15 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

Everyday life is filled with small things that have us struggle-bussing all day long. Whether it is eating messy chicken wings or peeling a stubborn banana, there are some foods that seem to exist just to watch us suffer. But it is not just food items that can provide everyday difficulties for us. What about untying knots, polishing our nails, or folding our laundry? If you have ever struggled with any of these things, then it is probably not you. Rather, you may just be doing these things all wrong! That’s right; check it out with our list of 15 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong. From your daily organizational tasks to your food prep each day, there are some things that you may have been doing the “wrong” way for months or even years!

You don’t want to miss this list, and you definitely need to share it with your friends. They will notice when you start to have your life together while they continue struggling over the everyday simple things. It is amazing how a minimal swap or tweak can make something so frustrating become so easy. Be sure to check out these tips and tricks and give them all a try as soon as possible. Before too long, you will see that your daily tasks and duties become less of a chore and more of an easy no-brainer task. Now, get reading and be sure to share with your friends and family! Oh, and you are very welcome.

15 Storing Ice Cream


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. But we all cry over freezer-burned ice cream that ruins the whole batch for us. No one wants to waste this precious frozen treat, so be sure to take care of your ice cream if you want it to last. The next time you purchase a new package of ice cream, be sure to put this trick to use so that it stays fresher for much longer. Put your carton or tub of ice cream in a large Ziplock bag and then place it in the freezer. This will help to keep the ice cream cold and frozen, yet soft enough to scoop without any difficulties. You really can have perfectly scoopable ice cream each and every time, and freezer-burn will be a thing of the past. It also does not matter how big your carton of ice cream is; as long as you have a plastic baggie large enough, you are good to go!

14 Putting on Nail Polish

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This one is for the girls out there who are trying to save some money and skip the nail salon. It can cost hundreds of dollars a month to maintain a perfect manicure or pedicure. And while you are not guaranteed to get the exact same results at home as you would with a professional nail salon, you can still get a pretty decent polish job without spending an arm and a leg. The next time you polish your own nails, be sure to try this method. Place a small dab of polish at the base of your nail, leaving a tiny space at the bottom. Then use the nail polish brush to drag the polish down to the base of the cuticle and then up to the top of the nail. This should create a strip of nail polish right up the middle of your nail. Repeat this on the right and left sides for even coverage.

13 Eating a Burger

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Ah, the joys of eating a burger. How many wonderful things can you count about biting into the tender juicy goodness of fresh meatiness? Whether you make your own burger or get one at the closest fast food joint, there is a way to eat a burger so that the patty stays within the confines of the bun. Instead of placing all four of your fingers on the top of the bun and leaving just your thumb on the bottom, try this: place your pinky against the bottom of the burger along with your thumb so that you have more control over handling the burger. Your index, middle, and ring fingers will be on top of the bun. This will keep everything in place and help you enjoy your meal with ease and without messy hands. Also, your condiments, as well as lettuce, tomato, and pickles, should be under the burger. Cheese should be on top of the burger.

12 Peeling a Hard-Boiled Egg


Besides the smell, many people abhor making hard-boiled eggs because they are just about impossible to peel. Well, not with this tip! Just tap the bottom of the egg and remove the broken piece of shell; then do the same thing for the top of the egg. Then take one end of the egg and blow! The egg should pop out of the shell, leaving you with no nasty shelly residue to clean up. Plus, if you really want to prevent the shell from sticking to the flesh of the egg, follow this trick when boiling the eggs. Submerge them in water so that there is about two inches of water above them. Boil them at a low temperature for about twelve minutes and put baking soda in the water to prevent adherence. Then, remove the saucepan from the heat and place some ice cubes in the water. It’s like magic.

11 Listening to Music on Your Phone


These days, pretty much anyone can listen to some hot tunes on their cell phone or an iPod or other personal listening device. Yet you might not be aware that there is a way to really amplify the sound for a more in-depth and enjoyable listening experience. Depending on where you are, you can put this trick to use for you and your friends. Just place the phone in a cup or bowl (if it’s metal, even better!) and you will instantly hear a difference in the sound quality. This can work both indoors and outdoors, but it is most effective if you are in a stationary location. If you are on the go, then it might be a bit more difficult to employ this life tip, but you can always use a plastic SOLO cup if you have one on hand or close by! If you are at home, the best choice would be a metal mixing bowl or a large glass or cup.

10 Slicing a Mango


Yum, mango is a special fruit that we can only get at certain times of the year, and only in certain regions. In fact, odds are that your supermarket mango actually came from Brazil or India. Europe and North America are not good continents to cultivate this delicious tropical fruit, which is why mangoes tend to be rather expensive. If you ever want to treat yourself to a juicy ripe mango, then you want to save as much of the tasty yellow-orange flesh as possible. There are two ways to slice a mango that make it so much easier and cleaner. The first method involves cutting off the two halves of the mango from either side of the pit. Then take a sharp knife and cut a criss-cross pattern on each mango half. Then you can just use a spoon to scoop out the flesh, which will already be cubed pieces for you! The second method involves using the rim of a glass rather than a spoon to scoop out the mango flesh.

9 Packing Your Suitcase


You might not go on trips all that often, but when it comes to packing a suitcase, this is a really useful life tip to know. Most people will save their packing until the last possible moment, and that will result in just throwing clothes and objects into the suitcase haphazardly. Or, people with a bit more self control will take the time to fold the clothes somewhat and then place them in the suitcase. However, stacking folded clothes on top of each other will not make the most use of the space in the suitcase. You should roll the clothes instead so that you can fit in more clothing and prevent wrinkles. It is a win-win life tip! You can roll all kinds of clothes: shirts, pants, tights, underwear, and even blankets and towels. This packing method is also way faster than painstakingly individually folding each piece of clothing.

8 Hulling Strawberries


When strawberries are in season, you want to flock to the nearest farmer’s market. Those luscious, juicy strawberries are plump and delicious! Plus, you can use these summertime berries in all sorts of dishes and recipes, such as strawberry jam, tarts, and parfaits. The annoying part is that these recipes call for hulling the strawberries, which means removing the stem and leafy bits. Most people will do this by using a knife to cut around the stem, but that ends up removing pieces of the delicious strawberry flesh. Instead, you can use a straw to push through the strawberry and remove the leafy part without wasting anything. A straw can push perfectly through the strawberry, and you can try inserting it through the top of the fruit. Plus, you can save time and energy and get to enjoying your strawberry recipe much sooner! So, is this why they’re called STRAWberries?

7 Doing Push-Ups

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We all want to be healthier and in better shape, right? Well, push-ups are a great place to start if you want to increase your fitness level. Many people complain that when they do push-ups, they feel the burn in their legs. Well, stop using your legs! Push-ups are supposed to be upper-body exercises, so why are you putting the stress on your lower body?! Here is what to do instead: Stop using your back and your lower body to push yourself up. Rather, utilize your upper body muscles as well as your abs to push your body up. Not only will you really feel the tingle in your arms, but you will also be getting a core workout as well. If you want to work your lower body, then try some squats and lunges to work the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. You can also do push-ups on your knees.

6 Making a Sandwich


Anyone who has made a sandwich before will understand the pain and suffering of biting into a sandwich that is all bread. It is actually quite interesting that slices of bread are square and yet slices of deli meat tend to be circular. Why is that? If you want to avoid the empty bites of pure carbs and dryness, try this sandwich-making hack. Cut the circular deli meat into two halves so that you get even coverage on each slice of bread. For instance, bologna can be sliced down the middle, and then the two halves can be lined up edge-to-edge on the bread. This way, when you bite into your sandwich it will have meat in every single bite. You try this with circular slices of cheese as well. In fact, this sandwich hack will have you revisiting your childhood favorite lunch. Bologna, turkey, ham...the list goes on and on.

5 Freezing a Drink


When it’s summertime and everything is hot hot hot, all you want is something cool and refreshing to drink. Unfortunately, the summer heat often means that keeping drinks cold is quite a challenge. If you want to guzzle down something chilly and soothing, but your own drink is lukewarm and gross, then here is a simple trick to cool it down in very little time. What you need to do is wrap the drink in a wet paper towel and then place it in the freezer. Believe it or not, this simple trick will get the drink super cold within just 15 minutes. Leave it in longer and you can get a frozen beverage rather quickly. While the results are not instantaneous, 15 minutes is not too long to wait for a drink to go from warm to cool. Be sure to try this the next time your beer, gatorade, or water bottle succumbs to the summer heat.

4 Untying a Knot


Odds are, you have a few knots around your house. They seem to show up just about, plastic bags, and on and on. We are pretty sure that you have a knot in your close vicinity right about now. If you are tired of spending an eternity untying those knots, then you need this trick. Plus, it will help you keep your nice manicured nails staying pretty and polished. All you have to do is twist the loose ends that are hanging down from the knot so they are nice and tight. Then push them through the loop of the knot. The twisted up ends should be able to slip through the knotted loop quite easily, which means that the knot will be dismantled and it will fall apart. Now you don’t have to worry about remembering your girl or boy scout survival skills! This is a huge time-saver.

3 Folding Your Shirts


If you spend so long folding your shirts on laundry day, then just know that you’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a mind-blowing trick to folding shirts in mere seconds. Lay the shirt flat on a table (on its back). Locate the point on the shirt that is halfway between the top and bottom and about two inches from the right side. Pinch a piece of the shirt at this point and then pinch the shirt at the very top (next to the collar and directly above the first point). Lift the shirt by holding the two points. Then, cross your hand that’s holding the collar point over to the bottom of the shirt and almost immediately unfold your arms. The shirt should be folded and you can place it down on the table and fold it over again for a nice, crisp, even folding job.

2 Microwaving Leftover Food


If you’re not a food snob and have no problem eating leftovers, then this is the life tip for you! Have you ever noticed that it is darn near impossible to evenly heat and cook through those leftover dishes? You either end up with a slice of pizza that is totally cold or that has burnt edges and a chilly center. In order to ensure that everything on your leftovers plate gets warmed up thoroughly, be sure to scoop out a small hole in the center of the food. For example, if you have leftover rice or pasta, dig a little hole in the center so that the food resembles a ring. For foods like lasagna slice it up into smaller pieces so that everything can get warm at the same rate. There is nothing worse than nasty cold spots in your heated-up leftovers. Stop wasting food and start enjoying it!

1 Taking a Breath

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Have you ever noticed that you have been out of breath, or that you forgot to breathe altogether? It is actually quite common for us to “forget” to breathe, what with our daily tasks and stressed-out lifestyles. It might be 7, 8, 9 or more seconds before we take another short, shallow breath. Learn how to breathe deeply the right way so that you can feel strong and refreshed all day long. You should breathe in from your belly to get a deep breath, not your chest. This way, you will take in more oxygen and get a more refreshing breath of air. You want to pay attention when you breath deeply this way. Make sure that your belly is expanding when you inhale so that you are sure that you’re taking in enough oxygen and really filling your lungs. Then breath out slowly and allow the air to escape your belly and out of your mouth. It is also suggested that you inhale through your nose if you can.


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