15 Dumb Girls Who Gave Their Sororities A Bad Rep

Everyone knows that college is supposed to be a time when you figure yourself out. This can be a challenge for anyone, but when the pressure of fitting into that world is added on top, it can become d

Everyone knows that college is supposed to be a time when you figure yourself out. This can be a challenge for anyone, but when the pressure of fitting into that world is added on top, it can become daunting. This pressure can drive students from all walks of life to do things that just a few months before, in high school, they never would have considered. But when it comes to Greek life on campus, there is a regular flow of shenanigans and sometimes sororities are at the epicenter of it all.

For the most part, Fraternities are regarded as the pinnacle of doing dumb crap on campus that can entertain everyone, or even put the whole school to shame. But when sororities get on the bandwagon, the real fun begins, or ends depending upon how you look at the whole thing.

When people think of Greek life on campuses, they tend to imagine iconoclastic National Lampoon style debauchery the likes of which they will never achieve on their own. And even some of these types of events are purely manufactured for the movies in which they were in and could never happen in real life. That being said, sometimes life imitates art, and other times art has no way of touching the strange, devious, dirty, and even naughty crap that life does— especially in a sorority.

Here are fifteen of the naughtiest sororities in the entire country and what they did, or what their members did, to get them to the top… or bottom.

15 So Nice She's Naughty

This list obviously gets progressively more naughty as you work through, so it fits that Shannon Workman is the first on the list, because in reality, she did nothing wrong. That didn’t stop her vindictive sorority sisters from kicking her out of the organization though. And for what, you ask? A Tinder photo of course. A truly average one in all reality. There is more suggestive material in the Sears catalogue lingerie section than on Shannon’s Tinder photo, but that is the excuse she got when realizing that she had just been booted from her sorority by the rest of the Chi Omega members. Poor Shannon, and for shame Chi Omega!

14 She Just Wanted To Make It Snow

When you think of the title here and the fact that this is an article about college, you would probably imagine that making it snow would be about that white powdery stuff people stick up their noses. Don’t worry, that’s coming later. But in truth, this one isn’t about that at all. This is about Elyse Downs, an Alpha Chi sorority sister who got a little too intoxicated and brought a fire extinguisher to a party... and let it rip. She probably would have made more headway and gotten further with the sisters if she had brought some good old fashioned booze, but this gag instead landed her square in the media for a solid minute, with even Tosh.0 taking her for a ride with a web redemption video. Elyse thought that the fire extinguisher would turn into snow when she pulled the handle down. It didn’t and she knew immediately (well, almost immediately, apparently she kept using the extinguisher) that she was in trouble with senior management at the sorority which resulted in her crying incessantly for a while on camera which then went viral in a Youtube video.

13 Drink Frosh Drink!

When you think of hazing incidents, you probably imagine fraternities more than sororities, and for the most part you would be right. But that doesn’t mean they don’t do it. On this occasion, the University of Colorado chapter of Alpha Phi had a pledge drinking session that went a little too far and got the chapter more attention than they bargained for. When some of the sisters went to the pledge’s dorm room, they found that she had some boys and a lot of alcohol already in her room. It’s still unconfirmed if this was a punishment or not, but the pledge was encouraged to drink the alcohol already there under significant peer pressure. Somehow, word of the drinking session got out, and the sorority is under review by the school, as is each member in the incident.

12 Sorority Dress Code

A leaked email to Jezebel has revealed that the University of Southern California chapter of Alpha Chi Omega has gone buck wild with… dress code rules. The email is a rant on the physical standards that must be adhered to by the sisters at an upcoming event and the list is outrageous, not because it’s mean, but because it’s ridiculous. It includes items that can and can’t be worn, as well as grooming standards ranging from a requirement to wear Spanx, and a hard and fast rule that hair not be wavy AT ALL. The list continues to touch on not wearing glasses, makeup rules, eyebrow plucking, what to eat the week before, and even what social media pictures can be used for profile shots of its individual members. This incident made the list because the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega are just… insane.

11 Recruitment Gone Wrong

Guys, a whole new world has opened up to those who want to see sorority women in... bikinis. It’s pretty awesome. Miami’s Delta Gamma girls have plenty of fun in the sun on boats, beach houses, skyscrapers, and everywhere else you could imagine in… bikinis. There isn’t anything wrong with this per se, but their antics (and making videos of these antics public) still got major attention on the internet for the over-the-top nature of the production quality and sun flare tones to it. If you imagine what thousands and thousands of dollars will buy you, besides sorority sister friends, you will likely imagine the video the DGs put out for recruitment. And that was the problem. They outdid themselves so well, that they made it seem ridiculous in the process and like a place for only the richest, most glamorous, and skinny pretty girls that the world has to offer.

10 Stealing Baby Jesus

Alcohol plays a huge role in college kids learning who they are in the world, and in cutting loose after studying to become the future leaders of the world too. So it’s really no surprise that the five Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters from Monmouth College Illinois were said to have recently visited a bar before they decided to steal the nativity scene from outside a local church, and take the baby jesus, Mary, and some farm animals and arrange them on the lawn of the school’s president. The girls happened to be spotted by a local pizza delivery driver who turned them in, and when caught they immediately confessed to the misdemeanor crime. It’s doubtful they will even see the inside of the county jail, but the maximum sentence that is possible to doll out for this event is up to a year in lock-up. Something tells me, they’ll be praying for leniency on this one.

9 Tell Me I’m Pretty

Imagine you’re laying in bed and all of a sudden a gorgeous, slightly intoxicated, completely naked sorority girl decides to break into your home, and jump into bed with you while asking if she is pretty— what would you do? I’m willing to bet that your answer is vastly different than what actually happened when Makena Marie Haydon did this to a Flagstaff man in Arizona. Instead of doing whatever it is you’re thinking, he decided to call the cops, who arrived to find Makena completely buck naked and shouting at them from the balcony of the apartment she decided to break into. While she was heavily intoxicated, Makena also decided to tell police that she “loved marijuana” which they found out was completely true when discovering two bags of weed on her upon arrest. If that wasn’t enough, Makena lunged at the arresting officer and now faces assault charges too.

8 Double Trouble Blow

Every single man alive has imagined getting himself into a threesome. Sadly, this is just a fantasy for most, but for one lucky dude at the University of Maryland, his dreams came true. Too bad he was flacid and couldn’t do anything about it. Poor kid. Rebecca Martinson has made internet fame lately for being the “deranged sorority girl” who decided to let her sorority sisters at Delta Gamma know what she really thought about all their fake friendship galore, but more so after that for a tale she penned about giving her boyfriend at the time a serious present in the form of a double BJ with her friend. She has received a column in Vice Magazine for the incident, and her reaction to it, which can be summed up as completely and unabashedly brazen. In truth, she’s pretty awesome. She clearly doesn’t care about the societal norms that make such an act, let alone speaking out about it, a taboo, and that is why she is in talks about a book deal for her perspectives on sorority life and giving her boyfriends some love.

7 Trashed Girls Trashing History

Ohio doesn’t usually make the news for much of anything, but for the sorority sisters of Alpha Xi Delta, that’s a different story. When they had a formal engagement at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, they completely trashed the place. Apparently the entire sorority was wasted beyond repair, vomiting on nearly every surface in the joint, defacing priceless and historically treasured antiques from the slavery era, and crapping on, peeing on, and destroying the bathroom while hiding flasks and spiked juice bottles throughout the entire edifice. The center took more than a full 24 hours to completely restore the damage that the sorority did to their property. Then again, this is college… in Ohio. What else is there to do besides get wasted, right?

6 Catering To Herself

Drunk munchies can be intense. So much so, that for Monique Vanderhulst, a Bowling Green University student, she felt the need to steal an entire catering truck to satisfy hers. Monique apparently thought that she was driving her own car when she lifted the truck from a local Bowling Green catering company, and in the process, she took the van for a joyride. When police stopped the van, the Alpha Phi sorority girl reeked of alcohol, and also apparently gave police false information— or at least that’s one of the many things that she is being charged with in addition to underage intoxication, receiving stolen property and a DUI. You can’t really fault Monique. Munchies are a powerful thing not to be underestimated.

5 Frozen Yogurt With A Sprinkle Of Pee

When you think of the “New Member Educator” position for a sorority, you probably don’t imagine someone like Jestine Rands who decided to teach the pledges a little trick called 'public urination' when she decided to relieve herself in the middle of a Yotopia frozen yogurt place in Iowa City. When officers got to the scene, they found Jestine trying to pass herself off as one of her sorority sisters, and through searching her person they found that this utter nonsense, as was her state of mind because along with the ID, they found an empty flask, and charged her with misdemeanor intoxication. A pretty light sentence considering she unloaded a full bladder on the floor of the yogurt shop.

4 Trying To Sell "Stuff" To Cops

Speaking of powerful things not to be underestimated, cocaine is absolutely one of them, and for Sierra M. Windsor, a sister with Sigma Kappa sorority at Washington State University, she found out that doing so with undercover cops is probably not the best way to have fun with the stuff. Sierra’s dealer had moved away, and she decided to take up where he left off, but instead of selling to her sisters, she opened up shop to a local police informant and sold to the individual twice while being recorded with a wire. She was even caught on tape mentioning her sorority, which she has since been excommunicated from. Go figure.

3 Stealing The Night Away

A former Alabama State University student and Gamma Phi Beta sorority member, Jennifer Meehan has recently pleaded guilty to bank fraud in a scam that involved the construction of a $14 Million sorority house on campus. Meehan was the president of the housing corporation for Gamma Phi Beta, and used her position to allegedly establish a fake business account through which she submitted fake invoices to claim $375,000 for the building of the house. Meehan claimed that the record-setting freshman pledge class was too large for their old house of 12,000 square feet and so they needed a new facility to feel at home. Hopefully she will feel at home in her small jail cell as she completes the 20 month sentence that prosecutors are recommending for her crimes.

2 E Extravaganza

Typically, ecstasy is a party drug, but for three members of Alpha Kappa Delta Phi and their three fraternity cohorts with Lambda Phi Epsilon, they won’t be partying any time soon after getting busted for operating a drug ring at the University of California Santa Cruz. Apparently, Santa Cruz PD, in conjunction with the US Postal Service, The US Drug Enforcement Administration, and even Homeland Security found more than $100,000 worth of MDMA in three residents connected with the sorority and fraternity members being sent from overseas. Local police are quoted as saying “MDMA alters the perception of awareness” which is obvious since these girls thought they could get away with selling more than 5,000 tablets of the stuff. What a party that would have been, huh?

1 Sorority Girl Turned Adult Star

Most guys want to imagine sorority girls as being wild beyond control, and for many of the ladies listed in this piece, that is certainly true, but none more so than for Carter Cruise who was a sorority girl at East Carolina University. Carter started off as any normal freshman sorority girl would, going to meetings and keeping her GPA up by being a psychology and pre-law major. Then, after ditching her high school boyfriend in Sophomore year, she decided to cut loose a bit and went partying and bar hopping instead of attending meetings with her sisters. In the end, she took a $25 bet to go topless during a golfing charity event, and that escalated into a full-blown career as an adult star in no time. To whoever lost that $25 bet with Carter, thank you sir. You have done all your fellow men a huge favor because Carter is amazing at her job, and is now an icon for liberated women everywhere.


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