15 Dumbest Things Men Have Done On A Date To Completely Ruin Their Chances

Some men decided to completely destroy any chances they had by making the stupidest decisions possible.

We all approach dates differently. Some love to date, whereas others do it out of compulsion. But how else are you meant to meet people, right? Whether you’re the shy type or supremely confident in yourself, dating is pretty much a rite of passage in modern society, something that continues throughout life. So, you’ve got to deal with it. Some people deal with it better than others.

Let’s look at dating from a woman’s point of view. Dates don’t have to be your bog-standard meal. But having said that, women love to be wined and dined. That’s all roses if you click, but if something goes wrong, the date could seem like an eternity. We will touch upon some of the dumb things men have done that have made their dates a total disaster. As you read through this article, you’re sure to cringe and shake your head in abject horror. If some of these entries don’t have that effect, you need to look at yourself in the mirror, because it could very well be you who’s guilty of committing such dumb acts! Read on and weep; these are 15 dumb things men have done on a date that have completely ruined their chances.

14 Turning Up Late


This might seem pretty innocuous. In day-to-day life, it’s sometimes hard to be on time. Traffic and public transport can be unreliable. Stuff happens and sometimes you can’t avoid it. But if you say, “stuff happens,” or something along those lines, when you turn up super late for a date, you’ve just put yourself in a perilous situation. And rightfully so. Being late just isn’t going to cut it on a date. It’s all about creating the right first impression. Even if you’ve been out on a few dates, you can ruin your chances by not being punctual. Thoughts will begin swirling around in her mind; is he really bothered? Does he even care? It does show that you’re inconsiderate, leaving your date there on her lonesome. Amazingly, some guys don’t even bother to call if they’re running late. Even being ten minutes late warrants a phone call, and you must also be armed with a pretty damn good excuse.

13 Repeatedly Calling Her The Wrong Name


This is actually just downright rudeness. You can try your best to justify it, and simply say that you’re not good at names, but that won’t do. You’ll still be in for a whole load of heat, and understandably so.

Let’s forget that you’re on a date for a moment and say this happened to you. For example, you’ve met someone for the first time, have introduced yourself, but they keep calling you by another name. They may not be good at names, so give them the benefit of the doubt. Do it once, and you can forgive them and just brush it off. Twice, and that frown becomes deeper. Thrice or more, and it's no longer something you can just put to one side. It’s downright rude.

If you’re on a date, you should be paying attention. Even if you’re not good at names, repeatedly calling your date the wrong name is bound to make her blood boil. It’s the first thing you should learn about the woman, so if you’re unable to remember that little bit of information, you’ve got no hope. And don’t say you couldn’t focus because you’re so transfixed by her beauty that you can’t remember anything else – that corny excuse certainly won’t work.

Crying On Your Date


Women claim that they want to see a man’s sensitive side, but that doesn’t mean crying in the middle of the date. That’s going way over the top and is enough to put the brakes on any relationship.

One woman has shared the story of her third date with a guy. He’d taken her to a bar, and things were going pretty well. Then in the middle of the date, he took a call. That was his first mistake; remember about the no phone use? The call wasn’t anything important either – well, it obviously was to him. It was his mom at the other end of the phone. She was calling to tell him what happened in one of his favorite TV series. No, we aren't kidding. She told him that one of the characters had died, and he started welling up, and eventually started balling his eyes out. You can understand why this woman made a hasty getaway, and why there wasn’t a fourth date.

12 Taking Her To A Place Your Exes Frequent


If you’re a bit of a man about town, and you’re serious about this new woman, it’s a pretty good idea to steer clear of your local eateries, because you never know who you might bump into. You want to get to know this new woman in your life, not have her getting to know your exes before your relationship has started to blossom. That could make everything wilt and die, and you’ll only have yourself to blame. Taking a date to a place where you know your exes frequently visit is just idiotic, plain and simple. But amazingly, some guys actually do it on purpose in the hope of bumping into their exes. Rather than planning on enjoying an intimate evening with their date, just the two of them, they want their date to know that they’re a big deal. It must sound like a good idea in their heads, but their date will be able to tell, and will probably be thinking, “What a creep.” It’s a pretty dumb attitude to have, and if they don’t get another date, they would’ve got their just desserts.

11 Teasing Them Too Much


People often think that this is a bit of playful banter. When your date tells you something, you give her that awkward sideways glance and start teasing her. This might be okay if done in the right way, when you’re already familiar with each other and have gone on a number of dates. But it’s certainly not advisable if you’re still getting to know each other. Do this and your blossoming relationship could be heading for a disaster. We're not saying you should just nod and go along with everything your date says. But the aim of the game here is to try and make the right impression. You want to show your date that you’re both compatible. If you mock her, find a lot of what she says to be totally weird, and make it obvious, you can forget about a second date. It’s actually playground stuff; mockery is what boyfriends and girlfriends do when they're teenagers, so if you want to show that you’re all grown up, leave the mockery aside.

10 Paying Too Much Attention To Your Phone


A lot of people have varying degrees of smartphone addiction. Let’s face it, having the world at your fingertips can get pretty addictive. What’s an addiction? When the habit starts to affect your life, the lives of people around you, and when you just can’t do without it. If you can’t manage to put your phone away during a date with a beautiful woman, then it’s safe to say that you have an addiction.

This entry would probably make it to number one on a lot of people’s lists. A lot of people find that there’s no greater turn off than a date who’s just glued to their phone. Some people can’t refrain from checking messages, emails, etc. Others act like they’re important business people, and they have important messages to look at. If you’re on a date, you need to show interest in the other person. That sounds like a pretty basic requirement for a successful date. One way to show interest in the other person is to not be glued to your phone. It sounds simple, but you’d amazed at how many people manage to mess that up.

9 Hitting On Another Girl


Duh! It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this isn’t going to go down well. You see it in the movies or in TV shows all the time. The suave, good looking guy thinks he’s god’s gift to women, and so when his date goes to the bathroom for a second, he starts hitting on the waitress. Or when he goes to the bar to pick up the drinks, he begins chatting up a hottie at the bar, leaving his poor date sitting at their table. In pop culture, the guy might get away with it. But in real life, that’s very rarely the case. You’re on a date, and the person you’re with deserves your undivided attention. Even if you’re not that interested, it’s best to let things fizzle out. Chatting up another woman when you’re already with one is just downright obnoxious.

8 Behaving Aggressively


People can act one of two ways when they have large amounts of alcohol in their systems: they can be jolly, or they can be aggressive. If you’re the latter when you’ve had a bit to drink, don’t drink to excess on your date! It’s pretty simple to get your head around. But sometimes, people are just aggressive; it’s in their nature, and they don’t need alcohol to make their blood boil. One seriously dumb thing some guys do is get aggressive, while their date’s terrified sitting opposite them. It doesn’t make the guy a big macho man. It certainly doesn’t impress anyone. One woman out there has revealed what went down during her date. Someone at the restaurant got her date really angry, and he let his temper get the better of him. He began shouting, got really aggressive and made a scene, and all the while his date was sitting opposite him. “Oh, he’s so manly” is certainly not what came to her mind.

7 Cyber Stalking


A lot of people actually do this, and not just guys. It’s common in the dating game to want to do some research and find out about the person you’re going to be having a date with. But there’s a difference between checking out someone online (it’s not advisable to admit you’ve been doing this) and properly cyberstalking them. Perhaps you’ve been on a few dates with that person, or it may be a first meeting. But if you’ve been tracking their social media activity, you might let something slip that you should not admit to knowing. If you’ve done this, certainly don’t come out and admit it. You’ve heard the saying that honesty is the best policy; it might be, but on a date, it’s very creepy. In all likelihood, it’s going to make the girl run a mile.

6 Getting Drunk


There’s nothing wrong with drinking a little bit to help you relax. Plenty of people do it. But if you’re someone who can’t just have SOME booze, it’s best to lock up your alcohol cabinet. Getting drunk on a date is certainly not a good way to behave. You want to remain in your senses; only then can you really get to know your date, remember what she says, and have a somewhat interesting conversation.

Nine times out of ten, the woman you’re with will want to know the real you, not a façade due to the alcohol. And if your date’s knocking back the alcohol, it might be because you are boring her. Either way, don’t take it as an invitation to join in, and certainly don’t start drinking heavily yourself.

5 Lying About Your Profession


This woman's confession shows us the number one thing not to do on a date: terrify the girl to the point where she runs away, It was a first date, so there must have been nerves. They went to a restaurant and had a lovely time. At the end of the evening, the guy offered to take her home. They walked to his car, he opened the door, they got in and he began to drive off. Around a minute later, the woman looked around and noticed all the stuff on the back seat. There was lots of rope, pliers, superglue, and rolls and rolls of duct tape. Understandably the woman was freaked out. At the next red light, without saying a word, she jumped out of the car and started running. The guy had told her that he was a writer, so there was no reason why he should have had all that stuff in his car. She eventually found out that the guy had lied during the date to make himself sound more interesting. He wasn’t a writer, but actually worked in construction. But he wasn’t given a chance to offer up an explanation, and that was the end of that.

4 Bringing Other People Along On Your Date


You might be shy going into a date. That’s fair enough. In a way, having butterflies is kind of a good thing, as it shows you care, so long as you don’t get so nervous you freeze up and it hinders your behavior. When nervous, it’s good to lean on your group of friends for support. But bringing the whole group to your date? That's not so smart. You can understand why the woman you’re with might get more than a little peeved off with that. That’s what happened to this one woman who shared her experience. She had arranged a dinner date with someone. Understandably, when you arrange a dinner date, the common assumption is that it’s going to be just the two of you. But nope, he decided to bring a group of five of his mates along with him. She was a bit put off by this and went a bit quiet, and she didn’t end up speaking to her actual date that much. Then, to top it off, one of his friends started playing footsie with her under the table! She was mortified, and quickly got out of what was a nightmare date.

3 Eating Like A Pig


It’s fair to assume that quite a few of us, when going on dates, are worried about how we should behave. Very few people arrive at a dinner date for example and are able to just be totally, 100% themselves. Most make a real effort to be the best version of themselves. That also means knowing your dinner table etiquette. That certainly holds true if the date’s in a pretty decent establishment. One woman has revealed that she went on a date, and the guy she was with ordered a steak. The steak arrived, but the waitress had forgotten to bring the cutlery. Rather than trying to get her attention, he decided to eat like a barbarian; he picked the steak up with his hands, and started going at it. That might be acceptable to do at home, but in a decent restaurant with a woman you’re trying to impress, it is a very bad idea. He must have been out of his mind! The woman certainly thought so, and that was the last she saw of him.

2 Treating Her Disrespectfully


The guy who did this not only ruined his chances, but was actually really rude. What he did to his date was beyond the pale, and must have left her distraught.

This woman has revealed that her date took her to a festival. It was one of those really messy music festivals, where you pitch a tent in a field, wear rain boots, and have a wild time. She was up for that, and thought her date was too. But he must have been banking on the fact that no one he knew would be coming to the festival. They were walking, hand in hand, when he saw his friends approaching. At that point, he wrenched his hand away, and pushed the girl away, not wanting to be seen with her. She took a tumble and landed in the mud. The guy didn’t bat an eyelid, didn’t even look back, and went off with his friends. Understandably when he came back to the tent, she was long gone.

1 Bringing Your Date Somewhere "Disreputable"

Let’s be honest here. Most guys wouldn’t believe their luck if they suggested going on a date with a woman to see exotic dancers, and she was all for it. It would show that she was wild. But things got a little strange for the woman who shared this story. Within minutes of her date, the man pointed her in the direction of a raucous group of middle aged men. He picked out the rowdiest of the bunch, and told her that he was his dad. That got her mind whirring a bit. A father-son outing to a club? However, she tried her best to deal with that. But what she couldn’t deal with was when, around ten minutes later, a new exotic dancer came onto the stage, and her date started cheering. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be strange, except for the fact that this exotic dancer was his sister. This guy took her out to a club where he knew his dad would be and where he knew his sister danced. If that’s not weird, I don’t know what is.

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