15 Easy AF Ways To Make A Fortune With NO Talent Or Skills

It is everyone’s dream to get rich, which is explained by the constant need to report to work, be on your boss’ good books, and work harder to climb the corporate ladder. Getting rich is also some people’s way of saying FU to their high school teacher who kept reminding them that they would amount to nothing. So, when they finally make it, they make sure that they make it big enough for not only their former teachers, but also their grandkids to dream to be like them.

Well, in order to be filthy rich, own executive yachts, and sleep in expensive hotels with luxurious rooms, you need to be a brainy, techno-savvy innovator, or a serious businessman with admirable negotiation skills and business acumen.

Gladly, as you will find out, there is an easier way to make a fortune and become a renowned billionaire without talent or skills. This means that apart from following your passion and turning your hobby into a business, you could end up doing odd jobs, like being a professional sperm/ova donor, beggar, human guinea pig, or a dumpster champion.

As you will also notice, some of the ways listed below require some low-level talent, where even croakers could find themselves earning like musicians with mellow voices. So, what do you think is the easiest way to make a fortune with no talent or skills?

15 Entertain People In The Streets

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We are all guilty of assuming that the guy playing the guitar at that corner in the street is a hopeless pauper, who will most likely use the quarter we give him to get high on some cheap stuff, as he scrambles for food in a trashcan nearby. Well, as it turns out, a street entertainer could be earning more than you do. Factually, a street entertainer earns an average of $20 an hour, tax-free! What’s even better is that unlike in a music studio where you will be judged based on how mellow your voice is, a street entertainer only needs to know how to play an instrument. Nobody cares if you croak. Some, like Robin Williams, have actually made it big and have become famous artists.

14 Become A Human Guinea Pig

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Yes, scientists use lab rats for most of their experiments. In some other cases, however, humans have been used as lab rats, where tests have proven to be successful or fatally erroneous, leading to the death of these guinea pigs. On the bright side, it seems that this unusual occupation is worth the risk, with reports showing that human guinea pigs earn $1500 for just two days, with the guaranteed potential of earning more depending on how risky the experiment is. So lucrative is this job, that Nick, a full-time guinea pig, made $80,000 in two years, earning enough money to pay off his $12,000 college debt.

13 Donate Sperm

What if stroking the salami could actually buy you salami? The job that you have been practicing for since you first ejaculated could earn you $100 after bursting a nut, of course, depending on the sperm bank. Other banks will pay you $500, as long as you agree to an open ID status. What’s more attractive about this job are the enviable working conditions. Need a lubricant? You’ll get it for free! Want motivation? You will get screens showing amazing adult content. Suffering from low libido? Eat raspberries! Want to make $50,000 a year? Just w*nk thrice a week!

Ladies are also not left out in this business, earning $5,000 per each menstrual cycle. It is no wonder that some people believe that going broke is a choice!

12 Beg

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The sad truth is that you have probably helped an illegitimate beggar on the streets. Actually, more fake beggars are taking to the street due to its immense potential for making a fortune. With a required investment of ragged clothes, sad face, and an old tin for collecting donations, a beggar has an impressive ROI, earning $300 a day, which translates to $100,000 per year with no chance of IRS knocking on their door. In case the $100,000 is not enough for buying your pride, because your new trade will be evident to your friends, you could risk doing the job at night or set up base in a different town.

11 Dive In A Dumpster

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We have heard of slam dunk champions, an attractive and lucrative job, which unfortunately requires mad skills. There are also divers who have made millions, thanks to their incredible diving skills! One such example is Olympic champion Tom Daley. Gladly, there is a type of diving that requires no talent at all—diving into a dumpster. Well, a few packets of leftover yogurt or French fries will not make you rich, but scrap metal and recyclable materials will. A pound of beer or soda cans could earn you 20 cents a pound (filled by 25 cans only), and in an American society where 4 billion pounds of soda and beer cans are generated a year, you could make thousands of dollars.

10 Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

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Do you know that some of the most revered businessmen actually did not become rich because of talent or skills, but because they turned their hobbies into businesses? Walt Disney, for example, was a 4-year-old talented artist who could draw almost anything. At the age of 7, the young lad had an entrepreneurial spirit selling his drawings to his relatives and friends. A few years of perfecting his hobby, Walt decided to start his multibillion Walt Disney business, which still lives on 50 years after his death. The same strategy can be said of Bill Gates, who had a programming hobby, Bella Weems, who enjoyed making jewelry, and Christine Watanabe, an enthusiastic tennis player.

9 Throw A Party

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As much as you might not have Beyonce’s voice and entertainment skills, you could actually still make money in the music industry by throwing parties. Recently, house parties and small local venues have increased in popularity for promoting upcoming artists and entertainers. So, why not get a share of this cake and get paid to throw parties? In case you don’t have a desirable house, you can start small by getting creative, using resorts that will use you to advertise and offer free drinks and food. You can then sell these drinks and food to your guests. When this becomes a business, you will sure make a name for yourself in the industry, thereby increasing your rates and the size of banked checks.

8 Reduce Your Tax Bill And Make A Business Out Of It

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A simple online search on how to reduce your tax bill will reveal tons of information. Well, some people will use the information to save the money and simply spend it in flossets, while others could invest it and begin a business as simple tax advisors to college students. Tax strategies, such as investing $3100 on HSA, could save you $775 in federal income tax, not getting phased out of student loan interest deduction of $2500 could save you $625 on federal income tax, and harvesting losses against investment gains could turn out lucrative in the long run, as long as you are wise.

7 Start Couponing

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What is the most lucrative coupon you’ve ever had? What’s the average? While it is true that $1 coupons will not break the bank for you, saving money on your purchases could significantly increase your wealth, if you pay more attention to it. Reportedly, people who use a coupon system save 40% on a regular basis, a job that requires less than an hour a week, with a potential of making you $50 an hour. As much as it is a challenge to get the lowest price in the market, couponers have creatively found a way around it by texting each other after leaving a store, to compare how they fared.

6 Start An Online Business

Success stories like Jack Ma’s show how much you can make by simply identifying a gap in your society and creating a business that solves that problem. In Ma’s case, there was no Chinese online store for Chinese products, yet they were sought after. He proceeded to start Alibaba. This is exactly what Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, did. By simply solving a problem and leveraging the power of the internet, these businessmen have made billions. Should you be scared that you don’t have the skills to run such huge online businesses, simply start and sell the business. Either way, you will make a fortune.

5 Make Smart Investments And Be Patient

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As of February 2016, Warren Buffet’s worth was approximately $60 billion. Although he has amassed a significant amount of his wealth from his company, Berkshire Hathaway, he has also gained from his personal smart investments, which earn him regular gains. Buffet recommends holding low-index funds and conservative bonds over the long-term but warns that such strategies require patience. As a matter of fact, he warns that if you are not willing to own a stock for 10 years, then don’t think about owning it for 10 minutes. What’s even better is that your money will work for you. In case you don’t have the wit to make the next move, a hired financial advisor will think on your behalf!

4 Pursue Your Passion

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I have heard motivational speakers say that if you only used 5 minutes a day to gain more knowledge in your field of passion, no matter how cliché, you can definitely turn out the best and make millions out of it. No matter how common this advice seems, it actually works. Oprah Winfrey, for example, is a talk show host, and we sure can find so many people in this field. Oprah, however, has gone farther by feeding her passion, growing, and becoming the best by breaking down barriers and promoting causes that she believed in. Clearly, while skills can be learned, passion can’t. You find it in you and keep working on it.

3 Collaborate

A quick look at the list of the newest and youngest members of the billionaires club reveals one thing—collaboration works. These business partners, including Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia of AirBnB, Sachin and Binny Bansal of Flipkart, and Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy of Snapchat, are all products of people who understand the potential of being in synergy and collaborating with other people in order to get the best of what you don’t have. Maybe you have an idea but don’t have the skills to develop the product. Why not get into partnership with a real professional who will increase your chances of being immensely successful?

2 Rent Your Stuff

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Many rental company owners will confess to starting small, as a one-man business renting out items that they had, something that you could do as well. You can begin by renting out a pressure washer, office furniture, ancient antiques, or your car. Be sure to invest back in the business and always keep your equipment in great shape. Additionally, ensure that you find the right clientele, who will pay top dollar for your equipment as you proceed and establish yourself in the business. For example, you could liaise with a casting or production company and rent out necessary equipment whenever they are shooting.

1 Take A Micro Job

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Through the economic downturn, which has cost several jobs and social media thriving, a new industry of micro jobbers has emerged. There are clients who pay a micro jobber to ask someone for forgiveness on their behalf, recording testimonials for websites, or simply reviewing resumes for job seekers. Of course, the micro job websites will take a cut from the job but will still leave you with a significant amount. Once you get enough funds, you can invest them wisely as you slowly build your wealth.

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