15 Dumb People Who Completely Missed The Point

There are people in this world who simply don’t get it. They go through their whole lives just doing it wrong. It doesn’t matter if you even try to explain things to them – they still won’t have as much as a single clue. There’s nothing you can do to help them, so instead, you’re better off recording them for posterity and laughing at them.

The people behind these entries did exactly that. For every moment of utter stupidity, there is a hero who was there to capture it all on their phone. That hero then went ahead and shared what they had found with the internet, leaving a legacy which cannot be played down. They have provided us with some hard-won entertainment, especially in the cases where they would very obviously have been seen taking the picture.

Whether they got into trouble or not has been lost to history. We would like to applaud their valiant efforts all the same, because without them, we would never know what kind of gems we were missing out on. These images are all perfect examples of times when humanity reached some of its lowest points. Because of these people, our collective IQ has dropped more than a few points. Get your face-palming hands at the ready – you are going to need them, around 15 times in total, before you get to the end of this list. Here, for your consumption, are the 15 people who really don't understand any of the things.


15 The Proud Owner Of This Box

Here’s a perfectly normal picture of a guy sitting down at his desk to use his laptop. He seems to be a little too high up compared to where the laptop sits, but that’s not too much of a problem. But wait, what’s this? He’s sitting on a box? And what’s that emblazoned on the side of the box? It’s a chair! Yes, this guy is sitting on the very box that his chair comes in. We can’t know the full details, but we certainly hope that the chair is still inside the box and he was just so eager to sit down that he didn’t bother opening it. Dude, listen. There’s actually something much more comfortable, and more appropriately sized, within the box. We know you don’t get it, but just trust us. You’re going to feel so much better if you sit on the actual chair instead of just the fragile cardboard that it came in.

14 This Gun Inspector


What’s the number one rule of gun safety? Don’t point it where you wouldn’t want it to shoot. Apparently, that rule has been forgotten and abandoned at this moment. There is no reason for anyone to ever look down the barrel of a gun, with the slim exception of it being in multiple pieces on the table and in need of a clean. This moment is definitely not that, as you can see there are multiple guns all in one piece and ready for action. This guy just doesn’t understand at all that there are some things you shouldn’t do in life. Don’t touch a socket with wet fingers. Don’t get into a car with a stranger, especially if they offer you candy. And don’t play around with a gun. Someone needs to go back to elementary school and learn their basic safety lessons, before something goes very badly wrong.

13 The Company That Makes Wireless Cables

Here is a company called Just Wireless. They sell HDMI cables. Let’s sit back and let that sink in for a moment. Just the sheer brilliance of it. A wireless company which sells cables. Someone at the company really messed up when they chose the name, or the product range – either way, something has gone wrong in a big way. Just to be clear to any executive management who may be reading this, your cables are not wireless. They are, in fact, the wires. Cable and wire are synonyms. How could somebody allow this product to come into existence? Surely they don’t think that anyone will take them seriously? The sad part is that most people would just grab the HDMI cable and go without bothering the read the packaging. By the looks of the rack, there are a lot more of those products on sale, so we’d advise heading over to a different store before making a purchase.

12 The Person Who Wrote This Sign


How do you keep thieves out of your building? Well, the best idea is to put a lock on the front door. When you have an apartment block, where a lot of people need to come and go, the best idea to install something electronic so that you don’t need to give out a million keys. That way, anyone who has the door code and come in, and would-be robbers will have to stay outside and try to think of a way to trick their way in. Evidently, people were forgetting how to get into the building now that the lock had been changed, so someone wrote up a sign helping them out. Then they put this sign up in the window so that everyone can read it. Including all the people who the lock is supposed to be keeping out. We hope whoever took the photo went ahead and took the sign down as soon as they got inside.

11 The Owner Of This Bike

When you have something important and valuable, like a bike, you generally want to keep it safe. In order to protect it from thieves, the smart thing to do is to lock your bike up. How do you do this? You get a portable lock, and then you hook it around both the bike and a post of some kind which cannot be moved. Then you walk away knowing that your bike is safe. The owner of this bike, however, didn’t really understand the concept. You can’t just choose any post or pole – it has to be a secure one. Preferably one that doesn’t require a thief to have merely the strength of a 6-year-old which would allow them to lift the bike up and hook the lock over the top of the post, thereby freeing it. If you didn’t see this one at first, you should hang your head in shame. This is a freebie for any bike thieves in the area, and the owner only has themselves to blame.

10 This Southern Nazi


This guy probably doesn’t get anything at all. It’s likely that he fell in with a certain group of people when he was young, and that ended up being the only thing he knew. He didn’t bother looking up the things he was supporting, and just thought of them as ways to affiliate with his group. Still, you would think that he would know better. He’s a black guy wearing a confederate flag, suggesting that he supports the idea of slavery (and thus, you know, enslaving himself). He is then also covered in Nazi symbols, which isn’t a great look for anyone. With modern neo-Nazis often targeting black people as well as Jews or other minorities, it kind of seems like he has made a double whammy of mistakes against his own self here. It doesn’t seem like you would want to be the one to tell him, though.

9 Justin Bieber, Particularly In China

Some people don’t understand any of the things because they’re stupid; others have got to a point where they’re so privileged that they just don’t get anything from the real world anymore. Such is the case for Justin Bieber, who is now so rich and entitled that he even has someone to do his walking for him. This is an image of Justin being carried along the Great Wall of China by his army of bodyguards. The point of going to the Great Wall is to walk along it, to admire the views, and to appreciate the history as well as the impressive feat of building it in the first place. Instead, this guy gets someone else to carry him along while he presumably looks at his phone. We get a little lazy sometimes too, but there’s no way his legs aren’t fit enough for those stairs.


8 The Wardrobe Department For iCarly


There’s a certain type of person who just doesn’t get any pop culture references at all. That’s fine, but they shouldn’t be working on a TV show. Someone in the wardrobe department for iCarly, which you may recognize as a show aimed at kids and teens, really made a mistake when they went ahead with this T-shirt choice. The shirt has the slogan, “I heart the D!” emblazoned across it. Not the most wholesome slogan for a kids’ show to be promoting. What’s hard to understand is how not only the wardrobe department, but also the camera crew, director, sound guys, writers, and post-production editors never spotted it before the episode went live. That’s a whole lot of people who have to not understand the reference. Personally, we have to suspect that it’s actually a deliberate reference put out by someone who didn’t enjoy their work too much.

7 The Architect Of This Bridge

When someone from the hotel called up and asked for a pool to be constructed, they probably had a bit of input into the design of this one. They asked for a bridge between the two parts of the pool. The construction company didn’t have much experience with this type of request, but they thought, hey, sure, we can do that. The next thing you know, the hotel ends up with a bridge that is totally unnecessary and a couple of pools which aren’t joined at all. Presumably, it’s one of two mistakes. Either the pool was supposed to connect underneath the bridge, or the bridge was supposed to lead into and out of the two halves of the pool. Whichever option it is, someone clearly made a mistake. Now it just takes a lot more effort to cross that small patch of ground between the two pools, and it’s a lot harder to get to the steps going down into the water.

6 The White Lives Matter Protestors


Not to get too political about it, but here’s a bunch of guys who really just don’t get it at all. The only reason that there is a Black Lives Matter movement in the first place is because white people tend to have a lot more privileges than black people in the USA, and in some other parts of the world too. If everyone was equal and felt like they mattered equally, there wouldn’t be any need for the movement to exist. Anyone who holds up a White Lives Matter sign is not only a racist, they are also spectacularly failing to get the point. Everyone knows that white lives matter. Some people think that they matter more than any other type of lives out there. That’s why protestors have to show up and remind people that other skin colours exist, and that being a different colour doesn’t make you matter any less.

5 This Guy’s Dumb Girlfriend

To be fair, we have to start this by saying that this guy probably got himself dumped for revealing his girlfriend’s dumb moment to the world. He didn’t just share it to a social network for his family and friends – it ended up getting shared all over the world, and now you’re reading it, so it sucks to be both of them. Anyway, this is a classic moment of stupidity which really demonstrates the problem that all of the people in our list face. They just take things at face value, and they don’t look into them any deeper or give them any real thought. A lot of the mistakes in this whole list could be fixed if people thought about things before they acted, or in this case spoke out loud. She saw the letters ‘NO’, and never considered that she might be looking at things upside down. A true life lesson for our times: your current perspective is never the only one.

4 Whoever Set These Mannequins Up


Mannequins often come in set poses so that you can help your customers relate to them. That makes total sense. If you see a mannequin in a sports store, they should be in a sporting pose. The owners of this golf store went for mannequins which are posed as if in mid-swing, which also makes total sense. What doesn’t make sense is why they then went ahead and hired someone who clearly knows nothing at all about golf to set them up. We don’t know anything about golf and don’t play it ourselves, but we can still figure out immediately that that isn’t how you do it. These golfer mannequins are simply holding their clubs aloft, as if they are victory trophies. Turn them the other way around and they might actually be getting somewhere. How could someone ever get to making this kind of mistake? You’d think at least a manager would spot it.

3 This Health And Safety Manager

We’d love to be a fly on the wall when someone pointed out this mistake to the health and safety manager. What we really hope is that some enterprising individual actually found a way to get a grey hi-vis vest. Hopefully, they could make their own by painting a regular one if nothing was available. Then they would show up to work, only for the manager to get all mad about them not following regulations. Smiling, carefree, they could lead him over to this sign and simply point to it. Probably the manager would have to be fired, not the employee. The fact that the images are simply a screenshot of a Google search, without even the search bar cut out of the frame, just adds a new level of wonderful to the incompetence which is on display. Truly, we have never seen a finer effort than this. Well, yet – there’s more of this list to come.

2 This Woman At The Gym


Why do you go to the gym? Most people would say that it is to get fit. Arguably there might be a small percentage of people who go there to meet others, but those people are crazy, because no one looks at their best after a real session in the gym. As to this woman’s motive for visiting, it’s really unclear. Perhaps she simply enjoys watching the television. This is the only reason that we could possibly think of for why she might bring a Segway onto the treadmill. While both of those machines might be moving, she is staying in exactly the same place, and so is her calorie burning count. Even if it says that you’re doing well on the treadmill’s screen, it really doesn’t count when something else is doing all of the movement for you. Anyway, she looks like she’s having fun, so whatever floats her boat.

1 The Owner Of Sophie’s Choice Pierogis

Let’s just stare at this one for a moment and let it sink in. There’s only one thing that we can really hope for, and that’s that the owner of this pierogi company is simply a little uneducated. Maybe they dedicated their lives to the creation of the perfect pierogi and didn’t get a chance to go to the movies or watch TV. They never had any chance to see the film Sophie’s Choice and, in fact, they have no idea that such a film exists. They have a little daughter called Sophie and she helped to choose the final recipe for their products, and that’s how the name came about. If the real version is anything different than that, then, if there is a hell, this person is going to burn in it. Also, why would anyone want people to associate horrible hardships and mass murder with their family food product? It’s just odd in all of the ways.


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