15 Embarrassing Texts Parents Accidentally Sent To Their Kids

At the best of times, it seems that parents really shouldn’t be allowed access to the internet or any form of new technology. Most of them have to bug their children to explain to them how things work – even the most basic things that all of us understand by now. Give them a phone with the ability to send text messages and they can turn into a menace, especially if they figure out how the camera function works at the same time.

Some parents are worse than others, and if you only get asked now and then to explain how a function works, then you should count yourself lucky. There are parents who take things a step too far and end up embarrassing both themselves and their children. These parents are the ones that you really want to look out for. They are competent enough to send a text, but not enough to figure out who it is being sent to. They have the ability to write out a message and press send, but not to look back and check that their message makes sense. They can even use acronyms and emojis, but they usually don't understand how they work.

The text messages sent by these parents are awkward on all sides. Some of them were sent to their children by accident, which leads to some embarrassing revelations. Some of them didn’t mean what the parents thought they meant. And some of them were never supposed to be sent at all.

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15 Laughing At A Funeral

We’ve all heard of laughing at a funeral, but it’s normally supposed to be done when remembering the person’s life and telling great stories from when they were alive. It’s definitely not appropriate to laugh when you announce that someone has passed away. That’s what happened in this case. This mother made a classic mistake. At some point or other, every single parent out there seems to have believed that ‘LOL’ stands for ‘lots of love’. We all know this isn’t the case, but parents are always slow to catch on. This mother sent out an announcement of a family member’s death with ‘LOL’ added at the end – to everyone in the family. When her son, David, corrected her, she was suitably mortified and realized that she was going to have to call everyone she'd sent it to.

14 The Old Rabbit-Switch Trick

What a mistake to make. When talking about someone, sometimes your brain can go wrong and make you send the message to that person instead of the one it was meant for. Listen, there’s an easy way around this: just look up at the top of the screen and check that the right person’s name is written there. Don’t send without looking! Anyway, these parents had some explaining to do after their daughter’s rabbit died. Jenny was not impressed to find out that her parents went out and bought a rabbit that looked really similar in order to trick her. She found out about the ruse when her father sent a message explaining the whole switch to her instead of her uncle. Apparently, the dad and mom even had a bet going that she wouldn’t notice the rabbit had been switched. This trick is best used on little kids, not teenage children who are going to notice right away.

13 Wednesday, Thursday, Or Friday?

When this mother texts her child, she’s obviously a little impatient. She needs to know when her child is coming home and she needs to know now. Unfortunately, she seems to get a bit mixed up with her acronyms. She writes “WTF??”, meaning to ask if they will be visiting home on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. The child has to correct them and let them know that that is not what it means at all. This mother is probably about to go on a search engine and get a huge revelation. Hopefully, she will do her research next time before she tries to invent a new acronym. You probably wouldn’t have any idea if you had never heard the phrase, but seriously, it’s usually better to write out the whole word rather than hoping for the best.

12 Man Waiting Upstairs

This is just horrific. A father wrote out a text for his wife which read, “Now that the boys r asleep come on in the bedroom. Your love machine is waiting for u …”. Sadly, he ended up texting it to one of his children instead. The reaction is a classic one: he replies, “I’m never coming home”. Hilariously, the dad takes it on the chin by offering to send a picture of the get-up in order to make up for it. This was one message that the child never wanted to receive. The last thing you need is a mental image of your own father like that – an actual photo would make things a million times worse. We definitely feel sorry for this one! When you read these messages, you have to wonder how they got the recipients mixed up so badly.

11 Bribing After Affair Revelations

This family is definitely messed up. The father has sent a text message to his son which was obviously meant for his mistress. First of all, this is probably not the kind of conversation you want to have over text anyway. Secondly, he messed up bad by getting the recipient wrong. When his son responded with merely an emoji, the father went on to add, “What will happen if my wife finds out?”. That’s when the son decided to out himself by letting him know who he was talking to. Right away, the father comes back with an offer. He’s willing to pay up either a 50” flatscreen TV, a new Xbox 360, or simply a payment of $1000. Rather than refusing the bribe and telling his mother, the son decides to bargain with him, requesting all of the options as well as a door lock and a subscription to a website he can enjoy.

10 The Invitation That Got Declined

This message seems a little innocuous at first glance. A woman sends out a message, presumably to her lover. The response comes back, “Not tonite”. She seems really confused and hurt by this rejection, asking why not. When you glance up to the name at the top of the screen, however, it becomes a little more obvious. She has sent this message to her own child. This is about to get very embarrassing, and her child is going to be in an awkward position too after finding out about the affair. There’s no wonder they declined the invitation, but we have to wonder what happened next. Is this now a broken family split in two, or did they cover it up with a deal, like that last one?

9 The Dressing Room Selfie

When you are sharing a naughty selfie, you really want to make sure that you are sending it to the right person. This is the kind of material that could be used for blackmail and humiliation, especially when your face is included in the photo. This dad had no shame when he sent an image of himself in the buff and with his face visible, in what looks like his own dressing room. Then he made the classic mistake of sending it to his own son instead. This is one son who is now scarred for life after having to see this full-frontal shot of his own parent. Then again, it could have been worse: he might have sent it to his daughter. We can thank heaven for small mercies, but his son probably doesn’t see things that way. He’s probably busy trying not to see anything ever again.

8 Talking About Children Behind Their Backs

When you are talking about your children behind their backs, you might come up with a cute nickname for them that only you and your wife use. Problem is, kids often don’t find these cute nicknames amusing, especially if they might be perceived as insulting. In this fun little exchange, a man mistakenly texted his child a message meant for his wife, asking if they had picked up “those assholes yet”, meaning his kids themselves. While the child realized straight away that the text was for the wrong person, the child was a little slow to catch on as to what his words actually meant. Imagine going through life now after finding out that your own parents refer to you as an asshole. At least you are sharing the burden with your sister, but it’s still a pretty low blow.

7 The Drunken Thigh Text

Another reason why parents shouldn’t be allowed to have phones: the fact that they are constantly in danger of breaking them or using them incorrectly. This woman seems to have sat on her phone with the screen still turned on, allowing her to send a long and incoherent text message to her daughter using her thigh. We can only assume that she was drunk when it happened, as she carries on talking a little weirdly until the next morning when her typing returns to normal. At least she realized and owned up to it – though the child was obviously not impressed. When the mother said, “Don’t tell anyone that you have one of those moms”, the child instead went ahead and shared it with the whole of the internet just to make sure that as many people found out as possible. That’s one busted parent.

6 Proof That He Wasn’t Adopted

When you are texting someone and then want to share the gossip with someone else, a good tip is to come out of that message thread and into the right one BEFORE you type out your response. In this case, a mother was sweetly reassuring her son that he was not adopted and giving him a smile. Then she went ahead and wrote a text to her husband, saying, “Honey our son thinks he is adopted, the funny thing is who would want to adopt him hahaha”. Unfortunately, she didn’t send it to her husband – she sent it right to her son, the one who was having the worries in the first place. Needless to say, he was not impressed by the mistake and he let her know right away that she had sent it to the wrong person.

5 Sleeping With The Boss

When you have done something wrong, it can be hard to own up to it. If you are too afraid to spill your guts in person, you might decide to do it by text message instead. After all, that makes things easier, right? This mother decided to take the plunge by informing her husband that she was sleeping with his boss over text. Sadly, she messed up and sent it to her child instead. He was a little confused at first, since he didn’t have a boss, but when she revealed that the message was meant for her father, things cleared up. The son was appalled to find out that his mother was cheating on his father. What a situation to be in. This is why important conversations need to be done face to face! Don’t be tempted into leaving written proof of your mistakes.

4 Forwarding Photos To Dad

When your mother dresses up in what she considers to be hot lingerie, but to you is basically old person clothing, you definitely don’t want to witness it. Getting a text message on your phone with a picture of it adds insult to injury, as the picture will keep coming up every time you open your phone to see a new message in the thread. Even worse than that is when your mother asks you to forward it to your father for her, forcing you to spend even more time looking at it and acknowledging that it exists. This child comes up with the correct response by flat-out refusing to help. We can’t tell if the mother was being serious or just wanted to have some fun once she realized her mistake. She looks old enough that she might have trouble working out how to forward something herself! We aren’t sure how she managed to take this one, so maybe she even had help with that as well.

3 The Speech To Text Mistake

This parent obviously doesn’t get how to use her new speech-to-text feature. You’re supposed to just speak normally, at which point the phone transcribes what you are saying and reads it back to you. Then if all is correct, you can instruct it to send. It’s great for when you're driving or otherwise need to keep your hands or eyes off the phone. This mother, however, is not what you might call a master. First off, she manages to add in a ton of unnecessary spaces and punctuation, which the phone ends up typing out as if they were words. Then, her second text is just a load of unrelated words jumbled together into a sentence. Eventually, the daughter just tells her mother to stop using the voice commands and just type, since she can’t understand a word of what she is trying to say. We’ve all had someone who managed to garble things with voice control like this, but most people wouldn’t go ahead and send the message!

2 The Female Body Part

This is a classic case of a mother who is trying to use text emojis but just doesn’t understand how they work. While the rest of the world has already moved on from text faces and instead uses the built-in graphic emojis that all phones come with, this mother is still doing things old-school style. Trying to come up with her own symbols has led to things going horribly, and hilariously, wrong. She thought that she was sending her child a smiley face next to a hug. Instead, what she sent was something very different indeed. This is why it pays to stick to the pictures you have on your phone already. There’s no chance of them going wrong like this. It has to be said that parents also seem to have weirdly innocent minds sometimes – how could you not see this once it was typed out?

1 The Group Message Accident

Sometimes a group message can be a great way for everyone to chat at the same time, getting everyone on board with important conversations and planning. But then you put it in the hands of a parent, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen. In this case, the father forgot he was sending messages to the group conversation, instead of just his wife, sending an explicit photo to his kids by accident. Their reaction is suitably shocked. While the child says they are “Killing myself immediately”, the parents have a less dramatic reaction. The mother just finds it “weird”, while the father says, “Oops my bad” and changes the topic right away. Looks like everyone just wants to forget about this one as soon as possible. We’d hate to be a fly on the wall at what must have been the most awkward dinner of all time that night.

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