15 Epic Yoga Fails That Are Funny AF

Namaste. Yoga – it’s not just a workout, but a way of life. It is a means of being one with the supreme, of being one with your innermost self, of being one with nature. It helps you achieve a balance in life that’s physical, mental, and holistic.

Most of you who have tried your hand at yoga must have heard something along these lines from an instructor, a video, or even from a book. And if done properly, yoga can indeed be one of your best friends – for physical, mental, and wholesome well-being. The key point here is how you attempt to do yoga. The breathing, the posture, the finesse can all come later – the first thing to remember is not to overdo it.

And yet, to get their one moment of fame, people tend to do a lot more than they can. So sometimes it's their bodies that fail them at rather inopportune moments, and sometimes, it's that dratted piece of furniture that looked sturdy but fails the yoga test. And then there are those who are so "into" their yoga poses that they fail to notice their surroundings – we do applaud their concentration. Okay, that was a lie - we don't! And these are the people that we’d like to put our spotlight on. The people who have made yoga funny AF! Remember that if being stuck in a yoga pose sounds funny, it looks even funnier. Here are some epic yoga fails, from people (and creatures) that did too much, too soon that were just too funny.

15 The Jumping Jack Pose, For Real

So okay, we just made up that name. But blame the guy who’s doing it. The pose that he’s supposed to be doing is the eagle pose aka garudasana. If done correctly, it’s excellent for balance as well as for treating asthma, lower back pain, and sciatica. People with knee injuries are advised against it as it puts undue pressure on the knee joint but for Jumping Jack here, it might have given him a painful case of the blue balls.

While it is a twisty pose where you are supposed to effortlessly mould yourself into a pretzel-like shape, the wrapping around is not supposed to squeeze your pelvic area and/or family jewels into a painful vice. The key thing to remember about yoga is that it should be effortless – if it causes you pain, there's no gain… Don’t attempt to do more than what your body is allowing, or else you might have to leave that yoga class hobbling, or even on a stretcher!

14 The I’m-Trying-Too-Hard Headstand

We admire the rather picturesque surroundings of this diva who’s trying to do a headstand (or a cartwheel, we’re not sure either way) and like her for her bold performance too. But really, was she concentrating so hard on balancing that she forgot the wave? Because this certainly makes for one rousing performance!

Inversion yoga poses (like this epic fail) are the ones you do flipside up, be it the well-known headstand aka the shirshasana or the forearm stand known as pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock). Not for the faint-hearted, these asanas can only be practiced by those who have been doing yoga for a while and have a certain fitness level. Great for sleep and back problems, these should be done best in an environment lacking distractions, particularly of the physical kind, y'know, like a wave, lest there is an eventual bashing of you onto the rocks, like with the bikini babe. Not good for her mental or physical well-being, considering her nadir of yoga is on the web.

13 The Sand-In-My-Face Pose

Actually, this one should be called the face-in-the-sand pose and has got nothing to do, even remotely, with ostriches. This is the upright version of the sleeping yogi pose (yoganidrasana), not that the latter is any less insane.

Firstly, let’s just say that there’s not a person alive today who could actually go to sleep in that pose. Secondly, what’s with the upright version of it? Why would anyone want to do a “sleep” pose in a sitting version?

Frankly had the yogini in question not fallen face first in the sand, we’d have been more surprised. She looks oh-so-enlightened, sitting with a peaceful expression while contorting into an impossible position, with the sea in the background. And when she calmly tries to untangle herself – splat, she falls face first into the sand. It’s mean to laugh, we know, but it’s hard not to, considering she too has the grace to laugh at herself.

12 The Dog In The Manger

So this is one pose where your ignored pet can really get back at you, in the sweetest possible way, with the most amount of saliva. Presenting the get-yourself-licked-in-the-face pose, wherein your hands are too busy to try and keep yourself upright and your feet are off the ground in a twisty pretzel.

The pose in question is the shoulder-pressing pose aka the bhujapidasana (these Sanskrit names are quite a mouthful, aren’t they?). The pose itself is useful to increase balance and core strength. Initially, it will cause some amount of shoulder pain – and that is what it translates to literally – pain in the shoulders.

Here the pain is more about the dog taking full advantage of the hapless owner stuck in a yoga pose that needs some extracting. We are only thankful that it stuck to licking her instead of jumping on her and spoiling her balance entirely.

11 The Watery Suryanamaskar

It’s an ideal video format. A really fit, bikini-clad gal doing the sun salutation (a set of 12 asanas that form what is known as the Suryanamaskar) amidst beautiful surroundings.

She moves from the equestrian pose to the downward dog, and then further on to the plank pose with fluidity. And just as she moves from the plank pose to the eight-limbed pose, water strikes, literally. There’s something about babes, bikinis, beaches, and yoga that simply do not go together and instead turns into an epic fail.

Seriously, though, the Suryanamaskar is one of the best and perhaps mostly wrongly done asana in yoga. Done correctly, a Suryanamaskar set of either side can burn up to 13 calories. Just ten of these, which can be done in less than 30 minutes, burn a cool 130 calories. And it regulates your hormones too. Just remember to do it away from waves.

10 The Plow-Ouch Pose

Done traditionally, the plow pose is therapeutic for backaches as well as regulating thyroid hormones, along with being excellent for insomnia, and menopause. That said, the important thing is to do it correctly.

The lady in question is doing the pose on an exercise ball, which makes for a rather unstable base. If you need elevation, then use a folded exercise mat or even folded towels to avoid having a video like this of yours floating around on the world wide web.

So here, she tries her best to retain her balance on the bouncy ball, while trying to do the plow pose (the halasana) – and decides to hold onto a wooden shelf for support. Only it looks like the wooden shelf isn’t particularly stable in itself and down it goes, on top of the lady like a spectacular finale with a definite ouch factor involved.

9 The Cat (Not In The Hat)

Seriously, why is this listed as an epic fail? ‘Cause someone tried to pass it off as yoga and cats, as we all know, do not like to lower themselves down to the human need of fitness and exercise. Cats stretch, sleep, groom, purr and otherwise steal our hearts – but yoga, they do not do.

Interestingly for all you cat lovers, there does exist a cat pose in yoga known as the marjariasana, which basically incorporates all the goodness of a feline stretch into yoga. To do this asana you get down on your hands and knees. Arch your spine into a bow – the way a cat does when it hisses angrily – and then lower into a concave stretch. Think playful cat with a ball of yarn.

You can always do this with your cat to really learn how to stretch that body from this master of all stretching. Cat the guru, you the pupil…

8 The No-Brainer

So this rather sleek but wrongly-dressed chick is doing what in yoga is called a scorpion pose aka the vrischikasana. This is an advanced yoga pose obviously meant for the fit as a fiddle, and the lady in blue seems to be doing it well but for one big, um, no brainer.

Yoga is not usually done wearing a bodycon dress that fits as a second skin and more importantly, you do not do the scorpion pose wearing killer heels that could and probably surely would hurt you. In the scorpion pose, you are trying to make your body emulate the body shape of a scorpion – so your forearms become the front legs while your legs, with the feet folded up towards your head, become the stinger.

Now if you do this pose wearing stilettos and end up bashing yourself in the head with them, imagine the pulp your brain might turn into given the impact.

7 The Perfect & Lithe Poser

So why is this one an epic fail? Two reasons: the first one is that she’s just too perfect and effortless in her yoga, moving fluidly from asana to asana, thereby giving us an inferiority complex. I mean for many, if not most, of us, doing this sort of yoga would mean years of pain, and training, with some more pain.

The second reason is that when it comes to beach, babes, bikinis, and yoga, we kept expecting yet another fun dousing – which never came in this one. For sure there was some wave action, but it was calm and oh-so-far away.

So she looks great, does her yoga with perfect balance, she starts in the wheel pose and literally rolls into the bow pose. Then manages to do a headstand and land in perfect plank pose, finally ending it in caterpillar pose. This perfection, we can’t stand. Thus, epic fail.

6 Catch Me If You Can

Yoga is versatile enough to be done with a partner too. And this Namaste times two can really work towards both the partners having a super fit body. But it is a work in progress, generating more laughs and cries than highs.

Called acro-yoga, it combines the best part of acrobatics and yoga with the most important bit here being balance. The pose that these two fantastically fit but glaringly balance-less gals are up to is a modified Flying Warrior acro-yoga pose.

Unfortunately, neither of them is particularly stable and down goes the first one, crashing into the wall. In fact, most acro-yoga experts advise that it be done on a stable surface with something soft nearby to land on and preferably in an area with a lot of room, thus to avoid crashing into things. The key to doing these poses is to slowly build them up into the more adventurous ones.

5 The Downward Dog Dog

Seriously, this pooch is a hoot – check out the cute dog-sized yoga mat and the insane moves on this four-legged yogaphile! Despite the cuteness and the perfect asanas, we call this an epic fail simply because we can’t quite wrap our heads around what you call a downward dog done by a dog. A downward dog dog? Or dog downward dog? Do we dub it dog does downward dog? It’s just one doggone conundrum… But we still adore the dog.

The downward dog (not the pooch, we’re talking about the pose) is one of the 12 asanas of a Suryanamaskar and is excellent to strengthen the arms, legs, and even the arches of the foot. Since it also stretches the whole body, it is one asana that even beginners can attempt. Also, physical characteristics seem immaterial here – if the pooch can do it… Need we complete the thought?

4 The Inadvertently Naked Yoga

There’s hot yoga and then there’s incandescent. Mr. Muscles here is doing his version of arm-strengthening yoga and moves from an elevated lotus position to a let’s-bash-the-door-in-while-my-roommate-is-on-the-pot position.

The poor roomie is flabbergasted and obviously not a yogaphile for he loses his balance from his rather kingly throne and falls flat on his face, thankfully not flashing us in the process. What happens then is the victim making a really fierce threat, thereby making the inadvertent perpetrator run for his life (or his pants – we don’t know which one).

What we do know is that firstly, when you do yoga, make sure to do it in an open space and for support use something immovable – like a wall. Not doors, doors are meant to open so ergo, are bad support. Secondly, when you do not do yoga but simply go to the bathroom, try locking the door – this way, you won’t get nasty surprises.

3 Play Ball? Nope, This Is A No Ball

Epic fail yes – yoga, hell no! Which asana of yoga begins from taking a running leap off an exercise ball? We don’t know. Maybe the poor guy really thought that the crane, eagle, or even the flying pigeon poses of yoga were actually supposed to be done midair?

If this was yoga, it’s a fail. If this was some other exercise, it’s a fail. And even if it was just supposed to be making an acrobatic video, it’s still a fail, and an epic one. Firstly, the guy ingeniously dug a pit in the sand and buried an exercise ball in it. Then, for reasons beyond logic and gravity, he tries to use it as a trampoline and get some sort of a momentum from it.

The ball seems to have other plans, evil as they may be, and opts for self-destruction the moment genius here lands on it. So poof goes the ball, and oof goes boy wonder.

2 The Rotating Head (Not For The Faint-Hearted)

This looks terrible and terribly uncomfortable at the same time. We know this isn’t real and part of movie special effects but honestly, why did they have to drag a yoga asana into this? It’s like taking something as innocuous as corn on the cob and turning into a horrific and horrible Children of the Corn franchise. Corn will never be the same again, and neither will yoga (insert evil laughter).

If you ignore the rotating head (difficult yes, because it’s a kind of in-your-face face), you get the wheel pose of yoga which is an excellent exercise for back pain, asthma, infertility, for regulating the thyroid, and also to increase energy levels and combat depression. That said, no yoga exponent can ever rotate their body the way it has been shown here for this is one image that seems to creepily burn your eyeballs – and make you avoid yoga on the whole.

1 Downward Lady, Flying Dog

Girl here is all dressed in yoga clothes and intelligent enough to use the wall to try and do a headstand. What she forgot to take into account was her little pooch. The pooch is way different from the yogaphile doggy, and seems to have a mile-wide destructive streak – or maybe he’s emulating the guy above and looking for some momentum.

Either way, down she goes, up go her legs, and pooch goes woohoo, “I’m flying, I’m flying!” We don’t know what sort of a splat it made when it landed and whether this minuscule flight was worth the pain that surely came later. Though we hope that yoga lady pampered the pooch with plenty of cuddles and treats as an apology.

Even then, some days it really is a dog’s life for a dog when your owner decides to kick you (inadvertently but still) in favor of yoga. Fitness over fur, grrr!

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