15 Expensive Things Cardi B Bought With Her New Millions Of Dollars (Including A Bentley)

Cardi B is a successful rapper, singer, and social media personality who is most famous for her debut hit, "Bodak Yellow," but her life was not always so glamorous. Cardi's real name is Belcalis Almanzar and she was born in the Bronx in 1992 to immigrant parents. She grew up extremely poor in the High Bridge neighborhood, with her mother working as a cashier and her father driving a taxi cab for a living.

At the age of 16, she became involved in criminal activity. She attended college for a while and worked at an Amish market making around $300 a week. She started dancing in the clubs of New York at the age of 19 after someone pointed out that she had a nice body and would make a lot of money. After gaining some notoriety on social media, Cardi B was cast on VH1's reality series, Love & Hip Hop: New York. After gaining more popularity with the public, she decided to put all of her efforts into a successful music career. After dropping a few mix tapes and touring around the country, she dropped her first commercial debut single, "Bodak Yellow," in June of 2017.

Since then, her success has skyrocketed. Cardi B's net worth is over $5 million, thanks to a big deal she signed with Atlantic records. Just a few months earlier, she was only estimated to be worth around $600,000. She was nominated for two Grammys this year and her career is just getting started. Cardi B's success story is truly an inspiring one of someone who has created their career from the ground up. Here are 15 extravagant things Cardi B bought with her new cash flow.

15 She Got Dental Surgery

cardi b teeth
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One of the most famous lines in Cardi B's single, "Bodak Yellow," is about the dental work that she had done after being able to afford veneers. She says: "Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you [all] know it ain't cheap," which could not have been more accurate.

Cardi B got some harsh criticism about her crooked teeth on social media and while starring on Love & Hip Hop: New York. Once she began to make some money, one of the first things that the rapper did was head straight to the best dentist in NYC. Dr. Catrise Austin of The Smilist Dental worked on the musician's teeth and is one of most well-known celebrity dentists, having been awarded Top 25 Women in Dentistry in 2015. While the exact cost of Cardi's surgery is unknown, veneers cost around $2,000 per tooth and whitening would cost an additional $500, so we know that it was pretty pricey.

14 She Bought An Orange Bentley Bentayga

cardi b bentley
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To celebrate the success of her debut single, "Bodak Yellow," Cardi B decided to treat herself to a bright orange $240,000 Bentley Bentayaga SUV with matching peanut butter leather interior. Despite the fact that the rapper did not yet have a driver's license, she posted photos ecstatically on Instagram to share what she had gotten with her fans. It is definitely an impressive car for someone without a license. Growing up in the Bronx meant that Cardi had never had a reason to get a car before this, let alone learn how to drive. On her Instagram live video, she said, "I don’t know how to drive but how you expect me to know how to drive when I took the train my whole life?"

13 She Got Enhancements For Her Appearance

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Cardi B realized at a young age that if she enhanced her physical assets, she could make more of a profit. Enhancements for her appearance had always been on Cardi's mind. She had wanted to change her body since the age of 16. She has provided her fans with many details of how she goes about this.

Back when she was still dancing, she got herself gigs at what she describes as "the hood clubs" because she felt that she needed to in order to make more money. However, she said that the women with more curves were making more money than she ever could. In fact, when she did not have the money for enhancements, she trusted a Jamaican woman who nearly seriously harmed her. This woman is now in jail for performing dangerous procedures.

12 She Bought A Rolls-Royce For Offset

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Cardi is engaged to the rapper Offset, of the rap group Migos. Back in December, the female rapper wanted to show her man how much he meant to her, so she bought him a Rolls-Royce Wraith! The car was a ruby red on top with white paint on the sides. The extravagant gift was for Offset's 26th birthday, along with an insanely blinged-out diamond watch.

Cardi presented her fiancé with the gift in front of all of their friends after leaving the celebrity hot spot, The MacArthur, in Los Angeles. The two drove off together in his new ride and Offset posted plenty of photos and videos of the car to social media.

11 She Regularly Gets Fresh New Jewelled Nails

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Cardi B is definitely known for her outrageous nail designs. It is a wonder how this rapper even types on her phone with the long, bedazzled talons she wears every day. Cardi only trusts one woman in New York City with her nail designs and that is Jenny Bui who owns the Nails On 7th salon. The rapper joked in her Instagram caption that she only lets "Jenny from the Bronx" do her nails.

The employees wear whimsical shirts that read, "Nice nails ain't cheap. Cheap nails ain't nice!" Jenny is now known as the "Queen of Bling" and always gets shout-outs from the "Bartier Cardi" singer on Instagram, which has led to her great success.

10 She Bought A $100,000 Diamond Watch

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After Cardi B bought herself a $100,000 diamond watch, she took to Instagram to share her excitement with her fans. She explained that she was "proud" of herself for buying this watch all on her own without any help from a man. She also said that it was comforting for her to know that she could pick up and sell the watch "anywhere, anytime" for a hefty penny if she ever needed to and be able to open "like 10 salons."

She also explained that she has been working hard every day to earn the money that she has, despite the fact that people continue to doubt her success. Cardi told her haters not to tell her where to spend her money because she is always "flipping, investing, and generating money."

9 She Got Custom Chains

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When you think of rappers, you think of blinged-out jewelry, crazy cars, and wild parties. Naturally, Cardi B had to get herself some custom chains so that she could really legitimize her position as a rapper in the music industry. Her first big jewelry piece was this custom-made green Powder Puff girl chain.

This year, Cardi collaborated on a $60,000 chain with her fiancé, Offset. The necklace features a diamond-encrusted hand with red fingernails and gold diamond rings. The whole thing had over 20 karats of diamonds with an additional 15 karats on the chain. The rapper is rarely seen without diamonds on and loves to show off her bling.

8 She Bought Lots Of Designer Clothes

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With the success of her single, "Bodak Yellow," Cardi B was on fashion designer's radars. Her popularity and fame have enabled her to become a major influencer in fashion, beauty, and social media so of course, all of the top brands want the rapper to be seen wearing their clothes. This means that the musician does not always have to pay for her clothes because designers will send her samples in hopes that she will wear them.

However, Cardi's stylist, Kollin Carter, has said that Cardi has her own sense of style and likes to have a say in what she will wear. With more money than she knows what to do with, Cardi is now able to buy clothes from any designer she wishes. Her personal style is full of bright colors, patterns, and statement pieces.

7 She Spends $2,000-$5,000 On Shoes Every Couple Of Weeks

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Cardi B does not hide her love for designer shoes. In the chorus of her hit song, "Bodak Yellow," Cardi boasts about owning Louboutin shoes, saying, "these expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes." She also acknowledges that she does not have to choose between which pair of heels to buy because she can afford to get them both.

Cardi reportedly spends around $2,000 to $5,000 every couple of weeks on new designer heels. It is something that the singer likes to indulge in and who can blame her? She is always quick to share her new shoes with her fans on Instagram, like with these hot pink, pointed toe heels with a ribbon around the ankle.

6 She Is Hitting Up Nightclubs

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Because she worked as a dancer, clubs are near and dear to Cardi B's heart. She and Offset are frequently spotted at clubs and the rapper loves to spoil the dancers. Cardi B has been reported to have had "made it rain" in multiple clubs across the country, showering the girls with money as they performed.

The former dancer has also performed at many clubs, most recently in November when she sang "Bodak Yellow" on stage at a club in Miami. She threw dollar bills out into the audience and kicked her red bottom Louboutins off as she danced the night away and looked to be right in her element.

5 She Goes To Soho House In New York

cardi b soho house
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The Bronx-born starlet has a luxury condo in New Jersey but when she has events in New York City, she likes to stay close by. Cardi is known for staying at the Four Seasons and the Soho House when she is in town.

The Soho House in NYC is a notoriously exclusive and elite members-only club in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. A membership costs more than $2,000 a year, which seems like a lot to pay for someone who has a home just across the state line. Soho House is also infamously known for not accepting "suits" in business industries or politicians and only offering memberships to those in the "film, fashion, advertising, music, art, and media" industries.

4 She Got An SUV For Her Mom

cardi b mom
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Cardi B's mother's life has obviously changed a lot since her daughter became a famous rapper. She was a cashier who worked hard to provide for her two daughters and now her daughter is earning more money than she could ever imagine. To show her mom how much she appreciates her, Cardi B bought her a brand new SUV.

Despite the fact that her mom kicked her out of the house at 18, the singer says she realizes what a nightmare she must have been. The two have a close relationship now. This past spring on her mother's birthday, the musician showed up to her house with a bouquet of 50 roses that were each wrapped in a $100 bill.

3 She Buys Lots Of Furs

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Rappers are also known for decking themselves out in expensive furs and Cardi B is no exception. Living in New York City means that she has to endure harsh winters in freezing temperatures but she is rich and famous now and can afford tons of furs to keep her warm. The rapper has been photographed in countless fur jackets and loves wearing fun patterns and bright colors.

The fur coat that she is wearing in the Instagram photo above is a cropped bomber from IAmJenniferLe.com, which is a brand that she wears often. The "Tiger Stripe" fur is made of 100% Silver Fox, Blue Fox, and Red Fox and costs $1,750.

2 She Has Tons Of Expensive Wigs

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Cardi B also enjoys playing with her appearance when it comes to her hairstyle. Many African American women opt to wear wigs but not everyone can afford to have a new wig to wear practically every day. Good quality wigs made of real human hair are not cheap but that is not something that Cardi has to worry about.

The rapper's look is constantly changing and people love to keep up with her outfits and hairstyles. One day she will be sporting a short, brunette bob and the next day she will have blonde hair down to her waist. There probably has not been a hairstyle or color that the star has not experimented with.

1 A Luxury Condo

cardi b condo
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Cardi B has a luxurious three-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in Edgewater, New Jersey but she rarely talks about it or shares photos of it on social media. Although she grew up in the Bronx, the rapper chose to purchase a home in New Jersey because she only pays about half of what she would be paying for the premium real estate in New York City.

Cardi still has family living in the city and often spends time at her grandmother's house in the Bronx because she says it has a "certain happiness there." Because she is touring and traveling so much, Cardi B spends a lot of her time living out of hotel rooms.

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