasing her long legs, and the photo in the middle is clearly meant to accentuate her assets upstairs. The photo on the right is a showcase of everything, and the tattoo she has on the lower left of her body will, no doubt, capture your attention upon first view.

It's hard to imagine that a woman this good-looking would choose a life of crime as opposed to a life of modeling, but each decision that we make in our life is one that we must deal with. Nevertheless, these three photos right here are a prime example of why Stephanie has a budding modeling career in the future.

3 Back On The Beach

via shwemom.com

Now that we are nearing the end of our list, it is only fitting that we include at least one more photo of Stephanie in a swimsuit on the beach. Though this isn't the gorgeous black swimsuit that she was wearing in the picture on the boat, this pink-and-white swimsuit still looks incredible on her gorgeous and tanned body. With a body this toned and nice, it's hard to believe that Stephanie didn't live in a beach city. That way, she could show it off every single day. If you're looking to nitpick, one could make the argument that her Jersey Shore style of hair takes away from her overall look, but we doubt that anyone actually noticed her hair.

We hate to break it to you all, but this is going to be the final picture that we have of Stephanie on the beach. Instead, we are going to bring you two more pictures that are sure to please even the biggest critics.

2 Hitting All The Right Notes

via usas.com

Say what you want for how insanely gorgeous she looks when she's posted up at the beach, but seeing this photo of Stephanie in a skintight dress is going to get anybody hot and bothered. This is directly attributed to the fact that Stephanie's body is a knockout and that her cleavage is almost too hot to handle in this photo. Wherever she happened to be going that day, it should go without saying that she was the hottest woman in the room, and we can almost guarantee that all eyes were immediately fixed on her, which no doubt pissed off a lot of other women. Women this good-looking who also dress this provocative can't walk down the street without a gang of people staring them down, and Stephanie knew exactly what she was doing when she tossed this outfit on.

Even though we have featured a ton of photos that showcase a number of different aspects to Stephanie's appearance, we would like to be able to say that she's as beautiful inside as she is outside. But, that is virtually impossible considering the laundry list of crimes that she has committed.

1 It Doesn't Get Any Hotter

via youtube.com

You didn't really think we were going to end this list with a photo of Stephanie that doesn't show off her stronger points, did you? Stephanie is an incredibly beautiful woman who has a God-given talent for modeling, but part of what makes her so attractive is her body and assets. And we would be remiss if we didn't end this list with a photo that shows off her beauty and what she's working with. Taken from what appears to be the same set of photos as a previous entry on our list, Stephanie made sure to give the people at home something to really sink their teeth into by pulling her camera back a little bit to show off a little more of her body.

We normally don't see a young woman post multiple photos from the same as a selfie session, but few women are as hot as Stephanie Beaudoin. And from the looks of things, she knows exactly how hot she is. Despite being one of the most notorious criminals in recent memory, the internet helped catalyze Stephanie Beaudoin's rise to fame.

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